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Top 8 (Free or Dirt Cheap) Website Building Tools

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How We Wasted Our Time…

When my wife (Connie) and I first started learning how to build websites a few years ago, we wasted so much valuable time that we will never get back.

I’m not talking about investing the time in learning how to build websites, I’m talking about all theother activities that comes along with building websites.

Things such as finding images, editing images, screen captures, figuring out to set up a professional email, finding good sources of designers, backing up important files, etc.  All these “little things” take time and it gets pretty crazy when you add them all up!

The main reason why I wrote this guide is that we personally went through the same struggles you are probably experiencing right now (or soon to experience!) when we first started out.  We asked ourselves – “What are some tools that will not only help me build websites, but save me time too.”

Time is probably one of the most valuable and limited asset you have.  Once it’s gone – it’s gone.

The Guide to Save You Time…

This Guide will almost definitely save you a few hours in research time that you might’ve spent finding these tools yourself.

More importantly, it can potentially save you hundreds of hours in the future too, as these tools will stop you fumbling around editing pictures, messing around with screenshots, and manually backing up files every single week, etc.

I wished someone would have written this guide a few years ago when I was first starting out – I would have downloaded it in a heartbeat!

In this guide, I will go over the 8 tools that will get you started. For 1 of the tools, I’ve included a short video introduction so that I can walk you through my thoughts and share my experiences of using them with you (the link is within the Guide).

We use these tools day-in and day-out.  I wouldn’t be recommending them if we didn’t actually use them ourselves.

There are a few more other advanced tools useful for certain other areas of your current and future websites, but they’re a bit more complicated. I’ll introduce those to you later.

At the mean time, here’s the Top 8 Tools to get you started!

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Hope our guide will save you a ton of time!

Jeremy & Connie | WBE Founders

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I’m hopeful that you will check out some of the tools as they can help you speed up your website building progress and decrease wasted time.

I really wished there was someone out there that put together a newsletter like this a few years ago when Connie and I first started.  If you can even pick up 1 or 2 tips that are useful, that will really make a huge difference.


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