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Last updated on December 6, 2018
Webs.com Review
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Did you know that Webs.com is the only website builder that incorporates tools to enable you to build membership websites?   All the other website builders don’t offer this option to you, so this really makes Webs unique.

In this Webs.com review, we’ll go over why Webs.com’s membership login set up is helpful if you want to have a membership login system for you website, and an in-depth look at the tools available for you to use.  (This article is focused on Webs’ membership login tools – We also have a full review of Webs including Pros and Cons here).


There are a number of external membership login plugins that you can try to use to create a membership area for your website.  These plugins provide you all the basic membership setup such as allowing your visitors to create their own access membership (login name and password), and you can control what they have access to (such as designating certain pages to only be accessible by members).

However, you need to understand that these third party external plugins are not “native” to the website builder, and as such, you will need to:

1) Sign up for the plugin separately

2) Pay a monthly fee to use the membership plugin

3) Learn all the technical steps to install the plugin to your website

4) Risk having some parts of the membership plugin to conflict with your website builder

With Webs.com’s membership tool, it is “native” to the website builder and all the tools are fully integrated – this way, you don’t have to waste time setting up, save monthly fees and you can be sure that the tools will not conflict with one another.

This is the same idea as adding external parts to your car – you may need to hire a mechanic, and you never know if the new parts cause any issues / conflicts down the road.   It’s best if the extra part is directly issued from the same manufacturer, or better yet, built in right from the start.

Having said that, the membership login tool offered by Webs.com is an excellent choice to start off building your website if you know you will need a membership area.



Since the membership set up is “native” and fully integrated with Webs.com, setting it up and creating a membership area is quite straightforward.  We’ll go step-by-step in showing you how to set it up.

Install the Webs Membership App

Make sure that you go to the “Apps” menu and install the Webs Members plugin.  It’s free for you to add as it is part of the core function of the template.

Webs.com review membership app installation

Choose Your Pages to Protect

You can now choose which of your webpage to protect, so that only members can view these specific pages.

Webs.com review membership pages only

Set your chosen pages to be be viewed by Members only.

Webs.com review Membership Page Protection

Insert Members Login Module

You can drag drop Webs’ Login Module to wherever you want on your webpages.  Webs makes it easy – you can drag the module to your webpages just like any other modules (such as pictures, paragraphs, etc).

Webs - drag drop membership login

Because the Login Module is a drag and drop tool, you can add as many as you want throughout your website to ensure that members can conveniently log in.

Webs.com review Membership Login

We recommend that you insert a login module at the top of each page.

Invite People to Become Members

There are 2 ways to invite people to become your members:

1) Import your contacts from your address book

2) Invite each person by their email address

Webs.com review Invite Members

Membership Configuration Settings

Webs.com give you the to option to automatically or manually accept new members.  Automatically accepting new members make it convenient for you, and also allows members to access your protected pages right away.

Manually approving members give you more control over who to accept or not accept, but they will have to wait until your approval before gaining access.  You will also need to take some time to manually approve them.

You can also set default membership level when new members sign up.  For example, you may want to set all new members are Limited Members first (defined below), before upgrading them to Full Member (defined below).

So there are pros and cons to this, and is up to you to decide.

Webs.com Membership settings

Managing Your Members

Once you have members, Webs give you tools to manage them with ease.

For each member, you can designate whether you want this member to be a “Full” Member, a Limited Member, a Moderator or an Administrator.  So you can set different levels of permission or access to each member.  This gives you full control over what the member can or cannot see.

Webs.com Membership permission levels

For Administrators, they can access all main editing features for your website including creating, editing or deleting pages and content.  They can also manage members – so this is someone you have to trust or you hire to help you manage your membership area.

Moderators have permission to delete comments and posts that are posted by members and visitors.

Members have permission to post comments or leave new content.

Limited Members can only leave comments.

Webs.com Membership permission levels

Emailing Your Members

Instead of emailing each individual members one at at time, Webs allow you to mass email your members altogether – this will really save you time.

You can choose to email each level of membership separately (Administrators, Moderators, Full Members, or Limited Members) of you can email all of them together.

Webs.com review Membership email blast

Your messages can address each one of them by their first names, so the messages appear more personal.

This is a very helpful tool as it allows you to quickly and efficiently speak with each level of your members, increasing interaction with them.


One thing we noticed during our Webs.com review is that by default, the members sign up form will ask for your visitors’ birthday, location and gender.  While some visitors may question privacy of these information, so we’ve tested it and your visitors actually don’t need to insert these private information to complete the sign up process.

Webs.com Membership Privacy

What you can do is communicate to them in a designated area on your website (such as Membership Sign up FAQ or something along that line) that they don’t need to fill in those information in order to complete sign up.

This will really help you remove this privacy concern from the sign up process.


Webs.com’s membership tools is a very rare feature that most, if not all, other website builders do not include.  Other website builders allow you to password protect some of your webpages, but Webs.com allow you to actively manage your members through a dashboard control panel.

It is a much better option to use Webs.com if you know you are going to have a membership area, since the membership tools are native and fully integrated with the website builder.  This will ensure that the tools remain conflict free, and you don’t have to concern yourself over the technical installation steps – which you will need to do if you used a third party external plugin.

Also keep in mind that Webs.com is free to use, and you always have an option to upgrade later, but only if you want to.

Give these conveniences, if you are are planning on having a membership area, you should definitely check out and consider Webs.com as your website builder. (You can also see our full review of Webs.com here).

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Maybe just like you, at first we didn't have a darn clue about how to build a website, nevermind write half a line of code if our life depended on it! We wanted to build a website to start a side business, and felt overwhelmed, confused & scared about how to actually do it, which builder to use, and making wrong decisions. After years of trials & errors using different website builders, we're here to share our experiences with you.



About Jeremy

Maybe just like you, at first we didn't have a darn clue about how to build a website, nevermind write half a line of code if our life depended on it! We wanted to build a website to start a side business, and felt overwhelmed, confused & scared about how to actually do it, which builder to use, and making wrong decisions. After years of trials & errors using different website builders, we're here to share our experiences with you.

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48 Responses to Webs.com Review – Membership Website Builders

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    The membership functionality on my webs.com site has been inoperable for eight weeks. “It is still being investigated, as we work to get to a more resolution.”

  2. #

    I’m confused. Is Webs.com the same site as WIX, or are they different. In the comparison page Webs.com doesn’t show up.

    • Jeremy

      Hi Dave,

      Wix and Webs are different companies. In my view, Wix is a much better website builder. You can check out our review of Wix here.


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    Timely post ! I Appreciate the points . Does anyone know if my business would be able to get access to a blank NJ DoT NJ-W4 form to fill in ?

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    Hello Jeremy Wong

    Thanks for this article, very nicely explained.

    We are looking to build a membership site where members can upload videos, photos, articles which will only be seen by them and other members they invite or grant permission.

    Can such a membership site be built?



  5. #

    Hi Jeremy, This option is fantastic. We are looking at setting up a website for a club and we need members to pay an annual membership. In an ideal world this could be all done through the website and tracked as an administrator (similar to a shopping cart for goods, but for members). can you please tell me if this type of option is available with webs.com?

  6. #

    I realize that this post is somewhat dated as I write this, but Webs is NOT the only free website builder to support memberships. In fact, WildApricot is specifically designed for that purpose and has been around for a while. Although its editor is a bit clunky, you will find no better membership management capabilities.

  7. #

    but can it be a PAID membership site?

    • Jeremy

      Don’t think so. Check out Sentry Login, which is an independent paid membership add-on that might work with Webs.

  8. #

    What if you want to charge members a monthly fee for being a member?

    • Jeremy

      Adam – check out Sentry Login. They’re a membership widget that works with most drag & drop website builders, and enables you to charge membership fees.


  9. #

    Hi Jeremy,

    Will using this Web’s membership login tool allow me to sell subscriptions? Would like to set up a page for subscription based newsletter offered to paid members only.

    • Jeremy

      Hi Darryl,

      Not that I know of. I don’t think any of the drag & drop website builders have the ability for you to sell membership based subscriptions yet.

      But check out Sentry Login which is a membership widget that allows you to sell paying membership program. I believe they work with website builders such as Wix, Squarespace and Weebly.


  10. #

    I just went an singed up for a free account , and tried the member app and it dose not work, it had password protected but the only way that works if you have a payed membership.

  11. #

    I am looking to have a members only sign in area where each member can sign in and input specific data pertaining only to them. Ideally I would like each member to be able to input the number of work hours they completed within a school semester (september to december and January to April). Would that be possible? I want this information to remain private within each member and have only admin be able to access the totals.

  12. #

    I am interested in building a membership website in which I sell digital files to members. What website or software do I need to use for making this dream website come true?

    • Jeremy

      Hi Ernest,

      Currently Webs doesn’t allow you to sell products with its membership setup. Weebly also recently introduced a membership gateway, but it also doesn’t link up their membership function with their ecommerce features (selling digital products).

      Have you checked out Sentry Login? I think they allow you to sell subscription memberships so that only paying members can access restricted pages. Their tools should work with Weebly.


      • #

        Hi Jeremy, I’m trying to do something similar, have an online class that only paid members can access.
        I noticed your reply is from Nov. 2014. Does your answer still hold true? Webs.com membership function doesn’t tie it into any ecommerce?

  13. #

    nice info..thanks

  14. #

    Would I be be able to have unique subscriber passwords with another Website editor? Like Wix?

    • Jeremy

      Hey Lynda,

      With Wix, if you visit their App Market, search for “Member” and Wix gives you a free App to install on your Wix website that will create a membership website.

      Here is our overview on Wix’s App Market which you might find helpful!

      – Jeremy

      • #

        Forgot to specify, is the membership app one that my Website would be able to have paid subscriptions by its users and give them each a unique password? Looking for that specific option (which you helped me with before) before I use a third party app or html on Webs. Don’t want to have to start over with a new Web host, but will if I need to. That’s why I’m looking at Wix. Thanks!

        • Jeremy

          Hi Lynda,

          Both Webs and Wix don’t have a paid membership gateway.

          I know that Weebly just started beta testing a membership system (with a paid membership infrastructure) but I don’t think it’s live yet and I’m not sure when it will be fully launched.

          I”ve seen some people use Sentry Login which is a membership widget that works with Squarespace or Weebly.

          Check them out!

          – Jeremy

  15. #

    How do I get members to pay for their membership? because from what i understand, the membership is free right?

    • Jeremy

      Hi Alaric,

      Yes that’s right. Under the current structure, Webs’ membership feature is free and you can’t charge your users yet.

      – Jeremy

  16. #

    I have set up a free Webs.com website with the intention of offering a paid subscription service for thje content. I chose webs.com because of its drag and drop non-technical ease of use and the fact that it offered a membership tool and password protected pages. But I have now discovered through technical support that even with the premium package there is no way for members to have individual passwords to access the protected pages. I would have to give all subscribers a master password which would defeat the purpose of a paid subscription since the master password could just be shared. Can you please help me find a solution? I have no website building experience and found Webs.com to be the perfect, easy-to-use builder for someone like myself. I really don’t want to have to start all over again, but the password issue is probably a deal-breaker. I would really appreciate your input!

    • Jeremy

      Hi Lynda – I’ve discussed about this in my Feb 25 2014 comment below. But you can try checking out Sentry Login as it allows you to create a paid membership program where each of your paying members will have a unique password. Webs doesn’t have a paid membership program at the moment.

      – Jeremy

      • #

        Thanks Jeremy. I checked the sentry login site and they are compatible with webs.com. Thanks so much for the input!

  17. #

    I need help, I have assigned one of my member as administrator but he/she could not edit the website. Any idea how to fix this problem? Thanks!

    • Jeremy & Connie

      Hi GP,

      You should reach out to Webs’ support team to resolve this as there isn’t much we can do from our side as we mainly focus on discussing our experiences with website builders!

      – Jeremy

  18. #

    Be warned!!! If you have a group that you are using Webs.com for, and it is has a large number of people in it (over 100) – you can only send the email blast to 100 people every 3 hours.

  19. #

    Do you know of any website builders that allow the admin to see the user names and passwords of the users on their website?

    • Jeremy & Connie

      Hey Bobby – I’m not sure. But I would think that most builders won’t release these information perhaps due to security reasons? For instance, if a user uses a password across other parts of his/her life such as email account, banking account, etc, allowing you to see his/her password would be a security hazard. At least that’s what I’m speculating anyway.

      – Jeremy

  20. #

    Excellent “Membership Website Builders” article and answers to comments Jeremy & Connie. This article just made my life and job a whole lot easier. Thank you!


    • Jeremy & Connie

      No problem AML! Glad we can be helpful. Do click on the social sharing buttons – you never know who else you know will benefit from this post!

      – Jeremy

  21. #

    This looks like the feature i m looking for, though I would also like the payment option as I’m selling tailored educational service to selected audiences. Is it possible for me to put my bank detail at the end of registration so unless they wire me the annual fee, I can hold their registration? This is slower than instant payment and off-you-go browse paid content, but still better than nothing.

    • Jeremy & Connie

      Hi Yawn,

      Thanks for your comment. I don’t think Webs has a “paid members” area yet. There is a membership gateway tool called Sentry Login that you can see if they integrate with Webs. I know they are compatible with Weebly and Squarespace, but not sure about Webs. Worth shooting them an email to see if they can help you set up a paid members area!

      – Jeremy

  22. #

    I want to build a membership site so that customers can pay to join and access to digital files. I want to dig more information about Webs.com. I hope that it is a good site that allow me to do what I want.

    • Jeremy & Connie

      Hi Ernest,

      The only way to find out if Webs is a good fit for you is to sign up for a free account to test them out! Good luck with that!

      – Jeremy

      • #

        Thanks for that.

        I would make a careful decision later.

  23. #

    Jeremy and Connie,

    I am scouring the website building tools for something similar, but i don’t think that this Webs.com feature quite gets me there … what do you think:

    I have a friend who provides financial futures advice, and he wants to build a simple site that enables him to sell paid subscriptions to a private area of his website where the advice is provided. So ideally he needs a way for clients to subscribe/pay, and then to login to a private area where he provides updated information daily.

    If they stop paying, then they lose access … so just password protecting pages would not work. Do you think this Webs.com feature would provide enough access/control to support this requirement?


    • Jeremy & Connie

      Hi Andy,

      Thanks for your comment. I don’t think Webs’ membership area caters to paid subscriptions. If you want this feature, you can try and check out Sentry Login as I know they are compatible with Weebly and Squarespace websites. If you ask them, you can see if their product works for Webs.

      If not, check out our reviews for Weebly and Squarespace to see if those web builders suits your needs!

      – Jeremy

  24. #

    hi jeremy, i found this very useful, thanks for the info! i’m creating a membership site for golfers on webs.com right now! thanks agian!~

    • Jeremy & Connie

      Hey Everett – thanks for letting us know! Glad you found our thoughts helpful.

      – Jeremy

  25. #

    Is there a way to add a membership fee feature for monthly membership fees?

    • Jeremy & Connie

      Hi Kristine,

      As far as I’m aware, I don’t think you charge membership fees for your members. There might be a way to get around this to make it work, but I haven’t seen it before.

      One manual way is to only accept their membership application, or grant them more access (such as from Limited Member to “regular” member) until they subscribe?

      – Jeremy

      • #

        Hi Jeremy how many members can you have on webs.com both free and premium

        • Tom Watts

          Hi Eddy,

          That’s a really good question and something I actually haven’t considered before!

          It might be worth checking out Webs online support documents about creating membership websites to see if they provide an answer there.

          Keep us posted!
          – Tom