Webs.com Review – 55 Million Websites Built? Why It’s Good for You?

Last updated on December 6, 2018
Webs.com review

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Webs is a decent website builder with practical tools and apps to help you build a website without having to write code.

In our view, it’s not the best website builder but it’s worth exploring as it has some interesting features (membership, mobile customization, etc.)

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Last Updated onDecember 6, 2018

Over 55 million websites has been built with Webs.com at the time of our review – why is it so popular?

Webs has been around since 2001 and their popularity continues to grow even with newer website builders such as Wix and Weebly joining the party.  In this Webs.com review, we want to see for ourselves what makes Webs so popular.

Webs primarily target small businesses and entrepreneurs. This is not to say that you can’t build a personal or non-profit website using Webs as you most definitely can (we will discuss user-friendliness and website building tools below).

But the tools that they provide are slightly more geared towards small businesses, which we will review and let you know our opinion below.

One caveat is that although Webs powers over 55 million websites, it is hard to know how many of these websites are actively used (or abandoned) – since this is private information.

Nevertheless, being able to power so many websites and attract so many users is an impressive achievement.

One of the takeaways from our Webs.com review is that Webs has been around since 2001 and will probably be around for a long time – which is an important consideration for website builders like yourself.

Here are other good drag & drop website builders and you can see how they compare to each other in this comparison chart.


  1. When it comes to user-friendliness, Webs has done a good job in making it pretty intuitive for you to build a website.  Their drag and drop builder allows you to drag modules (such as pictures, paragraphs, slideshows etc) into the website, and allow you to edit them by just clicking on them. The learning curve is not high when compared to some other website builders (such as Wix or Squarespace).  Just as a side note, based on past users feedback, Webs was pretty buggy and can freeze up at times. Webs has since completed a significant overhaul of their builder in mid-2012, and the current version of the builder gives you a much smoother user interface and experience.  It’s very easy to add modules, edit them and remove them as necessary.
  2. Webs allow you to build membership sites directly on their websites.   This is a very rare feature in the world of website builders and in fact, Webs is the only website builder we know that includes membership site features in their builder.With other website builders, you can try to integrate external membership gateway services (such as Sentry Login) into your website.  The issues is that with external services provider, they are not native to the website builder and so conflicts may occur – this is in addition to you having to figure out the technical aspects of installing the membership site. With Webs, the membership function is all integrated into your website, and it allows you to manage members, send out group email to members, and restrict which of your pages could be viewed by the public, or by members only.  So if you’re thinking of setting up a membership site, Webs is a website builder you should definitely try out.  See our review on Webs’ membership function here.
  3. Webs has an App Store that allows you to integrate more features and third party tools directly into your Webs website.  Some of the Apps include client information / interaction organization tools, SEO tools, sharing of documents, Etsy store integration, etc.  As mentioned in our introduction, this is one way that Webs is trying to cater their services towards small businesses and entrepreneurs.  There are both free and paid Apps as some of the paid Apps are created and serviced by third party companies.  So this allows you to pick and choose which App to integrate into your Webs website.One thing that Webs does well is that all these Apps are fully integrated into their builder and so installing them is just 1-click of a button – you don’t have to worry about finding out how to install Apps into your website which could sometimes be technical.  Most other website builders (except for Wix) don’t offer this feature to you.Webs Review App Store

  1. One of the important considerations when building a website is design. While it’s pretty standard nowadays for website builders to offer you a lot of templates options (such as Wix or Weebly), as of April 2013, Webs only offer around 40 templates for you to choose from.  In addition, about 6 of them can only be accessed if you upgrade to their premium package.  Just as reference points, Wix has over 510 templates and Weebly has more than 100 templates for you to select from. While there are not a whole lot of themes available, the designs are fairly decent so if you are not overly picky with the design of your website, you will most likely be able to find what you need.  However, the downside is that if you can’t find a theme that suits your design, you options are very limited here… which leads to our next point… [UPDATE – as of July 2014, Webs released 450 mobile-optimized design templates cover over 20 different industries.  This is a significant improvement and gives you a lot of design flexibility and choices]
  2. At times, when a user is not completely pleased with the template design, some website builders such as Weebly or Jimdo will allow the user to modify the HTML / CSS codes to alter the design (they can hire a designer / programmer to help).  Webs doesn’t give you this flexibility, so if you are not completely happy with the 40-ish templates that they provide you, you won’t be able to modify it through codes.This is not entirely uncommon as Wix also doesn’t open up the codes to users either, but it is a drawback.  However, Webs do allow you some level of control to configure certain aspects of the template, such as color schemes, background image / pattern, font styles, etc.  We’ll discuss this in further detail below.
  3. When we were testing Webs, the loading time between changing of pages was fairly slow.  When we used other website builders to build websites, switching between pages were pretty quick.  Although this will not stop you from building a pretty good website, it does get a bit tiring as all the seconds of waiting does add up especially at the beginning when you will be building a ton of content into the website.Having said that, the website does load pretty fast when it is in published mode.  So when your visitors are visiting your website, the loading time is pretty normal.


If you are a small business or plan on having an online shop (e-commerce), Webs is a website builder you should consider (at least try them out for free).  The key reasons being that their e-commerce tools allow you to present multiple images per store item, product search and inventory tracking (more e-commerce discussion below), and also their integrated Apps helps you to manage your business better and will save you time.

However, as mentioned in our Webs.com review above, even if you just want to build a personal or non-profit website, Webs have enough tools to allow you to build a pretty decent website.

If you are interested in building an ecommerce website, take a look at this comparison chart here to see some of the best ecommerce website builders and how they can help you build an good online store.


Webs is a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) website builder, meaning you build the entire website right in front of you and what you see when you are building, is what actually shows up after you publish the website.

Webs gives you the option to either build “normal pages” or “specialty pages”.

Normal Pages

Webs provide you with 6 different page layout configurations, so whenever you create a new page, you can choose which page layout to use.  You can change the page layout later on if you want.  The modules that you insert into the page (i.e. your content) will be automatically transferred into the new layout so you won’t lose any information.

Webs.com Review Page Layouts

Specialty Pages

Webs also give you “specialty pages” – what we mean is that they have dedicated, pre-set structured webpages for you to choose from.  These include pages dedicated to blogs, web stores, photos, membership, videos, forums, guestbooks and appointments.  You will find these pre-set pages in the App store and these are nice to have especially if you have a need for them.

Webs Review - App Pages

Since these “App pages” are pre-set in structure, you won’t be able to drag and drop any modules into these pages, like how you could for normal webpages. Although this seems a bit inflexible when it comes to design, it’s a nice feature if you have a need for it.

Overall, based on our Webs.com review, it is a very intuitive and easy to use website builder.  Combining normal pages and specialty pages will allow you the ability to create a more interesting website without making the building process complicated.  We like how Webs gives you many features, but keeps things quite simple.


Webs has 450 mobile-optimized design templates for you to choose from, which is a fairly large collection.  These templates span over 20 different industries so this helps you find one that caters to your industry.

webs Review - templates

However, Webs doesn’t allow you the flexibility to edit the HTML and CSS of the templates, so even if you want to hire someone to modify the design for you, you won’t have this option with Webs.

This is also the primary reason why there aren’t any third party templates providers for Webs, which is the same as for Wix.

However, Webs does allow you some customization options.  Some themes come in several color schemes, and some allow you to customize the background image/color. You can also customize the font styles of the navigation bar, body and footer.

But in general, compared to other website builders, Webs’ templates selection and flexibility is not very comprehensive.  You can still build a good website with Webs, but if you’re selective over design, this is where Webs can fall short.


Aside from the template for the browser website, Webs also provide you with some options when it comes to customizing mobile templates so your website can be mobile-ready.

The options that Webs give you are actually a lot more than what other website builders have.  Most website builders only provide you with one generic mobile design, and you can’t customize it.

With Webs, you can choose from 6 mobile template designs.  You can even customize the color scheme of each template to match your website’s color scheme.

Webs review - mobile website

This is fantastic feature that give you more control over your mobile website without having to pay and manage a separate mobile website.

If mobile website display is important to you, take a look at a few other website builders who have optimized mobile website displays.


Webs Customer Support

If you subscribe to their premium plans, you can get email support for the Starter plan, email + live chat for the Enhanced plan, and email + live chat + phone support for their Pro plan.

However, if you are only using their free plan, your support option is limited to forum discussions, so you may not get the necessary, 1-on-1 attention you may want.

This is understandable as they have millions of users to support, and it’s only fair to give paying users a higher priority and better service levels.

Webs.com Review - customer service

Webs Tutorial Resources

Webs have a knowledgebase located in the dashboard.  At any time you have a question, simply type in your question and it will give you the closest matching answer.  We’ve tested this and we do find a lot of answers in the knowledgebase – so this function is pretty helpful.

However, one improvement point is that Webs could try to incorporate more pictures and tutorial videos in their help section.  Currently, their knowledgebase has a lot of text which although helpful, could sometimes be overwhelming if you prefer pictures.  Nevertheless, if you are an Enhanced Plan or Pro Plan user, you can just use their Live Chat function to get help.

Webs Community Forum

Webs has a comprehensive and helpful forum.  If you have questions, you can quickly search within the forum to see if their support staff has answered the same questions before.  You can save a lot of time using this approach.

We have seen some Webs.com reviews that their forum help could take some time, but as mentioned above, if you do upgrade to a paid package, you will receive 1-on-1 help, which is fair as you are a paying customer.


If you are building an online store, Webs offers a pretty comprehensive e-commerce solution.  You can choose to add a Web Store or integrate your Etsy store (if you have one) directly into your website.

Web’s web store has all the practical features that any online store will need.  It allows you to insert product images, descriptions, prices, set tax options, shipping options, configure product versions (so your visitor can select different versions of the same product), and product status.

You can also set your products in different categories to allow for easier sorting.

For premium accounts, you also have access to the inventory tracking system.  This system helps you manage and track your product directly in Webs dashboard.

Webs.com Review eCommerce

You can use PayPal as your payment processor to collect money from your customers.  You will have more payment options if you choose to integrate your Etsy store in the website.

Overall, we think in our Webs.com review that it has a decent set of e-commerce tools to help you build a web store.  To take maximum advantage of what their tools have to offer, you will need to upgrade to their premium packages, which is something you should consider if you are serious about your business (we will discuss premium packages and pricing below).

Another positive point is that Webs does not take a transaction fee from each of your sale (some other shopping carts provider out there does take a percentage of your sales), so you get to keep all your profits.

WEBS SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Webs allows you to optimize all the basic SEO functions, such as titles and descriptions for your overall website.  However, you will need to subscribe to a paid plan in order to customize the titles, description and meta tags for individual web page.

Webs also provides you with an internal traffic tracking tool which allows you to see how many visitors you have, number of pageviews, monthly averages, traffic sources, etc.

Webs review - Clicky

Of course, if you want to use Google Analytics instead of Webs’ own stats tracking tool, you can definitely do so.  Just insert the snippet of tracking code you get from Google Analytics into the “Settings” tab when you are in your Webs dashboard.

Website Builder SEO Guide – see our opinion about SEO with various drag & drop website builders and how they compare with each other.


Webs provides free hosting, so you don’t have to pay extra for that, even if you are not using their paid plans.  This is helpful as you will not need to manage your own hosting.  If there are any technical or security issues, Webs will manage it for you so your website will always work properly.

With the free plan you have limited storage space and limited bandwidth, so the size of you site will be restricted.  However, the free space you receive should be sufficient for you to build a basic website.  Upgrade to their paid packages to receive more storage space and bandwidth.

One downside of Webs is there is no exporting function.  This means if you ever want to use a different website builder or host your own website, you can’t take the website with you.  You will need to build the site from scratch if you ever choose to leave Webs.

This is not entirely uncommon as Wix and Jimdo also have this restriction.  If this is an important consideration for you, you can check out Weebly or Squarespace as they do allow you to export websites.

Our Webs.com review recommendation is that if you’re interested in Webs, try it for free to see if it fits your needs.  This way, you can decide whether you would like to commit.


You can try using Webs for free and there is no pressure to upgrade since they don’t impose a time limit for using them for free.

With the free account, you will have limited features, storage space and bandwidth and you won’t be able to access their 1-on-1 customer support unless you decide to upgrade.

If you do decide to upgrade to Webs’ premium plans, they have a 30 day money back guarantee policy,which removes the financial risks from you:

Webs.com Review 30 Day Guarantee

Webs has 3 levels of premium plans: Starter, Enhanced and Pro.

Webs Pricing Page

If you sign up to a 1 or 2 year plan, you do get a “bulk” discount of 33% off the monthly price – a substantial savings if you are comfortable with committing to use Webs after you test them out with a free account.

Further, if you sign up to their 1 or 2 year plan, they will waive the $10 set up fee, which is only applicable if you sign up for a month to month payment plan.

You will also receive a free custom domain if you sign up to their Enhanced or Pro annual packages (which is about a $12 value with most domain name registrars such as GoDaddy)

So if you sign up for a 2 year plan, you will save 33% and for a 1 year plan, you will save 15%.  If you sign up for either the 1 year and 2 years plans, you will also receive a free domain name (which will cost about $12 or so with most domain name registrars).

Webs.com Review premium plan

This screenshot displays the Enhanced Premium Package from Webs

The benefit of upgrading to premium plans, of course, is that you will gain access to premium features, such as full range of e-commerce tools and priority support.

If you benchmark prices of premium plans across other website builders, you’ll notice that the monthly investment of using Webs as your website builder is pretty fair, or even slightly on the cheaper side.

Further, Webs give you $100 worth of advertising credit to use for Google Adwords and Facebook Ads when you sign up for their Enhanced or Pro plans.  That alone will pretty much means you get to use Webs’ premium packages for free for the first year.

As mentioned in our Webs review, this website builder provides you with a number of good tools if you are building an online store, and their App store gives you some helpful tools that are fully integrated with Webs to help manage your business.  The benefits of using integrated tools is quick and hassle-free installation, and that you can confident that the Apps will not conflict with Webs.


Based on our Webs.com review, this website builder is a solid website builder with lots of practical features and Apps to allow you to build a fully functional website for small business and/or online store.

Further, if you want to set up a membership sign up website, Webs is one of the very few website builders that have this feature provided for you as part of their builder.  The benefit for you is that you don’t have to install an external membership system which may cause conflict with the website builder – that’s a headache you don’t need.

Overall, our Webs.com review results is that it is a user-friendly builder and the learning curve to learn how to use it is pretty low, so you can build a website without tearing your hair out.

Although the design template selection is somewhat limited when compared to other website builders, they do provide you with some decent customization options for each template.  If you are not overly picky on design, you can find something you like.  In addition, Webs has good mobile site customization features, which is helpful as more people are “going mobile”.

A good approach is to start with a free website, familiarize yourself with their tools and how easy or difficult it is for you to use webs, then make your decision to upgrade or not.

After all, Webs is free for you to try, and even if you decide to upgrade, they still have a 30 day money back guarantee policy, which removes the financial risks from you.

Keep in mind that there is no time limit to use their free services.

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Maybe just like you, at first we didn't have a darn clue about how to build a website, nevermind write half a line of code if our life depended on it! We wanted to build a website to start a side business, and felt overwhelmed, confused & scared about how to actually do it, which builder to use, and making wrong decisions. After years of trials & errors using different website builders, we're here to share our experiences with you.



About Jeremy

Maybe just like you, at first we didn't have a darn clue about how to build a website, nevermind write half a line of code if our life depended on it! We wanted to build a website to start a side business, and felt overwhelmed, confused & scared about how to actually do it, which builder to use, and making wrong decisions. After years of trials & errors using different website builders, we're here to share our experiences with you.

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158 Responses to Webs.com Review – 55 Million Websites Built? Why It’s Good for You?

  1. #

    Webs is a horrible web hosting site. The mobile site is frequently down and customer support is non-existent when you need help with the myriad of problems that arise. Most of the links on their dashboard either don’t take you anywhere or take you to a page that says this page no longer exists. I would not recommend webs.com to anyone!

    • Natasha Willett

      Hi Sarah,
      Thank you for the comment and sharing your experience with webs.com with others within the community. I’m sorry to hear you have had a bad experience, I must admit they do have a little way to go to really compete with some of their larger competitors. Getting the basics down first would be a good place to start, making sure they do provide the support necessary for their users as well as limit little glitches with their dashboard. We are in the process of re looking at webs.com and provide an update on our review, so watch this space.
      Cheers again for providing us all with your experience.

  2. #

    I believe that webs.com is now defunct. I cannot renew my domain name – it says there is a technical glitch. It also did not auto renew my yearly renewal of the hosting. I am in a panic as to what to do.

    • Natasha Willett

      Hi Donna,
      Cheers for the comment, I’m sorry to hear that you are currently having issues with your webs.com account. Did you manage to get this resolved at all? I’m sure you have already, but just in case, I would recommend that you submit a request for direct support, see here for more information.
      All the best, let us know how you get on.

  3. #

    Yes webs is great & user friendly WHEN it’s working! I would not recommend using this site builder! The amount of down time & technical issues they have has majorly affected my small business. I can’t wait to change when I have time to rebuild my website on another builder.

    Today I paid to promote my business through Facebook which I cannot reverse – all the new potential customers I may have gained today have been lost because my website goes to “page cannot be found” (for the second time in a couple of days)

    Very disappointing & annoying!

    • Fred Isaac

      Hi Sarah, thanks for getting in touch. Sorry to hear you’ve had some difficulty with Webs (it’s certainly not our top-rated builder). Have you thought about switching to a different provider?

    • #

      Completely agree. Reviewers need to take a second look at WEBS reliability and customer support — which WEBS is failing at. Really frustrated by this, and deadlines are at stake when projects are pending! I am surprised that WEBS is NOT in a “not-recommended” status by your review site. A second look, perhaps? And yes, I am going to switch, but the private members pages are a priority for me. If WEBS is the only one that provides an integrated membership management design, where else do I go to find a web-builder service to get competent membership management support?

      • Natasha Willett

        Dear John,
        Welcome to the community. Thank you for your comment and for bringing this to all our attention. I completely understand your frustration especially when it can have a big impact on the service you are trying to provide. Webs.com is currently in the process of being reviewed to make sure that the information we are communicating is accurate.
        In regards to membership management / password protected pages / members only areas have you looked at an alternative builder such as Weebly or Squarespace for example, have a look at this help page to see if this may work for you.

  4. #

    I see from all of the negative comments and frustrated users, I am not alone! I paid Webs.com for for premium service and I can’t even get them to repond to respond to an email. I have been locked out of my account for a week. Going back to GoDaddy, their customer service rocks!

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    of your visitors and provide them quality content. First of all, the thought with keywords is basically that
    you need to select keywords to make use of on your own site
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    how do people rank higher after a while in the various search engines and have more visitors to your site, you have to know
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  6. #

    Have been premium members for several years.

    Currently major issues (for us) with broken APP feed to homepage.

    Website Broken for 2 months.

    Contacted support (8-9 times) who cannot give feedback.

    Numerous emails on updates and refunds promised, but absolutely reply/ contact recieved.

    I would not recommend this website to anyone at the moment – we are looking at alternatives

    Its nothing short of a shambles, from the website performance to the lack of customer service

    • Fred Isaac

      Hi Trevor, sorry to hear you’ve had a bad experience with Webs. It’s certainly not our top-rated builder. Have you thought about giving Wix a go?

  7. #

    Why does all webpages built through webs.com have issues? Most of the time the sites built through webs.com cannot be accessed by visitors or those who own the pages. Always says working on the problem. This is unacceptable and they ask people to PAY for their sites. Once you do upgrade to Premium, you still have the same technical issues and if you decide to downgrade, Well ….. you loose your site and web address completely. HORRIBLE Website builder

    • Fred Isaac

      Hi Teri, sorry to hear you’ve had problems with Webs.com. They’re certainly not our top-rated website builder. It might be worth trying Wix instead?

  8. #

    Wonderful but no gdpr – that’s not so impressive at all these days

    • Fred Isaac

      Hi Alan, how do you mean no GDPR?

  9. #

    Our Webs.com website (eaa302.org) has been broken for over a month now and all Webs support will say is that ‘they are working on it’. Specifically, the Registration function where new members request login credentials is not working and Webs will not provide any details regarding if/when they plan to fix it. Their tech support has sucked for over a year now and our organization is considering other web services due to the total loss of confidence.

    • Fred Isaac

      Hi David,

      Sorry to hear you’re having trouble with Webs customer service – hope you get your issue fixed and thanks for sharing!

  10. #

    Writing now in the first part of 2018, Webs.com seem to have been in gradual decline in my opinion.
    Although I think the review above is pretty fair for a dummy like me to get to grips with, I’ve been enduring many glitches with this company over the past year…which they say repeatedly ‘our engineers are aware of….’ but never actually get to rectify…
    I have just registered a new site with them…and, although they’ve already started deducting my monthly fee, the current ‘glitch’ is that there is no ‘Manage your Members’ facility whatever…thus no new members have been able to sign up at all yet.
    This also applies to my existing website – which I have had for around five or six years at least.
    By no means the least of the glitches we’ve all had to endure over the past year (others include inability to upload videos…ordering of pages…some previously-available features suddenly being withdrawn…etc., etc., etc.
    And always the Chat Support team advise that ‘the engineers are working on it’…’…we’ve raised another ticket’ … ‘we can only apologise…’ (yawn!)
    Billing is also all over the place with threats to close your sites – even after it’s been confirmed you’re fully paid-up_and so-on and so-on ad-nauseum…
    Don’t know why the wheels have come off…but they have.
    Just thought I’d mention it…!

  11. #

    You find bugs like picture rotation does not work anymore or web email submissions fail to get forwarded to your email you have set it to go to.

    When you contact them for help they say they will look into it and it NEVER gets fixed.

    I have a paid subscription.

    STAY AWAY!!!


    • Fred Isaac

      Hi Brett,

      Sorry to hear you’ve been having some difficulty with Weebly. Have you tried ringing up customer support? Failing that, have you considered moving to a different platform?



  12. #

    I have been with webs (paid) for 10 to 11 years i believe. Well in the beginning it was great and all of their web building tools worked and if there was a problem, fixed!
    Now, I reported a bug where the picture rotation did not work anymore while loading pictures to my gallery OVER A YEAR AGO! And wait for it, still not fixed.
    You can add a “contact us box” or “web submission” to a page and it will forward it to your email that you assigned it to go to. And again, wait for it, this is the response I received from there crack IT team…..

    “I know that it has been inconveniencing but I’m happy to report that we have identified the issue, our engineers should be in the process of implementing a fix, but unfortunately, this has not been completed as yet.

    Sadly, as a result, I’m unable to provide you with a timeframe as to when it may be completed. I know that this is not the answer that you would like to hear but I kindly ask if you would bear with us just a little bit longer.”

    • charlie Carmichael

      Hi Brett,

      Thanks for your comment.

      We appreciate your frustration. Webs do have some interesting features but unfortunately, in many regards, it’s not as good of a builder as it once was. If your problems with Webs persist, I’d recommend looking into migrating your site to either Wix or Squarespace. Which one is dependent on your needs but you can check out our handy comparison here.
      I hope you get everything sorted.


  13. #

    I’ve used this site for a few years. Recently in the dashboard, links have been bad and emails to support are not returned. Beware

    • Fred Isaac

      Hi Rob,

      Thanks for the comment (and for the warning).

      Have you thought about switching to another builder?


  14. #

    Dear Webs,

    I have had two websites with you for many years. I haven’t been able to look after them properly over the last year due to a serious family problem. I tried to get into my website today, and I found that although it still exists, I cannot get into it and the photos are taking up the whole website with the writing impossible to read. My name is Dorothy Rowatt and my websites are whiteflowerworkshops.webs.com and loveandangellight.webs.com. The later is a free site but the former had a payment plan of two years, I believe.

    I don’t know if the plan had come to an end as I never got any communication from you to renew the site (perhaps your communication, if there was any, went into spam). I do not know what to do in order to get my sites up and running again. Could you please let me know what is going on?

    However I also have a main email address which I shall put in the space below.

    Would you please let me know what is going on with your sites?

    Kind regards, Dorothy

    • Fred Isaac

      Hi Dorothy,

      Thanks for the comment, sorry to hear you are having some issues. However, this particular consider would be better addressed with Webs.com themsleves. We are a comparison site, we review and help people to get set up online. You’d be best to send your concern to Web.com customer service team: https://webscom.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/222206567-How-to-Contact-Webs-Support

      They have a Live Chat support function which will not only allow you to speak to someone directly, but get this sorted for you asap.


  15. #

    The information on this site is incredible and so helpful to anyone. It is changing the way I perceive others, giving me confidence and gives me more meaning with all human interaction. Also, there is information on here for lifetimes with different and interesting topics/subject that all intertwine and support each other.

    • Fred Isaac

      Great to hear James, thank you!

  16. #

    I’ve been a happy customer of Webs.com for a number of years, with two websites — both a Premium and a free website.

    However, for 3 days now, I cannot get into my account to edit, or to update my credit card, which is about to expire, or to renew my domain name, which is also about to expire.

    For 3 days, I’ve tried to get help from Webs staff, and all they do is send me standard instructions that don’t solve the problem, and then tell me to go into the account and do something, which is impossible, because I cannot get in. They did acknowledge that my email is correct, but the sign-in page keeps reappearing, no matter what I put in, and no matter how many times I try to reset the password, close the browser, etc., etc.

    I’m afraid I’m going to lose my domain name. Perhaps there’s another way it can be renewed.

    And then, I will consider finding a new web host, although I just paid Webs $144 in November for a two-year Premium renewal. Sigh.

    • Tom Watts

      Hi Casey,

      Thanks for joining the conversation and for sharing your story.

      As you can see below, Webs have really let their customer support slide in recent months.

      I think I’ve mentioned elsewhere in the comments, but I’ve managed to dig up a customer helpline that you could try and ring to sort out your issues. It is (+1) 877-611-3285. See how you get on, I hope it works for you and that you can save your domain name! It’s definitely worth giving it a go to try and recoup your money too!

      Let us know how you get on,
      – Tom

  17. #

    Do NOT use webs. I paid for a .com domain and published on 1/10/2018. It is still not up I go to support and you have to upgrade and pay more. I called the number on my bank statement no answer. Go to make my website somewhere else that domain is taken but is not up. Il

    • Tom Watts

      Hi Heidi,

      Thanks for joining the conversation and sharing – that sounds terrible!

      Do you mean your website isn’t up on the web? Or do you mean that your Webs site isn’t appearing under the domain you paid for?! Either way, that is not good at all.

      Have you tried to contact customer support directly through the Webs website? If not, I’ve had a dig around online and found what appears to be the customer support phone number, which you can find here (I’m not sure if this is the same number that appeared on your bills – but hopefully it helps you reach the right person!).

      I’m really sorry to hear you’ve had such a bad experience and it definitely seems like a growing trend with Webs that consumers need to made aware of, so again – thank you for sharing.

      If the experience hasn’t soured you on using a website builder entirely, here’s a link to our website builder comparison chart, which looks at some of the best builders on the market. Builders like Wix, Weebly and Sqaurespace are not only more powerful and versatile than Webs – but a lot more reputable and customer-friendly too.

      I hope that phone number helps,
      – Tom

      • #

        Thank you I will try that number every time I click support email,phone, chat it tells me to upgrade. Ill try that number if no answer I’m contacting Bbb. When putting in the domain in tells me error. If I try making another website with that exact domain it tells me its used. I went and made another website through wix and it was up within a few minutes.

  18. #

    I would never recommend webs.com, mostly because it’s unreliable and clumsy. I had all sorts of technical issues and on top of that, you cannot even contact them via email unless you pay for the service.

    • Tom Watts

      Hi Kirk,

      Thanks for joining the conversation and sharing your experiences – it’s always useful.

      It definitely doesn’t sound like you had the best experience with Webs and the issues you point out have become a bit of growing trend as you can see from the other stories below.

      If you’re open to trying another platform, I’m happy to point you in the direction of our website builder comparison chart, which might prove useful?

      I hope your experience with Webs hasn’t soured you on the idea of website builders all together.

      Thanks for sharing,
      – Tom

  19. #


    Recommend not to use webs.com services.

    My Domain was up for renewal but there was a technical snag in their billing page which they couldn’t resolve for two weeks.
    We were forced to pay privacy protection and what followed was apologies but no resolution. Instead of processing the refund they extended it by one year. This shows that they aim two target with one arrow. Forcibly retaining customer for longer period and trying to pull out more money.

    Their response time is too bad.

    Many other better options available

    • Tom Watts

      Hello Nishant,

      Thanks for joining the discussion and sharing your experiences.

      There’s been a growing number of stories like this coming from Webs users.

      Have you tried out any other builders? It might be worth having a look at our website builder comparison chart if not.

      – Tom

  20. #

    I think you should check out what is happening on webs. checkout is not working properly, when customers place an order sometimes it drops into the cart and sometimes it doesn’t. other times it goes to the cart but when they goto checkout it loops them back to the webstore over and over again and they can’t get to the cart. if they do get to the cart when they goto pay it won’t let them and again loops them back to the webstore, it is intermittent and a real issue. I am a small business and I have lost 75% of my normal business in the last week along, and this has been going on for a few weeks so I am in a real state, both mentally and financially. I am constantly trying to get answers and all I get is that they are working on it.
    Here is a link they gave me to tell me I can check updates but they have prevented anyone posting further comments https://support.webs.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/115008540148

    if you check the link you will see I am not alone and they have in fact stopped anyone form further commenting. It needs to be highlighted because webs.com is ruining peoples lives and livelihood

    • Tom Watts

      Hello JIll,

      Thank you for joining the discussion – your situation does not sound too good at all! I’m really sorry to hear that Webs is not delivering for you.

      As you can see in the comments below this is a growing trend with Webs and standards do seem to have slipped – we have no way of saying why!

      What I will say though, is that it might be worth considering other ecommerce platforms that can offer you more support and much more reliability – two big factors you seem to be lacking right now.

      Here’s our Shopify and Bigcommerce reviews – both are quality ecommerce platforms that will give you everything Webs did and more.

      I hope that helps,
      – Tom

  21. #

    I have been trying to get two areas fixed in WEBS since September 1st, “Recent Blog entries” and “Upcoming Events” and WEBS has still not fixed. This is a major problem but more importantly WEBS is NOT correcting any problems or fixing errors in the databases.There is no customer servicers and I would NOT recommend WEBS to anyone in this current state. Vistaprint who owns WEBS will not take any action or responsibility.

    • Tom Watts

      Hi Marnie,

      Thanks for sharing your experiences with the community – it’s greatly appreciated.

      I think we’ve seen a real slip in standards from Webs since the turn of the year with complaints like yours becoming more commonplace – which is a shame.

      Have you considered using another platform for your website? Our comparison chart might be a useful to have a look at as we compare a number of leading website builders for you.

      Hope that helps
      – Tom

  22. #

    Just echoing what everyone else has already said… been a paid member for 4 years now, but enough is enough. It was a very easy, user friendly platform to use for creating and updating websites, but what good is that if the website is constantly crashing (it has been down for more than 5 days as I write this) and the customer service is terrible.

    • Tom Watts

      Thanks for contributing to the discussion Jonathan,

      On one hand I’m sorry to hear that your experience with Webs has gone so far downhill, as it sounds as though you used to have a good relations with the platform. However, on the other hand your experiences only serve to back up what others have shared in this discussion and will hopefully act as advice for anyone reading.

      I know it’s by no means an ideal situation with Webs right now, so I’m curious whether you’ve thought about moving to another website builder? If you need some advice, our comparison chart of the major builders might be a handy place to start.

      Hope it helps,
      – Tom

  23. #

    I’ve been with Webs for almost ten years because I liked that I could build my own HTML. However, the site has gone downhill in the last year and now its so bad I can barely use it! Constantly crashing, file directories won’t load, files won’t upload, and their customer service is terrible – if you can even get someone to respond to you, good luck with actually getting a solution. I’ve been a paid member for almost a decade and what used to feel like a fantastic site now feels like a ripoff.

    • Tom Watts

      Hi Jess,

      Really interesting to hear you say this as your by no means the first to raise these concerns.

      If you’re looking for another website builder, it may be worth checking out our comparison table of leading brands. If you’re interested in working with HTML on your site I’d recommend looking into Wix, whose new Wix Code release finally adds this functionality to their site builder and editor.

      – Tom

    • #

      100% agree, Jess. Buffers, crashes, fails completely to load.
      And now you have to pay just to ask a question.
      I’ll be leaving just as soon as I can find an alternative.

  24. #

    I’ve used Webs.com for a few years now, for those of us that want results this isn’t the place to be. It took me a week and finally a call to vista print to get to talk to anyone live. I pay for premium service and get low quality support. The last time I talked to someone about moving a different domain I got through webs on to my account they said it was possible, but now I find out that you can’t. I also find out that they won’t reimburse you for the premium subscription after 30 days. So, don’t believe the support e-mails that say they will fix the problem because you are on the clock. I am disappointed with the reliability lately, over the past couple of months especially, I get kicked from the dashboard, the builder is spotty and temperamental and the support staff does not care about the customer needs. The worst part is that I was so frustrated that I had a reputable company take over one of my sites and all I need from webs is to point (foreword) to the new address and that stopped working after a couple of days too. Now I have to wait someone to figure that out. I’ve just decided to move my domains elsewhere, I can’t do it any longer. Off to bigger and better.

    • Tom Watts

      Hi Ben,

      Thanks for sharing your experience and joining the discussion.

      Unfortunately this isn’t the first tale we’ve heard of slipping standards over at Webs, but there is no word on what has caused this slide.

      If you are considering other website builders, I’ll point you to our comparison chart of the leading brands as it could prove helpful.

      – Tom

  25. #

    I have been with webs.com for many years however within the last year it is difficult to get onto the site, everything is extremely slow and the help forum is not responded to. I am not sure what is happening with the site but it is not being maintained as it use to be. Time to find another place for my website.

    • Tom Watts

      Hi Lynn,

      Thanks for sharing your experiences with the community and sorry to hear that standards have begun to slip. This is something I’ve heard mentioned on and off in more recent months and I understand it is leading to a number of users looking for other platforms.

      One thing to consider when moving platforms is how much of your website data you can export and take with you when moving from one website builder to another. This varies by platform so it is worth researching.

      If you need a hand picking a new website building platform then I would definitely advise you to look over this comparison chart of web builders, which should give you a quick-look overview of what each offers. Definitely a good place to start weighing up your options.

      – Tom

  26. #

    I have been using Webs for some years. I like to have complete control over my web pages’ appearance, so I write all my HTML code myself. This used to work fine, but over the last few months, the service from Webs that I receive (and for which I pay) has become totally unacceptable. Their Multiple File Uploader keeps crashing, I frequently get a message “Error Loading Directories” and so cannot proceed. Editing a file sometimes deletes an entire folder of files. They say they have been “investigating” these errors for many months now, with no progress. Their lack of action in sorting out the problems is little short of criminal.

    • Tom Watts

      Hi Graham,

      Sorry to hear that you’re having a frustrating time with Webs – you’re not the first by a long shot. In fact since the turn of the year numerous people have been letting us know about Webs’ noticeable slide in service quality and it’s not entirely clear why this has been happening.

      I know you’ve been using Webs for a number of years now and it sounds like you’ve given them more than enough chances, so if Webs is proving as frustrating to use as it appears to have become, have you considered using a different website builder?

      It could be worth having a look at this chart, which compares a number of leading platforms – all of which are well serviced by on-the-ball support teams and whose editors work as expected!

      Thanks you for sharing your experiences with the community, it’s much appreciated.

      – Tom

  27. #

    A good review, thank you. Doesn’t Weebly also offer a membership option native to the platform?
    None as far as I’m aware offer a paid subscription payment plan. Is that correct?

    • Tom Watts

      Hi Geoff,

      You’re spot on, Weebly does now offer the ability to create members areas on your site. I’ll update the article to reflect this – thanks.

      As far as I am aware, you can’t currently create a paid members area on any website builder, but you can use apps or plugins to achieve this. For example, using the ‘Paid Members’ app from Weebly’s App Center can add this feature to your website.

      Otherwise I’d suggest having a look at SentryLogin if you want to create a members areas on your site.

      Thanks for joining the dicussion,

      – Tom

  28. #

    awful hosting company, I been with them for 6 years just because I have no time to switch over!! But I Am certainly will and hopefully soon, stay clear of them! worst experience ever!!

    • Jeremy

      Hello Anastasia,

      Sorry to hear about your experience. Have you considered testing other website builders? We have a comparison table here, if you’re interested in looking around.


  29. #

    I don’t know why all of these reviews are negative, I have built my website within the last 3 months and had no major issues at all. The only real issue I encountered was not being able to access my image files, which I contacted webs support and they promptly corrected the issue.

    I did have an issue with removing a background design which I changed in order to see how it would look like when published, I didn’t like it and tried to remove it but could not. Again, I contacted webs support and they corrected it on the same day, or next day at the latest.

    I have had a very good experience using Webs.com, It is user friendly, very intuitive and pricing is fair and in my opinion is a great deal, notice the overall review from experts (not users that don’t know what there doing) on this page contrasts the customer reviews. Tech support is timely an they have always been friendly, prompt and helpful.

    I am very happy that I have chosen Webs.com.

  30. #

    STAY FAR AWAY FROM WEBS.COM. The absolute worst service ever. It is the most problematic site on the market by far. Plus, they don’t give a crap about their paying customers, all they do to deal with issues is not deal with issues, and send clients to a forum where nothing gets updated or done. The famous line used is: “Have you cleared your cache?” Like that fixes everything. I’ve been using Webs.com for over 6 years, and it has some good features, but for the past 5 months I’ve had nothing but multiple ongoing daily issues. From login issues, captcha not allowing you to do anything, loss of all photo albums and photos storage, foreign pictures showing up on pages of our site, crashes, lengthy down time, pages not loading, email blasts not working, unable to post in forums, frustration after frustration, and all they do is say they are aware of the problem and their engineers are working on it…….5 months now. Unbelievable. Stay far away from Vista Print, Webs.com

    • Jeremy

      Sorry to hear about your experiences. Have you considered other website builders? We have a chart here that highlights a few other options.


  31. #

    If I was more tech-savvy and had more time to do it, I would have switched to another site builder LONG ago. Webs has been one issue after another ever since I signed up, and this is with me paying for the premium service. My website is constantly down, Webs’ site is constantly down, pages not loading, or loading so slowly you get logged out of the system before you can do anything. Now the issue is “rogue photos”–pictures on websites getting replaced by random other pictures we didn’t even upload. it’s ridiculous.

    • Jeremy

      Hey Mich,

      Sorry I didn’t get to this comment until now. Are you still having issues with Webs?


  32. #

    Webs.com new version builder is a joke. Have had nothing but problems with it since the change-over. I’m over it, looking for another provider! My suggestion is ….. Don’t use it!

    • Jeremy

      Hi Dave,

      Sorry to hear about your experiences with Webs. Could you share what exactly were the issues?


  33. #

    Webs is a complete train wreck. For the last several months it’s been one problem after another. Customer service is practically non-existent.

  34. #

    Totally not recommended. I’m moving mine to another platform. It’s often offline and unreachable for long times.

      • #

        appears they will have to shut down…3 days unable to upload images..2 days no email forwarding…costing web owner thousands of dollars in lost sales and reputation

  35. #

    Webs has recently taken a plunge. After being with them for nearly three years it seems now I am going to have to figure out an alternative. As ar as I can tell they are dying and they don’t care about the customers. The problems started with my site about two months ago with a massive crash that took about two weeks to get my web store up to full functionality only then for other problems to start. As of now my dashboard stats have not updated in over a week despite the lip service from their support people. I also have witnessed numerous other less consequential bugs popping up as well. I believe their parent company has moved resources to another project and is neglecting this one.

    • Jeremy

      Hi Rhett,

      Thanks for sharing your experiences with all of us.

      If you’re still looking for a website builder, take a look at our comparison table here, just to get a sense of the options available out there.


    • #

      I agree this site is horrible. I have to get my page to truly publish I paid money for a specific site name and nothing works! I have to pay more money to ask for customer support. I will be disputing the charge on my credit card and finding another site to use.
      Continue to get the message “Sorry page not found” “Looks like the page you are looking for no longer exists” yet I clicked publish and got the “congratulations” message.

  36. #

    Webs.com is the worst company I have EVER dealt with. Stay well clear. My website was built for me by a friend using this company and it seemed great. It was a cheap annual payment and all was fine until this year – I just paid my sub when they billed me. Only this year they didn’t bill me. Without telling me they replaced my domain name. I was continuing to use my website for business not realising the link was broken until the other day a new contact let me know. When I got in touch with Webs.com support – I was treated appallingly. They didn’t apologise for my loss of business or face – they simply wanted me to spend 4 x what I was previously spending, basically holding me to ransom to get my domain name back. They had sent the bill to an email address I have never owned or heard of – at first I thought they had made a mistake which they would of course rectify, then I realised that I was being purposefully scammed and lied to. I am furious to have lost business through them and now to be out of pocket. Do not trust this company – I really feel abused by them and I am clearly not a one off case from reading other posts online..

    • Jeremy

      Hi Lisa,

      Thanks for sharing your experiences with us and I’m really sorry to hear about it!

      I’m not sure where you are in terms of the status of your website, or if it’s making any progress at all. But if you are considering testing out other website builders, I think there are a few you can consider. We have them listed out in our website builder comparison chart here.

      Good luck and again, sorry to hear about your experience!


    • #

      Hi Lisa,

      When a domain expires there is a process that it goes through that is dictated by ICANN. Unfortunately there are few statuses in that process that give us little control over recovery of the domain or make it more costly to recover.

      Please feel free to email me any other questions to Webscares@webs.com and I will be happy to assist you.

  37. #

    great post!!

  38. #

    There doesn’t seem to be a way to add custom html tags for google on app pages. i.e. I want to add video description tags and the likes to a video app page and can’t. Also, this review seems a bit out dated, they now have an in-site mobile editor, or at least it is no longer a 3rd party editor.

    • #

      Hey Derrick!

      You may use the video module and the html module to add html tags. Unfortunately you will not be able to add the html module in the video gallery.

      Please feel free to email me any other questions to Webscares@webs.com and I will be happy to assist you! Thanks.

  39. #

    i have to agree with most here. this site is AWFUL. its ALWAYS DOWN. and this has been happening for years and years and somehow none of you have figured out how to solve that issue. most times i cant even log into it. then if i can, i cant do anything because it says ” oops, an error has occurred. please check back in 15 minutes “. im sorry but this is absolutely unacceptable as a business and i will be deleting my site and your services. i have found much more stable free sites than you who are much much younger than your site and somehow they know how to run a web hosting site better than you. thanks for the efforts, its been a fun run but a very stressful one with this service. im am officially done and i honestly will NEVER refer anyone to you. and i know a ton of people in this field. thats a big loss for you but you have created loss for me. fairwell webs

    • Jeremy

      Sorry to hear about your experience.

      Have you considered testing out some other website builders?

      Check out our comparison chart here and you’ll see a few other options. I’d recommend testing out Wix, Squarespace or Weebly.


    • #

      Hello, I am a support representative with Webs. I am very sorry for the difficulties you have experienced with our service. If it’s not too late I would love to help you with any current issues you may be experiencing. Please feel free to email me at webscares@webs.com and I will be happy to assist you. Please put attention Halsey in the subject line.

    • #

      Hi, sorry can you tell me what better site is it, so I can make it for free. I don t like that I can upload some video in to my site. Thanks!

  40. #

    Clarification, PC Magazine found non of the templates they tested to be responsive.

  41. #

    A PC magazine review (9/14) of Webs indicated that they found none of the templates to be responsive. I realize your article was written in 2013, have you looked at this?

    Also, does Webs allow websites where the domain has already been purchased? How do they handle this?


  42. #

    Webs is absolutely AWFUL. If you want a reliable host for your website, go somewhere else. Nearly every time I try to login to webs to edit my site, their site is down or unavailable. I’ve also lost count of the number of times my website (which I pay for) has gone down or just disappeared.

    I put up with this for a few years because of the hassle it would be to rebuild my website from the ground up, but I’m at the end of my rope with Webs. I’d rather take the time to build a whole new website with someone reliable.

    • #

      Very sorry for the issues you experienced Mich. We are always looking for ways to improve up time. If you have any questions please feel free to email me at webscares@webs.com with your site address and I will be happy to assist you. Please put attention Halsey in the subject line.

  43. #

    It is great news . i am one of them who create sub-webpage for their website through your site.It is so nice and wonderful website .

    • #

      Thank you for the feedback Shahriar!

  44. #

    thank you so much jeremy….u are Heaven sent

  45. #

    hie jeremy ..so i am creating a question and answer website with webs. The website will work like this, visitors will ask their questions and the other visitors or the admin will answer those questions…so i want to reward my visitors with points like whenever you respond to a question you get 10 points or something like that…do u have an idea on how i can go about this with webs or any external application which in can use for this process..thanks in advance

  46. #

    hie jeremy
    jeremy i am still new using to this website design business but i want to create a advertising/classified website.the problem that i have now is want my homepage to have redirect links to different pages for different categories for example on my homepage there will be a link named ” electronics” and that link when clicked will direct the visitor to the electronics page and the page should not show on top of my website…thank you in advance

    • Jeremy


      Can you just insert images and text in your home page, and hyperlink them to separate pages that you create for your products / categories? So when people land on your home page, they can see right away what categories you have, and choose and click accordingly.


  47. #

    Google Analytics is now a premium feature…after much research. You may want to update this and some of the additional features and prices, since they have made many changes within the past few months.

  48. #

    Thanks for this great review! It has been very helpful figuring out what I can use webs.com for.
    You mentioned that you can add google analytics to the site from your dashboard, but I am not sure if this is correct. After reading your article, I tried to add the snippet code, on the settings page. It is listed as an optional field, however when I click on it, it pops up the upgrade plans, and doesn’t allow me to type in this field! It seems that you have to upgrade in order to add google analytics… Any advice or way to circumvent this? There is no way to speak to customer service and this hasn’t been address on the community forums.

    • #

      Hello Dal!

      If you have any future Webs questions, please feel free to get in touch with support at: http://webs.zendesk.com/home

  49. #

    Jeremy, this is the most down to earth review I ever read. It is very honest, comprehensive and fully covered review I ever come across. It is like an angel guide to the newbies. All newbies must read your review and be guided by review. Thanks Jeremy. Cheers!

    Kind regards,

    John Cheng

    • Jeremy

      Thanks John!

    • #

      Hello John!

      If you have any Webs questions, please feel free to get in touch with support at: http://webs.zendesk.com/home

  50. #

    Hello! I found this article very well written. I have used webs for a long time in order to supply small business a website that is affordable for them . . . but i have finally, after 8 years, run into my first BIG problem. You can not use paypal payments pro with their estore application . . . there is a way to do it i think if you dont use the paplication and build the store from scratch . . . .any suggestions on the how the heck to do this and set up the apis and whatnot correctly? thank you!

    • #

      Hello Ashlee. I am a support representative with Webs. Unfortunately Webs does not support paypal payments pro at this time. If you have any questions or requests please feel free to visit our support community here: http://support.webs.com/home

  51. #

    There are plenty of free website builders out there with more advance options to create a professional looking website. I chose webs.com for one of mine because it was easy to set up and navigate through. I am a teacher and have my students log in to the site I created because it was an effective teaching tool. However, you are supposed to have 10 free pages to create and add information to but they have since cut it back to 5. I thought I would be grandfathered in since I have been using this site for some time now but even after their web editor went down and pages were deleted from my site, they will not give me the pages back without purchase. I was upset with customer service for allowing the company they work for to lose business. I will be deleting my accounts and moving on to others. Very disappointing

    • #

      Very sorry for any confusion Jim. Please email me at webscares@webs.com with your site address and I will further investigate this issue. Please put Attention Halsey in the subject line.

      • #

        Just today I had the same problem. Webs wouldn’t allow me to add a new page without upgrading. Therefore I deleted a page, but when I tried to add a page again it still wouldn’t let. Now I deleted a page and am still not able to add content!

        • #

          Very sorry Dal. Please email me at webscares@webs.com with your site address and I will further investigate. Please put Attention Halsey in the subject line.

  52. #

    Hi, I guess the 50cents option doesn’t include an email address? And it is only for 30 days, right?

    • #

      Hello Harry,

      Were you referring to a past sale? Feel free to post in our Community if you ever have questions: http://webs.zendesk.com/home

  53. #


    Thanks so much for the information. I have signed up with their PRO package and FB package where they build the site and aggressively market the site and FB page. This costs 340 a month which is well worth it to me if they really do assist me in marketing the site. I was told by someone at Webs that if I do the site myself that someone would have to enter the exact domain in google to get to my site. With this package they say my site will pop up with more “generic” searches on google and other search engines. Does this all sound accurate to you? Any feedback greatly appreciated!

    Noel Wells

    • Jeremy

      Hi Noel,

      I can’t comment on whether the service is worthwhile as I haven’t used it before. But in general, based on my experience and also observing others, having your website showing up on the first couple of pages of Google search results is not an easy task. Frankly speaking, at least the way I surf the web, anything that falls on even page 2 won’t get a whole lot of clicks.

      Having said that, I would ask the service provider for references and/or examples of previous work done. $340 per month is quite an investment over the long term and so I think you’re definitely entitled to ask for as much evidence as you need before committing.

      Good luck with that!

      – Jeremy

      • #

        My webs hosted website comes up top in Google search, but it took a lot of work to get it there. Type in ‘Welsh genealogy’ to find it. There was period of about 3 months when I had various problems using webs but I persevered and haven’t had any problems in the last 18 months or more.

    • #

      Hi Noel!

      I am a support representative from Webs and will be happy to help with your question.

      It sounds like you may be looking at a different service provider, as Webs does not currently offer services where we build a site or market it for you. We do offer an SEO booster tool to help you optimize your site for search engine results.

      If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch with support at http://help.webs.com or visit us on Facebook at https://facebook.com/WebsCares. Thanks!

  54. #

    Thanks Jeremy

    Excellent, very informative and very helpful review and far superior to several other Webs reviews I wasted time reading.

    • Jeremy

      Glad you found our discussions helpful Norm!

      – Jeremy

  55. #

    One big concern if you are using Webs for e-commerce, You are limited to only the use of Pay-Pal for payment options on their app as google checkout has been discontinued. If you have a problem with paypal which many do, You are SOL

    • Jeremy

      Hi Paulie,

      You have a couple of options here.

      You can use Shopify’s Buy Button or Ecwid to convert your website into an online store, with a lot more advanced ecommerce options (such as more payment processing options).

      Shopify is a full blown online store builder (our review here), but you can use their Buy Button to just add a shopping cart function to your website (without using Shopify to build a full site).

      Ecwid which is an independent ecommerce tools add-on that you can insert into your Webs website. Since it is a dedicated ecommerce tools provider, they have a lot of flexibility to help you add products, organize them by categories, has a huge list of compatible shopping carts, and so much more.

      They can help transform most non-ecommerce websites into a pretty functional online store.

      – Jeremy

    • #

      Hello Paulie, this is Halsey from Webs. We now offer stripe as an alternative to Paypal!

  56. #

    You guys have to be kidding……

    You can’t even find where to send an e-mail to ask a simple question.

    I have my own domain and it won’t even let me register.

    Would like to ask a simple question like….”Can I create my own template to load or background” and there is no “contact us” section. You need to go via the stupid forum. This is where most internet business fail.

    Any idea if they have a sales section you can ask a simple enquiry?


    • Jeremy

      Hi Pascali,

      If you go to Webs’ forum, on the upper right corner there is a button labelled “Submit A Request”. There you can email their support team with your question.

      Hope this helps!

      – Jeremy

  57. #

    Excellent, thorough reviews, which have been invaluable in helping me to narrow down my choices of website builder – I’m now close to a decision!

    Thank you very much!

    • Jeremy & Connie

      You’re very welcome Carolyn. Glad we can be helpful. Do click on the social sharing buttons at the top and left side of this page to share it with other! You never know who else might benefit from this.

      – Jeremy

  58. #

    Webs.com is a really good website builder. In my opinion Webs.com is the best. I like it because it is so easy to use and has lots of awesome features which a lot of other website builders don’t have. Even if you use the free version it still is pretty awesome. Another thing is that the prices are really cheap. Some other website builders try to rip you off with their ridiculous pricing. I personally would give Webs.com a 10 out of 10.

    • #

      Thank you for the feedback Dan! 🙂

  59. #

    Extremely useful information. It has helped my decision-making tremendously.

  60. #

    I have to say, for the time that I have used Webs, it has been great. It was so easy to just make my website with the templates and everything else. In my mind, the only flaw is that it gives non premium user so little bandwidth, like me. I have recently used it up, which means my website is now frozen, and it is very annoying. I think that if the bandwidth was bigger for non premium people, it would be so much better for everyone, users and webs. Other than that, its great!

  61. #

    webs.com free website is the most user friendly professional looking website available. If we have some sense of designing ,we can make the website much more beautiful than the websites we make by spending a lot of money.I am using it and I suggest my friends to use this site

    • Jeremy & Connie

      Thanks for sharing your experience Febin!

      – Jeremy

  62. #

    i have used free webs for some years now and have enjoyed using it. it has to be one of the easiest sites to build a web site on. I would give it 100 out of 100, but my only gripe is if you use the free version you have no feedback when there is a problem. my site has been frozen for days and although i have emailed the abuse link and posted on web forum it seems no one gives a hoot. sadly im not the only one with this problem. as i say webs is a great site with easy to use tools but the customer service is poor. perhaps ive just been unlucky…

  63. #

    I liked your reviews and the way you set out the options. I have chosen to use Webs.com but I need someone to build the web site for me. Ironically I have a ‘software company’ with a patented program and my former software engineer had it under her name so when the annual bill came due I did not see it so after a month the hosting company deleted the files!!! I had the web site for 10 years and have the files that were used on that site and as it is a business i need the website back up. It has been down for a year and I have been to busy to deal with it. Can you point me in the right direction to find some one to do the new work? And how much will it cost me. Does webs.com have people to build the websites for you?

    • Jeremy & Connie

      Hi David,

      I don’t have any specific freelancers in mind, but you can always find very capable ones on Elance or oDesk for hire.

      Hope this helps!

      – Jeremy

    • #

      Hello David,

      I have a guy that I can refer you. He is in the Orlando, FL area and is an up and coming website builder but does good work. He did some of my work for my site and he will not price hack you for his work. Email me @coldcityblues@yahoo.com and I will get his information for you.

  64. #

    I was thinking about choosing GoDaddy before. But, I do not think that business has what I want. Or if they do, I may have to pay so much money.

    Therefore, I would like to try Webs.com. If I can build a membership site in which I can sell digital files to customers, I would appreciate it. I would even upgrade my membership once I get to know Webs.com well and analyze how I feel about it.

  65. #

    I have been with Webs since 2011, and I have to say it has been very useful. I have plenty of options, and could find an appropriate template. I love it. There are a few bugs here and there, but it is great.
    I currently still have the old designer, and I tried make an additional website with the new, modified one. It is much harder, personally. The drag and drop is good, but it used to be much better and there was better options. However, Webs would still be the website builder I would recommend before any others, even Wix.

    • Jeremy & Connie

      Hey Whiztory – thanks for sharing your experiences!

      – Jeremy

  66. #

    Hi! I have an account there since many years ago (profesormartinlopez.webs.com), but since last monday nobody in my country can acces to it (Uruguay). It’s a web for my students, I work every day with it and it’s very needed… I will appreciate some information about the problem. Thanks!

    • #

      Hi Martin,

      Thanks for reaching out – our records indicate you had also reached out via Facebook and we were able to resolve your inquiry on 12/4. Thanks for being a valued Webs user and please don’t hesitate to reach out to us in the future should you need anything!

      Best Regards,

  67. #

    My Opinion of Webs.com.

    I have been with Webs.com since 2007.

    Before upgrading their system this year “2013”, Webs.com was like a roller coaster…sometimes all was well, but often they had unacceptable issues that would cost a website owner money due to loss of sales when their website froze up, or after editing something, the entire page would get deleted “after” you click “publish”…You would have no way of knowing until it was too late that all your work would be deleted on that page.

    They took eternity to fix system errors. If I had to rely on my website for my entire income, I would have left webs a long time ago. I’ve kept it only for the sake of not wanting to start from scratch with a different web host and still not knowing if they will be any better.

    HOWEVER…It does seem that after re-vamping their system, things are running very smooth. I have not had any issues yet and their live chat has a pretty fast response time…but the chat reps don’t seem to be experts at all, that may come in time. Also, I have recently seen complaints from other webs.com members regarding errors and what not. Often times, it’s the newbie that makes a complaint because they don’t understand how to use the system, which brings me to another point…the previous system was so much more user friendly…I don’t understand some of the decisions they made with this new system. It used to be that you could just go to any of your pages and edit right from there…now you have to edit in a box like the comment box I’m writing in now…just a white background and black letters, you don’t get to see the final edit until you submit it…that to me is completely ridiculous…they used to have lots of fonts, now they have few and in my opinion, they suck.

    It does seem that webs has gone backwards in many areas with this new system. Backwards meaning, they have gone from having tons of themes and layouts to having very few. There were better HTML capabilities to change your themes or add things to your page then they have now. But the new system, has more options to tech up your website…I think they put most of their focus there just to get the new program up and running. They are adding more themes, tools and customizations.

    I don’t think you will see all the great options and features until you upgrade to enhanced or pro. I am putting together a new website using the free option until I know if webs will work out for sure or not, so far it looks like they will…But, there are only a handful of themes to choose from…which I will probably change after upgrading.

    ***A great thing about webs is that they have a feedback section for their members/customers. If you have a complaint or an idea, you can post it. Other members will see your post and can vote “thumbs up” for your idea and after many votes “for” the idea, they usually will implement it. Webs is definitely slow when it comes to adding new ideas and features, it seems they just don’t want to spend the money for more programers.

    Overall, with the new system, and plans to improve and add new features, I think Webs.com is a good option.



    • Jeremy & Connie

      Hey Janine,

      Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts and adding to this discussion. I agree that they are experiencing some growing pains, but that is just natural for all web builders as they make improvements to their system.

      The bright side is, at least they are constantly working to improving and growing their web builder which is very positive for users. The worst thing that can happen is if they don’t grow and remain stagnant.

      Thanks again for sharing your thoughts!

      – Jeremy

      • #

        You are right about needing to continue their growth. They just need to be careful not to ruin a good thing…it was not necessary to take away simple tasks like editing and great fonts etc.

        I need to make a correction…the editing box DOES show the text colors you choose when editing, it is not only black text, however, it still makes editing take longer sometimes when the colors you choose don’t look good against the background “after” you submit your edits.

        Also, the way your page appears in edit mode does not always mean that is how it looks to the viewer, so always check your website as a viewer after publishing your page.

        Even with all the shenanigans we have to put up with, with Webs, it is still easier to manage and has more features than others in it’s class. 🙂

    • #

      Hi Janine,

      Thank you for being a loyal customer to Webs and for your honest review. We really appreciate you taking the time to provide prospective Webs customers your experience, including any ups and downs you have encountered over the years. We are always striving to make the best product available and do take into consideration feedback received from our customers.

      Thanks again!

  68. #

    Hello thank you for the review, I think I’m now ready to upgrade. Quick questions, I’ve had this website for a year now but the problem with it is that it just sits there how do people know to go in it? I would like it to be listed in searcheable engines (google, yahoo etc) this would be the point of a website. Also, if I want to renovate the site and upgrade will I be able to change the name of the site. Thank you

    • Jeremy & Connie

      Hi Trish – what you are referring to what the industry calls “Search Engine Optimization” or SEO. Basically is to have your content rank well in the search engines.

      If you just type in SEO in the search engines, there are plenty of material covering it (too much in fact) so you may have to sift through them to find the helpful information.

      – Jeremy

      • #

        Hi Trish,

        Webs.com here! SEO is an important part when it comes to customers finding your website. The more content you have on your website, the more likely it will appear within search engines. Some of our paid packages offer SEO boosters. If you are in need of ideas, please check out our blog (http://www.webs.com/blog/) which aims to assist small business owners.


    • #

      Hi trish I too just created a site under the free option with basic content, an online store. I wanted to see what it looked like first. I was presently suprised and the whole thing only took me an hour. I’m deciding whether to upgrade and roll this thing out seriously but like you I’m not sure about the methods I can employ to get people to visit my site. Did you gave any luck with the SEO? Let me know. I’m happy to shar some ideas.

    • #

      Hi Trish…When you upgrade, you are allowed a certain number of websites…I have the pro plan and I think I get at least 10 additional websites. So you can just make a new website to change the name.

      I am not 100%, but I think you CAN change the name of your website. There’s an option that allows you to choose your “primary” domain or have a secondary or tertiary domain for your already built website.

  69. #

    Hi Jeremy and Connie,
    Thanks for your review of Webs. I currently have a website with them, and want to have a webstore, but can find no examples of websites that actually have a shop with them. I asked in live chat, and he could give me no examples either. Are you aware of any websites that host their stores through them? I would really like a better idea of what they look like to the customer. Thanks so much!

    • Jeremy & Connie

      Hey Christina – I don’t have any examples at the moment. Does any one else reading these comments seen one? If so please do share!

      – Jeremy

      • #

        Hi Christina,

        We have two websites currently hosted by Webs, one on the old platform and one on the new. On the new one we have set up a webstore and it seems to be working fine. My only problem with their webstore is that they have limited options when it comes to selling ebooks (our product) – it is difficult to make sure that people only download what they have paid for. We have followed Webs’ recommendation on the matter, but you still have to basically trust that your customers will only click on the download links for those ebooks they have purchased. If you are selling physical items though, it should work great.

    • #

      Hi Christina,

      Webs here! Definitely check out our blog for example sites (http://www.webs.com/blog/category/example-sites/). We try to highlight some of our customers’ sites and the great things they are doing. You will be able to find sites that have e-commerce enabled, while also seeing how they engage their customers.


    • #

      Hello Christina,

      I have a webstore with webs.com and it is rather easy to run the store and set up. I do wish they gave you the ability to have a range of prices for one item as well as coupons but other than these two things their store is rather easy to use.

  70. #

    I every time spent my half an hour to read this website’s articles or reviews all the time along with a cup of coffee.

  71. #

    Like all your reviews, this was particularly helpful to me in my planning for a new site. Thank you, I appreciate it. e.

    • Jeremy & Connie

      Thanks Elizabeth – glad you found our thoughts helpful!

      – Jeremy

  72. #

    Dear team,

    I have created revivalreformation.webs.com, and I want to move all the content of skarwurcorps.webs.com to the one I have created. how could I do that?

    Thank you for your assistance

    • Jeremy & Connie

      Hey Stenly,

      I’m not entirely sure if you can copy content from one Webs.com website to another. I certainly haven’t tried it myself. Have you asked their support team?

      If someone else reading this comment thread knows or can contribute, that would be awesome.

      – Jeremy

  73. #

    Really good review – informative, well presented and unbiased information.

    • Jeremy & Connie

      Thanks Derek. Webs is a really good website builder to use, especially if you want to build a membership-based website. Glad you found it helpful!

      – Jeremy