Weebly Review – Busting Myths and Complaints

Weebly Website Builder Review Busting Myths and ComplaintsWeebly is no doubt one of the better website builders out there.  It’s free, easy to use, newbie-friendly and can help you put together a functional website very quickly (click here to see our opinion on Weebly).

However, Weebly faces criticisms from time to time.  Some of the ones that I have seen frequently include:

  • Design is often too dull and plain
  • Advertisement for Weebly at the footer of the webpage
  • Upgrading to Pro costs money

I will address each of these points.

Weebly Design is Often Too Dull and Plain

It is indeed true that some of Weebly’s default themes are a bit on the dull side.

However, I’m a true believer that people should stick with what they are really good at, and leave the rest to other experts.

In this case, Weebly is exceptional in what they do – providing solid and easy to use website building platform for all to use.

The majority of their services is free, and is sufficient for all users to build a very functional website using the free tools.

There are professional template / theme designers in the market that offer professional and beautiful template designs that are compatible with Weebly.  They do charge a little bit for their creative designs.

But in the greater context of things, considering that users are getting Weebly’s services for free, paying a little bit to really make your website stand out from the rest of the crowd is well worth it, that is if you are serious about your website.

Advertisement for Weebly at the Footer of the Website

If you have not seen the little Weebly advertisement at the footer of the free Weebly website, it says “Create a free website with Weebly.”

The small little advertisement is non-intrusive, and more likely than not, will not draw much attention to your website visitors.

In my view, this is a very fair price to pay for Weebly users to use their website building platform for free.  Consider that you are getting everything else for free, this is a very acceptable advertisement to accept.

You will not find any other website building platforms that are as generous as Weebly.

Upgrading to Pro Costs Money

Upgrading to Weebly Pro is approximately US$5 per month.  Keep in mind that about 80% or more of the tools you need to build a very functional website is already free.

So what do you get for $5 a month?  You get to upload your own videos, audio, embedding documents, increasing your file size limit to 100 megabytes, and getting rid of the little Weebly advertisement at the footer.  Oh and you get to jump ahead of the line if you need any support from Weebly.

I think this is a very acceptable price to pay if you need those options.  If not, keep with the free Weebly program.

Seriously, you already get most of the basic tools to launch a website.  So in a sense, you really don’t need to upgrade to Pro if you don’t need those Pro tools.


The value you get from using Weebly for free is immense.  You will probably get more if you spend that money to purchase yourself a very nice website design.

For a comprehensive overview that summarizes the pros and cons of Weebly as well as its functionalities, visit the Weebly Review or if you are unsure whether Weebly is right, then take a look at our guide on how to choose which website builder is best for you.

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    David Free
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    Hi I want to create a website to sell my house. The site would need to inc,use lots of photos. Is this possible with Weebly? I'm a granny so it needs to be simple!
    1 reply
    • Jeremy
      Hi Susan, Yes, you can definitely build such a website with Weebly. In our view, Weebly is probably the easiest website builder to use! So you're on the right track. Good luck! Jeremy
  • Avatar
    I am just starting trying to create a site on Weebly and so far have run into 2 issues. The first is that their editor keeps freezing = I make a simple change and click save and....nothing. After considerable time if I refresh the page or leave I lose my changes. Second is when I first signed up a week ago they had a live chat option for customer service and now it seems to have disappeared, unless they only offer it at certain times of the day which I will check into.
    1 reply
    • Jeremy
      Hi David, Sorry to hear about their editor freezing up. I've seen that happy but it's extremely rare (in my own experience anyway). Sometimes when it does happen, I think it's due to them making updates to the platform. But this issue should not persist. If it does, you should definitely let them know. As for live chat, yes I think it's only during business hours during weekdays. Or you can try emailing them as they do answer emails 24/7. Jeremy