Weebly Review – Free Value Trade for Everyone

weebly website builder valueWeebly is a website builder that’s allows you to build websites quickly and easily.

TIME Magazine said that it was “50 Best Websites of 2007”  Boasting 12 million registered users and growing, Weebly is no doubt a favourite amongst a lot of website builders.

The beauty of Weebly’s website building platform is that you do not necessarily need to have a programming / coding background and you can just as easily launch a functional website in a very short period of time (click here to see our opinion on Weebly).

What Can I Build with Weebly?

Some types of websites that Weebly enables everyone (including newbies) to build include:

With Weebly, the only limitation is your own imagination as their building blocks are very powerful.  Some of the most useful building functions include:

  • Paragraph insertion (for written content)
  • Pictures / photo gallery
  • Blog
  • Slide show
  • Embedding flash files
  • YouTube videos
  • Google maps
  • Forum
  • Online polling
  • Contact forms
  • Google Adsense – to monetize your website with Ads if you wish

Those are just some of the very basic functions that are served up to Weebly users for free.  You can gain access to all of these features without ever paying.

The only catch is that Weebly will insert a very non-intrusive advertisement at the very bottom of your website – out of sight most of the time.

In my mind, that is a very good value trade.  Free website for you, a very small piece of advertisement for them.

Weebly Template Designs

Although some of their default templates are slightly on the plain side, a little bit of creativity can fix that up.

Some people, especially those new to the website building scene, may fear that they don’t have the technical know-how such as coding with HTML or CSS to create nice template designs.

Although this may be perceived as a shortfall of Weebly (not having beautiful templates), this gap could be bridged as there are independent Weebly template providers in the market that serves up very creative and sophisticated templates, specifically designed to be compatible with Weebly.

Weebly’s core competence is to creative a very user-friendly, intuitive website building platform.  So they are leaving room for template designers to step up and help build up the Weebly community with what they’re good with – designing websites.

This should be viewed as a strength rather than a weakness in Weebly’s approach.  Keep doing what you’re an expert in, and leave the rest to the other professionals to fill in the hole.

Weebly Templates Designers

Some of the Weebly templates providers may charge a small amount for their designs, but it is well worth it considering that Weebly users are already getting tremendous value from using Weebly for free.

Being able to show off your website with a really nice design is well worth paying for, considering everything else is free of charge.

For a comprehensive overview that summarizes the pros and cons of Weebly as well as its functionalities, visit the Weebly Review here.

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