Google Analytics Versus Weebly Statistics – What’s the Difference?

google analytics weebly statisticsWhat is the difference Weebly statistics and why does it matter to you?

If you are using only Weebly’s statistics to track visitors to your Weebly website, you should probably think about using Google Analytics to supplement the data you are receiving.

As you know, Google is the top search engine tool and they are probably the best in tracking data such as traffic, such as  visitors to your website, which part of your website they are visiting and for how long are they staying on each page.

We use Google Analytics and monitor our data all the time.  This allows us to understand which pages are doing well, and which needs more work (evidenced by low amount of time on the page, and higher exit rates, for example).

This can result in your visitors staying longer on your website, and also be more engaged with your website.

This also provides massive insights into your visitors’ website surfing habits, and what matters to them.  These are really important information for you to understand your audience.

In the video tutorial below, it walks you through a live demonstration of how to successfully set up your own Google Analytics, the key difference between Weebly and Google’s statistics, and an important tip on how to filter out your own IP address so the statistics won’t count your own surfing activities – most people forget about this which is a huge mistake!

For a comprehensive overview that summarizes the pros and cons of Weebly as well as its functionalities, visit the Weebly Review here.

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