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Build online business with WeeblyThere are many entrepreneur-wannabe’s that want to start their own businesses and build something of their own, something that they could be passionate about and call their own.

Some entrepreneur-wannabe’s need to start their own businesses because the circumstances call for it – family, mortgage obligations – they need the side income, or worst yet, they just need income.

For whatever the reasons may be, kicking off the building process in the virtual world of the internet is probably one of the “easiest” and lower-risk ways to go.  

When I say “easiest”, I’m not implying that building a business online is going to be easy by any means.

But I do believe that it is easy in a sense that you can quickly launch a business concept, test out your ideas, and analyze your data, all without sinking $20,000 into a brick and mortar store or buying inventory then realizing that your business idea just didn’t quite fly.

Building Tools – For Free

Kicking off your online venture using Weebly.com is just one way to do it.  Weebly is a free website building platform that you can sign up quickly and painlessly.

They don’t sell you anything, they provide hosting, give you a website domain for free (though it will be in this form XYZ.weebly.com), grant you access to most of the building tools so you can build a functional website, and the only trade off is a little advertising line at the bottom of the website that’s barely noticeable by your visitors.

Pretty good value to start off with zero dollars spent (click here to see our opinion on Weebly).

Free Weebly Tools

With the tools that Weebly provide you (for free), you can populate your free Weebly website with pictures, galleries, writing blocks for your narrative content, contact forms so people can reach you, slide shows, file download so people can download files that you place on your website, YouTube videos, Google Maps, surveys, polls, RSVP forms, and even HTML boxes so you can insert non-Weebly widgets into your website.

There are a lot of free widgets on the internet and all you have to do is get the free HTML codes from the widget providers, and paste the code into Weebly, you’ll have a functional free widget right away.

In addition to all the basic tools, Weebly also provides you with a platform to sell products.  You can insert product blocks, upload your product pictures, and hook them all up with PayPal and you have yourself an e-commerce site.

How’s that for starting up an online presence for free.

Got Some Traction – Now What?

Once and if you start to gain some traction (without spending a dime) and want to get a bit more serious about your venture, you may have the option to upgrade to Weebly Pro which opens up more Weebly functions to you and also removes the little Weebly advertisement at the bottom.  This costs about $4 per month.

You may also then purchase your own domain name for about $12 per year from providers such as GoDaddy.com, and perhaps purchase a Weebly compatible template design from Weebly templates providers such as MOJO Marketplace for about $35.

That’s a grand total of about $50, and you’re off to the races.

Other Costs?

Other costs aside from $50?  Your time, dedication, commitment and perseverance.

Starting a business online is neither expensive nor costly, but building it out will no doubt take efforts.  But with many free tools at your disposal nowadays, it’s not challenging to give it a good go to try to live your dream. 

For a comprehensive overview that summarizes the pros and cons of Weebly as well as its functionalities, visit the Weebly Review here.

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