Wix Super Bowl 2015 Commercial – Have a Bit of Fun!

Wix Super Bowl Commercial

This Wix Super Bowl is Fun & Entertaining!  Watch the 30-Second Ad and Vote!

So Wix got a bunch of NFL legendary players to create this fun and entertaining Super Bowl Advertisement.  Play the video below to see if you like it!

If you think it’s cool / fun / interesting / entertaining in any way, there is a little “VOTE” button on the lower left corner of the video – CLICK on it to Vote it up!

What do you get?  Well, some awesome karma points if you believe in that sort of thing!  If you don’t, clicking to vote won’t hurt – I promise!

For the first time in its history, Wix got a slot in the infamous and coveted Super Bowl commercial space where over 100 million people will be watching.

Talk about fame & brand exposure!

But these commercial slots don’t come cheap, as companies like Wix will have to pay around $4 million dollars to promote their brand for just 30 seconds.

“Just” 30 seconds?? For $4 million? Dang that’s a heavy investment!

Is it worth it?

Well, that’s something that’s extremely hard to measure as it’s almost impossible for Wix to know if someone signed up with them to build a website directly due to watching the commercial.

It’s just like putting up a giant billboard on the side of the freeway. It costs a lot of money, but almost impossible to know for sure if the billboard advertisement is the main reason some people purchased that car, vacation, outfit, etc.

It’s there for branding and exposure. So they better make it memorable to make it count!

How Does Wix Make Its Super Bowl Commercial Memorable?

I have confession – I’m not a marketing expert.

I’m just a regular guy that watches commercials from time to time, and I know what commercials appeal to me and what I’d just rather forget.

I’ve read some criticisms of some of the Wix teaser videos (you can also see some videos below), such as:

“I have an all mighty MBA in marketing and there is no brand identity here! You need to pay for an MBA!!”

“I don’t understand how the ad video has anything to do with building websites! I can create a better ad in 2 seconds!”

Okay, so jokes aside, I personally thought the teasers are pretty fun, and memorable.

Wix Super Bowl Commercial AdKeep in mind that while not everybody watching Super Bowl is going to know much about football (such as my wife Connie), but most will know at least a bit about the sport (such as myself).

I’m not a die hard football fan, but I do know who Brett Favre, Emmit Smith and Terrell Owens are (they’re football legends!)

That’s good enough to grab my attention.

Add a bit of humor and country dancing into the mix (see the video below), I end up being entertained, and remembering the videos!

So personally, I thought the teaser videos are entertaining, and did the job quite well.  They’re fun and associated well with Wix.

People are conditioned to watch entertaining videos on YouTube nowadays. People looove to be entertained!

So I think that creating something fun, light hearted with these football legends is quite effective.  I don’t have to be a marketing guru to get that!

What Are Some of the Fun Wix Teasers?

Here are a few of the teasers that I really enjoyed.

[UPDATE – Wix has now released the “full” version of their commercial online, which runs about 1 minute long.  I’ve included the video below as well]

Yeah yeah, they don’t show someone building a website using Wix’s drag and drop tools, but for me, that’s not make these commercials effective.

I recognized the football legends. It’s fun to see Emmitt Smith dance with some Cowboys cheerleaders, watch Brett Favre pronounce a French word with Rex Lee of Entourage, and Terrell Owens (known for being quite self-centered in the NFL) dish out some T.O Humble Pies.




I enjoyed them, and after watching them, I associated them with Wix (purely because they showed “Wix” at the end of the videos).

I’ve worked with Wix’s website builder for quite some time now, and I think there are similarities between what the ads represent, and what Wix represents.

They’re fun, likable, interactive, and just has an overall feel-good, energetic feel to the brand.

So overall, I walked away from these videos feeling pretty good, and entertained. So I thought they are quite effective.

[Here is the “Full” version of the Wix Super Bowl Commercial, which has a lot to do with website building!]


Do You Want To Build a Website?

In all seriousness, we think that Wix is a really strong website builder for non-technical people.

You don’t need to know how to code, or be a hardcore fan of Star Trek to build a website nowadays.

Wix has made it really easy – literally dragging and dropping your text, images and slideshows into a website.

They also host the website for you, meaning that they power your website on the internet so that people can visit it on their web browsers.

So they literally make it quite simple for even grandmothers to build websites.

We have a pretty comprehensive discussion about Wix in this page here, so you can get a bit more background about the pros and cons of using Wix if you ever think about using them to help build your website.

Hey, if jocks (amm… I mean worldclass athletes) like Brett Favre and Emmitt Smith have websites, what are you waiting for?

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