10 Monthly Newsletter Examples to Inspire You

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Ah, monthly newsletters. Whether you love receiving them or turf them straight to the spam box, there’s one thing that – as a business – you need to be doing.

Sending them.

Yep – according to HubSpot, 33% of marketers send emails every month – and 26% do so multiple times in a month. What’s more, almost four in five (77%) have witnessed an increase in engagement with their emails over the last year – so it’s certainly an effective strategy.

But where do good monthly newsletter ideas come from? What are the benefits, and where can you find the inspiration (and motivation) your business needs to put together its own?

Right here. Below, you’ll find 10 monthly newsletter examples – collected and curated from the brands across the web that are doing it best. From Airbnb and Headspace to The Hustle and Huckberry, read on to get excited, get inspired… and get writing!

The Benefits of Monthly Newsletters

Creating and sending monthly newsletters takes time and effort – but the rewards you’ll reap far outweigh any costs or drawbacks.

Some of the benefits of monthly newsletters include:

  • Engaging your customers: newsletters place your brand top of mind with your customers – keeping them engaged and involved with your brand, and increasing their positive perceptions of (and loyalty towards) your business.
  • Driving traffic to your website: by linking to your website from your email newsletter – be that through blog posts, special promotions, or product launches – you can increase the amount of people visiting and interacting with your site.
  • Boosting sales: through compelling CTAs – and by offering exclusive discounts and deals with your email newsletter – you can promote new products and services, and smash your sales and revenue targets.
  • Gathering valuable feedback: including surveys in your email newsletter can offer your business vital insights into the needs and preferences of your customers: informing product and brand development, and helping you further personalize your marketing.

Monthly Newsletter Ideas

Already know that you should be publishing a monthly email newsletter – but struggling to decide what shape or form it might take?

Don’t fret. There’s a range of different directions your newsletter can take, including:

  • Promotional: these newsletters promote your business’ products and services – with information about new products, exclusive deals and discounts, and any sales you’ve got on the horizon.
  • Educational: while a promotional newsletter’s purpose is to sell, an educational newsletter should inform. That could be through tutorials, how-to guides, links to listicles on your blog, or – more widely – news about your industry or sector.
  • Curated: these newsletters pull together content from other sources across the internet. Be it articles, blog posts, social media content, or more, the only rule is that this content has to be relevant to your audience – so be sure to thoroughly research their goals, needs, and pain points (before you start writing!).

Monthly Newsletter Examples

Ready to explore the best monthly newsletter examples on the web?

Read on – we’ve pulled together our 10 favorite email newsletters. These make their way regularly into our inboxes here at Website Builder Expert. Take a look at the below and, after reading this article, we’re pretty sure they’ll be making their way into yours, too!

1. Airbnb

There’s a reason popular holiday rentals platform Airbnb has over a quarter of its market’s share – and it’s not just that people love a holiday.

Airbnb is smashing the monthly newsletter game. Its newsletter shines a light on the latest and greatest travel destinations, properties, and experiences available to book through its platform.

One newsletter we recently received – titled “The Greatest Outdoors” – offered three curated collections of outdoor-themed stays and experiences. The goal? To encourage the reader to browse, get inspired, and book their next vacation. (Through Airbnb, of course!)

Airbnb monthly newsletter example screenshot
Airbnb’s newsletter showcases lists of the curated travel destinations, properties, and experiences available to book through its platform.

2. Headspace

Mindfulness and meditation app Headspace uses email in several effective ways. Its newsletter contains links to engaging, informative articles about mental health – all relevant to its brand, and to the preferences and interests of its audience.

However, Headspace also uses email to re-engage customers who may have dropped off before making a purchase. The email below (titled “Still thinking about Headspace Plus?”) combines abandoned cart recovery tactics with the informative principles of monthly newsletters, including links to articles on stress relief, happiness, and self-esteem.

Headspace monthly newsletter example screenshot
Headspace’s email newsletter entertains and educates, while recovering customers who may have abandoned their cart before making a purchase (from Email Mastery).

3. Bon Appetit

Bon Appetit’s newsletter is a sumptuous smorgasbord of content, with exclusive recipes, crack cooking tips, and a buffet of insider information about the world of chefs and cooking.

What Bon Appetit’s email newsletter does so well, in particular, is provide a personal touch. In the example below, the newsletter is introduced by the brand’s Associate Food Editor, Kendra – who pens a short summary of her efforts to create the perfect noodle bowl.

This short bit of writing – done in a down-to-earth, conversational, and relatable style – endows the whole newsletter with a more intimate feel. Giving the reader the sense that they’re interacting not just with a business, but the people behind it.

Bon Appetit monthly newsletter example screenshot
Bon Appetit’s email newsletter begins with a personal address from the brand’s Associate Food Editor, giving it a more personal feel (from AppSumo).

4. Grammarly

Grammarly is an online tool that provides as-you-type grammar and spelling advice – resulting in flawless emails. So it’s no surprise that Grammarly’s own email is pretty flawless, too!

Its newsletter offers tips on writing, editing, and grammar – as well as links to in-depth articles covering topics as diverse as productivity and creativity. Through its newsletter, Grammarly informs and educates – while also naturally weaving in promotions of its products.

In the example below, Grammarly advertises some of the products in its catalog – in this case, “Grammarly Cards” – while framing them in the context of general writing advice.

This sales technique is a successful one – mainly because it never feels like you’re being sold to!

Grammarly monthly newsletter example screenshot
Grammarly’s newsletter offers tips on writing, spelling, and grammar – balancing promotion with education.

5. The Hustle

The Hustle’s email newsletter serves up a daily briefing on the latest business, tech, and culture news.

There are two newsletters readers can sign up to. “The Daily” comes out Monday to Friday, and is a curation of the hottest news professionals need to know about. The second, “The Sunday Story”, shines a light on the founders of companies, profiling trends and case studies.

We particularly love The Hustle’s engaging, witty tone. Business news, in the wrong pair of writer’s hands, can be a drag to read – especially when it’s coming out every day! So it’s refreshing that The Hustle takes it the other way – and adds a dash of personality to what could be a stuffy subject.

The Hustle monthly newsletter example screenshot
The Hustle’s email newsletter has an engaging, witty tone that makes business news digestible – and fun.

6. Huckberry

Huckberry’s email newsletter furnishes its readers with curated recommendations for stylish – and practical – mens apparel and accessories.

However, Huckberry doesn’t limit its email newsletter to the fashion, or the products, alone – but the lifestyle its potential customers can achieve. The newsletter is packed with scintillating stories about outdoor adventures, building the Huckberry brand as one for inspiring, intrepid pioneers.

Huckberry monthly newsletter example screenshot
Huckberry’s welcome email (sent straight after the recipient signs up) sets the tone for what’s to come. Adventure!

7. Really Good Emails

Really Good Emails has a USP (unique selling proposition) which is… pretty cool.

Essentially, Really Good Emails is a brand dedicated to pulling together the most creative, effective email marketing campaigns from across a wide variety of brands and industries – all with the aim of providing inspiration and insights for small business owners.

Yep – its an email newsletter about email newsletters!

Apart from the magnificently meta approach, we love how well Really Good Emails harnesses a conversational, humorous tone. (Check out the screenshot below to see what we mean!)

Really Good Emails monthly newsletter example screenshot
Really Good Emails does what it says on the tin…by curating some really good emails!

8. Patagonia

Like Huckberry, Patagonia’s email newsletter strategy isn’t to simply sell the products, but the lifestyle they offer – and the company does it well.

All about activism, Patagonia’s newsletter spotlights the brand’s latest sustainability initiatives and products – on top of a treasure trove of inspiring, engaging stories about people who are working to save the environment. Its email newsletter also utilizes video to great effect, showcasing the latest clips from Patagonia’s stores and film festivals.

Patagonia monthly newsletter example screenshot
Patagonia’s email newsletter harnesses video to excellent effect (from OptinMonster).

9. Casper

Wildly popular mattress purveyor Casper has an intriguing email newsletter. Deftly blending product information alongside engrossing articles (on topics including wellness and relaxation, as well as tips for sleeping well), it strikes the right balance between promotion and education.

For small businesses aspiring to replicate Casper’s top-notch approach to email newsletter, we suggest taking a look at its design. Set against a star-studded, midnight-blue backdrop, Casper’s email newsletter instantly catches the eye – and is certainly easy on it.

Take a look at the screenshot we’ve taken of it below – and let us know in the comments if you agree!

Casper monthly newsletter example screenshot
Casper’s monthly newsletter boasts superb design and the copy to match. 

10. charity: water

If you’ve read our guide to the 10 best non-profit website examples, you’ll already be familiar with charity:water, and its mission – “Help bring clean and safe water to every person on the planet.” And, if you’re not also familiar with its brilliant email newsletter, well… you should be!

charity:water’s newsletter highlights the non-profit’s latest clean water projects, success stories, and fundraising initiatives – inspiring readers to learn more and get involved, by donating to or volunteering for the organization.

The charity’s newsletter also works because of how well it embraces its readers’ natural curiosity. In the example below, the copy tells its recipient that “the best gift you can give this holiday season is wrapped in concrete, filled with sand, and runs on bacteria.” The CTA button – simply, but oh-so-cleverly labeled “Huh?” – is the cherry on top.

charity water monthly newsletter example screenshot
Huh? charity:water taps into our natural curiosity to encourage us to click.


Looking to start a monthly newsletter of your own? Good choice.

As you can see from our 10 monthly newsletter examples, there are tons of creative directions you can take it in – from daily news roundups, to articles, to product promotions – and so many strategies and designs to work with. Whether you’re looking to raise awareness of your brand, build its identity and profile, or simply sell, sell, sell, publishing a regular email newsletter is a must.

So good luck, and get to it!


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Email marketing is the process of sending commercial messages, via email, to a list of people who have consented to receive your emails. (They can do this when they sign up via your website.)

These emails can be purely promotional – advertising your products and services, or offering deals and discounts – but they can also be informational, with links to articles, blogs, and how-to guides.

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