Website Builder Comparison Chart

This website builder review chart compares key features based on our opinion & feedback from other users:


Overall [1]

Recommended [2]

Best Overall Builder on the Market Today

A Dream for Creatives

Best for Small Businesses

Live Chatbot Whiz

Fastest to Build

Best for White Collar Businesses

Websites Powered [3]110m1m+40m8m80k14k
Ease of Use [4] 4.3 / 53.3 / 53.5 / 54 / 53.7 / 53.5 / 5
Design Assistant (AI) [5]XXX
Design Flexibility [6]3.6 / 54.6 / 53.9 / 52.9 / 53.8 / 52.3 / 5
Design Choice [7]5 / 55 / 54 / 53 / 55 / 51 / 5
Mobile Responsive Themes [8]
Mobile Editor [9]X XXX
Free Plan[11] 14 Days Trial1 Month TrialX
Free 1-Year Domain [12] X
Free SSL Security [13]
SEO [14]5 / 54 / 55 / 51 / 54 / 54 / 5
Export Website [15]XXX
Restore Option [16]X
Help & Support [17]Email
Live Chat
Live Chat
Live Chat
Live Chat
Live Chat
Blogging [18]4 / 55 / 55 / 53 / 52 / 54 / 5
Ecommerce [19]
Inbuilt Email Service [20]
Members Only Area [21]XX
Mobile Apps [22]XX
Multiple Editors [23]XX
Overall [1]
4.7 / 5 Stars

4.3 / 5 Stars

4.1 / 5 Stars
4.0 / 5 Stars
3.8 / 5 Stars
3.6 / 5 Stars
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Why Did We Include the Website Builders Above in Our Comparison Chart?

We’ve used a wide range of website builders over the years and, like you, we’ve asked a number of questions in order to really understand the differences between the above web builders and how they work. Our expert opinion alone is not enough, though. Alongside having invested hundreds maybe even thousands of hours into each of these web builder tools, we’ve also conducted our own research, talking to users, putting the builders through their paces, and even getting the general public to test them! (read more about how we conduct our research here)

The comparison table above should be your first port of call if you’re new to the world of website builders (and if you’ve given it a look then I’m sure you already have plenty of food for thought!).

So, before you go ahead and pick a web builder, let’s quickly run through the top 4 reasons why we included the above website creators in our comparison chart:

1.Quick and Easy to Use:

Every website builder has its own way of working. Whether it’s drag-and-drop editing, built in sections, or offers design assistance, each one has its own look and feel. We wanted to highlight the website builders which, from both our experience and testing, are the easiest and quickest to use when building websites. The web builders chosen have been designed to make website creation as easy for you as possible, especially for non-technical people. Using a website creator removes that stress of having to code and allows you to create a website simply – easy.

2.You Don’t Need a Huge Budget (or Any Budget at All!):

A major factor that turns a lot of small businesses off the idea of having a website is the high cost associated with web design agencies. Thankfully, not only do website makers put the power back in your hands creatively, but it won’t cost you an arm or a leg either. We’ve included website builders that offer a range of pricing plans to suit whatever needs you have – some even offer a free plan.

3.Customer Support:

Although website builders are incredibly easy to use, there’s always the chance that you may need additional assistance – such as answering a query about your plan or explaining how to use a tool you’re unfamiliar with. We wanted to include the website builders which offer the best customer support.

4.How Popular Are These Website Builders:

Website builders are very much like restaurants – if it is good then a lot of people will use it / eat there. The more users a site builder has, the more you can trust it as a quality product – after all, several million people can’t be wrong, can they?

Website Builder Comparison: The Roundup

The world of website builders is pretty big. There are more platforms out there which might suit you better for whatever reason. With that being said, we thought you’d find it useful to see every website builder we’ve tested, which you can see below.


10 Best Website Builders – For more information on each platform, check out this handy page.



[1] Overall Rating – All our research and testing has been calculated to give you an overall score for how good each website builder is across key areas. It’s important to note, however, that far more areas were tested than what appears on this chart. These are just the key points that may help you make your decision.

We highly advise you read our detailed reviews for each website builder as here we cover each builder in much more depth.

[2] Recommended – This either summarizes what the website builder is best at or who it’s most suited to.

[3] Websites Powered – The number of websites powered (in millions) by each website builder based on publicly available information. This does not always equal the number of active websites – or the number of paying customers – but it will give you an idea of the size of the builder.

[4] Ease of Use – There’s only one way you can determine how easy something is to use and – by getting people to test it! We asked everyday folk, just like you, to build a website and interviewed them after about what they thought. They also scored different tasks based on how difficult they found them and the average score is what you see on this chart.

[5] Design Assistant (ADI – Artificial Design Intelligence) – Although this sounds intimidating, it actually makes website creation a breeze. All you have to do is answer a few questions to begin with, and ADI website builders will design a site for you!

  • Wix – Wix has two products, Wix Editor and Wix ADI. The ADI option will generate a website for you, after which you can make some edits to tailor it to your needs. To read more on the difference between Wix’s Editor and ADI, check out our guide here.
  • Site123 and GoDaddy both of these website builders are purpose-built for ADI. You may not get the same level of creative control that’s provided by other builders, but they’re ideal for those who need a website up fast.

[6] Flexibility of Design – Can you switch your website’s template/theme once the site has been published?

  • Squarespace, Weebly and GoDaddy – all allow you to change your template/theme after your website has gone live and will automatically reformat your content to fit the new layout. Don’t worry, though, your site’s users will continue to see the old design until you hit ‘Publish’.

[7] Design Choice – Investigating how good each website builder is at accommodating for different types of industry.

  • Wix – has over 510 professionally designed templates that span across tons of industries.
  • Squarespace – offers the best-designed templates of any website builder which are perfect for creative industries. Their templates also cater to all kinds of other industries.
  • GoDaddy thanks to its ADI approach, GoDaddy can support over 1,500 different industries.

[8] Mobile Responsive – Do the website builders templates/themes automatically resize to fit mobile and tablet screens?

  • All of the above website builders are mobile responsive. This means that their themes/templates are designed to automatically adjust to fit mobile/tablet screen sizes. This saves you hours having to create a mobile-specific version of your site.

[9] Mobile Editor – Can you view and edit the mobile version of your website?

  • Wix and 1&1 IONOS – their mobile editors allow you to hide specific content on your mobile display while keeping this content displayed on the desktop version of your site. This gives you the flexibility to have more control over your visitors’ experience while they surf your site on their mobiles.
  • Squarespace, Weebly, Site123 and GoDaddy don’t need mobile editors as their templates/themes are fully responsive – meaning your website design is automatically optimized to look good on any mobile device.

[10] Pricing (Monthly) – The prices shown are the fees advertised on each builder’s own website. Pricing can change depending on how long you sign up for. For example, if you pay annually your monthly payments will be slightly less than if you pay for your site on a month-to-month basis. Think of it as a loyalty discount.

  • 1&1 IONOS – the price you see above is how much you pay monthly after the first year (excluding the Pro plan). 1&1 IONOS’s monthly prices for the first year are as follows: $1, $3, $10.

[11] Free Plan – Free plans are often limited, but some website builders allow you to publish your website for free. Others give you a free trial as a kind of ‘try before you buy’ incentive.

[12] Free 1-Year Domain –  For website builders that offer free custom domain names, you have to sign up to their annual plans. You can also transfer most existing domains, depending on your domain name extension (.com, .org etc.), on any of the above builders. Please note, you will have to be on a premium plan in order to qualify for a years’ free domain.

Not sure how domain names work? See our domain name guide for beginners.

[13] SSL Security – A website with SSL security certificate ensures the connection between your visitors’ web browser and your website is encrypted, secure and protects your visitors’ information when they use your website. Having your website encrypted also improves your Google search rankings (SEO).

  • Wix, Squarespace, Site123 and 1&1 IONOS – Free SSL certificates across all plans.
  • Weebly – SSL certificates included only for the Business and Performance plans.
  • GoDaddy – SSL certificates included only on the Business, Business Plus and Online Store plans.

[14] SEO – (Search Engine Optimization) Is crucial for driving traffic to your website. The better your website’s SEO is, the more likely you are to rank highly on search engines like Google. A bad score above doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t rank highly, but the score does take into account things like providing guidance with keywords, specific SEO tools, and if you have the ability to edit things such as meta titles and descriptions.

  • Wix, Squarespace, Weebly, GoDaddy and 1&1 IONOS – give you the ability to edit/customize meta titles and descriptions, customize your web pages URLs, insert header code, add alt text to images, utilize Google Search Console (although only on premium plans) and has a dedicated SEO Wiz, offering keyword support and general SEO guidance.
  • Site123 – offers all of the above except for Google Search Console and keyword support.

Want more info about SEO? See our Website Builder SEO guide here.

[15] Export Website – Whether you can transfer your website away from the builder and onto another platform.

[16] Restore Option – Can you back-up and/or restore your website should anything go wrong?

  • Wix and GoDaddy – allows you to save unlimited versions of your website so you can restore your entire website anytime, even weeks after you’ve made a mistake.
  • Squarespace – allows you to restore deleted pages and blog posts up to 30 days after they’ve been deleted.
  • Weebly – allows you to undo changes there and then, but once you exit the editor or publish your website, you cannot undo any changes. If you’ve accidentally deleted your website or pages, you’ll need to email Weebly and wait for them to restore the deletions. So, unlike Wix or Squarespace, you can’t recover deletions immediately.
  • 1&1 IONOS – allows you to create a back-up at any time. Everything is also backed up automatically every time you click publish.

[17] Help and Support – running through the different services provided by each website builder and checking whether they are 24/7 services or not. (Knowledgebases and Forums are always available 24/7 so they have not been noted).

  • Wix – phone support is available across all plans (including the free plan) Monday-Thursday, 5am-5pm. If you are a VIP plan user, you get access to their “VIP Team”.
  • Squarespace – provides 24/7 email support.  Live chat support is also available Monday-Friday, 4am-8pm (Eastern time).
  • Weebly – has email, phone and live chat support, available Monday-Friday, 6am-6pm and Saturday-Sunday 5am-5pm.
  • Site123 – has the best live chat of any builder. It’s available 24/7 and extremely helpful when you need support or guidance.
  • GoDaddy – GoDaddy doesn’t have email support but do offer 24/7 phone, and live chat help until 6pm.
  • 1&1 IONOS – has 24/7 email and phone support and the live chat available from 8am-8pm.

[18] Blogging – Does the builder offer a specific blogging function?

  • Wix – offers analytics, display categories, the ability to embed a comments section, social bookmarking and a search feature.
  • Weebly and Squarespace – can do everything Wix can plus you get the ability to archive and have an RSS feed.
  • Site123 and GoDaddy – both offer analytics and an RSS feed but you cannot archive or embed a comments section.
  • 1&1 IONOS – offers all of the above except for the ability to archive.

[19] Ecommerce – If you are planning on building an online store, please see our Ecommerce Builder Comparison Chart here.

Or if you would prefer a long form article, have a look at our piece on the Best Ecommerce Platforms.

[20] Inbuilt Email Service – Does the builder provide users with the ability to create custom email addresses?

  • Wix and Weebly – you can get your own custom email address through Google Business Apps (Gmail, but for businesses) for about $4 per month.
  • Squarespace – if you sign up to its Annual Business or Commerce plans, you get one year free Google Business App to power your business email. This email account can be renewed for about $5 per month or $50 per year after your first year of free service.
  • Site123 – has an inbuilt email service. You can create your own domain-related mailbox, with anywhere between 2 – 10 free mail based domains depending on the plan you decide to use.
  • 1&1 IONOS – has its own inbuilt email service with email addresses and a domain included in all premium plans.

[21] Members Only Area – Can you create membership section on your website and can this be protected by a password?

  • Wix, Squarespace & Weebly – allow you to create a membership login function, where your visitors can register to become members of your website. You can restrict web pages where only your members have access to them. This is a helpful tool if you want to create private clubs / classes, or just restrict content from being accessible by the public.
  • GoDaddy – you can create a membership area but you cannot have password protected pages.
  • 1&1 IONOS – you can create password protected pages but not a membership area.

[22] Mobile Apps – Apps range from simply checking your website, to managing elements of it, to being able to create an entire site from your mobile.

  • Wix has a mobile app from which you can create a full website! You can also create and manage blog posts, manage your online store (track orders, add / edit products, receive sales notifications), interact with your visitors (get notifications when you receive a message, when someone books an appointment, etc.), or even start live chatting with your website visitors when they are on your website! Wix also has a mobile app for their newsletter function (Wix ShoutOut app), allowing you to create newsletter directly on your mobile device to send to your newsletter subscribers.  
  • Squarespace has 4 mobile apps, allowing you to write blog posts, manage comments, monitor traffic, track social followers, showcase your galleries / portfolio as a presentation on your iPad / iPhone, and a note app so you can keep track of your ideas which syncs with your website, Evernote, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.  
  • The Weebly App allows you to build your entire website (with their iPad app), write blog posts, manage comments, monitor traffic, and manage products & get sales notifications for your online store (using the iPhone & Android app). With the iPad app, you can even create your Weebly site offline (without internet connection) so you can work anywhere.
  • The 1&1 IONOS mobile app allows you to directly edit your MyWebsite  and keep track of your site’s visitors with analytics. You can also track your invoices and access the help center.

[23] Multiple Editors – If there’s more than one of you creating the website, it’s useful if multiple people can access it to edit things.

  • Wix, Squarespace and Weebly – allow you to add editors with different levels of access / authority rights to help you manage your website. You can set limits so some editors can’t access all parts of your website. This is a very handy tool if you plan on having a team to help you manage and/or build your site.
  • Site123 – also allows this, however, everyone who is granted access will have the highest editorial privileges.

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