Best Website Builders of 2024: The Top 5

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A website builder is a user-friendly way to get online, providing you with the tools you need to showcase your work, market your business, or sell products.

We’ve conducted over 200 hours of testing across 16 website builders, narrowing it down to a shortlist of the top five. Because of this, we’re confident that Wix is the best overall website builder for 2024. It offers excellent website features, high-quality design options, and dependable support, making it ideal for both beginners and experienced builders.

The 5 Best Website Builders of 2024

  1. Wix Best overall website builder
  2. Squarespace Easiest website builder
  3. Shopify Best ecommerce website builder
  4. GoDaddy Best value for money
  5. Hostinger For AI enthusiasts

Take a look at our top website builder picks to see which best suits your needs.

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Overall Rating
Overall Rating
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Starting from
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Starting from


$2.99 + 3 months free (with the 48-month plan)

Free plan or free trial

Free plan

Free plan or free trial

14-day free trial

Free plan or free trial

Free trial

Free plan or free trial

Free plan

Free plan or free trial

30-day free trial

Number of templates


Number of templates


Number of templates


Number of templates


Number of templates


#1. Wix: Best Overall Website Builder

Editor's Choice


Best overall website builder



out of 5
  • Caters to all industries
  • For new businesses
  • For building novices
dollar icon svg

Free plan available

Paid Plans: $16 - $159 / month


  • icon yes svg Best website features
  • icon yes svg Easy drag-and-drop editor
  • icon yes svg 900+ template designs


  • icon no svg Can’t switch template once live
  • icon no svg Overwhelming choice of options
  • icon no svg Expensive upgrades when scaling
Wix Review

Wix is the best website builder, offering a great range of designs, features, and support for people looking to build a website and grow online. Wix takes the top position in our website builder research for the ninth year in a row, scoring a near-perfect rating of 4.9 out of 5. So, why is Wix our favorite website builder? And who should use it?

✔️ Use Wix ❌ Avoid Wix
If you’re looking for a variety of options, including templates and features that accommodate a diverse range of needs If you’re going to make regular changes to your design – Wix doesn’t let you swap your template once your site is live
If you’re finding your feet – Wix is a user-friendly platform, suitable for personal sites and businesses launching online If you run a large-scale business or you’re looking to expand – you’ll need to pay more to unlock advanced sales features, like product reviews
If you don’t want to spend too much money right away – you can build your website on Wix’s free plan before upgrading If you want to build a niche website – we recommend going with a website builder that’s more focused on your needs

Our Experience With Wix

We had no trouble getting set up with Wix – the onboarding process took less than a minute with the help of Wix’s AI chatbot, creating a tailored website and dashboard based on our responses. If we wanted to choose a template ourselves, we could filter the 900+ professionally designed templates by industry, such as “Wellness” or “Restaurant”, or simply browse the entire library.

Design elements in action within the Wix editor
I could choose from a variety of pre-designed elements, like subscription boxes, and then simply drag them onto the page. Source: Website Builder Expert

Once in the editor, we had complete creative control – Wix lets you drag and place elements wherever you’d like them to go. This can be overwhelming at the start, especially for individuals who don’t feel confident designing.

While it can be easy to go overboard with the design elements using Wix’s editor, the drag-and-drop format is really easy to get to grips with, regardless of your skill level. We found Wix to be very user-friendly, providing more freedom and opportunities to customize than the likes of Squarespace or GoDaddy.

Wix editor dashboard showing social media marketing settings
Wix offers tons of built-in features – we could create social media posts from the Wix dashboard. Source: Website Builder Expert

To complement its impressive design options, Wix includes a vast number of built-in features with its plans – these are the best features of any website builder we tested. For example, you can sell online with Wix Ecommerce, take appointments from customers with Wix Bookings, and grow your online presence with Wix’s SEO tools. Additionally, you can download third-party apps if you need further enhancements, such as Klaviyo for email marketing.

While you might need a higher-tier plan to access certain features, like unlimited storage space (available with the Business Elite plan), the majority of Wix’s features are included with the cheapest plan.

How Much Does Wix Cost?

You can get started with Wix’s free plan, but it does come with limitations, such as ads that make your site lack professionalism. That being said, you can stay on the free plan for as long as you’d like, so it’s a great place to familiarize yourself with Wix’s editor and dashboard before spending any money.

To unlock Wix’s full catalog of features, you’ll need to upgrade to one of Wix’s premium plans. Wix’s pricing ranges from $16 to $159 per month (billed annually). If you want to sell online, you’ll need at least the Core plan which costs $27 per month.

Hear from a real Wix user to learn about their experience with the website builder:

I built my website with Wix…

Headshot of Mike Petchenik
Mike Petchenik
Communicator & Storyteller
Mike Petchenik is a National Emmy Award-winning veteran communicator and strategic storyteller. Mike founded Petchenik Media Group, a one-stop shop for a wide range of communication needs.
It’s a very user-friendly site and I like the tutorial videos that help explain how to set things up.


When did you start using Wix? How long did it take to build a website?

I first built the website to be my digital resume for prospective employers, but when I decided to launch my own business, I used it to hang my virtual shingle. I needed a place where prospective clients could see my work and interact with me more easily.

I had used Wix previously to set up a voiceover business I launched a few years ago, and for my son’s Cub Scout troop and found it to be very intuitive and user-friendly.

I started using Wix for this business back in the Spring, right after I was laid off from a job at a tech company. A colleague had been using Wix for her virtual resume and she suggested I do the same. I was already familiar with the platform when I decided to buy my domain and use the paid version of the program. It took me about a week to get the site to a place where I felt comfortable publishing. I’ve since made dozens of changes to it and hired a consultant to help me optimize and improve the page.

What do you like most about Wix?

It’s a very user-friendly site and I like the tutorial videos that help explain how to set things up. I think the media upload features are relatively easy to use and it’s not hard to build subpages from your main site.

Were you satisfied with the website you made, and would you recommend Wix to others?

Overall, I’m satisfied with my Wix experience and I would definitely recommend it to others!
Latest Wix News
Wix's Open Studio quarterly review was shared in April, unveiling new features such as Wix Donations to help set up fundraising campaigns, Wix Hotels to support hospitality businesses, a Figma plugin (coming in June), and more.

#2. Squarespace: Easiest Website Builder


Easiest website builder to use



out of 5
  • For creatives
  • For visual sites
  • For beginners
dollar icon svg

Free trial available

Paid Plans: $16 - $49 / month


  • icon yes svg Easiest website builder
  • icon yes svg Booking tools to offer services
  • icon yes svg Includes ecommerce functionality


  • icon no svg Grid structure limits creative freedom
  • icon no svg No autosave when editing
  • icon no svg No free plan
Squarespace Review

Squarespace is the easiest website builder to use. Its editor is incredibly user-friendly, and the available templates are stylish and aesthetically pleasing – all customizable to suit your brand. And, like Wix, Squarespace caters to a wide range of users with its built-in features, offering tools to support individual portfolios as well as businesses. So, who do we recommend Squarespace for?

✔️ Use Squarespace ❌ Avoid Squarespace
If you want to create a design-focused website thanks to Squarespace’s templates and aesthetic options If you want to build a global site – Squarespace’s multilingual tools aren’t as impressive as other website builders, like Shopify
If you’re a complete beginner to building websites – Squarespace is the easiest website builder to use If you run a large online store – while you can use Squarespace’s ecommerce tools, you’ll be better supported by a dedicated ecommerce builder
If you want to offer services – Squarespace’s Acuity Scheduling tool is a great way for clients to make appointments or sign up for courses

Our Experience With Squarespace

When we tested Squarespace ourselves, the onboarding process was smooth and straightforward. The website builder is well-known for its stunning templates and design elements. We could choose from over 150+ Squarespace templates – less than Wix’s 900+ themes. However, Squarespace’s designs are of a similar quality to Wix and cover a wide range of industries, including “Weddings” and “Food”.

Squarespace editor in action, an element is dragged showing the gridline guidelines
I liked Squarespace’s grid structure since it helped me align elements when dragging new items to the page. Source: Website Builder Expert

Because of Squarespace’s focus on exceptional visuals, we highly recommend the website builder for creatives and design-focused websites. Thinking about building an artist website, for example? Squarespace’s templates provide a solid foundation for users to build on and enhance.

Squarespace’s overall interface is intuitive and beginner-friendly – the drag-and-drop editor means you can customize your pages to your liking. Plus, the grid-style framework will help you avoid cluttered or messy-looking sections.

Squarespace's Acuity Scheduling tool's calendar showing dates and times
I could tweak my available times and set new appointment types in the Acuity Scheduling dashboard. Source: Website Builder Expert

We were impressed by the range of built-in features to help you market your business and sell online, such as Squarespace Email Campaigns to target your audience effectively and branded invoices for client engagement. You can also elevate your website with add-ons – Acuity Scheduling lets you offer bookable services to clients and its plans start from $16 per month.

The seamless journey between the editor and backend dashboard makes it easy to monitor and manage your Squarespace website, too. That said, if you do feel like you need an extra helping hand, Squarespace provides 24/7 live chat support and a Knowledge Center full of tutorials and guides.

How Much Does Squarespace Cost?

Squarespace offers a 14-day free trial, but you’ll eventually need to subscribe to one of four premium plans, ranging from $16 to $49 per month (billed annually). To sell online, choose the $23 per month Business plan (Squarespace’s best value plan) or one of its more advanced commerce plans.

Read our Squarespace Pricing Review for more help choosing the right plan for your needs.

Hear from a real Squarespace user to learn about their experience with the website builder:

I built my website with Squarespace…

Headshot of Misti Morgestern
Misti Morgestern
Co-Founder & CEO
Elevate Events is a premier event staffing and production agency.
It captures our luxury brand aesthetic while providing an intuitive experience for both clients and internal staff use.


When did you start using Squarespace? How long did it take to build a website?

As entrepreneurs in the fast-paced events industry, we needed a modern, visually impactful website to showcase our brand and service offerings. Squarespace’s user-friendly platform and design-forward templates made it an ideal choice for us to create a polished digital presence.

We launched our Squarespace site in January 2023. Thanks to the intuitive design tools, it took approximately two days to build out the core website structure and another two days to optimize content, integrations, and on-page SEO.

What do you like most about Squarespace?

My favorite Squarespace feature is the ability to save custom blocks and sections. As event planners, we frequently need to highlight similar packages across different pages. Saving pre-designed block layouts streamlined our process tremendously.

Were you satisfied with the website you made, and would you recommend Squarespace to others?

I’m extremely satisfied with our Elevate Events website on Squarespace. It captures our luxury brand aesthetic while providing an intuitive experience for both clients and internal staff use. The positive feedback has been overwhelming – many are surprised I built such a standout site myself without coding expertise. I wholeheartedly recommend Squarespace to other businesses seeking a powerful, cost-effective web solution.
Latest Squarespace News
Squarespace has announced new subscription features to help website owners and businesses build a loyal and engaged community online. These include the ability to add paywalls to blog posts, create video subscriptions, and sell content bundles.

#3. Shopify: Best Ecommerce Website Builder

  • Shopify Pricing: $29 – $299 per month
  • Read our Shopify Review for a detailed look at the website builder


Best ecommerce website builder



out of 5
  • Ideal for online stores
  • For big inventories
  • For expanding businesses
dollar icon svg

Free trial available

Paid Plans: $29 - $299 / month


  • icon yes svg Better for experienced builders
  • icon yes svg Expanding suite of AI tools
  • icon yes svg Huge app store


  • icon no svg Reliant on third-party apps
  • icon no svg Limited customization
  • icon no svg Handful of free templates
Shopify Review

Are you looking to sell products online? Shopify is the best ecommerce website builder on the market, providing a dedicated platform for online stores to get started and expand. So, if ecommerce functionality is a key priority for you and your business when choosing a website builder, consider Shopify.

✔️ Use Shopify ❌ Avoid Shopify
If you’re looking to sell products online since Shopify is the best website builder for ecommerce functionality If you don’t have any products to sell and want to build a design-heavy website, because Shopify’s customization options are limited
If you want the best sales features – Shopify’s constantly rolling out new features to support your online store, as you can see from its recent Shopify Editions Winter ‘24 If you’re budget-conscious – Shopify’s plans are expensive, and there’s a short free trial and limited free templates
If you have some prior building experience – Shopify isn’t the most user-friendly builder with its section-based editor If you’re a novice or beginner builder since you’ll struggle to dive right into Shopify’s editor and will be more comfortable with builders like Squarespace

Our Experience With Shopify

When we first got set up with Shopify, it immediately directed us towards adding products to our inventory, as opposed to the usual instruction of designing a website first. We highly recommend following this instruction because it’ll help to have products readily available when you start editing your pages.

The product page form is simple to fill out, and we made the most of Shopify Magic – an AI text generator to help with product descriptions. This helps you save time during setup, and it’s easy to tweak if your products evolve.

Shopify product dashboard showing settings such as product name and description
We could add products in the backend ahead of editing our site. Source: Website Builder Expert

Unfortunately, the design process with Shopify is a little complicated thanks to its section-based editor and limited free templates. Shopify and Squarespace are closely matched in a lot of our research areas, but when it comes to ease of use, Squarespace takes the lead without question since Shopify isn’t the most user-friendly builder.

Plus, Shopify has a heavy reliance on third-party apps, meaning additional costs can add up quickly, especially if you’re having to pay for a premium template as well.

Shopify discount dashboard showing settings such as discount name, value, and rules
I could create tailored discount codes with Shopify, offering unique deals on single products or the entire shop. Source: Website Builder Expert

Shopify offers unmatched sales features, such as multichannel integration so you can start selling on platforms like TikTok, as well as abandoned cart recovery to improve customer retention. Shopify’s suite of quality tools makes it ideal for businesses looking to sell online.

If you don’t want to sell products, you don’t need to shell out for a Shopify plan. But if you have a complex or large inventory – more than 10 products or so –  Shopify’s sales features and dedicated ecommerce resources are worth the price point.

And, as we already mentioned, Shopify’s app market is used to bolster its in-house offering, meaning merchants can pick and choose which features they need to grow and support their business.

How Much Does Shopify Cost?

Shopify’s three plans range from $29 to $299 per month (billed annually). This is considerably more expensive than other website builders, but that’s a consequence of Shopify’s ecommerce focus. For example, Wix’s ecommerce plans start at $27/mo and Squarespace’s ecommerce plans start at $23/mo.

Fortunately, you can try Shopify’s 3-day free trial to help you get to grips with the builder, and you can get your first month for just $1. Shopify is built with businesses in mind, so it won’t be the right fit if you don’t need to sell products. We recommend it for growing or expanding businesses, especially given the higher price point.

Read our Shopify Pricing Review for a more detailed breakdown of its costs.

Hear from a real Shopify user to learn about their experience with the website builder:

I built my website with Shopify…

Headshot of Guillaume Drew
Guillaume Drew
Founder & CEO
Or & Zon is an ecommerce store for luxury handcrafted goods, blending sustainable luxury with global artisanal treasures to enhance your everyday living.
What I appreciate most about Shopify is its robust app ecosystem…


When did you start using Shopify? How long did it take to build a website?

I chose to build a website to give bespoke, artisanal, and sustainable products a global platform. Shopify was the natural choice due to its simple-to-use, efficient site building tools and flexibility to create unique, engaging customer experiences.

We launched our Shopify store in 2019, and it took us about a further six months to fully realize our vision, adapting the platform to showcase the beauty and uniqueness of each hand-sourced item.

What do you like most about Shopify?

What I appreciate most about Shopify is its robust app ecosystem, specifically apps like “Plug In SEO” and “Abandoned Cart Recovery”, which have immensely assisted in optimizing our digital presence and boosting sales.

Were you satisfied with the website you made, and would you recommend Shopify to others?

Overall, I am delighted with the website we have created, and would definitely recommend Shopify, especially to beginners and companies with unique products like ourselves, who need a versatile and supportive platform to bring their vision to life.
Latest Shopify News
For Earth Month, Shopify announced it would match the price merchant's spend on carbon removal per delivery. This is all possible through the Planet app, helping Shopify stand firm on its commitment to sustainable ecommerce. Shopify stores can reduce their carbon footprint by using the free Planet app, downloadable from Shopify's app store.

#4. GoDaddy: Best Value for Money

  • GoDaddy Pricing: $10.99 – $20.99 per month
  • Read our GoDaddy Review for a detailed look at the website builder
Best Value For Money


Best value for money

Very Good


out of 5
  • For speedy set up
  • For budget-conscious
  • Good for beginners
dollar icon svg

Free plan available

Paid Plans: $6.99 - $469.99 / month


  • icon yes svg Get online in seconds
  • icon yes svg Excellent 24/7 support
  • icon yes svg Editor tutorial available


  • icon no svg Restrictive editor
  • icon no svg Not ideal for complex designs
  • icon no svg Lacks quality templates
GoDaddy Review

GoDaddy is the quickest and most cost-effective way to get online in 2024. From our pricing research, GoDaddy came out on top as the best value for money. Not only does it offer a free plan, but GoDaddy’s premium plans are very affordable, especially for beginners or businesses working with a limited budget. Is it the right website builder for you?

✔️ Use GoDaddy ❌ Avoid GoDaddy
If you’re a beginner with limited experience – GoDaddy’s editor is simple to use so you won’t need to be a tech wizard to get started If you own a complex business or large online store – these would benefit from a website builder that offers more dedicated ecommerce resources like Shopify
If you have basic website requirements and don’t need many design options – e.g. a blog that will largely be informational If you want a unique website design – GoDaddy’s bland templates and elements will feel restrictive
If you want to get online quickly – GoDaddy will have your website live in minutes, especially with its AI support If you want advanced customization options – GoDaddy’s section-based editor and beginner-friendly interface targets novices rather than designers

Our Experience With GoDaddy

When we tried building a website with GoDaddy ourselves, we managed to complete the onboarding process in under 30 seconds. This makes it the ideal choice if you’re looking for a speedy website builder to get online quickly.

GoDaddy setup page from onboarding asking what sections you'd like on your site
GoDaddy’s onboarding asked us 3 simple questions before offering suggested sections for our test website. Source: Website Builder Expert

GoDaddy’s editor is simple to use, using a section-based layout and offering users a variety of pre-designed elements to add. We could also use GoDaddy’s AI builder and AI content generation tools to support the design process.

However, the options are far more basic than the likes of Wix. There are 14 section categories in comparison to Wix’s 20. So, your choices are limited with GoDaddy. If you’re struggling to choose between Wix or GoDaddy, Wix is the better website builder overall, especially when it comes to designing a website.

While GoDaddy offers less creative freedom than Wix or Squarespace, where you can drag items around anywhere, you can reach out to GoDaddy’s expert help team if you ever need a helping hand. Plus, GoDaddy has recently launched GoDaddy Airo to support small businesses getting online, an AI-powered free tool that can help with building a website, generating marketing campaigns, and more.

GoDaddy offers 24/7 phone and live chat support, so you can address any problems immediately. And, if you want to boost your website builder knowledge or brush up on a topic like SEO, then GoDaddy’s knowledge center provides you with the reading material to get started.

How Much Does GoDaddy Cost?

GoDaddy’s free plan is a good starting point, but it comes with ads and standard features, like website security. We recommend upgrading to one of the three premium plans to remove ads, ranging from $10.99 to $20.99 per month (billed annually).

Simple or informational websites will be content with the cheapest plan, Basic, which includes built-in SEO tools for website visibility and email marketing tools to connect with your audience. But, you’ll need to upgrade to the $20.99 per month Commerce plan if you want ecommerce tools.

Read our GoDaddy Pricing Review for a closer look at the builder’s plans.

A free GoDaddy website with a GoDaddy banner ad running across the top of the screen
GoDaddy’s free plan placed a banner ad at the top of my test website’s homepage. Source: Website Builder Expert

Hear from a real GoDaddy user to learn about their experience with the website builder:

I built my website with GoDaddy…

Headshot of Nathan Mason
Nathan Mason
Attention2Detail is a company of local painters and decorators, offering exceptional painting and decorating services to residential and commercial properties.
… the ability to work on my website from anywhere has been a game-changer, enabling me to make updates on the go and seize opportunities as they arise.


When did you start using GoDaddy? How long did it take to build a website?

After a decade of experience as a painter and decorator, I decided to take my skills and passion to the next level by establishing my own business. Recognizing the importance of a strong online presence, I turned to GoDaddy to create a website that would showcase my expertise and attract potential clients.

I chose GoDaddy as my website builder due to its reputation for ease of use and its comprehensive suite of tools. My journey into website creation began in August 2022, and the process spanned approximately three months. During this time, I meticulously crafted each page, ensuring that every element aligned with my vision and effectively conveyed my brand’s essence. Even after a year, I continue to refine and enhance my website, reflecting my commitment to providing an exceptional user experience.

What do you like most about GoDaddy?

GoDaddy has proven to be an invaluable asset in my website building endeavors. Its user-friendly interface and intuitive tools have streamlined the process, allowing me to focus on the creative aspects without getting bogged down by technical complexities. Additionally, the ability to work on my website from anywhere has been a game-changer, enabling me to make updates on the go and seize opportunities as they arise.

While my primary focus lies in providing painting and decorating services, I do utilize my website to showcase my expertise and attract potential clients. GoDaddy’s ecommerce tools have been instrumental in facilitating this aspect of my business, enabling me to seamlessly manage online enquiries and bookings.

Were you satisfied with the website you made, and would you recommend GoDaddy to others?

I wholeheartedly recommend GoDaddy as a website builder for small businesses seeking to establish a strong online presence and expand their brand awareness. A well-crafted website can significantly enhance your CTR (click-through rate), driving traffic to your business and, ultimately, leading to success.
Latest GoDaddy News
GoDaddy and Upwork have partnered to help businesses source experts, such as web designers and developers, to help them build with and use GoDaddy's builder and tools. GoDaddy will be Upwork's first web presence partner.

#5. Hostinger: For AI Enthusiasts


Best for AI enthusiasts



out of 5
  • For beginners
  • For budget-conscious
  • For simple website needs

Paid Plans: $2.99 - $109.99 / month


  • icon yes svg Easy to use
  • icon yes svg Suite of AI tools
  • icon yes svg Ecommerce included


  • icon no svg Poor scalability
  • icon no svg Simple templates
  • icon no svg No app market
Hostinger Review

Hostinger is another easy website builder to use, sitting just behind Squarespace in our user experience tests. Hostinger offers a plethora of AI tools, including an AI website builder, to help users get online quickly and easily. Plus, Hostinger’s pricing is the most affordable of the bunch, starting from just $2.99 per month. Should you use Hostinger’s website builder?

✔️ Use Hostinger ❌ Avoid Hostinger
If you’re after a user-friendly builder – Hostinger’s AI tools and drag-and-drop editor make it ideal for beginners If you’re after advanced creative control – Hostinger targets beginners with its editor and AI tools
If you need support in building a site – you can let Hostinger handle content and image creation If you want to build a complex website – you can’t add third-party features so you’re stuck with the features Hostinger provides
If you want to build a simple site or small online store – it’s ideal if you don’t need all of the bells and whistles of larger website builders, like Wix If your website needs to grow – Hostinger lacks scalability, with only two plans to choose from
If you want an affordable website builder – Hostinger’s plans only cost a few dollars

Our Experience With Hostinger

Hostinger gives you a range of options to get started, but the three step AI website builder got us up and running in less than under 60 seconds. The form requested basic information like “Brand name” as well as a brief description of the website, and following a quick loading screen, Hostinger presented us with a tailored template to edit.

A Hostinger popup showing its AI setup, asking for brand name, website type, and a description of your project.
I could set up a website in seconds using Hostinger’s AI builder form, though the website template it created was a little boring. Source: Website Builder Expert

Unfortunately, we weren’t too impressed by what Hostinger’s AI created for us – it lacked the quality and sleekness of Squarespace’s templates. That being said, it’s a great option if you’re looking to get online quickly.

Within the editor, we could add new elements or sections, such as galleries and contact forms. And, like Squarespace, Hostinger has a drag-and-drop editor that features a smart grid. However, the grid framework is only there to guide, so you still have the freedom to move elements anywhere you like, similar to Wix.

Hostinger's AI writer in action within its web builder editor
We found Hostinger’s AI Writer useful but you’re limited by the available prompts. Source: Website Builder Expert

Hostinger has improved considerably since last year’s research, securing its new position in our top five thanks to its ease of use and AI features. We tried a few of these out for ourselves when building our test website. The AI Heatmap can give you a great visual indication of where visitors or customers are engaging with your site, and the AI Blog Generator is a beneficial resource if you want to boost your site’s content.

While its AI tools are fairly well-developed, it’s clear that Hostinger has prioritized these developments over other core functionalities or design options. For example, there are no email marketing tools which is surprising when that’s a standard website feature available from the other website builders in the list.

How Much Does Hostinger Cost?

Hostinger’s the cheapest website builder on the list, with plans starting from $2.99 per month (for a 48-month contract). There are two plans to choose from, with the more expensive Business Website Builder plan ($3.99) having been introduced in early 2024.

For core website features, including Hostinger’s AI website builder, you’ll be comfortable with the Premium plan. But, to unlock ecommerce features and AI tools, including the AI Text Generator and AI Heatmap, then you’ll need the Business Website Builder plan.

Unfortunately, Hostinger doesn’t offer a free plan but you can test the AI website builder using Hostinger’s 30-day free trial. The cheapest pricing is only available if you choose the 48-month subscription, but subscribing to the longest term will gift you three extra months for free.

Hear from a real Hostinger user to learn about their experience with the website builder:

I built my website with Hostinger…

Watch face with a crown on top - logo for SOLD Corp
Rafee Rahman
Owner of SOLD Corp Watches
SOLD Corp Watches is a blog site that focuses on affordable watches for men. Rafee’s goal is to help people decide what watch to buy without spending too much money since fashion should be accessible to everyone.
It is a great tool for beginners to easily start their own website…


When did you start using Hostinger? How long did it take to build a website?

I wanted to build a website for several reasons. I was highly passionate about watches and wanted an outlet to express my opinions. I want to help people understand more about watches and give exposure to those brands that offer quality at an affordable price point. I also wanted the learning experience of building my own website, as it is a valuable skill to have nowadays. I chose Hostinger because of its solid reviews, easy-to-use structure, and low starting prices. I didn’t want to invest too much in the beginning out of caution, so Hostinger’s low yearly prices were a big draw for me. It’s easy to use and comes with lots of useful features, like a free domain registration.

I started using Hostinger in September 2023. It took me about three days to build my website. It was my first time using WordPress to build a website, so there was definitely a steep learning curve. However, the process is easy with Hostinger and I designed my site the way I wanted in just a few days.

What do you like most about Hostinger?

The thing I like most about Hostinger is the custom email domain capabilities. You can very easily create multiple custom email addresses with your website’s domain as part of your plan. I have created and It makes outreach more professional and more organized. It is very easy to access these emails directly from your Hostinger profile too. Other great features include the ability to test your website’s speed easily and the AI logo maker.

Were you satisfied with the website you made, and would you recommend Hostinger to others?

Yes, I was satisfied with the website I made and I would definitely recommend Hostinger to others. It is a great tool for beginners to easily start their own website, and it has the functionality and capabilities to continue serving you as you gain more experience and knowledge. It isn’t really bad at doing anything. The web hosting is reliable which is very important. You don’t want your website going down all the time. All in all, Hostinger has been a great service for me.
Latest Hostinger News
Hostinger has introduced an additional plan to its website builder package, meaning customers will now need the Business Website Builder plan (from $3.99 per month) to sell online and unlock Hostinger's suite of AI tools. These features were previously offered on the $2.99 Premium Website Builder plan.

How To Choose a Website Builder

Whether you’re looking to build a website for the first time, or you want to make the switch from your current website builder to another, it can be tough to know where to start and what to look out for.

It depends on your needs and requirements – we recommend building a checklist of criteria that you want from a website builder, or you can use our expert tips below to help shape your search.

  • Building a small business website? Look for ecommerce capabilities with a website builder’s plans. What payment options are available? Is there room to grow your business if you’re successful? Are you limited by the number of products you can sell? Are there marketing tools to help promote your shop? Can you sell across other platforms, like social media?
  • Want to showcase your work? If you’re building an online portfolio website, we recommend examining the design elements and features available to see how you can visually present your work best. Are there tools to help share your website with clients? What SEO features are included with your plan? Can you install third-party apps or integrations? Are your creative needs met with the website builder?
  • Looking for a cheap website builder? Review a website builder’s plans to see what features are available for different price points and where you can get the best deal for your money. Is there a free website builder plan or free trial available? Does the price jump massively between plans if you need to upgrade?

Switching Website Builders

You can always migrate your assets over to another website builder if you’re looking to make a change. This will require some additional steps, such as backing up and transferring your work.

If you choose to do this manually, switching can be a long process and can require a lot of hard drive space. However, automatic migration services are available, but these can cost between $300-$400 each time.

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How We Test Website Builders

We put 16 leading website builders through an in-depth testing process to determine our rankings and recommendations. Our assessment aims to help you find the right website builder for your needs – sharing standout features, expert insights, and more so you can make an informed decision when the time comes.

Our research team conducted over 200 hours of research to bring you our shortlist of the top website builders, covering 398 areas of investigation in total. We want to make sure our recommendations accurately reflect the builders and market, so we regularly review our research to make sure our pages are up to date.

We look at six core categories when testing website builders, adding unique weighting to each area to reflect what our readers value the most:

  • Website Features: 30%

We examine the quality and quantity of website features, such as SEO, storage space, AI, and scheduling tools.

  • Design Functionality: 25%

Our research covers a website builder’s aesthetic capabilities and template options.

  • User Experience: 17%

We test each builder ourselves to assess its ease of use and accessibility – this helps us speak from experience when recommending a platform.

  • Help & Support: 10%

Looking at a website builder’s support options and responsiveness.

  • Value for Money: 10%

We review the pricing of each website builder to see what you get for the money you pay.

  • Customer Score: 8%

We test how a website builder performs in the wider market to see how it compares to competitors.

Each website builder is then awarded a star rating out of five based on its performance in our six core research categories.

Best Website Builders: Which Do We Recommend?

Our research process has determined the top five website builders of 2024, and Wix is the best website builder overall. It offers high-quality features and beautiful design options that cater to a wide range of users, whether you’re looking to build a blog or start selling online.

Each website builder has its strengths – and weaknesses – so we know Wix won’t be the right fit for everyone. Looking for the best value? Consider GoDaddy. Maybe you want to set up an online store? Shopify is the best option. If you’re unsure of where to start, we recommend checking out a builder’s free plan or free trial (if available) to figure out what works best for you.


The best website builder for small businesses is Shopify, offering users better sales features than any other platform, such as multichannel integration and customizable checkout pages. Its plans range from $29 to $299 per month (billed annually), but you can get your first month for $1.
If you’re looking for the easiest-to-use website builder, then Squarespace is the best option. Its drag-and-drop editor and intuitive dashboard make designing a website a walk in the park. However, Squarespace continues to offer powerful features and tools to support its websites, such as Acuity Scheduling and Squarespace Payments. So, if you’re looking for a more stripped-back and “simple” website builder, GoDaddy and Hostinger keep things very beginner-friendly and straightforward to understand.
Not only is Wix our top website builder overall but it’s also the best free website builder available. Wix’s free plan gives you access to its powerful drag-and-drop editor, as well as free-to-install apps, like Wix Bookings and Wix Video. That said, the free plan does come with limitations, such as ads and only 500MB of storage. You’ll want to upgrade to a premium plan as soon as possible for a professional look and advanced features – Wix’s plans start from $16 per month (billed annually).
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emma ryan author bio
Emma’s been a Senior Writer at Website Builder Expert since 2022, having first-hand experience with website builders, such as Wix and Shopify, through hands-on testing and research analysis. Her work and expertise have been featured in Digiday, TechRound, Industry Today, and Digital Information World. Specializing in writing about website builders, ecommerce platforms, and hosting providers, Emma stays in the loop of industry updates by attending conferences such as eCommerce Expo and managing Website Builder Expert’s news articles.
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I love to understand human behavior and the cognitive biases that drive us to do what we do. For over nine years I have worked as a mixed method researcher – research using a mix of numerical data and personal experiences – across a range of sectors, from insurance and policy development to finally arriving at Website Builder Expert five years ago. Fascinated by consumer decision-making, I meticulously built our leading ranking methodology to explore where providers like Wix sit within a competitive industry and what value they truly bring to our audience.
As a member of the Market Research Society, I’m an advocate for high ethical, commercial, and methodological best practices. All of this combines to give you the most ethical recommendations based on real data.


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