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Here at WBE, our mission is to help you find the best website builder for your unique needs, so that you can build your own website – and enjoy doing it!

History of the Site…

We were founded in 2010 by the entrepreneurial, husband and wife dream-team of Jeremy and Connie Wong. Tired of the “9 to 5” and keen to start an online business together – despite not having a clue how to do so – the pair left their jobs in order to do something more creative and meaningful.

After discovering a serious lack of online resources for non-technical entrepreneurs like themselves, Jeremy and Connie took it upon themselves to put their growing web builder expertise to use and started Website Builder Expert.

Fast-forward a few years (and several hundred hours of practical, hands-on experience!) and WBE has become the web’s leading resource for in-depth and impartial advice on website builders.

In June 2017, Website Builder Expert was acquired by MVF, a global business with a number of leading websites that help entrepreneurs and companies grow by providing expert online resources – just like WBE.

Founders Connie and Jeremy took the decision to sell to MVF because of their understanding of the WBE brand, respect for what had been built and president Titus Sharpe’s ongoing commitment to providing the same expert content that has made the site such a success.

“Over the years we’ve been approached by many businesses that wanted to buy WBE, but we’ve always declined because we could only sell to people who truly understood the needs of our readers. Having spent weeks getting to know Titus and the MVF team, we’re confident that WBE is in safe hands. There’s no doubt in my mind that they’re the perfect people to push WBE to the next level and beyond the helpful resource we envisioned all those years ago.” – Jeremy Wong

The Website Builder Expert Team

You’ll see our names popping up across the site, so here’s a quick intro to the team:

Jeremy and Connie are the founders of Website Builder Expert. They’re still on-hand to help the new team settle in, and to ensure all the things that make WBE so special remain the same.

Titus is the president of our parent company MVF and an award-winning serial entrepreneur. He has numerous successful websites in his portfolio – all of which he built from scratch. He’s our in-house expert, providing useful advice and sharing his first hand experiences of building digital brands.

Cameron is our resident technical whiz and site manager. He’s responsible for making sure everything works on a day to day basis – we don’t know what we’d do without him (seriously though, he makes all the coffees..!).

Tom and Josh are the dynamic duo responsible for looking after on-site content, such as our in-depth articles and reviews. You’ll also find them answering any questions you may have in the comments.

Both are experts in website building, having created and designed multiple sites each. Tom regularly writes about all topics web-related, while Josh is an expert on the importance of web design for small businesses.

How We Became Experts…

When we started out, we didn’t know the first thing about building websites, coding, or domain names. It definitely wasn’t an ideal starting position – which probably sounds familiar to someone just starting out, like you!

It’s taken us hundreds of hours of hands-on experience to get to grips with the ins and outs of the web’s most popular website builders. We’ve made websites, we’ve used the tools, we’ve identified the pros and cons of each builder and – while there’s always more to learn – we’re in a great position to offer other non-technical and struggling entrepreneurs the support we never had when starting out.

To complement the existing on-site expertise, the team at MVF specialize in helping individuals and small businesses to set up and grow. We started out running a web design agency back in the day, so we like to think we’re pretty switched on when it comes to all things website design and building.

So How Are We Different?

For starters, we know how painful it is to get started with building websites – we’ve been there ourselves and struggled.

Our site is different to other website builder resources because we’ve spent the time actually using the various website builders, instead of just testing them in a superficial way. This means our reviews and tutorials for each website builder are based on real working experiences.

We’re absolutely committed to providing quality, unbiased information to you, our readers, so that you can make the best decisions for yourself, your business and your website.

We know and understand the website builders intimately and would have loved a resource like WBE when starting out, so if we can help you to avoid the struggles we went through, then that’s a win in our book!

Please note that we have not been given any free products, services or anything else by these companies in exchange for mentioning them.  We are very selective in who we review, based only on our own working experiences.   So the website builders that we’ve reviewed are the ones that we’ve actually used in the past in building real websites (for our own projects), and we know them inside and out.  And we share the goods and the bads, and everything in between so we try not to be biased in any way.  Please also read our Disclosure Statement on how we get commissions to support this website – There are infrastructure and systems expenses associated with running this blog (not to mention our time!)

If you have any questions regarding the above, please do not hesitate to contact us (our email is below).

We genuinely hope we’ve been helpful and good luck on your website!

Cameron, Tom and Josh

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