Website Builder Expert’s Editorial Code

Thanks so much for taking the time to read our Editorial Code. We’re really proud of what we’ve built here, and it’s great to be able to share how we’ve worked to put the ‘Expert’ in ‘Website Builder Expert’ over the seven years we’ve been online. 

A lot of time and effort goes into ensuring we deliver you information that is both accurate and balanced, and we have a number of processes in place to keep it this way:

  1. Firstly, we never review a website builder or ecommerce platform without first using it ourselves. Like, never. We actually don’t even understand how you could! 
  2. We have worked closely with a qualified researcher (MA in Social Research, MRS member) to develop a fair and quantitative process for evaluating and ranking the products we review – and we stick to it. Each article written for the site is checked twice to ensure it is both generally accurate, and reflective of our research findings. All the top website builders and ecommerce platforms go through our full research process.
  3. An important part of this research process is user testing. We give five people with mixed technical ability an hour to build a website for a fictitious business using a builder. We then check in with them to see how they found the experience, and how likely they would be to recommend that builder to a friend. That way, each product isn’t just rated on how good we find it – it’s about how good people like you find it. We always want to paint the full picture. 
  4. But the story doesn’t end when an article is published. The online world is a fast-moving one, and every month, we check for updates across the board. As products develop, we amend the content and ratings on our site accordingly. That said, if ever you spot something that seems incorrect, please email us ( and we’ll jump right on it. 
  5. We do make some money (or ‘affiliate commission’) if you sign up to certain products after visiting our site, but we will always represent a product fairly  – ‘cons’ and all. Make no mistake: we are very selective about who we work with, regularly turning down partnerships with companies whose products we just can’t get behind. 
  6. Most of the products we write about come with either a free trial, a free plan, or a money-back guarantee. Simply put, if you’re not happy to commit to a product after trying it out, we won’t make a penny. It really is in our best interest to only recommend products and services we can genuinely vouch for, and that’s exactly what we do. 
  7. Any affiliate commission we do earn comes directly out of the pocket of the company behind the product. It never costs you, our readers, a penny more than if you’d signed up independently – and we’d never have it any other way. Companies have a dedicated budget for affiliate marketing, just as they’d set aside money for any advertising campaign. 

But the proof is in the pudding. We may put a lot of time, effort, and expertise into each and every article on Website Builder Expert – but how do we know that we’re getting it right?

  • In 2018, over 4.5 million people came to our site in search of help, advice, and recommendations for building and hosting their websites. We’re pleased to report that this number is only on the up. 
  • We regularly send our own friends and family to our site for advice. From Hannah’s stepsister starting a wedding supplier business, to Lucy’s mom looking to sell her handmade soap online, we send people we know to Website Builder Expert with confidence, knowing they’ll find all the information they need.
  • How do we know we’re on the right track? You tell us we are! We are overwhelmed by the number of people who comment on our articles telling us how helpful they’ve found them, and how they’re now successfully online as a result. Please, keep them coming – they really make our day!

“Thank you so much Charlie for this very informative article. I am the single owner of a small start-up and was searching for an affordable way to have a website. Internet research was overwhelming (not to mention mind-boggling) until I came across your article which helped in guiding my decision… Thanks!”Eve

And that’s us! 

For more information on how we started, as well as our team, please take a look at our About Us page. For a detailed look at how we evaluate the products we review, read up on our Research Process. Or if you want to know more about how we make money, check out our Disclosure

And if there’s anything else you’d like to know, please drop us an email at We’d love to hear from you!