15 Proven Strategies for Skyrocketing Your Blog Subscribers

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Your content is up and running on a blogging platform, and you’re penning killer articles that provide deep insights. The only problem is that you could do with a few more subscribers signing up to your blog to maximize readership.

If you’re looking to grow subscribers, this guide is for you. We’ve got 15 tried-and-tested strategies to significantly boost blog subscribers. Let’s turn occasional readers into loyal followers.

1. Create Targeted Content

Homepage for Google Keyword Planner
Keyword planners can give you ideas and help you rank in search engines.

Creating targeted content is step one in growing your blog subscribers. Research topic ideas that spark your audience’s interest – a fitness blog, for example, might see you create 15-minute workouts that can be performed by busy professionals. The goal is to craft content around their needs, like a “Home Workouts for Busy Individuals” series.

Keyword optimization is also key. Tools like Google Keyword Planner help pinpoint terms your audience searches for, like “quick home workouts.” Once you know what these popular search terms are, you can write using your audience’s language, keeping posts relatable and straightforward, so they strike the right chords.

Trending and evergreen topics are another aspect that can help you create more content depth. A mixture of both keeps your content fresh, engaging, and subscriber-magnet-ready while showing that you’re both on top of the latest trends and capable of writing words that stand the test of time.

2. Implement Content Upgrades

Use content upgrades to boost your subscriber base after you’ve started a blog. What does that look like? Well,  begin by identifying high-traffic blog posts on your site – the ones everyone loves reading. Then, create relevant lead magnets – like checklists or ebooks – that further explore the post’s topic.

Place opt-in forms strategically within the post, enticing readers with these lead magnets, and once you’ve upgraded your content, promote it on social media and other platforms, spotlighting the added value awaiting your readers.

Using this tactic is helpful for two primary reasons – it rewards existing readers with additional resources while also attracting new subscribers seeking the type of in-depth content you offer.

3. Use Eye-Catching Pop-Ups

A person squatting on a website
Clothing site Bonobos offers a 15% off pop-up, encouraging users to shop with the brand.

Using pop-ups is a smart way to capture the attention of your audience and get them to subscribe to your blog. Timing is key here, as you don’t want to come across as intrusive or disrupt readers. Yet, the aim should be to get pop-ups appearing when readers are most engaged, as it typically leads to higher opt-in rates.

Pillow maker Marlow grabs your attention as soon as the homepage loads. This full-screen welcome mat captures your entire focus but is a bold strategy that maintains a minimal design and features a noticeable call-to-action, so visitors aren’t inundated.

Alt text: "A pop-up window offering early access to a sale of up to 40% off
Marlow’s pop-up CTA takes over the screen as soon as you land on the website when visitors are most engaged.

Design and copy play a vital role, too. So, create visually appealing pop-ups that captivate rather than annoy. The goal is to have a pop-up that’s noticeable but still feels like an extension of the content they’re reading.

Top tip: Offer tangible incentives to increase sign-ups and subscribers, such as discount codes or an exclusive ebook.

4. Develop a Compelling Lead Magnet

Boost your blog’s audience with a valuable resource when they sign up. Whether it’s ebooks, checklists, or webinars, pick a format you think will resonate with readers and use it as a reason to get them to hit that subscribe button.

For instance, let’s say you run a blog about gardening. Why not offer an ebook on winter indoor plant care, providing top tips and insights that readers can easily put into action? Ultimately, it doesn’t matter what your niche is – you can find a topic that adds additional value.

Once you’ve settled on a topic, promote it on social media and in blog posts. Using targeted advice is the way to go if you want to give people even more of a reason to sign up for your blog.

Top tip: Go for simple sign-up forms and test different resources to see what special content your audience prefers.

5. Personalize Your CTAs

A webpage header from 'Box' showcasing a network diagram of people and document icons with the slogan 'Simplify how you work - Secure collaboration with anyone, anywhere, on any device.
Using a simple CTA like “Get Started” is clear and to the point.

Boosting subscriber count can be a tricky feat when you’re targeting so many people, especially when everyone wants a message personalized to them. And while you might not be able to address each person with truly bespoke messaging, there are ways to add a layer of personalization to your outreach.

One way to do this involves segmenting your audience. Find out what excites different sections of readers and tailor your call to action to these groups. Doing so will give you a better chance of coming across in a more personal manner.

The Guardian does this particularly well, showing people how many articles they’ve read in the past year. It connects with people and shows just how much they value the Guardian’s articles—something readers might not take note of consciously.

A message highlighting the reader's engagement with 'The Guardian', stating 'Congratulations on being one of our top readers globally - you've read 520 articles in the last year', followed by an appeal for support due to their independent and in-depth reporting on political issues and their commitment to open, truthful news.
Guardian CTA

Also consider ramping things up a notch by adding some urgency to CTAs, perhaps through special offers. There are also personalization tokens, which can add a special touch. Turn a bland “Hello [First Name]!” into a warm “Hello Sarah!”. This tiny tweak could help you win more subscribers.

6. Encourage Social Media Engagement

View social media as your gateway to new subscribers. Platforms like Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and more have plenty of potential readers ready to start interacting with your blog.

Your first step should be to identify the place where your audience hangs out online, whether it’s X/Twitter, Reddit, or one of the many other social media platforms out there. Once you know, start crafting captivating posts that will capture their attention and share links back to your blog.

The goal is to engage, which means replying to posts, joining in conversations about topics in your niche, and giving followers value. If you’re looking to give your social media promotion a boost, try paid ads to reach a larger audience quickly.

Good to know: Social media is a two-way street. Your responsiveness will build a community and fuel your blog’s growth.

7. Prioritize Guest Blogging with CTA

Guest blogging and a strong CTA equate to a subscriber boost. Showcase your know-how by looking for opportunities to write a guest blog post on other blogs, one where there’s synergy and a shared audience.

But don’t stop at writing a great post. Reply to comments in the blog section and let readers know that you’re eager to engage in a two-way conversation. And, of course, include a catchy CTA in your guest post, encouraging readers to hit the subscribe button and become regular readers of your blog.

8. Optimize for Long-Tail Keywords

Optimizing your blog posts for long-tail keywords—phrases that are usually longer and more specific than regular keywords—will help attract hyper-specific audiences. While your keyword might not reach a broad audience, it will get in front of those looking specifically for your type of content.

For instance, a long-tail keyword like “easy vegan, gluten-free dessert recipes” might not have as much reach as “vegan recipes,” but the audience for this term is likely to be more engaged. Consequently,  you’re more likely to convert readers into subscribers, even though you’re reaching a smaller audience.

Start with thorough keyword research, uncovering phrases relevant to your blog. Strategically integrate these keywords in your content to ensure a natural flow. And aim for comprehensive content that fully addresses the topics these keywords relate to.

With the rise of voice search, tailor some keywords to match conversational phrases used in voice queries. For example, instead of using the keyword “healthy eating tips,” you might target “What are the best foods for a healthy diet?”

This nuanced approach will enhance your blog’s SEO and draw in readers who are genuinely interested in your content, paving the way for a growing subscriber base.

9. Collaborate with Influencers

A collage of three TikTok video thumbnails featuring different creators. From left to right: the first creator dislikes 'TikTok cult products', the second discusses 'THINGS INFLUENCERS/CONTENT CREATORS COULD NOT CONVINCE ME TO BUY', and the third talks about 'sustainable fashion' while getting ready. Each thumbnail features the creator's username and a play button, indicating that these are videos.
Influencers can take your blog to the next level by introducing you to a new audience.

Creating an influencer strategy and teaming up with influencers to magnify your reach and tap into their audience can be a lucrative way of boosting blog subscribers. Whether they’re micro, nano, macro, or mega influencers, find someone who aligns with your niche and shares the same values towards creating content.

Pitch a collaboration, such as turning one of your blogs into a video series or making their video into an extended piece of content. The goal should be to create a lasting collaboration that offers the chance to introduce you to each other’s audience and then become familiar faces.

Let’s say you run a sustainability blog. You could pair up with an eco-friendly product influencer and co-write a post reviewing their top green picks and getting them to share it. Their crowd discovers you; your readers meet them.

Share your collaboration across platforms to boost each other’s exposure. This synergy not only rockets your message but brings a stream of curious subscribers to your blog.

10. Host Webinars for Subscribers

Hosting webinars is an excellent way to offer value to your subscribers. Start by planning engaging topics that cater to their interests or solve pain points. Promote the webinars to your existing subscribers through email or social media to ensure a good turnout.

During the webinar, use interactive features like polls or Q&A sessions to engage the audience. Record the webinars and share them on your blog for those who missed the live session. Lastly, collect feedback to understand what worked well and what didn’t – this will help in improving your future webinars.

11. Offer Limited-Time Discounts

Offering limited-time discounts is a great way to reward your readers and entice new subscribers. Choose the right products or services that resonate with your audience. Create urgency by emphasizing the limited-time offer, urging readers to act swiftly.

Promote these discounts strategically across your blog and social media platforms so your audience is well-informed. Providing exclusivity in these offers can also make your existing subscribers feel valued while piquing the interest of potential subscribers.

12. Maintain a Consistent Posting Schedule

There’s no one-and-done approach to blog posting – it needs to be consistent and provide a pattern. Not only will this help your SEO by telling Google that you create new content regularly, but it’ll keep your readers engaged. We recommend developing a content calendar to plan out posts and stick to deadlines to build reader anticipation.

Mix up content types to keep things fresh and engaging, and use email newsletters to notify subscribers of new posts to keep them in the loop. Having a routine will keep your current subscribers hooked but also demonstrates a professional, reliable approach to blogging that connects with new subscribers happy to spread the word about your blog.

13. Leverage Interactive Content

A quiz promotion with the title 'Only Someone With A Chef IQ of 149+ Can Pass This Cooking Quiz. Can You?' featuring a still of a woman looking skeptically at a spoonful of food from the film 'What A Girl Wants'. A call to action 'LET'S PLAY!' is at the bottom, indicating it's an interactive quiz.
Quizzes are a great way to provide interactive content to readers.

Leveraging interactive content is a dynamic way to spark engagement and grow subscriber bases. Kickstart by crafting engaging quizzes and polls that entice reader interaction.

Perhaps you run a travel blog and, therefore, could create a quiz titled “What’s Your Ideal Vacation Destination?”. This interactive content serves to entertain while gathering insights into reader preferences. The results can guide future content, making your blog more tailored to reader interests.

Host live Q&A sessions where you address reader queries in real time. This approach will help foster a personal connection. Jazz things up by developing interactive infographics and offering rewards for participation, be it in contests or discussions. All of this works to create a community spirit while providing subscribers with value.

14. Collaborate with Podcasters and Video Creators

Who says your words need to stick to the laptop screen? Why not take your collaboration efforts to the next level and blast them out of the speakers by working with podcasters and video creators? Once you’ve found ones with similar audiences, reach out to appear on podcasts, host one yourself, or co-create compelling video content.

Work together to give audiences something a little extra, such as joint contests and giveaways. This approach offers the chance for mutual growth while introducing each other to a broader audience.

Podcasts are particularly helpful, as they’re one of the most popular ways for people to consume content. Get it right, and you can create a win-win strategy that boosts growth while providing highly valuable content.

Top Tip: Align your collaborations with creators who share a similar target crowd, as it helps ensure your cross-promo hits the mark and sparks meaningful engagement.

More Information: If you’re planning to create and use videos, be sure to optimize them for search engines. Use our guide on how to optimize videos for SEO if you aren’t sure where to start.

15. Adapt and Iterate

We all want to create top-notch content, but there’s always room for improvement. Recognising this is what sets good bloggers apart from great ones. Make sure you take time to look at the key metrics that provide insightful details about your blog, such as click-through rate and time spent on the page. By doing this, you’ll be able to identify areas that could use some work.

It’s also necessary to ask for subscriber feedback, as your readers are the ones with the real opinions that can make or break your blog. What do they like, and what can be improved on? Their feedback might lead to your experimenting with different approaches and adding more strings to your bow with different types of content.

As well as feedback, pay close attention to your competitors. See what you can learn and adapt to improve your blog further.

Top tip: Stay informed and educated on the latest trends. Your ability to adapt and iterate will be what gives you the edge.

Summary: 15 Strategies for Skyrocketing Your Blog Subscribers

Our 15 top tips above are all designed to help you boost your blog’s subscriber count. From crafting compelling content to mastering SEO, you now have a ton of strategies at your fingertips to drive new visitors to your blog.

Before you go, why not check out our 6 blog formatting tips to keep your readers engaged? And don’t forget to share any additional tips or success stories in the comments below to help inspire others.

FAQs for Blog Strategies

To increase blog subscribers, deliver valuable, unique content consistently. Employ SEO techniques and promote your blog through social media and guest blogging.
Make your blog stand out by finding a niche, developing a unique voice, and providing high-quality, insightful content that solves problems or entertains.
Use relevant keywords naturally, ensure your blog is mobile-friendly, and get high-quality backlinks from reputable sites. If you want more SEO tips, check out our guide to the SEO basics.
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