Instagram Live Shopping: How to Use It to Reach Customers?

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Instagram is arguably the top social media platform for brands looking to get in front of and engage their target audience. This is especially true for ecommerce brands that have often found success by using the tools Instagram provides to engage potential customers and convince them to buy.

In this article, we explore Instagram Live Shopping and how to get the most from this powerful marketing and selling tool.

What Is Instagram Live Shopping?

Instagram Live is a key feature of the Instagram platform. It allows users to broadcast videos to their followers in real-time. It is one of three main video features on the app alongside in-feed videos and Stories – all of which can (and should) be added to your video marketing strategy

But Instagram Live is the only feature that lets you stream videos… well, live.

Live functionality has helped create highly engaging and exciting experiences on the platform – which makes it popular amongst influencers and brand accounts. 

Instagram Live Shopping has added a new feature to Instagram Live that allows accounts to tag products that are featured in a live stream. This offers users the option to directly follow the link and purchase the product – opening a new sales channel. Only accounts that have checkout capability can use Instagram Live Shopping – so, it only works for those with Business or Creator accounts (not a Personal account).

Why Pay Attention to Instagram Live Shopping?

Why does Instagram Live Shopping Matter? 

The tool allows businesses and creators to seamlessly connect viewers with products. This makes those products easier to buy and lowers resistance… it means you no longer have to tell viewers to “follow the link in our bio” or explain where they can find the product. 

It also opens up a whole new channel of selling, helping brands connect personalities and products. This is a time-proven method for generating buzz around products and creating sales. 

Instagram Live Shopping also allows for better storytelling, facilitates creator/brand collaborations, and helps brands connect products with the challenges they help fix. We will explore how some of these can help you better reach customers in the next section. 

So, ready to get the most from Instagram Live Shopping for your brand? Then read on for some Instagram Live Shopping examples…

Reaching Customers With Instagram Shopping

Entice Customers With Early Access 

Live video streams are a fantastic way to generate buzz. Unlike pre-recorded videos which are often edited, the raw nature of live videos allows businesses to add a more human touch to their sales and marketing. 

One way to make viewers feel special with live shopping is by using it to launch products or offer early access. This can make your streams highly desirable, enticing customers to join your stream and follow the links to the tagged products. 

For example, you may follow this series of steps: 

  1. Get a new product ready to launch 
  2. Tease the product/launch date with normal social media posts 
  3. Go live and walk viewers through the new product 
  4. Provide a tag so customers can be the first to buy the product

Promote Your Stream Before Going Live 

One downside to live streams is the fact that you rely on your audience being available to engage at the exact time you go live. When you simply jump on a live, with no warning, even those who want to join the stream may miss the opportunity. 

This is why it can be beneficial to promote your streams before going live. Here is how: 

  1. Schedule your live stream 
  2. Promote your stream via various marketing methods (social media, email marketing, on your website)
  3. Use your social media feeds to publish “going live in [insert time]” content
  4. GO LIVE (at the scheduled time)

Advice from the Experts

If you want future live streams to be a success it is important to go live at the time you have promoted, otherwise people will lose trust in what you say. 

Pink Instagram post advertising an upcoming live stream
Use your Instagram feed to inform your followers of upcoming lives.

Keep Streams Short & Entertaining 

Instagram Live videos can be up to 4 hours long. Long-form content in this format can be beneficial in some scenarios, such as when you are doing a deep dive into a subject or offering a longer look at how to use your products or services. 

However, shorter, more exciting, and more entertaining videos tend to be better for those looking to promote the use of shopping tags in videos. This is because your primary aim is to generate buzz and excitement around the product, sending viewers through to where they can find out more about it and make a purchase. 

Do a Q&A

Connecting live stream Q&As with product tags is a powerful way to drive sales. This approach to selling allows brands to directly answer the concerns of potential customers and link customer needs directly with the product benefits. 

For example, an online bakery equipment shop may use a Q&A live stream to take questions from viewers. This would likely cover subjects such as compatibility with other products, how to use key features of products, and tips on how to get the most from certain products. 

As viewers can ask exactly what they want to know about the product, it will help quickly and easily get an answer – helping them to decide whether the product is right for them. 

Collaborate With Influencers

Earlier in this guide, we mentioned how Instagram Live Shopping is the perfect tool for brands to use alongside influencers on Instagram

Where previously an influencer representing a product would need to describe where that product can be found, with Live Shopping they can seamlessly tag through to products. 

This is due to functionality that allows checkout-enabled stores to provide influencers and creators with access to include their products in their live streams. 

Instagram video post from The Luxury Traveller showing a sunny beach
Influencers are experts in creating highly engaging video content.

Deliver Informative or Educational Content 

There are several approaches you can take to using Instagram Live Shopping in order to drive sales. One approach is to keep it short and engaging – developing a buzz around the product in order to make sales. Another is to focus on delivering highly informative and educational content around the product or the product area. 

This approach will help you attract those who are interested in learning about your product niche. So, this is a good option for those that sell products that can be used as part of a process or as a tool. 

For example, an online DIY store may create live videos that show a DIY project being completed in real time. During the video, they could include tags for the power tools which are being used throughout. 

This is a great way to make your content comprehensive. Showing your audience what to do and where they can buy what they need.

Instagram Live Shopping: Summary

It is clear that Instagram Live Shopping can be a powerful tool in helping drive engagement, boost sales and make money on Instagram to increase profit for your business. The tips we have outlined in this guide will help you get the most from the Instagram Live Shopping feature. 

So, what are you waiting for – why not go live and reach your customers in a new and compelling way today? 


Instagram live shopping is a tool that allows those cart-enabled accounts (Business and Creator accounts) to include tags to products in their Instagram Live streams with their audience.
Getting the most from Instagram Live Shopping is all about getting more people to view your live streams and generating higher levels of engagement. This can be done in many ways such as promoting your scheduled live streams via other marketing methods and keeping your live streams short, high energy, and to the point.
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