Learn Basic Codes and Graphics Skills

lyndaWhen we first started building websites and editing images for our websites, we discovered that we lacked some very basic coding (HTML / CSS) and image editing skills.

We didn’t want to become professional coders, but we wanted to at least know some basics so we can make changes on our own instead of hiring freelance coders all the time.  

Hiring freelancers for help can be costly over the long run, and we just didn’t want to wait days to make minor changes if we knew how to do them.

For some website builders where they allow you to access their HTML / CSS editor, knowing some basic codes can literally mean that you can customize your own design, which is very helpful.

So decided that we want to invest in ourselves to pick up some technical skills.

There are a lot of free tutorials available out there for codes and photoshop editing.  We’ve gone through some of them, but we didn’t feel like we were getting the most out of them. For us, we prefer to have a structured workshop / class, with a qualified instructor holding our hands through a defined series of lessons.  Further, it takes a lot of time to scour the web for helpful tutorials.

This is when we turned to Lynda.com.

How Lynda Can Help You

They delivery their lessons in video formats so it’s very easy to follow. We really like their video tutorials as it makes learning impressive techniques easy.

When we first started building websites, we had a little bit of graphics and coding knowledge and Lynda.com really helped us speed up our learning curves since we discovered them.

Have a look at this beginner HTML course (click here) – you’ll get a sense of how each class is laid out. On the right hand side on the course outline, you can watch the tutorial videos that are in blue text (free to watch) and get a sense of their teaching style.

Keep in mind they have a really broad range of topics and you get all of them. It’s really an excellent source of learning.

3 Impressive Aspects of Lynda

We were particularly impressed about 3 things:

1) The tutorials allow us to continually polish our skills so we don’t become outdated. When we see something interesting that other designers and coders have done, we always go to Lynda to learn them.

2) Lynda allows us to download complete tutorial exercise files. Not only do we get to play around with them, the really useful part is that we don’t have to start building files from scratch, and can just use the psd/css/html/jquery files as bases to start building. Saves us a TON of time.

3) Lynda has a good variation of tutorials that are suitable for beginner level to advanced users. As we progressed in our skills level, we felt that Lynda grows along with us.  We can always go back and there will be something new for us to learn. This is one of the things that we really appreciate as we were once a beginner before as well!

Risk Free Trial

Although Lynda are a paid membership site, you receive access to ALL the tutorials across all sorts of categories, and they’re continually updating their classes so your skills will never become outdated.

Imagine paying a college to go back to school to learn a few things, it’s going to cost thousands and you only learn very narrow topics.

For Lynda, for a small monthly fee you get to learn whatever you want, whenever you want, at the comfort of your own home.

If you are serious about improving your knowledge and skills, you should consider checking out Lynda, not to mention that they offer a 7-day free trial so it completely removes all risks from you.  Lynda really helped us out and we really recommend checking them out.

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