15 Best Selling Pet Products

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We all love our pets. Our four-legged friends quickly become part of the family and many pet owners don’t think twice about spoiling their furry and not-so-furry companions. 

That’s why selling pet products online is a big business. From the finest food to luxurious beds, pets are living a life of luxury and there’s never been a bigger market for pet products. 

With that in mind, we’ve compiled this list of 15 best-selling pet products you should consider selling online. 

1. Pet Food Delivery Services

Food delivery services have become increasingly popular in recent years but they’re not just for humans. 

Pet food delivery services send high-quality pet food straight to the owner’s door, allowing them to feed their pets the finest foods without even having to leave the house. 

If you’re thinking about selling pet food delivery services online then it’s important to make sure you offer a personalized service. The delivery services that do the best are those that allow pet owners to pick exactly what meals they want to feed their animals. 

Try to source the highest quality ingredients and make sure you offer order tracking and multiple delivery options so that customers can select the day and time they want their meals to arrive.  

Usually, pet food delivery services will offer bespoke discounts and offers to encourage long-term sign-ups, such as money off multiple deliveries or a referral code for friends and family. 

2. Smart Pet Feeders

It seems like there’s a smart version of everything these days and pet feeders are no exception. 

Smart pet feeders allow pet owners to schedule and control pet feeding via a smartphone app. This means that even if they aren’t home, they can set the feeder to release a specific amount of food at a set time. 

This is the perfect item for busy pet owners who don’t want to leave a day’s supply of food out in case their beloved pet eats it all in one go. 

Smart pet feeders are still a relatively new and unique item so be sure to put together a marketing promotion strategy that details exactly how they work and what they will contribute to a pet owner’s day-to-day life. 

3. GPS Pet Trackers

The fear of losing a pet is enough to keep owners awake at night. Maybe you let your dog off its lead at the park and lose sight of him, or your cat wanders the local neighborhood and you worry they won’t find their way home. That’s where GPS pet trackers come in. 

A pet tracker links to a smartphone app that allows pet owners to track the location of their pets in real-time. The tracker is usually attached to the pet’s collar and is waterproof and durable, meaning it can survive even the wettest of dog walks. 

Selling GPS pet trackers online is a great way to alleviate the fears of your target audience. Showcase how your product can give them peace of mind and help them avoid a worst-case scenario. 

4. Pet Cameras

One of the best pet products to sell online is a pet camera. Pet cameras allow pet owners to keep track of what their pets are up to from anywhere in the world. 

From discovering if it’s really the dog who keeps stealing food from the kitchen counter to getting an insight into what the cat gets up to when it’s left alone all day, pet cameras offer both a sense of security and a great source of entertainment for pet owners. 

If you decide to sell pet cameras online be sure to provide customers with all the information they need on setting them up and getting them working. You could even run a fun online campaign encouraging customers to share the funniest thing they’ve caught on their pet camera!

5. Automatic Litter Boxes

Catlit pet litter box product page
This cat product store includes a detailed product description to explain how its automatic litter box works.

Most pet owners would tell you that the worst part about having a pet is the clean-up process. 

Automatic litter boxes, therefore, are the perfect pet product to sell online if you want to target customers’ pain points and offer them a solution. 

Automatic litter boxes can automate processes such as scooping and cleaning, waste disposal, and odor control. 

When it comes to selling automatic litter boxes online make sure you take the time to source high-quality products, the last thing you want is angry customers kicking up a stink (pun intended) who discover their litter boxes aren’t working as they should. 

6. Chew Toys

Chew toys are essential for all dog owners, helping to sustain dental health and mental stimulation. They’re also pretty handy for giving our four-legged friends something to chew on that’s not the furniture!

If you decide to sell chew toys online one of the most important things to take into account is the quality of the materials and products. Chew toys need to be safe and durable, there’s no point selling ones that will fall apart after 10 minutes of chewing!

In order to build a good reputation for your online brand and to keep customers coming back, you need to source chew toys of the highest quality. You should also think about ways to make your chew toys stand out from the competition, such as offering special scents and flavors or unique shapes and sizes. 

7. Cat Scratchers

Anyone with a cat will tell you about the gut-wrenching moment when you hear them getting their claws stuck into the sofa. It’s perhaps no surprise then that cat scratchers are one of the top-selling pet products online. 

Cat scratchers provide cats with a safe and satisfying way to scratch their claws…keeping furniture and soft furnishings intact!

For brands who want to sell cat scratchers online, the key is to design or source unique product options. There are plenty of cat scratchers on the market so what makes yours stand out? 

Think about offering unique shapes or sizes or why not sell cat scratchers with quirky designs and colors? Many people find cat scratchers to be somewhat of an eyesore so offering a range of cat scratchers that look aesthetically pleasing and will slot into people’s home decor seamlessly is sure to be a winner. 

8. Dog Beds

One of the best-selling dog products on the market is dog beds. For owners who treat their dogs like one of the family, a high-quality and comfortable bed for man’s best friend is essential. 

Dog bed product page
This online store sells luxury dog beds for pet owners who are looking to treat their furry friends.

The dog bed market is vast and there are various types that you can specialize in including stylish dog beds, luxury dog beds, orthopedic dog beds, cooling dog beds, and memory foam dog beds. 

In such a vast industry it’s always best to choose a niche. This allows you to target a small and specific audience whose engagement will raise your brand profile. 

More Information

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9. Pet Grooming Kits

We all like to take care of our appearance and make sure we’re looking our best but guess what? Our pets are no different! That’s why pet grooming kits are one of the best pet products to sell online. 

Pet grooming kits usually include various different tools for brushing, clipping, bathing, and trimming – everything pet owners need to keep their pets looking pristine! 

If you decide to sell pet grooming kits online, a top tip is to make sure you’re targeting the right audience base. Not everyone knows they need to groom their pets so focus on creating informative content that educates whilst promoting your products. 

10. Pet Carriers

Pet carriers allow pet owners to travel with their pets comfortably and safely. Whether it’s a trip to the vet or a family road trip, taking pets outside of the home doesn’t need to be stressful. 

When sourcing pet carriers to sell online, the most important thing to consider is the overall design. 

The carriers you sell need to be big enough to fit different-sized pets and be comfortable for pets to travel in. You also need to think about the materials used to create the carriers these need to be durable, breathable, and easy to clean. 

11. Collars and Leashes

Almost every dog owner will buy at least one collar and leash at some point in their pet’s life, making these one of the best-selling dog products to choose from. 

Dog collars and leashes come in all different sizes, styles, materials, and colors. 

Categorizing your products is key to selling collars and leashes effectively. For example, you could group them on your website according to dog breed or size, allowing users to select the type of dog they are buying for. 

Or you can label your products dependent on their styles such as matching sets, LED options, or reflective and adjustable collars. It’s even better if your customers can filter your product pages according to these categories, too!

Making sure you categorize your products correctly is essential if you want users to have the best possible experience when navigating and shopping on your website. 

12. Dog Training Pads

Dog training pads are an essential item for all pet owners during the first few weeks at home with their new puppy. 

Dog training pads come in all shapes and sizes and are a hygienic way of toilet training young and old dogs, reducing the amount of mess owners have to clean up in their homes. 

They may not be the most exciting product but they are a necessity, and nowadays dog training pads are available in various vibrant colors, patterns, and designs. Selling these is a great way to attract customers to your store and get ahead of the competition. 

The best types of dog training pads are waterproof and turn liquid into gel to prevent leaks – make sure you offer these for the best chance of satisfied and returning customers. 

13. Pet Stain and Odor Removers

As much as we love them, animals smell. This is the main reason why pet stain and odor removers are so popular with pet owners. 

The best way to make your stain and odor removers stand out is to make sure you’re offering something different for customers. This could be anything from chemical-free and  sustainable products, to products with specific scents. 

Pet stain and odor removers don’t have to be boring and if you can make yours unique you’ll have a great chance of attracting customers to your brand.

14. Pet Supplements and Vitamins

One of the best-selling pet products right now is pet supplements and vitamins. Wellbeing and nutrition is a big business but it’s not just for humans – animals are getting in on the action too. 

Pet supplements and vitamins offer pet owners the chance to keep their animals healthy, and different types target different areas from healthy joints to shiny teeth and fur.

Pet vitamin online store
A great business idea is to offer your pet supplements on a subscription like this online store so that owners never run out.

Pet supplements and vitamins are a great pet product to sell online due to the huge number of pet owners out there,all of whom want to keep their pets in the best health. 

If you decide to sell pet supplements and vitamins online, however, it’s crucial that you give customers all the essential information. Whether it’s theingredient lists or details about which animals can take which supplements, make sure to include it in your product listings. 

15. Pet-Friendly Cleaning Products

One of the best-selling pet products that continues to grow in popularity is pet-friendly cleaning products. 

Ensuring the products we use to clean our homes are safe and non-toxic for animals is crucial if we have pets. 

Some of the best product categories to opt for include eco-friendly and toxin-free products, as well as products with specific qualities such as being effective at removing pet hair or stains. 

Selling pet-friendly cleaning products allows you to target key niches within your target audience, such as those concerned about protecting the environment and those looking for products that promise certain results.  

15 Best-Selling Pet Products: Summary

It’s never been easier to launch your own online pet store, and as we’ve proven, the choice of products you can sell is vast. From vitamins and supplements for pets to dog beds and automatic litter boxes, there’s something for everyone. 

For even more expert guidance on selling pet products online, check out our guide to how to sell pet supplies online next! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Pet items are some of the most popular items you can sell online. Why? Because there are millions of pet owners worldwide, all of whom are looking for items to improve the lives of their pets.

There are various ways you can source pet products to sell online. You can find a respected supplier and bulk order items, fulfilling the orders yourself, or you can use a dropshipping supplier who will manage the fulfillment for you. If you want to offer truly bespoke items, we’d recommend designing and manufacturing your pet products yourself. 

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