10 Best Hair Products To Sell Online

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Finding the right niche for your online store is crucial and as the beauty industry continues to boom, many retailers are looking for a way to get in on the action.

Selling hair products online can be a great way of targeting a large audience while still offering you the ability to sell unique and targeted products.

So why start selling online rather than purely in person? For many time-challenged and digital-savvy customers, online is becoming the preferred way to shop – meaning it’s the perfect time to source hair products to sell online.

If you’re unsure which hair products will provide the best ROI then look no further. We’ve put together the 10 best hair products to sell online so that you can be sure your ecommerce business won’t give you any gray hairs…

Why Sell Hair Products Online?

Hair products is a relatively broad term that spans an array of different product lines from shampoos and conditioners to treatments, vegan ranges, and salon-standard supplies.

This broad scope means there are plenty of opportunities to find the right products for your online store and thanks to the fact that a rather large chunk of the population has hair on their head, you’re never going to be without a target market.

Selling hair products online is also a smart move thanks to the extensive opportunity there is for repeat business.

Hair products aren’t a one-off purchase, people are going to go through multiple bottles of shampoo or hairspray in their lifetime, which gives you a major opportunity to encourage repeat custom for your online store.

As the hair industry has grown, so too have customer demands. It’s no longer enough to just shampoo and condition your hair. Customers now want hair treatments, styling products, and heat protectants, meaning the options for which hair products to sell online feel endless.

Find Out More

We interviewed Olivia Bae, co-founder of cruelty free, pH balanced hair care brand PERSEVE, to find out about their brand’s journey and how they hit $200,000 in sales in 10 months. Read the full interview with PERSEVE to hear what Olivia had to say!

10 Best Hair Products to Sell Online

Below we’ve put together a list of the 10 best hair products to sell online.

#1. Hair Masks and Treatments

As we’ve already mentioned, everyday hair care routines now go far beyond just a quick shampoo and condition.

Hair masks and treatments are becoming increasingly popular as people look for ways to keep their hair in the very best condition.

When sourcing hair masks and treatments to sell online look for ones that target specific issues or hair types. You’ll then be able to use this to target the exact audience who would benefit from your products.

Advice from the Experts

Top Tip: Remember to explain how your hair masks and treatments will treat hair issues without over-promising something you can’t deliver.

#2. Vegan Haircare

The demand for vegan products of all kinds has grown exponentially in recent years and hair products are no different.

For those who follow a vegan diet or are conscious of avoiding animal products, finding vegan haircare products can be tricky.

Vegamour have developed their own range of vegan haircare to sell online.

If you decide to opt for vegan products remember to check for two key things:

  1. The product contains no animal products.
  2. The product wasn’t tested on animals.

Highlighting that your products are vegan and cruelty-free will help to position your brand ethos – something many customers are looking for before they decide to shop with an online store.

#3. Dry Shampoo

People’s lives are busier than ever before and for some, that means having to skip hair-wash day. Luckily there’s an answer to ensure hair is looking fresh: dry shampoo.

Selling dry shampoo online is a great choice if you want to target a wide audience. With dry shampoo products, you can use your online store and your marketing to target different audience groups who may benefit from your product, such as gym users and busy parents.

Dry shampoo comes in an array of different forms and you can create or source different scents and strengths, allowing you to develop an extensive product line featuring multiple varieties.

Remember to include information on how to use your dry shampoo within your packaging to ensure both a great user experience and health and safety.

#4. Eco-Friendly Hair Care

Just like vegan products, eco-friendly products have experienced a surge in popularity.

As we all take steps to help save the planet, people are looking for environmentally-friendly alternatives to everyday items, including hair care products.

There are an array of different eco-friendly hair care products you can choose from to sell online including shampoo bars and bamboo hair brushes.

You can also create or source products that use eco-friendly ingredients and packaging.

Remember to always ensure every step of your ecommerce business is eco-friendly if you go down this route. There’s no point selling eco-friendly products if they’re going to arrive wrapped in plastic!

#5. Products for Curly Hair

Selling hair care products aimed at specific hair types is another great option for online hair care stores.

One of the most popular hair care types to target is curly hair. Often generic, mainstream hair care products do more damage than good to curly hair, meaning people with curly locks have to search for a more bespoke alternative.

only curls best hair products example
Only Curls noticed a gap in the market for products for curly hair and is now a successful ecommerce business.

One of the keys to selling hair products for curly hair is to be clear about your ingredient lists.

Make sure you include a list on your product page for each item that clearly lists all of the ingredients, allowing customers to make an informed decision about making a purchase.

#6. Temporary Hair Dye

Not everyone is brave enough to permanently dye their hair, which makes temporary hair dye a great product option for your online store.

You can select from an array of colors and shades to stock as well as multiple different variants such as sprays, box dye kits, and even hair paint.

Compliment your product line with website content such as blogs and videos that will showcase how to use your products to full effect.

Remember to share this content on social media to attract more customers to your store and position yourselves as experts.

#7. Heat Protectant

It seems like almost everyone uses heat on their hair these days.

Whether it’s a hair dryer, hair straighteners, or a curling iron, most of us are guilty of applying the heat and leaving our locks a little frazzled.

With the growing popularity of hair tools comes the need for heat protectants, something your online store can take advantage of.

The key to selling heat protectants online is ensuring your product is of the highest quality and actually does what it promises.

#8. Salon-Grade Hair Care

Once upon a time, you could only get salon-grade hair products at, you guessed it, the hair salon.

In recent years however, online stores have been popping up that allow customers to purchase salon-grade hair care to use at home.

Selling salon-grade hair care on your online store is a great way to stand out from the competition because chances are, you’ll be offering something that they’re not.

As salon-grade hair care often differs from the bottles we are used to having in our bathroom cabinets, be sure to include extensive how-to guides and before and after results on your website.

#9. Men's Hair Care

The world of men’s cosmetics continues to grow, making men’s hair products a great option for your online store.

Traditionally the cosmetics and beauty industry has been dominated by products targeted at women, but not anymore.

More and more men are looking for bespoke hair care solutions, whether it’s everyday shampoos, gray hair fighting treatments, or hair loss prevention.

Encouraging men to purchase your products all comes down to your branding. Think about the kind of customer you’re targeting, such as their age and interests, and use this to form the theme of your branding.

For example, men traditionally aren’t willing to commit as much time to their haircare routine so positioning your products as quick and easy solutions may be a great way of attracting customers to your online store.

#10. Chemical-Free Hair Care

The final hair product on our list is chemical-free hair care.

Now more than ever people are conscious about what they put in and on their bodies. Hair products are no different.

Sourcing or creating hair products that are chemical-free allows you to target a health-conscious audience.

If you decide to sell chemical-free products it’s important to not just tell people about your chemical-free credentials but to show them too.

Include ingredient lists and blog posts on your website that detail what your products contain.

Hair Products to Sell Online: Summary

With so many options for hair products to sell online, you’re sure to find the right products for your online store.

Of course, selecting your products is only part of the story when it comes to running an ecommerce business that attracts customers and makes a profit.

Remember that whichever hair care products you decide to sell, you’ll need to market your brand, create an excellent customer experience, and ensure your product shipping and returns are up to scratch.

Make sure you let us know in the comments which of these hair care products you opt to sell online and of course, how you get on!

Frequently Asked Questions

Hair products are a great item to sell online because there is so much customer demand. They also provide great opportunities for repeat sales and you can find multiple niches to target key audience segments. 
There are various ways you can source hair products to sell online. Of course, you can opt to make your own if you have the knowledge to do so, but you can also source products to sell online from a wholesale supplier, or use dropshipping to source and sell your hair care products. 
There are various ways you can sell hair care products online but we recommend building your own ecommerce store. We recommend using a website builder such as Shopify, Wix, or BigCommerce in order to easily create a unique ecommerce website. 
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