10 Best Online Shopping Websites

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Online shopping has multiple benefits. No pushing through crowds or pounding the aisles until your feet hurt – with hundreds of retailers at your fingertips you can browse thousands of products all from the comfort of your own home. 

From food to fashion, beauty to technology, you can buy literally anything online. 

In today’s world of ecommerce and online browsing, online shopping websites make it easy to find what you want and quickly make a purchase. 

In this article, we’ll take a look at 10 of the best online shopping websites and what you can learn from each. 

What Makes a Great Shopping Website?

First things first, what makes a great online shopping website? We’ve listed the key features below that help online shopping websites stand out and attract customers.

Easy navigation – You need to make the experience of shopping on your website as easy as in-person shopping. Everyone knows how to navigate a shop, browsing the aisles and paying at the checkouts, and the process of buying online should be much the same. 

Clear product categories – If you’re selling a lot of products on your online shopping website then you need to include clear product categories that allow customers to easily find what they’re looking for without having to search through every single product listing. 

High-quality product photos – Unlike shopping in person, when you shop online you don’t get to see, hold, or test the product before you buy. Instead, you have to rely solely on product photos. That’s why it’s so important to include high-quality images that show your products from different angles to convince users to make a purchase. 

Simple checkout – Just like the navigation of your website, you need to ensure the checkout process for making a purchase is simple and clear. One tip for checkout page optimization is to ensure there aren’t too many steps for users to undertake before they can complete their purchase. 

Well-branded – A well-branded website helps to instill trust in your ecommerce store. Buying online is still a worrying experience for some users who fear being conned out of their money. By displaying clear branding throughout your website you’ll be showing that you’re legitimate and trustworthy. 

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10 Best Online Shopping Websites

Here are the 10 best online shopping websites to help inspire your ecommerce website. 

#1. Amazon

Amazon homepage featuring products for sale
Amazon has grown to be one of the biggest online shopping destinations in the world.

Amazon has totally changed the way we shop. The online marketplaces offer various products suitable for all budgets with fast shipping and easy returns. 

Amazon makes shopping online super simple thanks to its “buy now” buttons that allow you to speedily make a purchase, while its Prime membership option offers some of, if not the fastest shipping of any online retailer.

Thanks to the fact that Amazon houses multiple different retailers in one place, users can compare prices and browse for the best deals, creating a winning user experience for customers. 

Amazon also runs special deal days throughout the year where customers can get items on sale at great discounts, mirroring the traditional seasonal sales seen in high-street stores. 

#2. eBay

eBay's homepage featuring a dropdown of categories to browse when shopping
eBay’s categories and filtering options are extensive.

eBay is one of the most recognizable names when it comes to online shopping websites and it’s not hard to see why.

The eBay marketplace allows anyone to sell items from businesses selling their own products to individuals looking to shift second-hand goods. 

eBay allows shoppers to skip a trip to the department store and instead browse multiple product categories from vendors from around the world. 

The online shopping website also has excellent buyer protection in place, a key feature that encourages trust and allows customers to confidently make a purchase. 

Another feature that makes eBay such a great online shopping experience is the extensive filter options available to customers. Users can filter down product listings via categories such as price, brand, size, color, and consumer ratings. 

#3. Best Buy

Best Buy's homepage featuring products for sale and a large ad for a President Day's sale
The Best Buy website features the brand’s well-known blue, white, and yellow branding and color scheme.

Best Buy is one of the largest retailers selling electronic goods online so it’s no surprise that it would make our list of best online shopping websites.

What really makes Best Buy stand out from the crowd is its vast inventory of products. The website stocks hundreds if not thousands of electronic goods – but thanks to simple navigation and clear product categories, it’s still easy for users to find exactly what they’re looking for. 

Best Buy is also a great example of using branding to build trust. It has multiple bricks and mortar stores across the US and incorporates its usual blue, yellow, and white branding that customers are familiar with across its website, helping to prompt trust and boost customer relations. 

#4. Etsy

A row of Etsy collections (complete with product images) to browse for inspiration
Etsy allows users to shop collections, a combination of products based on a user's previous shopping activity.

Etsy is an online marketplace for handmade and unique goods, allowing users to purchase items they wouldn’t normally find from traditional online retailers. 

Despite being a household name, Etsy makes it easy to shop small by showcasing small, independent businesses across its website. 

What makes Etsy such a great online shopping website is its customer service. Each retailer or merchant on the marketplace is responsible for its own customer service and communications and thanks to the fact they are small, independent businesses, this usually results in exceptional service and quick response times. 

#5. Wayfair

Product page for a Wayfair sofa, featuring its price, style choices and the option to purchase
Wayfair’s product descriptions include extensive measurement details to help make shopping for large furniture online easy.

Shopping online for larger items, such as furniture, can be daunting. Without seeing items in person it’s hard to know if something will fit in the space like you’re imagining. 

Wayfair makes this list thanks to how easy it makes what can otherwise be a tricky shopping experience. 

The furniture website includes extensive product descriptions and information, featuring everything a customer needs to know about an item including dimensions and how easy it will be to assemble. 

Wayfair also features customer reviews on each product listing, allowing users to hear from real-life customers to help make an informed purchasing decision. 

Detailed product descriptions, high-quality images, and customer reviews are all ways that Wayfair makes shopping for furniture online fun and easy. 

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#6. Boohoo

Boohoo's website categories, specifically highlighting all of the sub-categories under women's clothing
Boohoo’s filtering allows shoppers to filter via use case and event, not just item type and specification.

Boohoo is a UK-based fast fashion website with tons of different products and categories to choose from. 

With so many clothing websites online, what makes Boohoo stand out from the rest? Its super niche product categories, that’s what. 

You can filter your searches down to unique terms such as “going out tops”, “wedding guest dresses” or “date outfits”. 

This is a great format to follow for brands that have a large product offering. Boohoo takes its filtering a step further than most online shopping websites by allowing users to filter results via use case e.g. “holiday dresses” as opposed to generic clothing filters such as “tops”, “jeans” etc. 

#7. ASOS

An ASOS FAQ detailing the shipping methods available in the US
ASOS offers multiple different shipping options making it a great online shopping website example.

ASOS is a clothing website that sells both own-brand designs and products from over 850 clothing and cosmetics brands. 

With so many products to showcase it’s no surprise that ASOS has simple and clear navigation and detailed filtering and categorization. 

However, ASOS is a great online shopping website mainly because of its vast shipping options. Not only does it offer nominated and next-day shipping, but it also allows customers to collect their parcels from UPS and Nordstrom collection points. 

This means every customer is able to find a shipping service that suits their needs and helps to boost the overall customer experience of shopping with ASOS. 

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#8. Kylie Cosmetics

3 images of lip models highlighting 3 Kylie Cosmetics lip products
Kylie Cosmetics uses high-quality imagery to help sell products to customers.

Kylie Cosmetics is owned by Kylie Jenner and when you come from the Kardashian dynasty, your brand is always going to have a great website. 

The online shopping website includes all the key features you would expect from a great ecommerce store such as detailed product listings, clear navigation, and a simple checkout process. 

The website also features makeup tips and tricks for individual products alongside product listings. This is a great way of providing users with extra value and insight that can encourage them to complete their purchase. 

#9. Nordstrom

Trending now section on Nordstrom's website, featuring 3 product images - 1 of a woman holding a small pink bag, and the other two feature different styles of shoes
The Nordstrom website features a trending now section that allows users to shop the most popular and in-style products directly from the homepage.

Nordstrom is one of the most popular fashion retailers in the US and its popularity is largely down to friendly shop assistants and excellent customer service.

When it comes to the brand’s online presence, therefore, customers already expect a high level of experience and service. Luckily, they aren’t disappointed. 

The online shopping website has made this list thanks to its great shipping and returns options. Customers can choose from multiple shipping options and locations as well as various different ways to return their purchases. 

Returns are often the biggest hurdle for online retailers and it can be tricky to find a way to make it easy for customers. Nordstrom provides multiple options including drop off and pick up. A great returns policy goes a long way to encouraging customers to shop with you again in the future. 

#10. Wish

Customer reviews under a product page on Wish, featuring customer photos and star ratings
Wish includes customer reviews for each product to help combat customers’ concerns over cheap pricing.

Wish is an online marketplace selling everything from clothing to kitchen utensils at super-low prices.

Because Wish prices are so low, customers can sometimes be worried about making a purchase in case the items are too good to be true. 

Wish rectifies this, however, by including verified customer reviews for as many products as possible. Verified customer reviews, many including photos, allow users to see what real-life customers thought of the products before they make a purchase.

Asking for customer reviews and adding them to your website is perfect for brands that sell both super cheap and super expensive products. Both can be off-putting to potential customers so customer reviews help to create all-important trust in the items. 

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Online Shopping Websites: Summary

Online shopping websites are more popular than ever – in fact, shopping online has become the go-to way to make a purchase for many people. 

Creating an inviting and engaging shopping experience can be hard for ecommerce retailers but if you take inspiration from the brands mentioned in this list, you’ll be able to build an online store that provides an excellent customer experience, encourages purchases, and builds brand loyalty and trust. 

Now that you’re ready to get started with building your online store, be sure to check out our guide to the best ecommerce website builders to help you find the right platform for you. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Online shopping websites should include clear navigation, a simple checkout process, high-quality product imagery, and detailed product descriptions if you want to convince users to make a purchase. 
There are various reasons why you should create a website to sell products online but the biggest perk is that you can open up your products to a wide audience. You also have total control over the buying and selling process and can set your own prices and policies for shipping and returns. 
In order to attract customers to your online store you should ensure it’s branded and offers a great user experience. You can also promote your online store across social media and invest in your SEO to ensure your website appears in search results. 
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