‘Thank You for Your Purchase’ – How to Write the Best Messages

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One of the final pieces of your customer journey puzzle is thanking your customers for their purchase. 

A thank you for your purchase message can go a long way in nurturing your customer relationships and making sure your brand leaves a good impression. From standalone thank you pages to pop-ups and emails, there are various ways you can display your message to customers. 

In this article, we’ll explore why saying thanks to a customer matters and how you can say thank you, as well as provide you with some inspiration for your own thank you for your purchase messages. 

Why Saying ‘Thank You’ Matters

Manners and kindness matter, especially in an online environment where the purchasing process can feel detached and impersonal. A thank you message helps to provide customers with a personal connection to your brand along with a sense of closure that the purchasing stage of their journey is now complete. 

Taking the time to thank your customers makes them feel important and signifies that your business values every individual sale, no matter how big or small your brand is. 

A thank you for your purchase message should form part of your broader online customer service strategy, and it’s a great way to build relationships with customers that will hopefully lead to repeat custom and recommendations. 

Methods For Saying Thank You

There are various ways you can thank customers for their purchases:

  • Thank you page – A thank you page is a natural way of incorporating a thank you for your purchase message into your website. Users will automatically be directed to the landing page once they have completed their order. Within the thank you page you can provide details of the customer’s order, request that they leave you a review, or encourage them to follow you on social media. 
  • Thank you email – You can utilize the fact that your brand is at the forefront of a customer’s mind immediately after making a purchase by sending them a thank you email. Thank you for your purchase emails are often some of the most opened emails since users want to check their order details are correct. You can use these emails to help nurture relationships by offering your customers a discount on their next purchase or by asking for a review.
Beauty brand REFY's thank you for your order email
Beauty brand REFY sends a detailed thank you email that includes information about the brand and how the products are developed.
  • Chatbot – Chatbots are a great way of talking to your customers without needing to dedicate an actual person to the task. You can set up a chatbot to send a message to customers as soon as they’ve completed their purchase. Alongside thanking them you can ask if they need anything else, which is a great way to ensure you’re offering the very best customer service even after a user has converted. 
  • Handwritten thank you note – Handwritten thank you notes are the most personal way of saying thank you to your customers. Included within the order itself, a handwritten thank you note shows just how much the order is appreciated. Due to the time and effort this takes, it’s only really an option for smaller businesses that receive a manageable amount of orders… oh, and those with neat handwriting! 
  • Printed thank you note – Like handwritten thank you notes, printed thank you notes are also included within the customer’s package. They’re much easier to manage because you can print them in bulk, but, of course, this means they’re not as personal. 

Finding Your Tone

Finding the right tone for your thank you for your purchase message is important. There are two key things that you’ll need to consider to ensure you get the tone just right: the customer you’re thanking, and your existing brand tone. 

The tone of your thank you message should always match the tone of your brand. For example, if your existing brand tone is relaxed, informal, and friendly, don’t send a thank you message that says “we sincerely thank you for your custom”… it just won’t match up. 

You also need to think about the customer you’re talking to. Personalizing the message is key and adding their name should be the bare minimum here. If you’re including a handwritten thank you note within their order then mentioning the individual items they’ve purchased will add a new level of personalization. 

Saying Thank You: Tips

Below we’ve listed some of our top tips for getting your thank you for your purchase message just right. 

  • Personalize your message with information such as the customer’s name, their order number, and the items they’ve purchased. 
  • Provide them with an incentive to return to your online store such as a discount or refer a friend code. 
  • Keep your message short, you don’t need to ramble on, and be sincere. Customers will be able to tell if you don’t mean what you’re saying. Avoid going too over the top. 
  • Flatter your customers by telling them how great they are and how much you appreciate their order. 
  • Provide them with information about the impact of their purchase. For example, “we’re donating 10% of your purchase to X charity”. 

Saying Thank You: Inspiration

Now you understand the importance of saying thank you for your purchase, so take a look at the ideas below for the types of messaging you can use. Don’t forget you can tailor these to the specific needs of your brand. 

  • Thank you for your order! As a thank you for shopping with us here’s 10% off your next purchase. Use code THANKYOU10
  • Hi [name], thanks so much for your order! We hope you’ll love using [products purchased]. Don’t forget to leave us a review to let us know what you think!
  • Thank you for your order. We’re working hard to get it dispatched and it will be with you by [delivery date]. 
  • Thank you for choosing [brand]. We hope you love your purchase!
  • Thanks so much for shopping with us. Refer a friend using this link and you’ll both get 10% off your next purchase. 
  • Thank you for your order. By purchasing one of our reusable water bottles you’re helping to save our oceans from plastic pollution. You’re ace!
  • Thank you for supporting an independent business by shopping with us. You can find us on social media at [username]… we’d love it if you joined us!
  • Thank you for choosing to shop with [brand]. Your items are on their way but until then, here’s 10% off your next purchase, valid across the whole website.
  • Thank you for being a valued customer. If you have any questions regarding your order, contact our team via [channels].
  • Hi [name], thanks so much for your order! Leave a review on our website and you could be in with the chance of winning a $100 voucher to spend with us!

Advice from the Experts

Top Tip: Check out our article on customer service phrases to help enhance your customer service strategy even further! 

Thank You Messages: Summary

Saying thank you to your customers may not seem like the most important part of running an ecommerce brand, but it can have a huge impact on customer loyalty and return customers. 

Whether you opt to create a thank you landing page on your website, send an email, or include a handwritten thank you note within your orders, finding a way to thank your customers is important. 

Now you’ve got to grips with thank you for your purchase messages, why not check out our article on understanding your customers to help you decide who your customers are and how best to communicate with them?

Frequently Asked Questions

Sending a customer a thank you message once they’ve made a purchase shows that you value their custom. It’s a great way to nurture the relationship with your customers and leave a good impression of your brand in their minds.
Try to personalize a thank you message with your customer’s name and order details. Then you can either keep the message simple and just say thank you, or you can include incentives such as a discount code or a request to leave a review.
If you have the time and resources then handwriting your thank you message gives it a personal touch that customers will appreciate. If you receive hundreds of orders a day, writing every thank you note out may not be possible, and printed versions can be just as effective. 
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