Think Outside the Box: Explore These 15 Weirdest Websites for Inspiration

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When you think of website building, your brain might not immediately jump to flexing ninjas, bouncing cats, and endless horses.

What do they all have in common?

They’re all, incredibly, the focus of some of the weirdest websites on the internet – 15 of which we’ve curated, collected (and, occasionally, endured) for your education and entertainment.

And the ridiculousness doesn’t stop there. Below, you’ll find websites built around digital toilet paper. Stool analysis. And an interactive middle finger. Elsewhere, you can battle AI in an online game of Pictionary, witness a checkers match, and have your cursor pursued around by the watchful eyes of a floating pink cube.

Ready to browse the top 15 weirdest websites we could find? To inspire creativity, and offer a unique – and unconventional – source of inspiration for building your own website?

Read on.

1. Ninjaflex


Navigate to this bizarre website, and an authoritative, disembodied voice will say these words to you, over and over again, until you either become enlightened – or do something else.

With just two pixelated, basically animated images – a ninja, and an arm flexing – filling the screen, no one can accuse Ninjaflex of failing to fulfill the promise its name suggests.

For our part, we’re just not sure what that promise is.

How Ninjaflex can inspire your weird website creation: grab your audience by the lapels with a name that seizes the attention – and piques their curiosity.

Ninjaflex weird website screenshot
Ninja, flex… what more could you want from a weird website?

2. Stool Analyzer

Stool Analyzer is somewhat of a rare find on this list in that it’s a weird website – with a profoundly noble purpose.

Like most of the weird websites here, though, Stool Analyzer does exactly what it says on the tin. Dedicated to helping its users analyze their own feces – helping detect any health issues early, before they have a chance to take root and worsen – Stool Analyzer aims to help the world, in its own words, “achieve the perfect stool”.

And arrives with an eye-catching warning – ”don’t flush your toilet just yet!” 

How Stool Analyzer can inspire your weird website creation: weird websites don’t have to be weird simply for weirdness’s sake. They can also be useful!

Stool Analyzer weird website screenshot
Before you flush your toilet, head to this weird website first.

3. Staggering Beauty (Epilepsy Warning)

How to explain a weird website like Staggering Beauty in mere words? We’ll give it a go.

Head to this website – which contains flashing images, so isn’t recommended for anyone with epilepsy – and you’ll be met by a giant (worm? Spaghetti strand? Rubber pencil?) thing with eyes. Encouraged by text imploring you to “shake vigorously”), moving your cursor will cause the worm to jive and jig in time to the movements of your mouse.

Pointless, yes – but oddly, deeply satisfying. (Staggeringly beautiful, though? Perhaps not!)

How Staggering Beauty can inspire your weird website creation: an interesting or unique design feature is an excellent point of difference for any website – weird or not!

Staggering Beauty weird website screenshot
Shake vigorously. Go on… you know you want to!

4. That’s the Finger

Boss got on your nerves? Friend or partner ticked you off? That’s the Finger has your back.

Like Staggering Beauty, That’s the Finger responds dynamically to the movement of your cursor. Dominated by a large hand, scrolling towards the bottom of the screen turns the background gray, and extends the hand’s index finger in a harmless pointing gesture.

Scroll to the top of the screen turns the backdrop red and, well – you can guess what’s next!

How That’s the Finger can inspire your weird website creation: color and interactive elements – that change when your site’s visitor engages with them – are a great way of personalizing their site experience.

Thats the Finger weird website screenshot
That’s the Finger is a simple, direct way of letting particular people know what you think of them. Proceed with caution!

5. Paper Toilet

Head to Paper Toilet and a large roll of toilet paper immediately fills your screen.

Then comes the fun part. Scrolling your cursor down causes the roll to unravel in a rapid reel of digital pulp until it’s all gone – and you’re left staring into the void of a black screen of nothingness. (Careful – once it’s gone, no amount of refreshing will replenish it! Although you can open the URL in an Incognito window to reset the fun.

Entertaining to play with – if only for 30 seconds – Paper Toilet is an excellent example of a weird website that’s simply weird – for weirdness’s sake!

How Paper Toilet can inspire your weird website creation: creating website features or designs that people will talk about to their friends and family is fantastic PR!

Paper Toilet weird website screenshot
Paper Toilet: weird for weirdness’s sake.

6. Quick, Draw!

Quick, Draw! is a weird website that, like Stool Analyzer, actually has some redeeming social merit.

The premise is simple. You’re given a clue (we got “bracelet”) and have to draw that clue in just 20 seconds. All the while, an AI-powered neural network attempts to guess what you’re drawing in real-time.

Not only a fun diversion, Quick, Draw! also offers the opportunity to help teach this learning model, by contributing your efforts to the world’s largest doodling set – which is then shared publicly to aid machine learning research. (Although, given how incredible ChatGPT is, we writers aren’t sure AI needs to get too much smarter than it already is!)

How Quick, Draw! can inspire your weird website creation: offering games, or other ways for people to have fun on your website, is a surefire way of ensuring they’ll come back again!

Quick Draw weird website screenshot
Quick, Draw! pits you against a neural network – who’ll come out on top?

7. The Useless Web

Is there a more useless website on the internet than The Useless Web? If so, we haven’t yet come across it – unless it’s already on this list!

The Useless Web’s USP (useless selling point?) is connecting you with, well – more useless websites! Simply click the pink button, and it’ll take you to one of a whole list of pointless websites on the net. Ideal as a last refuge for the interminably bored; not for much else.

How The Useless Web can inspire your weird website creation: sorry, it can’t! This one’s just for fun.

The Useless Web weird website screenshot
The Useless Website may be useless – but it certainly isn’t impolite!

8. Cat Bounce

Cat Bounce is yet another weird website that, right from the get-go, lets you know what you’re in for.

Visit this website and you’re greeted straight off the bat by a cornucopia of cats. And guess what? They’re bouncing!

Click on a cat and drag it around with your cursor to send it cannoning and careening off each corner of your computer screen. And don’t worry – no cats were harmed in the making of this website.

How Cat Bounce can inspire your weird website creation: the more interactive you can make your website and its visual elements, the longer your users will stick around to play with them.

Cat Bounce weird website screenshot
Cat Bounce: a cat-astrophically weird website example.

9. Partridge Gets Lucky

One which will inevitably be more recognizable to readers from the UK, Partridge Gets Lucky still offers the simplicity – and, perhaps, the stupidity – to entertain those from all corners of the world.

Loading the website triggers an endless loop of the Alan Partridge character (portrayed by Steve Coogan) dancing around a room, strumming the invisible strings of an air bass guitar while Daft Punk’s Get Lucky plays forever, and ever, and ever, on. A website that probably doesn’t need to exist – but that, arguably, makes the world ever so slightly more fun of a place.

How Partridge Gets Lucky can inspire your weird website creation: merging two disparate elements – here, the character of Alan Partridge and a song by Daft Punk – to create a new, wholly different thing can give your website a unique point of difference.

Partridge Gets Lucky weird website screenshot
Alan Partridge on the air bass… come on, what’s not to like?

10. RGB

As far as wild, wonderful, and weird websites go, RGB (which stands for red, green, and blue) is certainly up there.

Head to the site, and you’re faced with RGB in large letters. Scrolling over each of them causes the webpage’s background to light up in that color (R = red, and so on). Yet it’s not just the aesthetics that are a little off-kilter, but the audio. Because, as you scroll over each letter, a droning, metallic voice pipes up and says the letter out loud. (A long, never-ending GGGGGGGGGGGG, for example.)

We’re not quite sure what the site’s purpose is. But we’re pretty sure the meaning of life itself is hidden within its depths.

How RGB can inspire your weird website creation: utilizing sound on top of visuals can deliver an even more compelling, memorable website experience.

RGB weird website screenshot
RGB: hours of fun.

11. MapCrunch

Another weird website offering at least some, soupy semblance of actual utility is MapCrunch.

The site allows you to generate random street views from locations all over the world (pictured here: Iceland). Spend some time traversing the corners and cul de sacs of the “View of the Day” – or hit “Go” to travel to the furthest corners of the globe. Without leaving your armchair!

How MapCrunch can inspire your weird website creation: because it tells us that, sometimes, the simplest ideas are the best!

MapCrunch weird website screenshot
MapCrunch: catnip for geography buffs, and couch potatoes, alike.

12. Weird or Confusing

Weird or Confusing is another weird website that does exactly what its moniker promises.

The site curates the strangest, silliest product listings from across the web. Right now, the purchases you can make through it include – but, perhaps unfortunately, are by no means limited to – chicken nugget keychains, tortilla blankets, instant underpants, farting animal coloring books, and a Nicolas Cage sequin pillow. Fill your boots!

How Weird of Confusing can inspire your weird website creation: weird websites don’t just have to be there for shock, entertainment, or simple gross-out value. They can also be valuable money-makers from an ecommerce perspective.

Weird or Confusing weird website screenshot
Weird or Confusing: proud purveyors of the Nicolas Cage sequin pillow you never knew you needed.

13. Endless Horse

Benjamin Franklin once famously quipped that the only constants in life were death and taxes. Well, Endless Horse has entered the fray – and it begs to differ.

The website depicts a crudely rendered horse which, as you scroll down, tapers to seven lines representing its legs. The gimmick? No matter how much you scroll, or how many seconds (minutes? hours?) you scroll for, this elegant equine doesn’t end.

That’s about it.

How Endless Horse can inspire your weird website creation: because it tells us that there’s a fine line between cheap gimmicks and fine art – and that it’s a lot more blurred than you think!

Endless Horse weird website screenshot
Endless Horse. Yep, it’s exactly what you think it is.


Perhaps the most bizarre – and certainly the most existentially unsettling – entry into our list of the weirdest websites here comes from

The website features nothing but a vaguely anthropomorphic pink cube floating in the center of the screen. The face follows the movement of your cursor around the page in a manner that’s equal parts haunting and happy-go-lucky. Not one for after dark!

How can inspire your weird website creation: sometimes, a weird website can build a personal brand – even if pink cubes don’t have much to do with humans! weird website screenshot the floating pink cube of pure horror.

15. Move Now Think Later

Set against a monochromatic backdrop, Move Now Think Later drops you straight into a game of checkers. The catch? That it’s being played by two invisible entities – and it doesn’t include you. Conceptually fun – rather than actually fun – this is a website to be seen to be believed.

Then, promptly, forgotten.

How Move Now Think Later can inspire your weird website creation: unique concepts – regardless of their utility, or relevance to solving real-world challenges or problems – will always have the ability to capture our hearts and minds.

Move Now Think Later weird website screenshot
Move Now Think Later: it’s a game of checkers, and you’re not playing.


So – what do you think? Did these weird websites capture your imagination? Kindle the nascent flames of your innermost demands and desires? Light the blue touch paper of your creativity with the spark of pure, unadulterated strangeness?

We hope so. Let us know what you think in the comments – and, for advice on how to build your own website, be sure to check out the range of articles we have on the site. All propelled by our leading in-house research, they’ll help you create, cultivate, and design a website you can be proud of – weird or not!


In some cases, a weird website aims to gather data. Others are just there to entertain. Yet more are simply there for the sake of existing – although they usually send you on your way with at least a cheap laugh for company!
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