14 Aesthetic Bio for Instagram Ideas – Crafting a Memorable Profile

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If you choose to use Instagram, aside from the photos in your feed, you’ve got another chance to let your audience know more about you and your business. And though the platform doesn’t require too much of your time to manage, Instagram bios are often overlooked.

Part of your social media strategy should be about getting the most from each platform for your business. So don’t forget about the bio.

Instagram is all about aesthetics, so aesthetic bios for Instagram can do a lot of the heavy lifting for your account. If you know how to let it. This is why we’re here to help you grasp the basics, and share some ideas for inspiration.

What Is an Aesthetic Instagram Bio?

An aesthetic bio for Instagram takes the classic text bio and makes it more visually exciting and memorable. It draws the audience in, entertains them, and informs them about who you are as a person or business on Instagram.

Aesthetic bios bring a variety of benefits: 

  • They’re pleasing to the eye – Instagram is a visual site, so how the feed looks is important. But a visually pleasing bio makes every inch of your Instagram page fun to look at. 
  • They give more information – Not all information comes from words. TV and movies tell us a lot visually, but so do pictures, emojis, and colors. They’re designed to make the audience think or feel a certain way once they understand more about you.
  • They’re fun – When you do something different, you tend to stand out a little more. Your bio is above the fold on your Instagram page, so you can give your audience a fun experience before they scroll down to see your feed.
Top Tip!

Emoji-only bios work best when your brand is well-known and unmistakable.

What To Include in an Aesthetic Instagram Bio?

You have so many options! These include, but aren’t limited to: 

  • Emojis 
  • Call-to-Action
  • Your title (what you do/what you do for your audience)
  • Font 
  • Color 
  • Space
Top Tip!

Don’t forget a little humor if that’s part of your brand! Businesses can be professional and funny.

14 Aesthetic Instagram Bio Ideas

There are countless ways to take advantage of aesthetic bios for Instagram. Here are fourteen of our faves, with photos to show you how they work.

#1. Change the Font

Changing your font is a fast way to get the attention of your audience, whether you decide to change it all, or only change some strategically to draw attention to what’s important. Make sure it’s readable (it doesn’t make sense to have a new, exciting font if it’s illegible!), and that it enhances the feel of your Instagram page. We love this example – the gothic font suits the gothic feel. 

If you want to change your font, there are two ways to do it. You can use apps or a font generator – you simply type in your words and cut and paste the new font into your bio.

heaveyvvitch Instagram home using a Gothic Font
Heavvywitch uses a unique font to emphasize her gothic page feel.
Top Tip!

Don’t forget to link to your most important web presence in your bio! And if you have more than one, a Link Tree will let you include them all.

#2. Use Color to Your Advantage

Color might be the single most influential tool to make your audience feel specific emotions. You can use single or multiple colors across the entire Instagram bio. Choose bright colors to draw their eyes to what’s important, reinforce your brand with a set color palette, or use color to make your audience feel a certain type of way.

Blue Fountain Media uses color to show off its brand and draw attention to the website. And because the color is blue, it provides a sense of calm and stability.

bfm_agency Instagram with a link to a website
BFM made color work for them in three different ways.

#3. Symbols

Symbols are popular because they work across all languages. We all know what a smiley face or heart means! The Business Hacks’ bio uses financial symbols that are quickly identifiable, which means a reader doesn’t need to know the native language.

If you covered up all of the words in the bio, you’d still know that they’re about money, growth, education, answering questions, and ideas. 

The sky’s the limit on the types of symbols out there – pictorial symbols, currency symbols, brackets, stars, and more. Just like with fonts, you can use apps or symbol directors to add them to your bio easily.

The Business Hacks Instagram with list of what they offer
The Business Hacks uses symbols to highlight the business.
Top Tip!

You can optimize your Instagram account by using hashtags. To avoid looking like spam, don’t choose more than a few.

#4. Emojis

Emojis are the fun and vibrant cousin of symbols. It’s hard to find a person who doesn’t use emojis in some form or another because they show a specific message or emotion right away. They also cut down on misunderstandings, which is why we use them when we text friends and family. You can use them as bullet points too. 

Wendy’s is a great example of emoji use in an Instagram bio. Its social media is widely loved and the brand is strong. Wendy’s sells burgers, plain and simple. Why would its bio need anything else except emojis reminding us of its food? Pass the ketchup, please!

Wendys Instagram with only emojis for burgers and fire in the bio
Wendy’s only has emojis in its bio because it doesn’t need anything else.
Top Tip!

Be careful mixing personal with professional bio content – you’ll confuse both groups of people who come across your bio!

#5. The Profile Photo

It seems obvious that your profile photo is important, but you’d be surprised at how many accounts use photos that are confusing or off-putting. That’s not the effect you want!

Anything that goes in the profile pic should be eye-catching, brand-aware, and memorable. 

It should reflect the feel of your Instagram theme or industry sector, like EarthPix. Its content is engaging, informative, and it makes you dream about visiting gorgeous places – such as the spot in its profile photo.

earthpix Instagram with image of a remote island shaped like a heart
EarthPix’s profile photo makes you dream big.

#6. Let Them Know What You Do

Yes, we’ve been talking about using visuals to get your message across so far. But words are important too. One of the ways you can use words in your Instagram bio is to let your audience know what it is that you do or what value you have to offer them. 

People can interpret the same photos in different ways, so it helps make it very clear to your audience what industry you’re in, like beloved creative Celeste Barber. We know she’s in comedy immediately thanks to the bio, so visitors understand they’re in the right place if they’re after laughs.

celeste barber Instagram page
Celeste Barber’s hilarious satire is no secret when her Instagram bio tells us she’s in the comedy industry.

#7. Use the Icons Like They’re Landing Pages

Not everyone wants a complicated website with tons of landing pages. In fact, not everyone wants a website! Some Instagram users have no intention of leaving the platform when they’re browsing. So it’s good to help them learn lots of different things about you and your business with the smart use of icons, keeping visitors on your Instagram page.

The Sunscreen Company uses clever graphic and photo icons to let us know about its accolades, products, values, giveaways, and more.

The Sunscreen Company Instagram with hashtags in the bio
The Sunscreen Company knows how to provide options for a curious audience.
Top Tip!

Always get written permission before you use other people’s content, visuals, or quotes.

#8. Use a Quote

Quotes are a really easy way to inspire, uplift, challenge, entertain, or educate an audience. We all have our favorites and use them more than we think we do – most of us quote TV shows, movies, song lyrics, and people who we admire or love all of the time. 

Quotes can also be a great way to instantly build a rapport with a visitor to your Instagram page, especially if they know the quote you’re using! Irreverent and sweary dog influencer Tika the Iggy is absolutely on-brand by including a quote from Lizzo.

Tikatheiggy Instagram page with 1.1 million followers
Lizzo adores Tika the Iggy and Tika tells everybody!

#9. Use a List

Some of us love lists. They’re simple, easy to read, and they break down information into more digestible chunks. Think about when you’ve come across huge paragraphs crammed with information – it’s overwhelming and makes us want to bounce off the page as soon as possible.  

That’s why Ugly Drinks differentiates its information. It’s clear, easy to absorb, and memorable!

uglydrinks Instagram with link to TikTok and a shop
Ugly Drinks keeps its Instagram bio simple with a list.
Top Tip!

Choosing an Instagram theme will help you streamline your page and help you avoid random, unrelated content which confuses the audience.

#10. Draw Attention to Your CTA

CTAs (call to actions) are usually overlooked by people who don’t have experience in marketing, so putting a clear, aesthetic CTA gives you a distinct advantage over your competition. Unless your account exists purely to entertain on its own, you’ll likely be hoping to make money on Instagram, or you’ll want your audience to do something else after checking out your page.

Maybe you want them to visit another site, read more about you or your brand, or buy products and services you’re selling.

Whatever you want your audience to do, your CTA needs to be clear and it needs to be visible. Lovelda Vincenzi’s bio uses both an emoji and capital letters to tell the audience exactly how to find her and what they’ll get if they do.

Loveldavincenzi's Instagram page with 4,016 followers and 1,191 posts
We know exactly what we’re supposed to do when we see Lovelda’s bio.

#11. Pick a Relevant and Memorable Username and Display Name

Picking a relevant and memorable username (and display name!) is so important. It’s your online identity and tells people in one to two words who you are.  It sets you apart from others and can make you more shareable.

Choose a name that’s directly related to your niche– for instance, if you’re in fashion, you might choose something with “style” or “couture” in it. It should match your online presence and be memorable. Things like wordplay (such as Couture to the Max, fashion child prodigy Max Madison’s account on Instagram) and alliteration always help.

An Instagram page for Couture to the Max, a little boy and his clothing creations.
Couture to the Max is a great wordplay and a memorable name for little Max the designer.

#12. Use Line Breaks and Formatting

Utilizing line breaks and formatting techniques can really boost your bio’s appeal. It’s more readable because there aren’t huge chunks of text. There’s also a visual hierarchy so you can guide your audience where you want them to go first, second, third, etc. When you add spaces, lines, emojis, symbols and special characters, you create a specific visual impact.

Not only can you use line breaks to keep sections easy to read, but you can use bold to strategically highlight what you want the audience to remember. You can also align the most important things like your contact details and what you do. But it’s key to remain consistent throughout the bio.

Instagram page for Jay Shetty, featuring a list of his accomplishments and green icon links. Also tiles wiht quotes on.
Jay Shetty uses formatting to keep things very simple and guide the eye to keep going down the list.

#13. Collaborations and Features

Mentioning collaborations and links to other accounts, organizations and influencers can make your aesthetic Instagram bio absolutely sing! First, it adds credibility to your account and can increase your reach. It also strengthens your brand through association. And most importantly, it provides social proof and encourages other collaborations.

To make the most of your collaborations, highlight the ones that mean the most to you. Tag the collaborators involved when possible. And when you can, include testimonials – even if it’s just a phrase!

Santee Sioux's Instagram page. It features purple icons and beautiful tiles with photos of her in traditional Sioux costume and feathers.
Santee Sioux puts her collaboration with a modelling agency in a place you can't miss.

#14. Use Highlight Covers

Designing custom highlight covers for your Instagram Stories can significantly enhance the aesthetic of your bio and make it look even better. Not only does a highlight cover look professional, but it’s another chance for your branding to make an appearance. You can also organize your content visually to make it easier for people to find your stuff.

To achieve maximum impact, use consistent design elements for a cohesive look. High-quality images in a complementary palette always stand out as do clear and simple icons. You can start with Canva highlight templates – many are available for free and you can customize them!

Charlotte Bergslien's Instagram profile features light colors in her bio and her tiles (which are alternating quotes about autism and photos of her smiling).
Autistic creator Charlotte Bergslien's bio highlights look like candies. Yum!


It’s no wonder that Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms for people and businesses. When done right it’s engaging, entertaining, and memorable. At the core of this are the aesthetic bios for Instagram that sit front and center on your profile page. Include emojis, add a CTA, or choose an eye-catching profile picture!

Once you’ve set up an aesthetic bio for Instagram, visitors to your profile – and potential customers – will be able to understand your business, and recognize how it can serve them right away.

Have fun and experiment. This is all about letting your personality and what’s important to you shine through!


Great question! One of the most common ones we see are using too many hashtags in the bio. Too many are distracting and give people a chance to click away from your bio.  Bio hashtags don’t mean that your bio will pop up in a hashtag search, though a branded hashtag can help you spotlight your content.
A lot of people forget to think about what’s in it for the audience. What do they get if they spend time on your Instagram (or even click through your links)? Is it your expertise? Entertainment? A new mindset? Products they need to solve a problem? Something else? Make sure your bio reflects this!
Use a CTA , just like you see in newsletters and on websites. If you have a cool video you want people to see, you can use a CTA to get them excited about what they have to gain by clicking.
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