6 Inspiring SEO Newsletters To Subscribe to in July 2024

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The world of search engine optimization (SEO) is a constantly evolving landscape, so it’s important to stay informed. Whether you want to learn about the latest industry trends or unpack Google’s recent algorithm leak, SEO newsletters save you time by gathering the hottest news and delivering it right to your inbox, all filtered through an expert viewpoint.

SEO newsletters are a great way to stay in the loop, sharing actionable tips and expert commentary on the latest SEO news. But the sheer quantity of SEO newsletters available can make it hard to know what’s worth reading and deserving of your email address.

To help you choose, I’ve gathered six of the best – and free – SEO newsletters to subscribe to so you know what to read in July and beyond.


SEOFomo newsletter for June
  • Best for a one-stop shop of SEO resources, from jobs to news
  • Weekly email every Sunday

SEOFomo is run by Aleyda Solis, an SEO Consultant and Founder of Orainti. The weekly newsletter started as a way for Solis to “send the newsletter I wish to receive as an SEO myself.” Now, SEOFOMO boasts over 33,000 subscribers and an average open rate of 45%.

The popular newsletter covers everything from the latest SEO news to available SEO jobs and recommendations of experts to follow. The weekly email also includes free resources, such as guides on Google’s AI Overviews and industry trends. Subscribers can also expect links to relevant articles for further reading.


WTF is SEO newsletter homepage
  • Best for news publishers looking for clear advice
  • Weekly email every Monday

WTF is SEO has over 11,000 subscribers and can be found on Substack, the popular newsletter platform. Created by two SEO experts, Jessie Willms and Shelby Blackley, WTF is SEO focuses on providing useful resources to publishers about search.

The weekly newsletter is jam-packed with guides on SEO, such as “How to do keyword research for news 101” and “11 SEO concepts publishers need to know.” You’ll also find interviews and masterclasses with industry experts, as well as information about community hangouts to engage with. I particularly like the recommended reading section at the bottom of each newsletter.

SEO for Lunch

Thank you for subscribing email from the SEO for Lunch newsletter
  • Best for busy schedules wanting bite-size info
  • Weekly email every Thursday

SEO for Lunch was created by Nick LeRoy, a freelance SEO consultant who specializes in a wide range of topics, including SEO strategy, editorial strategy, and technical SEO. The weekly newsletter covers SEO-related content, such as industry trends and search engine updates.

Currently, SEO for Lunch has over 7,500 subscribers, serving digestible points to read on your lunch break! Each newsletter focuses on a unique topic and LeRoy includes ads for SEO tools within the copy – this is a great way to hook in readers since subscribers can get special deals, learn about new tools, and get early access to test things out.

Women in Tech SEO

Women in Tech SEO newsletter
  • Best for those looking for a strong SEO community
  • Weekly email every Wednesday

The Women in Tech SEO newsletter (#WTSNewsletter) shines a spotlight on the work of women within the global SEO industry. The weekly newsletter includes columns authored by community members, actionable SEO tips, and relevant articles written by women.

Founder Areej AbuAli started the wider company in 2019, with the business recently turning five years old. The latest newsletter provided readers with plenty of useful content from community authors and partners about SEO testing, expired articles, and more.

Core Updates Newsletter

Core Updates newsletter from June
  • Best for specific updates on SEO news and algorithm updates
  • Weekly email

For a specific insight into SEO news and the latest algorithm updates, the Core Updates newsletter is a good one to subscribe to. Mark Williams-Cook, the Digital Marketing Director at Candour and Founder of AlsoAsked, runs the newsletter.

Subscribers will gain knowledge about SEO basics and learn about the latest SEO news through easy-to-read guides – sent to your inbox each week. The newsletter also includes updates from Williams-Cook’s Search with Candour podcast.


SEOtistics newsletter sign up page
  • Best for professionals seeking advanced SEO topics
  • Weekly email every Monday

The SEOtistics newsletter primarily focuses on advanced topics, such as analytics and SEO data science, making it ideal for SEO professionals. The SEO newsletter is run by Marco Giordano, an SEO specialist and data analyst, who aims to make technical content accessible.

The newsletter has over 1,000 subscribers and recently celebrated its 60th issue in June. Readers can expect in-depth guides driven by data, SEO tips, and SEO tool recommendations.

For additional reading in July, you can also subscribe to our own free newsletter to help you grow your reach online:

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