Duda Assists Businesses With New AI Features

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Duda's AI section assistant tool pop up box in the website editor
When testing Duda’s website builder, the AI Assistant tools popped up immediately to help the design process. Source: Website Builder Expert
  • Duda adds AI-generated sections and alt text to its AI Assistant
  • Duda’s AI Assistant aims to streamline the web building process for agencies

Duda adds new AI features to its website builder, supporting digital agencies and SaaS companies when designing websites for clients.

You can now ask Duda’s AI Assistant to create sections for your site and generate alt text for all of your site’s images. This speeds up the process of developing and maintaining a website, with the overall aim of helping agencies improve client retention and broaden their market reach.

“Duda’s AI Assistant is a transformative tool for agencies, supercharging their productivity to build high-performing websites at scale,” says Itai Sadan, Duda’s CEO and Co-founder.

These new features join a suite of existing AI website builder tools, including Duda’s recently introduced AI SEO tool and AI content creation tool.

What Is Duda’s AI Assistant?

Duda’s built-in AI Assistant complements its website builder, helping agencies and businesses create websites at scale by simplifying workflows. The AI Assistant will pop up when you first land in the editor or it can be accessed by clicking on the sparkle icon in the bottom left corner.

You can use the tool in a multitude of ways, including:

  • Content creation
  • Content editing
  • Generating product descriptions
  • Generating SEO metadata
  • Creating alt text for images
  • Creating sections for your site

With new features added in late 2023 and May 2024, it’s obvious that Duda is committing a fair share of energy toward improving its AI-powered tools. These improvements save agencies time and money.

Duda has also shared a sneak peek into what’s coming soon for the AI Assistant, including AI-driven content collection and instantly generated FAQs for your pages. We currently don’t know when to expect these features.

Why Businesses Need To Embrace AI

Duda’s CEO explains how businesses and agencies can’t avoid the influence of AI, saying that “embracing AI is not a choice, but a necessity to stay competitive.” This mirrors GoDaddy’s recent survey on generative AI tools, which revealed that a growing number of businesses rely on these tools to compete in their markets.

Sadan says, “Duda’s AI Assistant gives agencies a formidable advantage – accelerating the entire web building process from content creation to SEO.” It’s becoming standard practice for website builders to use AI in SEO, with Wix’s AI Meta Tag Creator launching in late 2023.

All of Duda’s website builder plans include the AI Assistant as a built-in feature but to varying degrees. AI-generated content is available from the Basic plan for $19 per month (billed annually), but you’ll need the Team plan ($29 per month) or above to unlock Duda’s AI SEO tools.

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