Shopify Doubles Down on Sustainability for Earth Month 2024

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Screenshot of the Planet App listing on the Shopify App Store.
If you want to sell on Shopify and are passionate about eco-friendly ecommerce, you can download the Planet App to cut down on carbon per delivery. Source: Website Builder Expert
  • For Earth Month 2024, Shopify will match carbon removal funding for all sellers using the Planet App throughout April. Shopify stands firm on its commitment to sustainability

In light of Earth Month 2024, ecommerce website builder Shopify is doubling down on its sustainability efforts. Five years after unveiling the Shopify Sustainability Fund in 2019, the company is reinforcing its efforts to help merchants reduce their carbon footprint, most notably through the Planet App.

How Does the Planet App Reduce Carbon?

First introduced in 2022, the Planet App lets merchants offer carbon-neutral shipping and customizable badges that display a seller’s commitment to the climate. Since the app’s release, Shopify has removed a whopping 23,000 tons of carbon from the atmosphere.

To mark Earth Month 2024, Shopify will match the price merchant’s spend on carbon removal per delivery. This offering is only available to sellers on the Planet App and is set to double the positive environmental impact of merchants and buyers alike.

With 73% of shoppers admitting that they’d change how they shop based on environmental impact, Planet is a step forward for sellers who are passionate about sustainable ecommerce and want to drive buyers with similar values to their store.

How To Download Planet

Planet is available on the Shopify App Store. It’s free to install, while plans begin from $0.035 per order. There are three plans to choose from: Pioneer, Community, and Alliance, with a detailed description of each plan available here.

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