Shopify Breaks Up With Universal Analytics for Google Analytics 4

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Source: Shopify
  • Google Analytics 4 will replace Universal Analytics from July 1 2023
  • You can upgrade to Google Analytics 4 through the Google channel app on Shopify

Google is set to replace its website traffic measurement system, Universal Analytics, with a new model: Google Analytics 4. Shopify will be migrating to the new analytics platform in July.

After this, you’ll be allowed to view previous Universal Analytics data for at least six more months, but Shopify recommends you switch to Google Analytics 4 ahead of July.

What Is Google Analytics 4?

If you’re unfamiliar with Google Analytics 4, let’s break it down. It’s the latest generation website analytics tool from Google. The free service allows you to track visitor behavior and information – such as site traffic and customer engagement – across your websites and apps to help you make data-led decisions.

With the latest installment, the free service is easier to use than ever. The update to Google Analytics 4 will give you better insights and reports, meaning your website and business can target customer needs more successfully.

How to Migrate to Google Analytics 4

If you’ve been using Universal Analytics with your Shopify store, you’ll need to migrate to Google Analytics 4 ahead of the July deadline. To get started, create a Google Analytics 4 property within your GA account, and then simply add the Google Analytics 4 tag to your Shopify site.

Once you’re ready, you’ll then need to transfer any existing trackers or reports to Google Analytics 4 – this could be audience information, sales data, or Google Ad insights. Any duplicates that occur during the transfer will be automatically deleted for you.

How Does This Impact Your Shopify Website?

If you don’t upgrade to Google Analytics 4, you risk losing out on important data once Universal Analytics has been retired. Tools like Google Analytics 4 can help you find out how many customers are returning to your website time and time again, or which product pages are the most popular.

As a business, you can then act on this data to make changes that excite and engage your customers.

Just remember: transfer to Google Analytics 4 before July 1 2023 and avoid missing out on this crucial data.

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