Squarespace Unveils The Magnum Collection Among a Host of New Features

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Preview of three of the new Squarespace templates from The Magnum Collection
Squarespace's Magnum Collection features six new, unique templates from collaborations with iconic photographers.
  • Squarespace launches a suite of new products, including The Magnum Collection, a collaboration with iconic photographers such as Steve McCurry.
  • A host of new tools and features enhance both the user and client experience.

A leading website builder, Squarespace has just rolled out some of its most significant updates in a decade. Within this is the Magnum Collection, which stands out as an exciting collaboration uniting Squarespace with Magnum Photography and a stellar lineup of six acclaimed photographers, including Steve McCurry.

What Is The Magnum Collection?

The Magnum Collection is part of Squarespace’s new “Refresh” suite of products. It features six new template designs inspired by iconic photographers like Steve McCurry, Bruce Gilden, Olivia Arthur, William Keo, Jacob Aue Sobol, and Sabiha Çimen. These templates capture the essence of each photographer’s unique style to offer users the chance to build websites that showcase functionality and flair.

Standing Out From the Crowd

The unveiling of The Magnum Collection is a groundbreaking alliance between Squarespace and Magnum Photography, catapulting high-art photography straight into the world of website design. This shift offers users more creative freedom. Now, you have the ability to create masterpieces that truly pop.

The Bigger Picture: What Does It Mean For You?

The Magnum Collection offers a unique blend of form and function. The new templates not only look stunning but also come with a host of features designed to make life easier for Squarespace users. These include a more intuitive client booking experience through Acuity Scheduling, hassle-free invoice creation and management, and Squarespace AI, which helps populate nearly-final content on customers’ websites.

Other features include new tools like Client Invoicing, intake forms and CRM, and enhanced project tracking functionality. These help streamline the entire client management process, from lead generation to payment collection, so it’s easier for service sellers to run their businesses.

When and How Can You Access It?

The Magnum Collection, along with the other updates in the “Refresh” suite, is now available to all Squarespace users. Get started with these features by visiting the Squarespace Refresh page or directly accessing the Magnum Collection on Squarespace.

Let the Art Do the Talking: Over To You

Whether you’re looking to showcase your work or a business owner seeking to elevate the brand, The Magnum Collection offers a unique opportunity to do so. With its blend of aesthetic brilliance and functional efficiency, this update marks a significant step forward in the evolution of website design. We can’t wait to see the incredible websites that will undoubtedly emerge from this collaboration.

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