Webflow Unveils Campaigner App for Advanced Email Marketing

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Screenshot of the Campaigner app on the Webflow Marketplace
Accessible from the Webflow Marketplace, the Campaigner app is an efficient way to streamline your email and SMS marketing efforts all in one place. Source: Website Builder Expert.
  • Webflow’s new Campaigner app makes it easy to design, create, and send advanced email and SMS campaigns.
  • Thanks to this collaboration, you can now access useful automations from your Webflow website, enabling you to send messages straight to your contacts in seconds.

Popular website builder Webflow has joined forces with marketing automation company Campaigner, releasing a new app integration for Webflow users.

Available to download from the Webflow Marketplace, the Campaigner app is designed to streamline your marketing efforts. Now, you can send out a large number of email marketing campaigns and SMS messages directly to your Webflow contacts. You can also keep track of your pre-existing email lists, or build new ones when needed.

Automations are at the heart of this partnership. You can send automated emails to users once you’ve synced your contacts to the app via Webflow forms, a CRM, or any other databases you may be using. The emails you can send range from welcome messages to abandoned cart notifications designed to increase the number of conversions on your website.

Campaigner Features

With the Campaigner app comes a variety of new features to explore. Here are the main ones to look out for:

  • When you connect a new Webflow form to the app, you can automatically create new email lists and send targeted emails to them.
  • There’s more chances to capture new leads from your website visitors. With a handy add-on, Campaigner will track any anonymous website visitors and identify their email addresses, adding them to a new emailing list for future use.
  • You can also use an add-on where Campaigner will identify fake email addresses for you. If a Webflow form contact has entered an incorrect or spam email address, you’ll be able to view them from the app.

How To Install the Campaigner App

The app is available for download now. You can install Campaigner onto your website for free by downloading it from the Webflow Marketplace.

If desired, you can also sign up for a Campaigner subscription plan to access more advanced marketing features. Starting from $39 per month, you’ll receive up to 5,000 contacts, alongside marketing experiments and more automated email replies.

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