Webflow Conference 2023 Reveals New Look and Features

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Webflow's redesigned logo
Source: Webflow
  • Webflow revealed a fresh brand identity and logo to reflect its growth and community
  • The Webflow Conf 2023 announced a handful of new features and tools

Webflow, a website builder known for its developer-focused platform and advanced design features, recently held the Webflow Conf 2023 to share its new features with the community.

Webflow launched a range of new product capabilities, including localization, improved collaboration tools, and an expanded app market. We’ll explore these in detail below.

In addition to the new suite of features, Webflow also unveiled a fresh look for the builder.

The New Webflow

After celebrating 10 years as a brand, Webflow has revamped its look and brand identity. But what does this mean for Webflow users? Not much!

The purpose of the brand refresh is to emphasize Webflow’s core mission: “giving everyone the superpowers to build professional, visually stunning websites – all without having to write code to achieve developer-grade results”.

In fact, Webflow explains how the new logo design represents the key web tools – HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

With this new look, Webflow aims to celebrate its community and champion its users in the decade ahead.

An Empowering Update

As mentioned, Webflow’s makeover was just one part of the Webflow Conf 2023. Let’s take a look at some of the key product updates below:

  • Generate dynamic 3D experiences with Spline – the integration makes Spline’s 3D software accessible for website owners to create product models, animations, and immersive content
  • Localization capabilities – to help businesses reach customers around the world by customizing their website for each market
  • Increased design control – with new design variables, you can easily tweak styles like colors or fonts and roll it out across the whole site to maintain consistency
  • New marketplace apps – Webflow’s increased the number of apps to supercharge its functionality, including a new localization app from Lokalise
  • Collaboration improvements – Webflow caters to sizeable teams really well and its recent features for comments, content editing, and publishing workflows aim to support and speed up work (page branching is also being worked on!)

If you’re interested in trying out Webflow or making the switch to a platform that caters to experienced builders, check out our detailed Webflow review for more information.

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