WordPress.com Introduces AI Business Name Generator for Entrepreneurs

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WordPress AI business name generator in action
WordPress’ new AI name generator is here to give businesses some ideas over naming their company.
  • Revamped tool leverages AI to suggest dozens of business names
  • Check domain availability and purchase right from recommendations
  • Tips help select best option that’s simple, memorable, and ownable

Finding the perfect name to capture the essence of a new business venture can feel like hunting for buried treasure. But famous website builder WordPress.com aims to spark that eureka moment in seconds with its refreshed AI-powered business name generator.

The Naming Game: How It Works

The tool asks users to input a keyword or phrase encapsulating their company concept. Within seconds, it analyzes the search terms and suggests dozens of creative branding ideas to kickstart the naming process.

The name recommendations are paired with available domain extensions, making it easy to instantly select and buy the ones you like best. With over 350 possibilities to explore, the generator saves entrepreneurs time while optimizing the chances of discovering an impactful business name.

Getting to Know Your Business

Rather than settling on the first option, users can rerun the generator with the same or new search parameters to view additional name proposals. The continually evolving AI model refines results, serving up tailored options based on previous entries. Once the perfect pairing of name and domain emerges from the seemingly endless selections, WordPress.com makes the next steps seamless too.

What’s Included

Any annual WordPress paid plan includes a free domain name for the first year. For those seeking design and launch help, Built By WordPress, the company’s own design service, also provides specialized website building along with the free domain name.

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Adding Your Own Touch

Of course, even with an AI assistant, determining the right business name requires a little bit more. Fortunately, WordPress has detailed how to get the best out of the service.

  • Choose a simple name that’s easy to remember and tell others. Complex or confusing names may not gain much popularity.
  • A memorable name will stay in people’s minds. Run ideas by friends to see which ones stand out.
  • Once you pick a name, claim matching social media handles right away. This prevents missing out on them later on.

We gave it a try ourselves, asking the generator to come up with some names for a website building resources site. Here’s what it came up with:

  • WebFind
  • SiteSavvy
  • PageHunt

Not bad, but we think we’ll stick with Website Builder Expert for now.

Summary: What’s in a Name?

With the business name generator, WordPress gives budding startups a running start on branding. Saving time, inspiring ideas, and securing domains, the tool aims to efficiently unearth company names with serious staying power.

Give it a whirl for your next venture.

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