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Duncan_Lambden_AuthorHi, I’m Duncan:

I’m a writer on WBE. I am definitely more of a creative when it comes to writing, or anything really, so the world of website building seemed so stiff, cold, and alien to me. However, I quickly realised that building a website is a much more creative process. With the amount of help and beginner-friendly tools on offer, I learned that building a website is only as technical as I wanted it to be, so I was free to be as artsy as I wanted.

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Duncan is an Australian-born American-raised writer currently living in London. His childhood was spent surrounded by technology – whether it was video games or computers. However, while he always had an appreciation for tech, he rarely got his hands dirty by trying to create something himself.

He’s always been more of an artistic creative, but when wanting to share that side of himself to the world, he was confronted with the cold, hard truth that he needed to learn a bit about website building.

He started his own website, and while there’s still a long way to go before he’s happy with it, he learned that website building can be as creative and flowery as you want it to be.

In his spare time, Duncan likes to sequester himself away from noise and people and fall into fictional worlds, whether they’re held in books, TV shows, films, or video games.

A lot of Duncan’s articles focus on the more creative side of website design – choosing colors, designing a logo, and following visual trends to optimise your website’s accessibility. If you’re looking for ways to boost your website’s visual flair, check out a few of Duncan’s articles below!

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