15 Best Print on Demand Housewares

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Recent global events have led to many of us spending more time at home. If one good thing has come of this, it’s the fact that we are now more aware of the importance of feeling comfortable in our surroundings. This is just part of the reason why the houseware category has grown so significantly in recent years.

So, if you’re looking to jump on this trend and start selling housewares, or you already sell housewares online and you are looking for some inspiration for new products to add to your catalog – then this is the guide for you!

Below, we outline 15 of the very best home decor print on demand products on the market.

1. Poufs

Poufs have made their way back into the spotlight in recent years thanks largely to the rise in the popularity of boho and scandi style design. These products are great for multiple purposes, ranging from adding additional seating and providing a comfortable footrest to being a stunning visual focal point that draws the eye or complements the design of a room.

See it in action – UK brand Contrado creates custom poufs and delivers them to the US:

best print on demand housewares poufs

Advice from the Experts

TOP TIP: When selling these types of products online focus on matching popular interior design trends. For example, you may use print on demand to create a simple pouf that would look great in a scandi style living room. Alternatively, you may use print on demand to create a bold and bright pouf that would work well in a maximalist setting.

2. Pendant and Table Lamps

Lighting is an important part of any living space.

Using lighting correctly can really elevate a room, add depth, and create a feeling of warmth. By its very nature, lighting stands out in a room, so can often be used as a feature in smart interior designs. This is just part of the reason why people love buying beautiful and unusual lamps which draw the eye and make a statement.

See it in action: If you’re keen to offer this to your own customers, Printify offers a service that lets you create stunning personalized lamps.

best print on demand housewares lighting

Advice from the Experts

TOP TIP: There are countless lamp designs on the market, so you will need to get creative with yours to stand out from the crowd.

3. Rugs

Rugs are both a practical and visually pleasing addition to any space. Not only do they offer warmth and comfort underfoot, but they can also provide a stunning visual centerpiece, or work seamlessly to bring a room and the various pieces of furniture within it together.

Large area rugs have become more popular in recent years due to specific trends such as the popularization of minimalist and Scandinavian design.

See it in action: Use a print on demand home goods service like the one offered by Gooten to create your own stunning, individual rugs to sell.

best print on demand housewares rugs

Advice from the Experts

TOP TIP: Rugs need to feel great under your feet as well as look great. Consider the pile length and material of your rugs to ensure your customers keep coming back for more.

4. Coffee Table

A well-designed and positioned coffee table can help draw the eye to the center of the room and can even seamlessly bring a room together – turning an assortment of furniture into a livable and desirable space.

Offering your customers a stunning print on demand coffee table is a fantastic way to inject your unique sense of style and brand into an important household object.

See it in action: Contrado offers a print on demand coffee table that is sure to catch the eye of anyone browsing your website.

best print on demand housewares coffee table

Advice from the Experts

TOP TIP: Offering coffee tables of different shapes such as circular and square options will help your customers find one that works well for their own unique space.

5. Plates

Stunning ceramic plates can turn a simple meal into an engaging and visually stimulating experience. In fact, ceramic tableware is expected to make an annual growth rate of 5.7% in the next five years.

Finding a print on demand service that allows you to create unique designs on high-quality plates will allow you to tap into a market of home proud individuals who want to find new and exciting products.

For example, Enduring Images offers a ceramic printing service – and all its dinner plates are dishwasher safe, too!

best print on demand housewares plates

Advice from the Experts

TOP TIPS: Find complementary print on demand products such as bowls, smaller/larger plates, and even cups to offer your customers a complete set.

6. Tea Towels

Tea towels are a great product to sell as they often need replacing, especially in busy households where they get regular use. In addition to this, many people love spending time and money on their kitchens, so want to find tea towels with attractive designs.

See it in action: Gooten offers a print on demand service for tea towels, meaning you can create unique designs that will capture people’s attention and help you make more sales.

best print on demand housewares tea towels

Advice from the Experts

TOP TIP: Customers will often be looking to purchase multiple tea towels at once. Offer multipacks with a discount to encourage them to buy more of your product.

7. Cookie Tins

Who doesn’t love cookies?

Of course, cookie tins have far more uses than just storing delectable cookies – which is why they’re such a popular and helpful item to have in the kitchen.

Unique and beautiful cookie tins can really help elevate a kitchen experience, especially for keen bakers and cooks who can place their delicious treats in them after pouring love and care into the creation process.

See it in action: U.S. Box offers a custom printed cookie tin service that you can use to make your own design.

best print on demand housewares cookie tin

Advice from the Experts

TOP TIP: When creating a design to sell, consider what passions and interests your potential customer has. For example, you may create a baking-themed pattern that is going to appeal heavily to your target audience with this product.

8. Aprons

Aprons are still a popular item for those who like to get creative in the kitchen, but also want to keep their clothes clean and in top condition. Keen home cooks also love unique and eye-catching aprons as it allows them to add a little personality to their cooking experience.

Clothes2order offers a personalization service for aprons at a very affordable price. If you need a little inspiration, then ApronMen is a good example of a store successful selling print on demand aprons.

best print on demand housewares aprons

Advice from the Experts

TOP TIP: Carefully consider the materials available for your aprons. Although cotton may look and feel the best, some synthetic materials can be easier to clean after being exposed to the chaos of a kitchen. Ensure you include care instructions on your product page.

9. Pillows

Soft furnishings such as pillows have always been used by keen interior designers to add a little extra interest and personality to a room. Most people will buy new bedding, including pillows, whenever they redecorate a space, move or just fancy a small update.

See it in action: Printful offers customizable throw pillows which can be used to display your very own beautiful or unusual designs.  The Happy Givers is a fantastic example of a store that is selling print on demand pillows to their customers.

best print on demand housewares pillows

Advice from the Experts

TOP TIP: Offer different sizes and shapes of cushions to help your customers find the best option for their unique needs.

10. Duvet Covers

Just like pillows, those who take pride in their home will also look for stunning duvet covers to really finish off a bedroom. In fact, the recent pandemic has led people to spend more time thinking about their homes and how comfortable they are. This has made buying a stunning duvet cover a much more attractive purchase than ever before.

See it in action: Businesses like Art of Wear offer you an opportunity to make customized duvet sets which can be purchased wholesale or via dropshipping.

best print on demand housewares duvet covers

Advice from the Experts

TOP TIP: Bundle your duvet covers with other bedding and offer at a discount to increase profit per sale.

11. Blankets

Blankets are an incredibly versatile and flexible product to consider when looking for the best print on demand home decor products to sell. They can be used in so many scenarios from being used as an attractive throw on a bed to offering a nighttime warmer when lay over a sofa.

See it in action: Check out the print on demand fleece blankets offered by Gooten. Afro Unicorns is a brilliant example of a print on demand blanket service in action.

best print on demand housewares blankets

Advice from the Experts

TOP TIP: When selling blankets online ensure that you target the various different terms used to describe the same product. For example, add ‘throw’, ‘throwover’, and ‘bedspread’ to your product description to help more people find you.

12. Curtains

With natural light being an important and sought-after factor in any home, finding beautiful curtains to frame your windows is just one way to enhance these features. Curtains vary in their purpose, ranging from those which offer privacy, but still let light in, to those which help to darken a room.

One thing that curtains can always be is attractive. Especially when they are created with your own unique design.

See it in action: Businesses like Prodigi offer an opportunity to print your design on curtains on demand.

best print on demand housewares curtains

Advice from the Experts

TOP TIP: Try offering different lengths and thicknesses of curtains to meet your customers’ needs and boost sales.

13. Bath Towels

A well-designed and maintained bathroom can be a sanctuary of relaxation. People who take pride in their bathrooms want to find bath towels that both feel luxurious to the touch, but also match and compliment the style of their space.

See it in action: Check out Printful’s option for print on demand towels.

best print on demand housewares bath towels

Advice from the Experts

TOP TIP: As the feel of the material is so important, research popular materials for bath towels and try to find a print on demand service that offers them. For example, Egyptian cotton and bamboo are both popular towel materials.

14. Laundry Bags

Even the modest laundry bag needs careful consideration when creating the perfect bathroom.

Consumers may be looking for laundry bags that add a little personality with bold colors to their room. Alternatively, they may be looking for a laundry bag that is subtle and blends in seamlessly with their neutral choices.

Laundry Bags Online specialize in customizable laundry bags and should be considered alongside other options.

Advice from the Experts

TOP TIP: When selling print on demand laundry bags, try offering a variety of sizes that work for different people. For example, a family of four would likely need a much bigger bag than someone who lives on their own.

15. Soap Dispensers

Did you know that the liquid hand soap market in the US is worth $1.3billion as of 2020? That’s a lot of soap – with many people looking for dedicated soap dispensers for their bathrooms.

See it in action: Offering a bespoke, print on demand soap dispenser to your customers, like those you can get from Contrado, is a great way to tap into this massive and growing market.

best print on demand housewares soap dispensers

Advice from the Experts

TOP TIP: When picking pint on demand soap dispensers to sell online consider your audience’s needs. If you plan on selling to businesses with multiple employees, then a larger dispenser could be required, whereas a soap dispenser for home use can be smaller.

Print on Demand Housewares: Summary

It is clear that putting the time into building an online store could offer significant opportunities as this niche continues to grow. By creating and selling print on demand housewares you create products that cannot be found elsewhere, giving you a competitive edge in the market.

So what are you waiting for? Choose an ecommerce website builder, build a store, create some awesome homeware products, sourced from the best print on demand companies, and get selling!

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