12 Products That Are in High Demand to Sell Online

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It can be one of the biggest struggles of going into business.

You know how to build an online store. You know how you want your business to look, sound, and feel. But you’re lacking that final piece of the puzzle – what are you actually going to sell?

High-demand products, that’s what. These are products that the data and trends show are always highly sought after. They’re industries that are already popular, already thriving – and, in many cases, growing at lightning-quick rates.

Below, we’ve collected our top 12 products that are in high demand to sell online. From kitchen utensils and game consoles to CBD products and coffee, these products are hot property – and readymade for you to start selling them.

What Makes a Product High Demand?

Several factors contribute to making a product high-demand. These include:

  • How many people are seeking it
  • How much customers are happy to pay for it
  • The breadth and depth of its features
  • How well it solves a particular problem, or fulfills a consumer need

Whether a product is in high-demand also depends not only on the features and functionality of the product, but the trends affecting the wider world.

Take flour, toilet paper, and face masks, for instance. They’re not high-demand products now. But in April 2020, well – they sure were then!

Why Target High Demand Products?

Several factors contribute to making a product high-demand. These include:

  • How many people are seeking it
  • How much customers are happy to pay for it
  • The breadth and depth of its features
  • How well it solves a particular problem, or fulfills a consumer need

Whether a product is in high-demand also depends not only on the features and functionality of the product, but the trends affecting the wider world.

Take flour, toilet paper, and face masks, for instance. They’re not high-demand products now. But in April 2020, well – they sure were then!

How to Find High Demand Products

Ready to sell high-demand products, but not sure where to start? Some of the ways you can locate products that are in high demand to sell include:

  • Tapping into the trends: jump on Google Trends – or use keyword tools such as Semrush – to explore which words and phrases your audience is searching for.
  • Doing your research: get online to spot the latest trends in your industry or niche. Forums, social media, and popular news outlets are all great places to start!
  • Asking your audience: conducting market research – think focus groups, or even a simple survey or questionnaire – is a handy way of understanding which products are in high demand with your customers.

More Information

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12 High Demand Products

Ready to explore the top 12 products that are in high demand right now? Let’s dive in.

1. Kitchen Utensils

Everyone needs to eat, and – to do that – everyone needs cutlery. Meaning the kitchen utensils market – selling forks, knives, spoons, and the rest – will always be lucrative.

Our only advice? Because it’s such a hotly-contested space (IKEA has a big corner of it, for example!) you’ll need strong, memorable branding to stand out. To this end, we love Australian kitchenware provider Franky’s, which channels a modern, “hip” look and feel throughout its online store.

Frankys utensil set product page
Franky’s is an Aussie kitchenware provider tapping into a high-demand market.

2. Food Products

We humans need food to survive. So it’s fair to say that food, as a product, has always been in high-demand – and we’re pretty sure we can safely say it forever will be!

This is especially the case for snack food. In 2020, half of all Americans had ordered snack food online – and a whopping 70% plan to keep doing so. Meaning that, with the right approach – attractive branding, sustainable packaging, and healthy ingredients – food can be a lucrative high-demand product to sell online.

The Lady Shake online store
The Lady Shake is making a splash in the high-demand food products market with distinctive branding and marketing that’s tailored to women.
Struggling to figure out which type of food you want to sell? We’ve put together our list of the top 10 food products to sell online. Tuck in!

3. Clothing

According to ShipBob, clothing is the most purchased product in the world. A thriving industry, clothing accounts for 2% of the planet’s Gross Domestic Product (GBP) – so it’s a space already tailormade for sales success.

Light In The Box product page
Light In The Box is a China-based seller of clothes – including these jazzy, flamingo-adorned “party shirts.”

4. Beauty Products

In the US, the cosmetic and beauty industry is worth an incredible $48.8 billion – meaning its products are in incredibly high-demand. What’s more, further growth is on the horizon – the sector is expected to grow at a rate of 5% over the next five years.

So don’t just watch this high-demand space. Start making a profit in it!

Mecca product gallery showing four lipsticks with prices
Mecca is a popular cosmetic and beauty products provider.

5. Home Storage

The home storage market is growing – and it’s not hard to see why. Not only are populations throughout the US and the world growing at unprecedented rates, but house prices too are through the roof – meaning renting, rather than buying, is becoming the norm.

All those renters, of course, need simple, portable, efficient ways to store and transport their things at home, and from place to place.

Enter: the home storage market. Already expanding, and expected to grow by 5.77% between now and 2028, home storage products are in very high demand – now, and for the foreseeable future.

Howards Storage World
Howards Storage World sells clever, convenient home storage solutions online.

6. Games Consoles

Who said the PlayStation 2 was old news?

Online retailers like Super Retro are proving that there’s still a voracious demand for classic video games – and the consoles to play them on.

This is good news for anyone looking to cash in on a high-demand market, and the figures back it up. In 2022, the global gaming console market was worth $48.95 billion. It’s expected to grow by 7.2% over the next half a decade, too – and is projected to hit $74.29 billion by 2028.

Super Retro featured games product gallery
Thought your old copy of The Simpsons: Hit and Run was worthless? Think again.

7. Cell Phones

Almost every American (97%) owns a phone, with 85% owning a smartphone.

Our point? That selling cell phones is always going to be a lucrative avenue. The global smartphone market hit a staggering 1,355 million units in 2022: by 2027, that’s predicted to grow by 3.7% to hit 1,715 million units.

So don’t phone it in – tap into this high-demand product, and cut yourself a slice of the pie!

Walmart products in Samsung Galaxy category
Walmart is a prime example of how selling cell phones can be a profitable endeavor – last year, its total revenue was almost $153 billion!

8. CBD Products

Valued at $4.9 billion in 2021, the CBD product industry is one of the newer markets on this list. But it’s also the fastest moving, and is projected to be worth $47.22 billion by 2028 (at a remarkable growth rate of 21.3%).

With more research emerging around the health benefits of CBD products – reducing anxiety and depression, for example – the space will only continue to grow, and present opportunities for ambitious brands with the right marketing and approach.

Basically, CBD products are in high demand – and there’s never been a better time to start selling them.

American Shaman homepage
American Shaman is a leading seller of CBD products in the US.
You need to be careful to follow your local laws when selling CBD – check out our guide on How To Sell CBD Online for more tips on getting started!

9. Coffee

Who doesn’t love to start their day with a steaming cup of joe?

In the US – and around the world – coffee isn’t simply a beverage. It’s an institution – and there’s an insatiable demand for its unique taste and qualities.

The data, of course, supports this – revenue in the coffee industry is expected to amount to $495.5 billion in 2023, and grow annually by 4.47%. Plus, it’s not just the average person you can sell coffee to. You can sell to bars, restaurants, cafes – everywhere that serves it!

BuyCoffeeUSA eight product images in a grid, with prices
BuyCoffeeUSA is just one example of a company tapping into the country’s voracious demand for joe. It’s aptly named, too!

10. Toys

The population of the world is growing. In the US, our population grew by 0.4% in 2022 alone.

What that means, of course, is that there’ll always be new little humans arriving in the world. And they’ll always need toys. So why not start an online toy store, and tap into a product that’s not only in perpetually high demand – but actually growing in popularity, too?

The toy market grew 33% in 2022 compared to 2019 – and is worth around $40 billion today. Plus, with such a wide array of different toys you could specialize in – from Pokemon plushies to Spongebob Jellyfish Racers – there’s so many ways to set your brand apart from the competition.

Fun.com products with images and prices
Fun.com is a leading provider of toys to our nation’s kiddos.

11. Eco Products

As awareness of climate sustainability – and the pressures we’re putting on our environment – increase, eco products are emerging as a particularly lucrative, high-demand industry.

Like the CBD space, eco products are emerging as one of the fastest-growing industries around. The global green technology and sustainability market size – valued at $10.32 billion in 2020 – is expected to hit $74.65 billion by 2030.

Selling sustainable products is also a wise choice because it allows your brand to associate itself with climate-friendly, eco-conscious ideals. With more and more consumers demanding this from the businesses they engage with, there’s never been a better time to get into the high-demand eco products game.

Detpak three product categories with "Shop Now" buttons for each
Detpak’s litany of eco products include sugarcane bases and lids, as well as PLA hot cups.

12. Home Office Equipment

Ever since March 2020 – when the pandemic hit, and the world’s office workers were told to stay at home and set up shop – the home-office equipment market has been booming.

Even now, when the tide of COVID-19 has more or less receded, the industry is still doing well. The pandemic taught employers (and employees) that a more flexible, hybrid approach to work – partly in the office, partly from home – was not only possible, but desirable.

It comes as no surprise, then, that the global home office furniture market size – valued at just over $3 billion in 2020 – is projected to reach over $7.6 billion by 2030. Home office equipment is still in high demand – so start selling it!

Overstock products with side menu of categories
Overstock specializes in home-office supplies, with free shipping on every item.


When it comes to deciding what to sell, high-demand products are a “gimme.” They’re products with an established, demonstrable consumer need – now and ongoing – and there’s little risk they’ll go out of fashion, or become obsolete.

So, whether you’re just starting out in business – or are more established, but looking to add to your existing product repertoire – selling products with high demand is an excellent place to start.

But remember, simply knowing which products to sell isn’t enough. You’ll also need to know how to source the products you’ll be selling. And how to market those products, too. Fortunately, we have guides to those topics – and a whole bunch more – right here on Website Builder Expert. So stick around, and keep us company for a while!


If you’d rather take a DIY approach to the items you’ll be selling online, you can create a product from scratch. It’s a more time- and labor-intensive endeavor, sure – but you don’t have to do it alone. We’ve put together a guide to creating a product to sell online – so be sure to check it out before you dive in!
The 12 products that are in high demand to sell online in 2023 are:
  • Kitchen utensils
  • Food products
  • Clothing
  • Home storage
  • Beauty products
  • Games consoles
  • Cell phones
  • CBD products
  • Coffee
  • Toys
  • Eco products
  • Home office equipment

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