15 Top Selling Items to Sell Online in Fall

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With Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, fall is one of the busiest shopping seasons of the year. People want to buy their holiday-themed items as early as possible, so it’s best to be prepared and keep up with the latest seasonal trends.

We’ve pulled together a list of the 15 top selling items to sell online this fall to help you take advantage of this huge annual opportunity.

How to Sell Products Online?

If you’re not selling online already, there are various ways to do it. You can utilize marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay, or target customers across social media platforms. Selling your products via these external sites allows you to tap into their large customer base, global reach, and support systems.

Alternatively, you could build an online store – we recommend using ecommerce website builders like Shopify, BigCommerce, and Wix. If you’re just starting out, Wix is great for smaller stores and easy to navigate as a beginner, whereas sites like Shopify and BigCommerce are perfect for larger inventories.

It can be a struggle to build brand visibility, especially with so many ecommerce businesses out there, but your own website provides you with the freedom to experiment and grow.

Why Are Fall and Winter Seasons Great Opportunities For Online Stores?

The fall and winter seasons provide the perfect opportunity for growth. Not only does demand increase thanks to gift-centric holidays like Christmas, but Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the biggest shopping days of the year.

It’s the perfect chance to seize the opportunity to run tailored promotions, and promote your brand effectively.

How to Decide Which Products to Sell In Fall?

When choosing which products to sell in fall, it’s important to pick items that fit your brand. You can either analyze and research market trends or ask your customers directly via surveys. You can also look for gaps in your market, and see which products have little competition, so that your brand can stand out amongst the crowd.

If you’re still unsure about what to sell, we’ve researched the top 15 best high-margin products to sell online this fall.

#1. Tweed Jackets

tweed jacket top selling fall product
Joules display their tweed jacket as a seasonal item through the images used.

Tweed jackets are an obvious seasonal item and a timeless piece. Customers will be looking for weatherproof attire as the cold months roll in, so items like this will be in high demand. The fashion market is hugely popular, though, so make sure your product can survive the competition.

Top Tip: Made with a warm and cozy fabric, the fashionable jacket is a great product to sell in fall and one you can mark up at a high price.

#2. Faux Leather Leggings

faux leather leggings top selling fall products
It’s important to note that the leggings are faux/vegan leather.

Trendy and fashionable, faux leather leggings are one of the top selling items during fall. They’re a perfect transition piece and can be worn for almost any occasion which makes them a flexible staple of anyone’s fall wardrobe.

Top Tip: The clothes market is oversaturated, but a key selling point is the faux leather/vegan leather material so make that a real focus.

#3. Party Dresses

party dresses best selling fall products
Selkie gets in the holiday spirit with this red number, using the office Christmas party in the product photos.

The end of the year welcomes a wave of party invitations, so it’s no surprise that party dresses are one of the best things to sell in the fall. Don’t forget to market towards specific holidays, like Thanksgiving and Christmas, to draw customers in.

Top Tip: People are ready to splash out and splurge on outfits for special occasions, so your pricing should reflect this.

#4. Wool Coats

wool coats top selling products to sell in fall
& Other Stories channels a winter vibe in its product photos, even though they’re only selling the coat.

Wool coats are an ideal product to sell during fall. Warm, comfortable, and practical, they’re a necessity for the season. Plus, customers are always willing to pay a little more for outerwear as they want them to be durable and last all winter.

Top Tip: Market your wool coats with seasonal photographs – picture them in colder environments or with people wrapped up against the weather.

#5. Waterproof Boots

waterproof boots top selling fall products
Hunter are famous for their rainproof shoes.

People prefer sensible shoes during colder weather, so it’s understandable to see why waterproof boots are one of the top selling items during fall. After all, there are plenty of snowbanks and cold puddles to avoid!

Top Tip: Stock waterproof boots in kid sizes – adults try to avoid the miserable weather, but kids will always love to play outdoors.

#6. Scarves & Gloves

scarve and gloves best selling fall items
Mall of Norway labels their matching set with a chilly product name.

Scarves and gloves are staple products to sell in fall given their wide usage. In fact, many people have multiple scarves and gloves in their wardrobe so make sure to cater to a variety of styles.

Top Tip: Don’t forget matching sets! Pair up the products with coordinated designs so customers are inclined to buy both.

#7. Kids Halloween Outfits

kis halloween outfits fall products
Great Pretenders sells their Halloween outfits across their website as well as on Amazon.

Get ready for trick-or-treating with Halloween outfits for kids, one of the best things to sell in the fall. You can stock simple and cheap accessories, or sell more expensive and complex outfits.

Top Tip: Most kids want a new costume each year so update your store with what’s trending at that time.

#8. Holiday-Themed Homeware Items and Decoration

holiday themed homeware fall products
An example of the Thanksgiving homeware & decorations available on Etsy.

Social events like Thanksgiving and Christmas call for decorating. Think wreaths, table runners, and tea towels (all of which can be tied in to match the season) to make your home pop with the holiday spirit.

Top Tip: Customers like to buy products they can reuse year after year so make sure your items are durable and timeless.

#9. Holiday-Themed Disposables

holiday themed disposables fall products
Themed disposables are a practical way to incorporate the holiday spirit into your event.

‘Tis the season for hosting! As families and friends gather together, parties and meal-sharing become the norm. Disposables are necessary for hygiene reasons, especially in the wake of COVID – plus they save the host the hassle of doing the dishes.

Top Tip: People buy disposables in large quantities so make sure your inventory is well-stocked.

#10. Craft Supplies

craft supplies fall products
Oriental Trading sells a wide range of craft supplies for seasonal activities.

It’s time to get crafty. Whether that’s homemade decorations, place settings for the Thanksgiving table, or thoughtful gifts ready for Christmas. The holidays offer a unique opportunity to draw in more customers, so tailor your products for the season.

Top Tip: Think about SEO product titles! Name your products appropriately so that customers can easily find seasonal-themed items.

#11. Gift Boxes

gift boxes top selling fall products
Offer personalized gift boxes for the holiday season like this Etsy seller.

The end of summer sees the approach of the gift-giving season, and gift boxes are one of the best things to sell in the fall. You can stock up on uniquely designed boxes, and make sure to tailor them to seasonal events like Thanksgiving or Christmas.

Top Tip: Why not try personalized gift boxes? Allow customers to add names or personal images to create unique packaging they can reuse.

#12. Deep Conditioning Hair Treatments

deep conditioning hair treatment fall products
These deep conditioning hair treatments are perfect for the colder weather.

The colder weather can leave your hair and scalp dry, so many people look to indulge in a deep conditioning treatment. Though the intense moisturizing nature of the product makes it one of the top selling items during fall, it can be used all year round whenever people want a bit of self-care time.

Top Tip: Why not try personalized gift boxes? Allow customers to add names or personal images to create unique packaging they can reuse.

#13. Rich Lotions and Moisturizer Cream

lotions and moisturisers fall products
First Aid Beauty’s ‘Ultra Repair Cream’ offers intense hydration – perfect for fall & winter.

As the seasons change, so does our skincare regime. Rich lotions and creams can be used throughout the year but the fall and winter weather really dries out our skin. Lots of people will be looking to invest in a heavier moisturizer for this reason so make sure you’re prepared.

Top Tip: Bundle similar items together for special holiday deals when Black Friday and Cyber Monday hit.

#14. Halloween Pet Accessories

halloween pet accessories top selling fall products
Get your pets in on the spooky season with these customized accessories from Chewy.

Everyone loves to get their pets involved in all the holiday fun with unique outfits and accessories – and Halloween is one of the biggest events of the year! Think spooky bandanas and wearable bat wings.

Top Tip: Make sure to include various sizes to accommodate both small and large pets.

#15. Phone Tripod

phone tripod fall products
A tripod can help capture those special memories during the holidays.

The phone market is growing each year. This does mean it can get pretty crowded, but there’s a large customer base to draw from. Almost everyone has a cell phone, and a tripod is perfect for those looking to elevate their photo skills.

Top Tip: Most phone tripods work universally, but make sure to note which phones are compatible with the product to reassure the customer.


It’s important to decide what products work best for your market and brand, whether you’re starting a new store or adding to your website’s inventory.

These 15 top selling items to sell online in fall are a great place to start if you’re unsure, and will help you identify the needs of your market.

If you haven’t already created your online store, check out our handy guide on how to start an online novelty store.

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