14 Profitable Woodworking Projects That Sell

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Oak. Pine. Mahogany. Redwood. Beech. Maple. What two things do they all have in common? Well firstly, they’re all wood (that’s easy). But secondly? They can all make you money. That’s right. Not only can you use the wood of your choice to build a woodwork project, you can also use a website builder and build a website to sell them on too!

From birdhouses and benches to bath trays, boxes, and beyond, for the avid woodworker, the wood is your oyster.

But which wood projects that sell should you choose to build your fledgling woodworking business around this year?

Let’s find out.

What Are Wood Projects and How Can They Make You Money?

Wood projects are, in brief, items made from wood, typically by hand, that serve specific customer needs. If they’re good, they can be sold – and for good money!

All you’ll need to create products to sell is the wood itself, plus a saw, a drill, glue, and some goggles and gloves to keep you safe. Woodworking skill is, of course, preferred – but some of the more basic wood projects only require a fundamental level of knowhow.

If you plan to make money with your wood projects (as you should!) you’ll also need some way of marketing and selling them online, such as an online store or marketplace.

But we’ll get to that later – for now, on with the wood projects that sell in 2024!

14 Profitable Wood Projects

The 14 most profitable, easy wood projects to sell in 2024 are:

  • Picture Frames
  • Kitchen Utensils
  • Boxes
  • Children’s Toys
  • Planters
  • Birdhouses
  • Chopping Boards
  • Shelving
  • Wine Racks
  • Benches
  • Jewelry Boxes
  • Bath Trays
  • Personalized Signs
  • Coffee Tables

1. Picture Frames

Everyone loves to take pictures, and everyone loves looking back on them as memories. So it goes without saying that picture frames are a natural first port of call for anyone looking to create and sell beautiful wood projects online.

Simple to put together, picture frames require only a more basic level of skill – so they’re ideal for woodworkers who are newer to the trade, and looking to start small before progressing to the big stuff.

Picture frames are universal, with people always on the hunt for the perfect frame to hang in their homes. The options are endless with picture frames, you can make creations of all sizes and designs, depending on your own skillset.

You’ll need some additional materials, such as glass for the front panel, but nothing too specialist, making them an ideal easy wood project to sell online.

3 product images of wooden picture frames
The Drifting Bear Co sells classy handmade picture frames suitable for all memories and mantelpieces.

2. Kitchen Utensils

As you’ll find out in our guide to the most high-demand products to sell, kitchen utensils represent a booming market. And, with some nice wood and a touch of skill, they can also be a profitable wood project to sell, too.

Kitchen utensils also offer a wide scope to have fun and mix it up. With forks, knives, spoons, spatulas, potato mashers, and plenty more utensils to craft, the kitchen is your playground!

While they’re a great evergreen product, you can also market your wooden kitchen utensils as the perfect housewarming gift, offering plenty of scope for social media and online promotion.

Make sure your final products meet all the safety standards and regulations for kitchen equipment in your state… you don’t want someone to find a splinter in their dinner!

4 wooden spoons for sale on Wilson-Sonoma's storefront
Wilson-Sonoma sells some dashing – and sustainable – wooden kitchen utensils.

3. Boxes

We’re calling it now: the world will always have a need for wooden boxes. A staple in the hospitality industry – especially when it comes to packing wine and food – wooden boxes have a near limitless supply of uses.

Ranging from the decorative to the functional, wooden boxes are relatively simple to make. And, given their wild popularity, should be even simpler to sell.

The trick with wooden boxes is to think about their use case before you get started. Do you want to create wooden boxes for storage? For weighty items? Or perhaps you’re more interested in creating bespoke, decorative jewelry boxes for example?

Having a clear use case for your project will ensure your wooden boxes are functional and will allow you to sell them to the right audience.

Be specific when it comes to identifying your target market too, the shoppers looking for wooden storage crates to store large items probably aren’t the same shoppers looking for a decorative box to display at home.

Gallery of wooden boxes for sale made by The Wooden Box Factory
The Wooden Box Factory, as its name suggests, sells boxes made of wood – for all occasions and purposes.

4. Children’s Toys

From train sets and racetracks to giant snakes-and-ladders boards, wood doesn’t just have to be functional – it can be fun, too!

Wooden children’s toys offer so much scope for creativity and flair. You’re not limited by the constraints of the form (as you are with most picture frames, chopping boards, and boxes). Instead, you’re limited only by what you can build – and, of course, your imagination!

Children’s toys are one of our favorite best selling wood projects because they’re always in demand. People always need toys for the youngest members of the family and recent online trends show wooden toys are growing in popularity.

It should come as no surprise that according to Google Trends, the most popular time for wooden toys is in November and December. If you do go down this route, be prepared for higher demand during the holidays!

Selection of four trending products made by Knock on Wood, featuring four wooden kids toys
Knock on Wood specializes only in wooden children’s toys – talk about niche!

5. Planters

Wooden planters have a knack of adding a warmth and charm to an outdoor space – so it’s no surprise they’re such a highly sought-after item.

Fortunately, they also sit in the camp of chopping boards, picture frames, and boxes in that they’re on the easier side to make. However, the larger ones can still command high prices – especially if you equip them with a slick coat of varnish, and a set of wheels for extra portability.

Given their use, be sure to be clear with customers what conditions your wooden planters can be used in. For example, adding a rain-proof coating is essential if you want your planters to be used outside.

Product page for a wooden planter box made by Bloom Box Products
Bloom Box Products sells gorgeous, natural-looking wooden planters.

6. Birdhouses

Whether as a simple decoration or to attract the local avian population, birdhouses are a popular garden ornament. Fortunately for the prospective woodworker, birdhouses also look best in wood – and sell at alluringly high prices.

There’s also so much room for creativity. From birdhouses inspired by the hobbit holes of The Lord of the Rings to ones with a clear cubist-architecture flavor, you’ll be able to express the full bounds of your inventiveness.

While simple birdhouses are a great project for intermediates, the more intricate and detailed birdhouses are best left to advanced craftsmen.

The more detailed you can make your birdhouse, the higher price you can sell them for.

When setting your prices, be clear with customers the level of skill and time invested into each individual birdhouse. Let them know that they’re paying for more than just the materials.

4 images of wooden birdhouses for sale
Etsy showcases some wild and wonderful birdhouse designs.

7. Chopping Boards

If there’s one place in particular where wood always seems to look good, it’s in the kitchen. And why wouldn’t your customers want some beautiful wooden chopping boards to go with their equally gorgeous wooden kitchen utensils?

Chopping boards are relatively easy to create (although you’ll need to be a dab hand at sanding!) and sell for impressive prices. To give customers more choice, craft chopping boards of different sizes, and combine them into multi-buy packs.

Chopping boards themselves are pretty simple and generic, so you’ll need to think of a way to make yours stand out. Ideas include sourcing special cuts of wood, offering personalization, or creating unique shapes and designs.

Product page for wooden chopping board, featuring price and button to purchase
Wooden chopping boards, as seen here on Lasoo, sell well – particularly as multi-packs.

8. Shelving

There aren’t many things more wholesome than walking into a room full of books. But to create that effect – and turn whole rooms into libraries – your audience will first need the shelves to do it with.

So get your nails out, have your pine (perhaps even some nice mahogany) at the ready, and start building – and selling – wooden shelving.

Shelving makes our list of woodworking projects that sell because they are so universal… and simple. Everyone needs shelves and practically everyone can make them.

Simple shelving units and individual shelves require only a basic knowledge of woodwork, making them the perfect beginner wood project.

Once complete and ready to sell, be sure to create detailed instructions for hanging or building your shelves to ensure happy and satisfied customers!

Storefront featuring four wooden shelves for sale
RJ Living sells wooden shelves of all shapes and sizes.

9. Wine Racks

If there’s anything more satisfying than walking into that aforementioned room of books, it’s having a nice pinot noir at hand to enjoy it with. But where to store those wine bottles, exactly?

Wine racks, of course – and what better material to make them out of than wood?

Despite their relatively one-note purpose, wine racks can come in all sorts of interesting and unique designs and are one of the more unique wood crafts that sell. Feel free to flex your creative muscles a bit here and push the boat out in weird and wonderful directions. The most innovative of wine racks will command the highest prices!

Mahogany, pine, and oak are all great choices for wine racks, and you could even consider offering bespoke racks for a higher price point if you determine there is sufficient demand.

Four product photos of wooden wine racks for sale
Modularack sells wine racks with a unique and proprietary modular design.

10. Benches

While they might sound a bit basic, benches come in all shapes and sizes – and for a variety of purposes.

From church pews and picnic tables to park benches (heck, even gym benches), there’s a lot of room for originality – and to make a decent profit, too!

While the majority of benches won’t require advanced skills, you’ll need to understand the importance of proportions and functionality to create a bench that can stand the test of time and carry weight.

Benches are bulky which means you’ll also need to think about delivery costs and suppliers. Make sure to set a delivery fee that’s realistic but covers your costs, and consider offering a pick-up service for customers who don’t want to pay for shipping.

Four product photos of wooden benches for sale
Payday Deals’s variety of wooden benches look good – whether in the park or on the patio.

11. Jewelry Boxes

We mentioned jewelry boxes back when we discussed wooden boxes but really they deserve their own spot on the list.

A great small wood project that sell well, wood is the perfect material for jewelry boxes.

Granted, these are one of the most technical wood projects to sell and make. With several moving parts and small compartments, we don’t recommend making jewelry boxes to woodworking newbies. But, for the more seasoned woodworker with a steady hand and plenty of patience, jewelry boxes are a highly lucrative wood project.

Despite being on the smaller side compared to some of the wooden projects featured in this list, jewelry boxes are one of the most time-consuming. The intricate components plus design features mean you’ll need patience and time to commit if you want to make this a long-term venture.

3 styles and images of wooden jewelry boxes sold by My Treasure Box
My Treasure Box sells hand-crafted wooden jewelry boxes which exude elegance.

12. Bath Trays

As simple as they are ingenious, bath trays (also known as bath caddies) lie across the top of a bath. Offering a place to perch a tablet or electronic device, as well as circular grooves for keeping beverages or candles to hand, these trays help make bath time even more of a relaxing experience.

They also look excellent in wood, and are an easy wood project to sell and create. There’s not a huge amount of scope for invention or expressiveness, but that doesn’t matter – your happy customers won’t care!

Bath trays are a huge interior trend in 2024 too, with home influencers and interior designers all reaching for a wooden bath tray to add style and interest to their bathrooms.

It’s a great time to capitalize on the interest and market, and thanks to how simple they are to create, your bath trays could be in people’s homes in no time.

Wooden bath tray product page, featuring an image of it in situation (over a bath) and product information
The Timber Line’s Bath Caddy 1.0 is a delight. Want!

13. Personalized Signs

Another item to consider when looking for small woodworking projects that sell is personalized signs.

Ideal for birthdays, holidays, or simply as a thoughtful gift, the personalized sign market is a lucrative one – particularly if you have the engraving skills to carve them from wood.

What we love about personalized wooden signs is that they’re so unique and special that they serve as a powerful form of word-of-mouth marketing for your brand. Seeing that brilliant new wooden sign that’s just gone up on their neighbor’s gate, a person’s bound to ask – ”where did that sign come from?”

Our top tip for creating, and selling, personalized wooden signs is to carve out your own niche (pun intended!).

Do you want to create seasonal signs? Outdoor signs? Party signs? Whatever you choose, finding a niche will help you to market your products and find an engaged target audience.

3 images of previously made custom wooden signs created by Flamin' Signs and Boxes
Flamin’ Signs and Boxes sell high-quality personalized signs – all made from wood.

14. Coffee Tables

A staple of any self-respecting den or living room, a wooden coffee table is a statement piece of furniture – meaning they command big prices.

Of course, they’re also big pieces of work. A coffee table requires more skill, know-how, and time than, say, a picture frame or chopping board. However, for the ambitious woodworker looking to make their own statement in the industry, coffee tables may just be a cup of exactly the right stuff.

Just like we mentioned with benches, coffee tables are big items so you’ll need to think carefully about how you get them to your customers. You might need to invest in a fulfillment company who can package and deliver your items safely.

The Block Shop's storefront featuring 8 wooden coffee tables
From Elm to American Ash, The Block Shop’s coffee tables offer a wide variety of materials and finishes.

How to Sell Wood Projects Online: A Quick Step-by-Step

Now you’ve got your product inspo, you’ll be wondering – how can I begin selling wood projects online?

Here’s a quick-fire guide to get you started.

  1. Choose where you want to sell online: be it social media, an online marketplace such as Amazon or Etsy, or solely through your own ecommerce store.
  2. Set up your online store: for this, we recommend an ecommerce website builder, such as Wix or Shopify. You can build your store – with a lot of creative control around its look and feel – and then pick a pricing plan to get you started.
  3. Populate your online store: next, you’ll need to fill your new website with inventory. That means taking high-quality product photos and writing detailed product descriptions.
  4. Price your products: not all wood projects are created equal. Some take longer – and cost more – to build, and therefore should be more expensive. Set prices that work for you, and reflect the effort and energy you put into making your wood projects.
  5. Choose a payment gateway and set up shipping: this will allow you to accept payments online, and ship your wood projects to your customers in a secure, cost-effective manner.
  6. Promote your wood projects online: shout about your beautiful woodwork across social media and on your website, as well as through email, content, and – if you have the budget – SEM (Search Engine Marketing).

Summary: How to Sell Wood Projects Online

Whether you choose to sell wooden jewelry boxes, toys, or anything in between, the world of woodwork is wide, wild, weird – and wonderful. Now you know the wood projects that sell you can pick the ones that best suit your ability and audience needs, and become a successful woodworking entrepreneur!

But why stop there? As your woodworking (and ecommerce) skills grow, you can expand to selling furniture online next!

Good luck!


To build an online store to start selling your wood projects, we recommend a website builder. You can often sign up and build a site for free (although you’ll usually be stuck with ads on your site, and limited features). But even the more advanced plans, which we recommend at least trialing, usually won’t break the bank.

The website builders we recommend for selling wood projects are:

  • Wix – Best for small online stores.
  • Shopify – Best for larger woodworking businesses.
  • Squarespace – Best bang for your buck!

Set on a career as an ecommerce store owner, but not sure what to sell? We get you.

Fortunately, we’ve pre-empted your question with a guide to help you understand what to sell online – so go explore, and get inspired!

There are plenty of profitable woodworking projects but items such as benches, coffee tables, jewelry boxes, and birdboxes can all be priced at high price points and require few materials.
Your options are almost limitless but some of the best items to build with wood to sell include photo frames, wine racks, children’s toys, and personalized signs.
Some of the most popular woodwork items for 2024 include personalized chopping boards, bath trays, and children’s toys.
Traditional items such as coffee tables, benches, shelving units, planters, and sideboards all sell well both online and offline.
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