About Us Page Examples: 15 Inspiring About Us Pages for 2023

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When you’re building a website, the About Us page will most likely be one of the first pages you’ll design. This is a crucial step, because this is where your potential customers can learn more about you and your business.

In a nutshell, this is your website’s CV.

A great About Us page can actually make all the difference for your website! This is how you can gain your customers’ trust by telling them more about your story, through impactful words and visuals. There are a few essential things to add to your About Us page, while still keeping some creative freedom to tailor to your brand’s aesthetic.

Keep reading – we’re breaking down the key features of a good About Us page and giving you some inspiring About Us page examples.

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What Is an About Us Page?

The About Us page of your website is an opportunity for you to tell the story of your business, your values, and your achievements. It’s the number one source of information for anyone who wants to know more about you, and can often be the first thing that a customer looks up. It allows them to identify who you are as a brand, and what you stand for.

The way you decide to approach this is very important, as the design, visual aspects, and written content showcases how you want your brand to be seen. This is how you can attract your target audience to your online store.

The first key thing to include in your About Us page is your mission statement. This helps to identify what you have to offer and why customers should care about your brand specifically. It will guide your customers as to whether they think they should shop with you or not. This is also your opportunity to show what’s unique about you and your business. This is also the perfect place to showcase your brands’ vision statement.

Every single company has a story, so tell yours! Your customers will want to know about your backstory, and what made you want to start your business in the first place. Talk about your breakthroughs, your milestones, and your evolution. Basically, how your business got to become what it is today. Sharing your company story will help your clients to empathize with you and your business.

If you have some, definitely showcase your past achievements or positive reviews. If others have trusted you in the past and were happy about the outcome, new customers are more likely to trust you themselves! It will also help you build your credibility as a whole, and prove that what you are claiming is true.

Another crucial point is outlining your company values. What do you stand for? What kind of image do you want to portray to your customers? This will show the “human” side of your business, and help make it more relatable. Also, customers will be more willing to trust a company that aligns with their own values.

Finally, put a face to the business! Introduce the team – if you have one – and the founder.

With all these tips in mind, you should have all the tools needed to write an About Us page. Here are 15 About Us page examples to give you some inspiration to build your own.

Inspiring About Us Pages for 2023

1. Reformation

about us page example reformation
Reformation focuses on its company values of sustainability in its About Us page to build trust.

The American clothing brand Reformation chose to put the emphasis on the sustainability aspect of its brand, to set it apart from fast-fashion brands right off the bat. It chose a very minimalistic design and a striking catchphrase: “Being naked is the #1 most sustainable option. We’re # 2”. Reformation decided to focus on the company values to build consumer trust, starting with an allusion to how the idea of the business started.

2. Just Eat

about us page example just eat
Just Eat focuses on achievements and statistics to win over its visitors.

Just Eat decided to focus on its achievements to cement the idea of a reliable brand, backed by statistics. It chose striking infographics to make its numbers stand out, inciting a “wow” effect. Then, it details what it has to offer. Clearly, Just Eat wants to make sure that you pick it instead of another food delivery company, based on its impressive data.

3. Ink Outside the Box

about us page example ink outside the box
Ink Outside the Box doesn't waste any space, but gets straight to the point using a minimalist style to grab attention.

This small stationery business chose a short, straight-to-the-point approach. The tone is light, targeted at a younger audience. Ink Outside the Box embraces the fact that it’s still a new company that’s just starting out, and tells the customers that it has the desire to grow and create more products.

4. Florence Given

about us page example florence given
Florence Given's About page balances achievements, personality, and values to create a well-rounded view of the artist.

The About Us page for Florence Given’s shop is basically the artist’s bio. Next to a big picture of her, a few paragraphs detail her accomplishments, starting with “best-selling, record-breaking author” and “award-winning”. Then, there’s an emphasis on her values so that the customers know about the meaning behind her illustrations.

5. Lonely Planet

about us page example lonely planet
Lonely Planet uses its About Us page to bring its values to life.

Lonely Planet‘s About Us page focuses mainly on the business’ values. Each and every single one is detailed in a slideshow on the page. The travel guide company doesn’t talk about its background but interestingly decided to mention the impact of Covid-19 on tourism, showing that it is “still on a journey” and that it can evolve alongside its customers’ needs.

6. Pick Up Limes

about us page example pick up limes
Laid back, yet thorough, the Pick Up Limes' About Us page creates a detailed story of the company's journey, complete with an FAQ section.

The food blog Pick Up Limes chose an extensive approach for its About Us page, while still keeping a laid-back style. It starts with the detailed story of how the founder decided to create the company, accompanied with pictures to go with the text. Then, a small paragraph with the business’ mission statement, an introduction to the team with their baby pictures and finally, an FAQ. All in all, this is a very complete About Us page that won’t leave you with any question about the company.

7. Colourpop

about us page examples colourpop
Colourpop is a great example of how you can incorporate video into your About Us page.

The Colourpop About Us page starts with a 3 minute YouTube video where the two co-founders explain the aim of their company: a high quality cosmetics brand with low prices and good ethics. They then include all the awards they’ve won, and for which products – the links to buy them are included, so the customer can try out an award-winning makeup product for themselves. This shows that your About Us page can be profitable as well as informative!

8. EventBrite

about us page example eventbrite
Using large images helps to grab attention, which is exactly what EventBrite's About Us page does!

EventBrite’s About Us page is visually very striking. The events company chose eye-catching visuals to explain the concept of the brand with logos, graphics, and a video. It addresses the customer directly and tells them exactly why EventBrite is the perfect choice for them by listing all its services. It also includes positive feedback from previous customers and finishes with its different price packages.

9. Lyon’s Seafood & Wine Bar

about us page example lyons seafood and wine bar
Is your brand minimalistic and classy, like Lyon's? This is a great example of how your About Us page can match your brand style!

This small London restaurant put all the focus onto its food in its About Us page. Using minimalist and refined visuals, Lyon’s makes sure that the customer is aware that its food is sustainably sourced and that it has an extensive wine list. Without going into too much detail, Lyon’s still gives enough away so that all the relevant information is available.

10. Moz

about us page examples moz
Moz's About Page promotes total transparency, detailing its journey with ups, downs, and changes of strategy along the way.

Moz’s approach is interesting, because it explains in detail its whole backstory. It mentions all the different investments it’s received, the different ideas it’s tried, and how it eventually switched back to its original strategy. Moz isn’t afraid of being honest about the ups and downs that it’s faced, which makes it seem more trustworthy and transparent. 

11. Lingoda

about us page examples lingoda
It's important to make your About page digestible, like this example from Lingoda, which uses images, short text, and data display information.

Lingoda‘s About Us page is simple but visually pleasing, using little images to showcase its strongest selling points and a “quick facts” section to display all the important numbers and data. At the end, the online language school includes the company’s story year by year, with its achievements along the way.

12. Milk Bar

about us page examples milk bar
Milk Bar's About Us page is fun and colorful, making you feel like you're inside the brand with plenty of images and videos.

With its About Us page, Milk Bar puts the emphasis on the visuals. The cake company went for a colorful and fun approach, with lots of pictures and videos. It still added a short paragraph on its backstory, a feature in the New York Times, and all the different charities it works with. This creates an immersive feel that also shows visitors the brand’s values in action.

13. Yellow Leaf Hammocks

about us page examples yellow leaf hammocks
Think about your customers and how you can involve them in your About Us page, like Yellow Leaf Hammocks does.

Yellow Leaf Hammocks chose a very humanizing approach to tell its company story. The company tells the story through the people who make its products and how it empowers them. This is done through simple and relaxing visuals, small paragraphs, and pictures. This helps the customers to empathize with the business and its values.

14. MailChimp

about us page examples mailchimp
MailChimp knows that a great About Us page should be humanizing and forge a connection with its visitors.

MailChimp used strong storytelling to explain what it stands for. It explains how the company was founded, and how it evolved throughout the years. In its “Culture” section, it also mentions that the company is hiring, which is another possible use for the About Us page. The result is simple but still engaging.

15. Headspace

about us page examples headspace
Headspace creates a welcoming, visually pleasing About page, with simple, digestible data and photos.

The Headspace About Us page fits the aim of the business: it’s simple, straight-to-the-point, and uses uplifting and relaxing visuals. The meditation company uses small paragraphs with little images so as not to overwhelm the customer with information. It showcases data as a form of social proof, displaying how many people already use its services, and also includes pictures of the team, with a short bio to go with them. The overall impact is professional, yet also friendly and approachable.


Writing an About Us page doesn’t have to be a daunting task. It’s the perfect tool to tell your company’s story and convince customers that you’re the right fit for them. The visuals you choose are crucial to convey your brand’s image, as well as to how you want to tell your mission statement, backstory, and values.

Now, it’s up to you to find the right approach and tell us more about you!

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The About Us page is the presentation of your business to the customer. It serves to give insight into who you are as a brand and what you do. It is usually divided into a few paragraphs and can include photos and videos but in the end, the structure is all up to you!
About Us pages are crucial because they will help the customer decide whether they align with your values or not, and if they ultimately want to shop with you. It’s your chance to make your business as appealing as possible and be transparent about your brand, and the aesthetic you want to portray.
About Us pages are very customizable, so it’s up to you to decide what you want to add in yours, and the story you eventually want to tell. Usually, About Us pages include a mission statement, the backstory of your company, your past achievements and your values. Feel free to add and remove to tailor the content to your specific business!
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