The 10 Best Business Website Templates to Elevate Your Brand

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To say a website is important for your business is a huge understatement. Not only is an indicator of your business’ legitimacy and values – it’s often how your potential customers will find and interact with you. It’s their first touchpoint with your brand – so it’s your chance to impress, inform, inspire, and invite them to learn more.

The good news? Creating a website doesn’t have to take time, involve a lot of effort, or even cost all that much money. That’s especially the case when you use a website builder – a tool which allows you to build a website in quicktime, without hassle or headaches.

The even better news? That website builders offer huge ranges of templates, or “themes” – preset designs which you can “plug and play” into your website to instantly, effectively establish your website’s look and feel.

But the question remains – just how do you choose the website template that’s right for your business? We can help. Below, we’ve pulled together our top 10 business website templates from across the web.

Read on to get inspired!

IT Services

Made by: Wix

Don’t be fooled by the name – IT Services is not only one of the best business website templates for those providing IT services, but for a wide range of other industries as well.

While we do recommend it, first and foremost, for businesses in the IT or professional service industries, this template’s versatility – and array of customization options – means it’ll generate leads for your business. (No matter what sector you’re in!)

The best part of this template is the large header image that grabs the attention of visitors right away.

Other notable features include:

  • Area for highlighting your core services and the benefits of choosing your business over the competition
  • Testimonials slider for showcasing feedback from customers
  • Call-to-action panel to make visitors a part of your sales funnel
  • Contact form that makes it easy for prospects to get in touch with you

Top Tip: Align Your Template With Your Brand and Audience

One of the first things you’ll need to do when selecting your template is to ensure it’s a fit for your brand and audience. After all, a template designed for an online toy store won’t fit the bill for a business consulting firm. Likewise, a brand with a more fun, playful identity won’t want to go anywhere near a template designed for lawyers!

Business Consulting

Made by: Wix

The Business Consulting template is the perfect fit for data analysts, business advisors, startups, and small firms. The best thing about this template is that it’s very professional and goal-driven, making it ideal for high-quality lead generation.

Design-wise, it ticks all the boxes – with shades of vivid, vibrant purple catching the eye, while also exuding poise and professionalism. While from a usability standpoint, it’s as easy to use as it is on the eye.

Notable features include:

  • Simple and easy to navigate user experience
  • Ample space to highlight your services and associated information on the front page
  • Featured testimonials section to build trust with potential clients
  • Customizable and easy-to-fill contact form

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Made by: Squarespace

Keene is a Squarespace website template that’s ideal for businesses operating across multiple niches. (Although as the screenshot gallery above shows, it’s ideal for doctors, and businesses in the medical and dental industries, too.)

Offering a unique blend of simplicity and usefulness, Keene isn’t just stunning to look at – but highly functional to edit and customize, too. For instance, the links to the main pages on the homepage make it easy for visitors to go straight to where they want to be on your site.

Notable features include:

  • Appointment form visitors can use to schedule meetings or book services
  • Beautiful About page with great typography and tall visuals
  • Popup contact forms that don’t overwhelm prospects
  • A separate page for first-time visitors or customers to set expectations
  • Map widget on the Contact page to convey your location visually


Made by: Squarespace

Hayden is a simple and effective business website template to create a professional-looking website.

It’s a strong fit for multiple different types of businesses, such as design agencies, real estate companies, and architecture firms. (You’ll see it modelled in the design gallery by an interior design business – classy, yet accommodating!)

The main benefit offered by this template is the abundance of sections for highlighting different aspects of your business: such as your portfolio, customer case studies, and testimonials from your previous clients.

Notable features include:

  • Scheduling system for service booking and appointments
  • Hero section on the front page leads the reader straight to your accomplishments
  • Space to add plenty of photos on the front page to show off your work
  • CTA button in the menu which catches more attention than other menu items
  • About page can include open job positions and invite applications via form
  • Blog section to promote your business with content marketing

More Information

Kiko & Miles

Made by: Weebly

Weebly’s Kiko & Miles website template features a minimalist design that places the emphasis on your content.

Made for interior designers and furniture stores, Kiko & Miles combines classic typography with minimal text to avoid crowding too many elements on the page. Creative at heart and by nature, this template will also appeal to artists, architects, bloggers, ecommerce business owners, and photographers.

Notable features include:

  • Pre-built content blocks for ecommerce features such as featured collections, products, and calls to action
  • Mobile-responsive boxed layout that offers built-in integration with Weebly’s ecommerce system
  • Search function add-on to make it easy for prospects to find information and products


Made by: Shopify

Free, fabulous, and magnificently minimalistic, we’re in love with Shopify’s Spotlight theme.

The stripped-back design – which features plenty of white space – is ideal for ecommerce businesses keen to let their products do the talking. We’d particularly recommend this one for online brands looking to channel a more cool, hip brand identity – a vibe Spotlight’s graphics, layout, and simplicity all speak to in volumes.

Notable features include:

  • Social media icons for linking to your TikTok, Twitter, and Instagram accounts
  • Excellent accessibility – the site displays well on all devices, especially mobile
  • Stock counter, and support for Shopify’s sticky header feature
  • Gallery grid view for putting your products front and center

Top Tip: Prioritize Mobile Responsiveness

Remember, people won’t always be viewing your website on a desktop computer – far from it, in fact. These days, your site is being viewed on tablets, iPhones, other smart devices – and usually on the go. That means you need to choose a business website template (like Spotlight above) which looks good, renders well, and is easy to use on all kinds of mobile devices.

Amy & Associates

Made by: GoDaddy

Amy & Associates is a versatile business website template for the GoDaddy platform. Well-suited to the kind of neat, organized style likely to resonate with accountants, Amy & Associates has neatly displayed text and simple browsing, adding further to its professional appearance. Plus, you can also display Google reviews and customer comments to build trust with your audience.

Notable features include:

  • Answer frequently asked questions on the homepage
  • Newsletter opt-in widget on the homepage to collect email addresses
  • Social media icons in the footer
  • Testimonial sections to highlight reviews from happy customers
  • Contact page with basic form and map widget

Webflow in Action: Ramping Up One Finance Company's Website Design Efforts

Akash Wadawadigi headshot
Akash Wadawadigi
Senior Engineer, Ramp
Ramp is a fast-growing fintech startup. Its tool allows businesses to analyze, optimize, and control their expenses, as well as their reimbursements and business spend: balancing the books, without having to juggle all the admin. Ramp redesigned its website through Webflow – a website builder that's been attracting a lot of recent hype – to offer its visitors a more streamlined, seamless online experience.


What was your website like before using Webflow?

Before Webflow, was a traditional React site. Every page had to be coded and each copy/image edit required a new pull request – an extremely laborious process for even the slightest changes.
Multiple pull requests and stakeholders had to be involved in order to do something as simple as swapping out an image or changing a header on a page – it just didn’t make sense to keep asking our engineers to spend time on updates like these. Webflow gave our designers and content writers a way to self-service and quickly publish changes to the website.

Why were you attracted to Webflow?

We were drawn to the CMS interface and the fact that Webflow takes care of hosting. Webflow’s ability to handle most of the groundwork gave our small engineering team the leverage of a much larger one as we were able to build with less friction.

How has using Webflow improved your website?

With Webflow, the speed of execution — our ability to push things out — has been dramatically better. And our ability to collaborate has improved — everyone now has the ability to contribute to the site.


Made by: GoDaddy

Volare is another business website template that’s compatible with the GoDaddy platform. This template – ideal for consultants, and businesses operating throughout the professional services sector – is known for features that help increase conversions.

These include a CTA section near the footer, a newsletter opt-in widget, and the option to package your services as products that can be booked online. Plus, this template just looks nice. Full of white space and with a slick, stripped-back, straight-to-the-point design language, it’s ideal for getting on the same page as your site’s visitors – and resonating with them.

Notable features include:

  • Hidden sidebar menu that contributes to the clean and modern design
  • Easy to use booking feature for appointments and reservations
  • Testimonials section to inspire trust in visitors
  • Social media icons in the footer section

Lead Generation

Made by: Duda

As the name suggests, the Lead Generation template is perfect for grabbing your prospects’ attention – and converting them into leads. A versatile template, it’ll suit, essentially, any business that needs to attract, convert, and retain customers – which we’re guessing is yours!

With vibrant colors, text animations, and attractive forms, it lures visitors in – and doesn’t let them go! Better still, Duda’s Lead Generation template is one of the most customizable and flexible on our list – so it’s perfect for adapting to your business website’s exact specifications.

Notable features include:

  • Text animation in the hero section to quickly capture attention
  • Attractive CTA box right below the fold and near the footer to inspire action
  • A large video area to engage visitors and increase dwell time
  • Attractive testimonials section with logo area to show past clients

Top Tip: Make Sure Your Business Website Template is Customizable

Business website templates are brilliant, but at the end of the day they’re just that – templates! They’re there to be built upon and tinkered with – not as a flat-out replacement for your brand’s unique identity and characteristics. So, ensure you can customize your business’s website template to your specific commercial needs – before you select it!


Made by: Shopify

Made by Shopify, the Spring business website template (an offshoot of the Sunrise template) is ideal for ecommerce businesses looking to sell – and scale.

Our favorite feature? How simple Shopify makes this template to navigate. With menus both in the horizontal banner at the top of the site, and vertically in the sidebar to the website’s left, you’ll give your customers everything they need to get to where they want to be on your site – at a glance.

Notable features include:

  • Places to showcase social proof, in the form of client logos and testimonials
  • Bold, brilliant product grids to showcase your wares in full color and class
  • Functionality for blogging
  • Social media icons to link to your presence across multiple social platforms

The only drawback? Spring’s quality doesn’t come cheap – and you’ll have to pay $240 to get your hands on it.


There you go! In this post, we’ve shown you the best business website templates with which to strengthen your online presence. As you can see, a good business website template is a great combination of beautiful design and practical functions. Both these aspects work hand in hand to build your brand and attract more, higher quality leads.

If you’re ready to build your business website, here are the best small business website builders you can get started with – without any coding skills required! And, check out our step-by-step guide to learn more about how to build a business website. Good luck, and let us know how you get on in the comments section below!


A business website template, or theme, is a design framework around which you can build a slick, stunning online presence for your business. Available either free or for a fixed price from all website builders, business website templates are the easiest, most convenient (and, if you pick a free one, the most cost-effective) way to establish a consistent, cohesive look and feel for your business’s website.
Most website builders offer a wide range of business website templates. Many are completely free, while others – particularly if they’ve been designed by a third-party developer for the website builder – will cost money. The most expensive business website template on our list here is Shopify’s Spring, which costs $240. However, some website builders offer templates which cost much, much more!
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I’ve written for brands and businesses all over the world – empowering everyone from solopreneurs and micro-businesses to enterprises to some of the ecommerce industry’s best-known brands: including Yahoo!, Ecwid, and Entrepreneur. My commitment for the future is to empower my audience to make better, more effective decisions: whether that’s helping you pick the right platform to build your website with, the best hosting provider for your needs, or offering recommendations as to what – and how – to sell.

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