Crafting Sweet Success: Explore the 10 Best Bakery Website Templates

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Choosing a template for your bakery website is no easy task.

Your chosen bakery website template needs to look good and perform well. Just like making the perfect cake that’s both tasty and visually appealing, there are various ingredients that make up the perfect website template.

From easy to read layouts to simple navigation and eye-catching branding potential, there’s a lot to think about when choosing a bakery template.

With so many bakery website templates online how do you know where to start? That’s where we can help. Our experts have put together 10 of the best bakery templates for website builders such as Wix, Squarespace and Shopify.

Don’t let your website be a kitchen disaster, check out these templates to help you rustle up the perfect bakery website.

1. Cupcake Shop

Made by: Wix

Cupcake Shop by Wix is a bright and bold website template that allows your products to do the talking. The main focus of the homepage is a slider of images for you to showcase your baked goods, which is crucial if you want to make a sale. After all, nobody is going to buy a cake if they haven’t seen what it will look like.

The Menu page allows you to list your products and flavors, and there’s even room for brief text to give more information on each item, such as allergens and best before dates.

The template follows a square block theme throughout, making it easy for users to find the information they’re looking for and preventing each page from appearing too busy or hard to navigate. This also makes it super easy to insert your own images and content too!

Wix’s Cupcake Shop template also comes with customizable options such as colors, fonts, logos, a contact form, and a chat box, so you can really make it your own!

Top Tip! Define Your Needs and Goals:
  • What functionalities are essential for your bakery? (E.g. online ordering, menu display, showcasing special promotions, connections with church)
  • What specific features will help you achieve your goals?

2. Bakery by Wix

Made by: Wix

If you’re looking for a bakery website template that’s dynamic and sleek then Bakery by Wix could be exactly what you need. Bakery makes use of animated sliders and parallax scrolling to ensure users are engaged from the moment they land on your homepage.

Customizable features include an opening times header bar, location map, and special offers bar, allowing you to easily showcase the information users are looking for.

By including a link to your Instagram page in the main menu navigation bar, you’re able to direct users to more of your content and enhance your overall online visibility.

The Menu page is sleek and simple and allows you to categorize your items by type, occasion, or flavor – while the inclusion of an Instagram reel makes this template image and content-heavy; putting the focus purely on your products.

If you’ve already created a strong brand aesthetic and have a well-populated Instagram page then Bakery is the ideal bakery website template for you.

It is an image-centered template so perhaps isn’t one for those who don’t already have a bank of content to use!

3. Brower

Made by: Squarespace

Squarespace’s Brower template is a bakery blog template, ideal for those who want to share more than just products with users. Brower allows you to upload longer-form content and share wisdom, knowledge, and baking advice and inspiration with your audience.

Brower is image and content-focused, meaning you’ll need to have a bank of resources at your disposal to use it to its full potential. You can customize elements such as the background color and font, and its built-in contact form makes communicating with your audience considerably easier.

The inclusion of social media icons in the main navigation header as well as the footer helps users navigate to your other platforms with ease. We especially like how the sleek and simple design puts your content as the main focus.

4. Stanton

Made by: Squarespace

If you want to combine the blogging prowess available with the Brower template with the ability to still showcase and sell your products directly on your website then the Stanton bakery template from Squarespace is the answer.

The embedded shop allows users to easily add products to their basket. It also provides plenty of text space for you to present your products in detail, without the risk of leaving out any key information.

The responsive blog design means you can share longer-form content such as recipes and inspiration with your audience, helping you to build up a stronger brand presence online. Users can navigate through your recent posts directly from the homepage.

Squarespace’s Stanton template also offers you the ability to create a customizable sign-up slider with a clear call to action asking users to sign-up to your newsletter or email marketing campaigns.

Stanton is the perfect all-rounder bakery website template and by far one of our favorite options online!

Top Tip! Test User-Friendliness and Mobile Responsiveness

Your chosen template doesn’t just need to look good, it needs to function well too. Ensure it is mobile friendly and offers a great user experience.

5. Foodie

Made by: Shopify

Shopify’s Foodie template is dynamic, responsive, and the ideal bakery template choice for independent bakeries who are looking to take their online presence to the next level.

Foodie allows you to showcase your best-selling products in an animated slider, giving users the ability to easily add them to their online basket and make a purchase.

One of the standout features of the Foodie template is its interactive menu capabilities.

Not only can you embed your bakery menu – featuring prices and key product information – but users can also click an individual menu item to visit the item’s product page and make a purchase. This is ideal for bakeries who have an in-person service and also sell their products online.

The Foodie template also offers a clear textbox for product information as well as a widget for related products. Directing users to other products they may be interested in helps to improve both the time users spend on your website and hopefully the number of items they purchase.

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Dave Conway
Co-Founder, Dave's Bakery
Dave Conway is the co-founder of bakery, Dave's Bakery.


What website builder did you use for your website?

I built my website, Dave’s Bakery, using Square.

What made you choose your website builder?

I chose Square because it is easy to use and offers a great selection of templates.

What made you choose to use a template for your website?

I chose a template that had a modern and professional look, with a simple and straightforward design. I used a template to design my website because it was the most cost-effective option and I was able to get a website up and running quickly without having to hire a designer.

Would you change anything about your chosen template?

I really like how my template looks and how it is laid out. It is easy to navigate and provides an overall pleasant user experience. The only thing I would change is the color scheme. I would like to make it a bit brighter and more vibrant.

6. Andaman

Made by: Shopify

Shopify’s Andaman bakery website template is the perfect choice for those looking for a simple website where the products do the talking.

The template has huge ecommerce capabilities with detailed product listings and shopping cart pages, making this ideal if you want to focus on selling your baked goods online.

The use of white space and square imagery makes the website feel modern and cool so if you opt for this template make sure the rest of your branding is centered around these characteristics.

Users can sort products via filters such as price and best selling, however the menu and category capabilities are slightly more limited than other templates, something worth considering if you want to break your product range down for customers.

Top Tip! Ensure Visual Appeal and Brand Alignment

Look for templates with visually pleasing designs, high-quality imagery, and customizable options for colors, fonts, and logos.

7. Bakery Shop

Made by: Duda

Duda’s Bakery Shop theme offers customizable colors and fonts and focuses on showcasing products to sell directly on your website.

Bakery Shop is image-focused, with the homepage especially focusing on product and bakery image over text. This makes it the perfect choice if you’ve already invested in high-quality images of your products.

The navigation bar is simple and directs users to the content they’re looking for without offering too many options, which can be confusing and overwhelming.

Bakery Shop’s Menu options are simple and allow you to list your bakery menu along with prices – however, it’s worth noting that the Menu itself doesn’t offer you the chance to add images or additional information. In order to add that you’ll need to feature the item on a product page instead.

The large “Order Online” button is fixed to the header – users can see it no matter what page of the website they’re on, and the call to action is nice and clear. If a user lands on the homepage looking to make a purchase they will instantly see how to do so.

8. Bakery by Duda

Made by: Duda

Like its name suggests, Bakery is the perfect website template for bakers looking to build their website on Duda.

The capacities of this particular bakery template aren’t extensive, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. The template allows you to add products and pages such as “about us” and “contact”.

The layout is simple and navigation is easy, making this a user friendly bakery website template. You can also add all your existing branding such as logos, fonts and colors.

If you’re looking for something simple that showcases your products with no frills and fuss then this could well be the bakery template for you.

9. Rivoli

Made by: Squarespace

Rivoli is one of Squarespace’s blog templates making it ideal if you’re looking to create a bakery website that focuses on content to compliment your in-person bakery.

The template is content-heavy, allowing you to upload long-form content such as recipes, baking tips and baker profiles.

You can customize colors, fonts and image styles and have the option to add as few or as many categeories as you like.

While this isn’t an ecommerce template and therefore not appropriate for bakers looking to sell products online, if you’re looking for a bakery template that focuses on quality content to boost your marketing and brand awareness than Rivoli lends itself well to stunning (and yummy) food-based content.

10. Fresh

Made by: Shopify

Shopify’s Fresh template is versatile and an ideal solution for those looking to sell bakery goods directly on their website.

Fresh is super interactive, with various customizable pop-up options and a sidebar featuring your user’s online cart. This sidebar is a great feature, since it allows customers to always see what they’ve added to their basket – no matter what stage of the purchase journey they are up to.

You can totally customize Fresh’s palette to match your own brand colors and requirements. You’re even able to personalize your footer to feature information such as payment options and social media icons.

There’s a dedicated section for longer-form content in the shape of the blog page, allowing you to keep the focus on imagery, colors, and products throughout the rest of the website.

Features such as an on-site blog and newsletter sign-up pop ups combine together to make Fresh a great bakery website template choice for users building their website on Shopify.

10 Best Bakery Website Templates: Summary

It might seem like the search for the perfect template for your bakery website is never-ending, but the perfect one is out there. It might even be one of these that we’ve showcased here!

When looking for the perfect template remember it needs to not only look good, but meet your needs as well. 

If you want the main focus of your website to be selling products then make sure you pick a template that offers the very best shop functions. Similarly, if you want to share longer-form content and create more of a community online then you need a template that offers a blog section.

Now you’ve got an understanding of what sort of website template you need, if you feel ready then it’s time to start thinking about starting your online bakery. With one of these 10 templates, it’s sure to be a scrumptious success!

Frequently Asked Questions

Website templates are pre-designed layouts that you can use to easily design and build your website. Most templates allow you to add in your own content and customize features such as colors, fonts and pages.
When choosing a template for your bakery website you need to consider things such as
  • Does the template meet your needs and website goals? (e.g. if you want to sell your baked goods online, the template needs to support shopping).
  • Can I customize the template to align with my brand?
  • Does the template offer a good user experience? Think about elements such as the navigation and responsiveness of the template.

A website template allows you to design and build a website much quicker than if you were starting from scratch. You also need much less web design knowledge and there’s no need for complicated code. Templates are the perfect choice for those with limited time, skill or resources or those who don’t need a totally bespoke website.
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