11 Best B2B Websites Examples: Elevate Your B2B Website

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When it comes to B2B marketing, business websites are often overlooked. After all, it can be a little trickier to track success when compared to B2C sites – especially those with ecommerce functionality.

Yet more and more business decision-makers are looking for solutions to their challenges via search engines, using B2B websites to assess whether products and services meet their needs.

You could even go as far as to say that your B2B website is now the most important point of contact with your customer – so it needs to be great.

In this article, we offer 11 fantastic examples of B2B websites from across various industries. Each will offer you inspiration, insight, and key lessons on how to create the very best business website for your own B2B business.

1. Accenture

Accenture is a world-leading professional services provider, offering services ranging from cloud computing to business strategy support. With annual revenues in excess of $61 billion, it’s little surprise that a lot of research and consideration has gone into its website, making it one of the best B2B websites out there.

By using fun and engaging videos in its opening section, this site demonstrates a great way to engage visitors right from the get-go. Thanks to its extensive experience with top brands, the Accenture website majors in highlighting key case studies that demonstrate its ability and competence. The use of animations as you scroll through the home page keeps you engaged and intrigued to discover what they have to say next.

2. Randstad

Randstad is a global leader in the recruitment market. They know that employers and job seekers are likely to find the brand via online searches and have created a website that helps demonstrate Randstad’s ability while generating customer trust.

Its website gets straight to the point by allowing job seekers to search for roles directly from the home page. This is clearly the most important part of the website and is an approach that can be applied to your own site.

TOP TIP: Ask yourself – how can I make the most important part of my website super easy to find and use?

Just like Accenture, Randstad understands the power of customer reviews. As soon as you click on the ‘Employers’ part of the site, you are offered a slick video that offers video testimonials covering how great they are to work with. Using video as a means of communication is a smart way to demonstrate the key points you want to make on your website in an engaging way.


As its website tells us, MAKE IT MANA is a business and marketing content specialist that has worked with brands such as RedBull, MarketingProfs, Nescafe, and Small Business Bonfire. Built on WIX, this agency website is simple yet makes a big impact.

Right from when you first visit the homepage one thing is made clear – what the business offers, both from a top level and which specific services it provides. The website also leans heavily into its ‘natural’ branding, which is a refreshing change to the generic ‘in office’ stock images you find on most B2B sites.

This website is designed with the busy business customer in mind. Being built all on one page (with the exception of the blog), the top-level navigation seamlessly drives users to the information they want to find, making for an effortless browsing experience.

You will also notice the inclusion of a ‘do you want to sign up for our newsletter’ box in their contact form, this is a great way to gain email marketing permissions and keep in consistent contact with those interested in your business via email marketing campaigns.

4. NoGood

NoGood is a US-based marketing agency that has worked alongside top brands such as Nike, TikTok, Amazon, and P&G. Its website has been built on WordPress and makes our list due to its strong branding and customer journey.

One thing that’s immediately noticeable about this website is its color scheme, which relies on white text laid over a black background, alongside vivid blue and yellow graphics. This makes a huge visual impact and showcases a strong brand identity.

TOP TIP: If your brand is minimalist but uses bright colors to make key information stand out, an inverted color scheme could also work well for you.

Slick animations on the header image immediately draw you into the journey, which goes on to use high-impact graphics to illustrate how the business works. This makes for a seamless customer journey.

5. NeoReach

NeoReach is a SaaS provider that specializes in influencer marketing software. Its website is fun and interactive whilst still communicating a level of professionalism required in the B2B space.

The website has a clear goal to get visitors to start using its software and running influencer campaigns. NeoReach has used its distinctive brand colors to highlight the top ‘Get Started’ CTA. This is then attached to the sticky menu which follows you down the page. This means, that wherever you are on the website, once you are convinced that NeoReach is the right option for you, you can quickly and easily make the first move towards working with them.

6. CrowdStrike

Crowdstrike is a leader in cyber security solutions for businesses. Its website leverages a simple design to help communicate the level of professionalism they employ, helping grow trust amongst its customers.

One interesting feature of Crowdstrike’s website is the clear presence of an online chat. This connects to an AI-bot which helps navigate visitors to the information they are looking for. Including something like this on your own website can streamline the customer journey and help remove potential blockers to purchase.

TOP TIP: Combining an AI bot for basic enquiries with a real customer services representative who can help with more complex questions is a great way to ensure that the visitor always finds the information they want.

7. Ception

Ception is a niche software company that leverages sensors to help businesses in various industries such as construction, mining, ports, and agriculture undertake accurate tracking and mapping of vehicles.

Its website is built on WIX and uses a clean design and high-quality images to make an impact. One great thing about this site is the use of actual screenshots from the platform, giving visitors a clear idea of how it looks and works. This is a smart move for any B2B business that offers software, as it immediately helps develop trust that the product is of high quality.

8. Studio Bramble

Studio Bramble is an interior design consultant and fabricator that helps businesses to create beautiful spaces. Design is kind of Studio Bramble’s thing, so it’s no surprise that its website (built on Squarespace) looks stunning and works seamlessly to create a fantastic customer journey.

As Studio Bramble’s offering focuses on creating bespoke business spaces, it heavily relies on images of its work to help communicate the level of detail and professionalism that it offers. This approach is clear in the ‘Case Studies’ section of the website, where visitors can find details of the processes and outcomes from some of Studio Bramble’s top projects.

If your business creates something that is visually pleasing, using images and videos to demonstrate this is absolutely essential to creating a high-performing website.

9. Bonny

Creative agency, Bonny, built its website on WIX to help potential visitors get to grips with what it stands for and how exactly it can help.

The company uses a simple design which allows key elements of the website to stand out. A brand dedicated to its purpose, it leans heavily into communicating this across its website. This is especially true in the homepage header which features a strong opening statement around Bonny’s approach to work. This sentiment is also reflected in the blog, which touches on topics that are close to the company’s heart.

If your brand has strong values, use your website to communicate this. Doing so will help you reach the type of businesses that would benefit most from working with you.

10. Yellow Co.

Yellow Co. offers entrepreneurial women and non-binary leaders a supportive network to help them grow. The main goal of its website is to highlight the benefits of joining its organization and build trust in what it offers.

Yellow Co.’s website has been built on Squarespace and uses a simple design that helps bring attention to its key features and messages. For example, it uses plenty of blank space, whilst placing information such as key media outlets that have featured Yellow Co. in a prominent position.

Using a range of media tools on its website, including links to its blog and podcast, helps Yellow Co. develop a position of thought leadership in its industry. You, too, could leverage different forms of content such as written text, podcasts, and videos to help you reach more people and highlight your brand’s knowledge and understanding of your niche.

11. Hubspot

Hubspot is an industry-leading software provider that offers solutions across various areas such as CRM, marketing, and sales. Its website is a great example of a B2B business that puts content and inbound marketing at the heart of its strategy.

Although its site has everything you would expect when it comes to selling its products, Hubspot also has a wealth of ‘resources’ which range from helpful blog posts and ebooks to longer online courses and even certifications.

If you want to secure your brand as the go-to in your industry for expert insight and knowledge, you may also decide to create and publish deep and insightful content like HubSpot.

Best B2B Website: Summary

In this article, we’ve given you some fantastic examples of B2B websites. Each site offers inspiration both in terms of design and functionality. Of course, not every feature of these examples will work for your website, so take the time to read through each and assess if and how you may apply them.


A B2B website is a website that represents a brand that sells primarily to other businesses. This may include businesses such as marketing agencies, business software providers, recruiters, and management consultants. B2B websites are becoming increasingly important as more decision-makers seek to meet their needs through search engines such as Google.
What makes a great B2B website will depend on your business and your audience. However, all great websites will always include a clean, easy-to-navigate design, key information that the visitors will find helpful, and a clear call to action such as a contact form or a “Buy Now” button. If you want to make your own B2B site even better, check out our guide on B2B conversion rate optimization!
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