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Every great church deserves a great website.

All too often, those who run church organizations put all their effort into building and doing good in their communities, which can lead to them neglecting the channels they use to spread the word about their church.

With a huge 24% of all Americans attending church every week, there’s clearly a great demand for the benefits that these religious organizations provide. But it’s those that are best able to clearly communicate key information about their services and mission that will benefit from greater attendance, and be able to bring new members through the door.

A church website should act as a central location where all interested parties can find information such as:

  • Church location
  • Events
  • Key individuals
  • Service times and dates
  • Community services
  • Community members
  • How to join
  • Church background
  • How to make donations

It’s crucial, then, that all your church’s information is delivered in a visually appealing, easy-to-navigate way. So, whether you’re looking to update your current website, or are considering launching a new one, we’ve put together 10 of the best church website templates from some of the best website platform providers available.

So, read on – you might just be about to discover your next church website template.

1 New Faith Gospel Church - Wix

The New Faith Gospel Church template is the first of several Wix church templates we’ll recommend in this article (and for good reason).

This template has been purpose-built to help churches communicate key information to their current and prospective members. With a big focus on visuals, you may decide to use this template to create a buzz around the community of your church, with images of your events and those who partake. If your church building itself is particularly attractive, you may also decide to use these visual elements to highlight its interesting or beautiful architectural features.

2 Roseti - Squarespace

This template from Squarespace is a great option for church organizations that really want to promote their community, and help to grow it.

The Roseti template hasn’t been built specifically with church websites in mind. However, it has been created to help local groups and encourage people to partake in a common cause, with a section for events and a clear CTA (call to action) to get involved. With a simplistic design, the Roseti website template is a great option for a church that really just wants to convey the key information in a clear and concise way.

3 Providence Community Church - Strikingly

The first template we’ve selected from the website building platform Strikingly is this one, which is titled ‘Providence Community Church’. As the name suggests, this template has been created specifically for those looking to promote religious organizations, such as a church.

The simple, sleek design of this template, and its clear top menu, makes it easy to find what you are looking for, which makes it a great option for those that want to communicate more information to their audience. You can also use the nifty up/down buttons included in the bottom right hand corner of the page to jump from section to section in a pinch.

4 NUKWAMI - Jimdo

The Jimdo website platform is a great alternative for churches looking to create simple, powerful websites. Using the NUKWAMI template also makes it super easy to get your church online, and communicate all the information that your members – and potential members – need to know.

NUKWAMI is another website template that hasn’t strictly been created for religious organizations, but which does include all the functionality that a church needs. Another highly visual website template, this is a great option for churches that want to really show off the community they serve, or highlight key aspects of their church’s offerings.

5 Trinity Urban Church - Wix

Here’s another great option from one of the best website platforms available – Wix.

The Trinity Urban Church template has been created specifically for religious organizations, and will help you create a compelling website capable of communicating key information, whilst also giving visitors a great understanding of your church’s personality.

Like many of the templates offered on Wix, the Trinity Urban Church theme provides a smart ‘chat’ function, which can be a great way to engage potential church members while they’re on your site, and quickly answer any questions they may have.

6 LUSAKA - Squarespace

Squarespace is well known as the leader when it comes to offering stunning website templates. So, if you want a site that really stands out from the crowd, you can’t go far wrong with the LUSAKA template.

This template has been created with a focus on supporting local causes, growing awareness of social endeavors, and attracting donors to help fund critical projects. Therefore, this template is an excellent option for those church organizations that want to raise funds for anything, from building repairs to community projects.

LUSAKA also offers a clean and elegant platform to communicate key information, and a simple contact form to ensure that those who are interested in getting involved in your church can easily reach out and engage.

7 Grow Food - Strikingly

The Grow Food template from Strikingly is another brilliant option for churches that really want to push the causes they get behind.

Grow Food is a highly visual template that can help you drive home the message of the great local work you’re doing, and the different communities you’re supporting as a church. This template also includes a gridded gallery section, which allows you to really showcase the people who are involved with your church and its projects.

With a central spot for your church logo, the Grow Food template makes it easy to build familiarity with your brand, while the clear top menu makes it simple for visitors to locate the information they’re looking for.

8 Harmony Community Church - Wix

There are more templates from Wix on this list than any other website platform. This is because Wix has taken the time to create several templates that are wholly dedicated to helping churches get online.

Harmony Community Church template is our third and final suggestion from the Wix website builder. This template offers a sleek and modern design, with an abundance of features that make it great for churches keen to take more of their operations online.

For example, this template allows visitors to join the church’s online community. This area can be used to communicate crucial information with current church members, which you wouldn’t necessarily want to publish directly on your publicly available website.

The main website is broken into clear, highly navigable sections which can be used to deliver information on anything: from upcoming events, to the core services you offer your members.

9 Bailard Foundation - Squarespace

Churches that place an importance on driving action within their communities will benefit from using the Bailard Foundation church website template from Squarespace.

This theme has been built to help causes deliver awareness, and promote getting visitors involved in building a better world. For this reason, you may use this website as a supplementary asset to your church’s main site as a way to isolate and promote one or more of your biggest initiatives.

The Bailard Foundation church website template keeps it simple, with a small number of simple sections that deliver powerful messaging, and really encourage the user to take action.

10 Rio Carnival - Strikingly

Many churches place a huge emphasis on running events. These may be anything from regular weekly services to annual occasions, where the community comes together to celebrate, or raise money for a good cause.

The Rio Carnival template from Strikingly is a fantastic option for churches that want a standalone website to promote major events. The clear, scrollable sections make it easy to navigate through crucial information such as dates, times, location, and what’s happening.

This handy church website template also uses a sleek side menu – rather than the more traditional top menu – which means your header image can be used to much greater effect.

Best Church Website Templates: Summarized

Here, we’ve presented you with 10 of the best church website templates currently available. So, whether you’re planning to update your church website, don’t yet have a site, or are looking for a specialist website to support a certain aspect of your church’s offerings, there are some great options to choose from.

If you’re ready to get started building your website now, you can learn more about the best church website builders. Alternatively – if you want to learn a little more about what it takes to build and launch a successful website – you can check out our guide to building a website.

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