10 Best Restaurant Website Templates

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Whether you already run an established restaurant, or are just looking into the possibility of becoming a restaurateur, you’re going to need to build a website that accurately represents the love, time, and skill you put into creating an awesome food-based experience for your customers.

If your restaurant wants to thrive, you’ll need to get online in a polished, professional way. Doing so offers you a flexible tool that can be leveraged to overcome challenges, by introducing features such as home delivery and booking systems.

Yet knowing where to get started can be tricky.

One of the first things you’ll need to consider when starting a website for your restaurant is how you want it to look and feel. Although you can build a site completely from scratch, this is often time-consuming and expensive. With countless sleek, cheap, and professional templates available on restaurant website builders such as Wix, Shopify, and Squarespace, using one can be a much smarter option than going it alone.

The Top 10 Restaurant Website Templates

  1. Lawrence Wix
  2. Emerge Shopify
  3. Chotto Squarespace
  4. Daily GoDaddy
  5. San Garden Wix
  6. Vantage Shopify
  7. Auburn Squarespace
  8. Connoisseurs GoDaddy
  9. Mr. Burger Wix
  10. Loam Squarespace

In this guide, we’ll walk you through 10 of the best restaurant website templates out there.

#1 Lawrence

Made by Wix

Wix is one of the easiest website builders on the market to get started with, and the platform also comes with a whole host of templates built specifically for restaurants.

The Lawrence template is one of the best from Wix. It’s the perfect solution for those looking to represent themselves online in a sleek, professional, and minimalist way. This template is perfect for those looking to communicate simple information such as opening times, menus, and contact details, whilst also offering functionality for online bookings, and allowing you to perfectly represent your food and venue with striking visuals.

Price Wix plans range from $16 per month to $159 per month (billed annually)
Useful Features Easy navigation, image blocks, online ordering, reservations, and menu display.
Suited To Restaurants that offer both in-person and online services.

#2 Emerge

Made by Shopify

Shopify is the leading website builder for ecommerce sites. This makes them the perfect choice for those looking to take payments online, such as those who offer takeaway or delivery services. However, the functionality of Shopify is so well-considered, that even restaurants that only offer dine-in can still benefit from its layout and design.

Emerge is by far one of the most eye-catching templates available on Shopify, making it the perfect option for restaurants that want to project a fun and energetic vibe. You can also choose ‘dark’ or ‘light’ options to turn this theme from super bold to super trendy in an instant.

The simple navigation and free-flowing scrolling of this theme make it ideal for those looking to communicate simple information at a glance, and really grab their customer’s attention with high-impact visuals.

Price Theme: $320
Shopify plans range from $5 to $299 per month
Useful Features Dark and light color settings, simple navigation, free-flowing scrolling, social media links, and ecommerce.
Suited To Brands looking to grab attention and relay information quickly.

#3 Chotto

Made by Squarespace

Squarespace is another market-leading website building option for your restaurant. It also has a reputation for offering some of the most aesthetically pleasing website templates on the market. So, it’s no surprise that their Chotto template made it onto this list.

Perfectly simplistic, Chotto helps you cut out the noise and deliver just the information your customers need: such as location, opening hours, and a visual representation of the type of food you serve.

Price Squarespace plans range from $16 to $49 per month (billed annually)
Useful Features Simple design, online ordering, location, visual blocks, and galleries.
Suited To Restaurants looking for a simple and functional website that requires little upkeep.

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#4 Daily

Made with GoDaddy

Daily GoDaddy website template

GoDaddy isn’t just a domain registrar and has tons of templates for you to use on your website.

Daily is a great choice for restaurant owners thanks to its clean and modern design. The layout is engaging thanks to the sidebar menu and grid style and the template incudes key website features such as social media links, email sign-ups in case you have a restaurant newsletter, and ecommerce functionality for selling products. The template includes a dedicated menu page as well as the ability to have your restaurant menu on the homepage, providing users with the content they’re looking for.

Price GoDaddy plans cost between $9 and $19.99 a month, although there's also a free trial available.
Useful Features Ecommerce, sidebar navigation, social media links, online ordering, contact forms.
Suited To Restaurants looking to combine content and ecommerce.

Make the most of a dedicated menu page in your template by making sure your menu is as good as it can be! Our guide on How To Design a Restaurant Menu is full of helpful tips.

#5 San Garden

Made by Wix

Another great Wix template that will help you take your restaurant business to the next level is San Garden.

Described as a template that is perfect for organic restaurants, farmers’ markets, and sustainable cafes, this theme has a real natural and ‘ homegrown’ feel to it. Although the potential of this theme certainly isn’t limited to those businesses suggested by Wix, the theme certainly does lend itself to restaurants who want to focus on the quality of the ingredients they use in their dishes.

Price Wix plans range from $16 per month to $159 per month (billed annually)
Useful Features Sidebar navigation, social media links, branded CTAs, and long-form content.
Suited To Restaurants looking to focus on their brand story/USP/ingredients etc.

#6 Vantage

Made by Shopify

The second Shopify template to make it onto this list is Vantage. Just like the first, this is a great option for restaurants that are fun, energetic and want a website that represents these values. The look and feel of this theme make it best suited to businesses that are targeting deliveries and collections, due to Vantage’s advanced ecommerce functionality.

This is reflected in the style and functionality of this restaurant website template – such as the ability to add merchandise to orders, and being able to implement a map to help people locate your eatery easily.

Price Theme: $300
Shopify plans range from $5 to $299 per month
Useful Features Ecommerce, live location maps, image carousels, and promotional pop-ups.
Suited To Those that want to focus on online orders, ecommerce, and delivery/collection orders.

#7 Auburn

Made by Squarespace

If you’re looking for a restaurant website template that is classy, sleek, and packs a visual punch, then Auburn from Squarespace might just be the perfect option for you. Images are key when using this theme, with large sections dedicated to the visualization of food and venue.

This theme would be best suited to a luxury, high-end restaurant that really wants to sell their audience on how beautifully put together their dishes are, and to help them build a picture of the type of atmosphere they can expect when visiting in person.

Price Squarespace plans range from $16 to $49 per month (billed annually)
Useful Features Large image sections, online reservations, find-your-store locations, and on-site blog.
Suited To Higher-end restaurants looking to showcase the quality of dishes and service.

#8 Connoisseurs

Made with GoDaddy

Connoisseurs GoDaddy website template

A light and image-heavy design, Connoisseurs is the perfect choice for restaurants that want to focus on the visual element of their brand.

Ideal for bakers and pastry chefs who want to showcase aesthetic looking bakes and treats, the template features multiple image galleries as well as a sliding header block. The combination of carousel and grid galleries keeps users engaged and there’s plenty of opportunity to add your own branding with colored blocks and CTA buttons.

Price GoDaddy plans cost between $9 and $19.99 a month, although there's also a free trial available.
Useful Features Carousels and grid galleries, social media profiles, contact forms, and online ordering.
Suited To Restaurants that want to focus on visuals e.g. bakeries.

#9 Mr. Burger

Made by Wix

If bright colors are the cornerstone of your business’s brand, then the Mr. Burger restaurant template from Wix is well worth exploring.

This template is broken into sections that alternate between bright block colors, engaging images, and graphics. This site would be a great tool for businesses that want to generate excitement around their venue, and develop a friendly brand.

Unlike most of the templates on this site, Mr. Burger has a menu that sits on the side of the page rather than at the top, giving it a more unusual, less traditional look and feel.

Much like the theme suggests with the example of a burger van, this would be a great website for anyone who provides mobile meals, such as a food truck business or caterer.

Price Wix plans range from $16 per month to $159 per month (billed annually)
Useful Features Bright color blocks, sidebar menu, online order forms, embedded social media, and unique icons.
Suited To Restaurants looking to create a fun and engaging online brand.

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#10 Loam

Made by Squarespace

Loam is our final fantastic template from Squarespace that is perfect for restaurants.

This template is versatile and could work for almost any restaurant that wants a modern, easy-to-navigate website. However, it’s also perfectly suited to those businesses that want to take a different approach. The structure of this site means it works brilliantly for those who want to lead the conversation with their values and story, rather than going straight into talking about the food.

For example, if your restaurant specializes in a particular style of cooking – whether specific to a certain part of the world, ingredient, or approach – this template can help you seamlessly tell your story, and communicate the importance of why you do things the way you do.

Price Squarespace plans range from $16 to $49 per month (billed annually)
Useful Features Easy navigation, on-site blog, online ordering, location services, and contact forms.
Suited To Restaurants that want to combine online orders and services with longer-form content and brand values.

Best Restaurant Templates: Summarized

It is clear that there are lots of fantastic restaurant-specific website templates to choose from when starting or redesigning your culinary business. But remember, picking the best one for you isn’t just about going for the best-looking (although that certainly does play a big part!). The template you choose will also depend on the type of business you run, whether you’re starting a catering website, an upscale restaurant, or a family diner. You also need to think about what you want your website to do for you, and the functionality you want to be able to access behind the scenes.

Here, we’ve provided you with 10 of the best restaurant website templates from Shopify, Wix, GoDaddy, and Squarespace. Be sure to check out the costs and features of each of these platforms before you decide which template works best for you.

And, if you’re ready to start building your restaurant website right now, check out our guide to the best restaurant website builders. Alternatively, if you’d like to learn more about building your website, you can read our guide to building a website or making a booking website. Good luck!

Frequently Asked Questions

No, you certainly don’t have to use a template for your restaurant website but with so many great options online, using one makes perfect sense – especially for those who have limited web design and coding skills.
Absolutely! A website template is just the foundation and starting point for your website, you can customize it by adding your own images, content, color scheme, fonts, and branding, and with some templates you can also play around with the layout and navigation too.
Yes, if you decide to rebrand your business or simply decide you want a new website template, you can purchase a new one and change the design of your website. This can involve time and resources and may also result in downtime for your website, so we recommend thinking carefully about the template you choose in order to avoid having to change it in the future.
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