Top Catering Websites: 11 Inspiring Examples

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Great caterers make great events. But no matter how good your organizational and culinary skills are, if your clients don’t know about you, they aren’t going to be able to employ you to make their event a roaring success. This is where a website comes in handy, and thanks to all the great restaurant website builders out there, creating one is no longer the herculean effort it once was.

Having a good catering website will help your potential clients find all the information they need to decide whether you are the right catering company for them.

In this article, we’ll show you 11 of the best catering website examples to get your creative juices flowing. For each, we will provide valuable insight into the lessons you can learn from them and how to apply all their best bits to your own fantastic catering website.

Proof of the Pudding

Clean, easy to navigate, and to the point. Proof Of The Pudding is built on WordPress and is a good example of how a catering website should look and feel.

One interesting feature of this catering website is its ecommerce functionality, allowing customers to order platters of food for specific events. This is a nice addition, making it easier for customers and for the caterers to deal with orders.

Could your business benefit from ecommerce functionality? Considering this before you build your site could impact the website builder you use because you’ll need one that lets you sell online.


Built using Wix, this smart catering website by Cleverchefs makes a big impact.

One of the first things you notice when visiting the site is the use of video, which helps draw the user in straight away and gets them interacting with the website. This website also has a great “workplace” section, which allows it to double up as a recruitment tool alongside being a promotional site.

If you want to attract great talent to your catering business, including a page like this can help keep a steady trickle of applications coming in.


This great website by Sugarsnap has some powerful features that are worth considering for your website.

One thing we really liked was the inclusion of several sample menus. This can help potential customers easily understand the type of food that’s available for their event. Sugarsnap also makes sure to include a clear call to action. The bold “Let’s Talk” button on their top menu leads visitors to a super simple form to fill out, making it easy for them to take the next step.

The Wild Thyme Company

The Wild Thyme Company built its website using Squarespace. By using vibrant colors alongside high-resolution images and carefully placed white space on their home page, they make a big visual impact right from the moment you land on their site. The picture gallery is also a great way to attract customers who are looking for visually pleasing food spreads.

The Wild Thyme Company makes sure to go into detail on the services it offers so that it’s simple for visitors to find the information they’re looking for.

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Salt Block Hospitality

Salt Block Hospitality’s stunning website has been built on Squarespace, which is known for offering some of the best restaurant website templates.

By offering details on where they source their food, they demonstrate the value and quality of the services they offer. They also further develop their brand through their food blog, where they write about key topics within their area of expertise. Not only is this a good way to educate and inform your clients, but can be a smart way to boost your search engine rankings, too.

24 Carrots

24 Carrots uses design to make a big impact with their beautiful catering website. This is achieved by using plenty of white space alongside simple, yet striking imagery. By using this approach they make it easy to draw the visitor’s eye to the most important aspects of the page.

One great additional feature is the ‘team’ page. This allows visitors to get a real feel for the team and helps develop trust. Whether you have a large or small team, you may consider adding something similar to your site.

Lovely Night

Lovely Night is another fantastic catering website built using Squarespace, a website builder known for its good range of catering website templates. This site makes a big visual impact through its use of contrasting colors. The dark text-white background combination is particularly striking.

Offering a testimonial page like that featured on this site is a great way to develop trust amongst visitors. This is absolutely essential if you want to convert them into paying customers.

Lovely Night also develops trust by including media mentions on their site, which highlights how well-established they are.

Corporate Caterers

Built on WordPress, the Corporate Caterers website sits in a specific niche (corporate catering). This is a great approach for businesses that just serve one customer base, allowing them to be very focused on who they serve and how they serve them.

For example, as many of their customers will be repeat customers, Corporate Caterers offers a rewards program that prompts businesses to continue using them for their catering needs. This can be a great addition to your offering if you’re a caterer looking to build a trusted customer base who returns to use your services again and again.

Little Wolf

This example by Little Wolf is a great demonstration of how you can create a clean and functional catering website.

Rather than overloading visitors with information, it stays focused on only delivering the most important facts. This is clear from the super simple menu, which helps direct visitors to the most relevant part of the site based on what type of customer they are.

This site also features a slick ecommerce section where visitors can order food directly.


Heirloom has a super stylish site that offers some great design inspiration.

As a company with strong values, Heirloom features a ‘community’ page which highlights all the organizations it works with. If your business is committed to doing good, including a similar page on your catering website is a great way to demonstrate this.

The video on the ‘Order Now’ page highlights just how easy it is to work with the company – this is a great approach that could be worth considering for your website if you’re looking to add an extra dose of persuasion.

Pinch Food Design

With a name like “Pinch Food Design”, it’s hardly surprising that this website is contemporary and very visually pleasing. This catering website uses a subtle injection of color over a white background to make its design exude quirky professionalism.

This site is another good example of a catering company communicating its value through its ‘Zero Waste’ page. This helps the company to appeal to those with the same values as them.

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Best Catering Websites: Summary

A website is an essential tool for catering businesses. Not only does it give your business a central online location, but it also gives you a place to direct people to in order to find all the information they’re looking for. It also makes it easy for potential customers to reach out with any questions they may have and make a booking.

We hope you use the top examples we’ve shown in this list to help inspire and inform the design and functionality of your own catering website.


A catering website is a website used to represent a catering business online. It usually displays all the key information potential customers may need to know such as location, services, and contact details. It may also include other features that help communicate information and promote the business’s offering.
A great catering website will have an easy-to-navigate interface and a clean design. It will also include all the key information potential clients may need such as the area they service, their contact details, and what types of catering they offer.
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