Spa Websites: 15 Inspiring Examples

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If you’re looking for some inspiration for your spa website then you’ve come to the right place. 

Our team of experts have put together 15 of the most inspiring examples of spa websites including everything from massage centers to wellness retreats. 

Spa websites offer visitors the chance to learn more about your brick-and-mortar spa and usually portray feelings of calm, serenity, and beauty. 

Not only do they need to look good but they need to perform well and offer a great user experience too. 

All of these examples strike the perfect balance between being an aesthetic and welcoming website, while still performing to a high standard. 

Now, let’s take a look at the 15 examples we’ve chosen as the most inspiring spa websites online. 

What Makes a Good Spa Website?

When it comes to designing a spa website, there are various elements that work together to create a functional and engaging online hub. 

Four key features to include on a spa website are:

Simple design – Spa websites should be simple and clean. The colors and website templates used should reflect the existing branding and theme of your brick-and-mortar spa. A simple design helps to create a calm online oasis for visitors. 

Customer reviews – The key to attracting customers to your spa is through real-life customer reviews so it’s important to feature these prominently on your website. 

Choosing treatments is a big decision and people will be actively looking for reviews of your services so make sure they are easy to find.

Service pages – Showcasing your services in detail is one of the key functions of a spa website. Users will likely visit your website to find out more about your spa, your staff, and your procedures, so providing detailed information is crucial. 

Contact information – Make sure your contact and booking information, as well as the location of your spa, are all easily accessible. If customers can’t find a way to contact you or make a booking then your website is going to fall at the first hurdle. 

15 Inspiring Spa Websites

Below we’ve listed 15 inspiring websites to help inspire your spa website design.

#1. Spa Belles

Built Using Squarespace

Spa Belles is a New York-based spa that focuses on manicures, hair removal, and facial treatments. It uses Squarespace for its stylish spa website. 

The website reflects the luxury nature of the spa thanks to high-quality photographs and a classic and timeless font choice – the best fonts for websites reflect a brand’s personality, and Spa Belles is a perfect example of getting this right!

The website has a dedicated page for every service offering and features a locations tab in the main header menu, giving users the key information they need quickly and easily. 

There’s also a dedicated COVID-19 page that details the spa’s safety precautions in a post-pandemic world, something that helps to build trust between the brand and potential clients. 

Key features of the Spa Belles website include:

  • Image-heavy homepage with limited text to depict the spa and services.
  • A main header menu with drop-down options for more information.
  • The opportunity to buy gift cards directly from the website.
  • Pop-ups that showcase new treatments available at the spa.

#2. The Refuge Spa

Built Using Webflow

The Refuge Spa is a Webflow website that has an extensive amount of pages and content for users to pursue.

The website has in-depth information about the spa itself as well as the treatments on offer and the ethos behind the brand. 

Service pages include a breakdown of each treatment as well as price options and “book now” buttons to direct users to a booking form.

The homepage also features a promotional YouTube video which helps to showcase the spa and the imagery and tones used reflect the branding across the website.

The extensive content is broken down into digestible chunks and a static header menu combined with a footer menu makes navigating the website simple.

Key features of the website include:

  • A neutral black, white, and gray color scheme keeps the design simple and soothing.
  • “Book now” call to action (CTA) buttons feature multiple times on every page.
  • Image galleries showcase the brick-and-mortar spa.
  • Pop-ups offer new customers money off their first booking. 

#3. The Skin and Body Spa

Built Using WordPress

The Skin and Body Spa uses a mint green and white color scheme that helps to create a calm and tranquil vibe from the moment you land on the homepage.

The website uses a combination of imagery, graphics, and text while a video on the homepage helps users to gain more information on individual treatments.

A great feature of this website is that the contact information is placed within the static header, meaning it’s always visible no matter where a user is on the website, making communication simple.

There’s also a free consultation button in the main header that offers users an incentive to interact and book an appointment. 

Key features of the website include:

  • CTA buttons feature as an overlay of the homepage header image.
  • Social media icons are placed in the static menu bar for easy access.
  • Multiple customer reviews can be found on the homepage that include a star rating.
  • A Google map is embedded into the site to showcase the spa’s exact location.

#4. Napa Valley Massage and Wellness

Built Using WordPress

Napa Valley Massage and Wellness is a spa offering everything from yoga classes to deep tissue massages.

The spa’s website is made on WordPress and hosts multiple different pages. 

One of the best features of the website is a chatbot that is static in the right-hand bottom corner of the page, meaning users can contact the spa for assistance no matter where they are within their user journey.

A customer review star rating is integrated into the homepage alongside content explaining the spa founders’ experience in the industry. 

The main header also features a “book now” button making booking an appointment quick and simple for users. 

Key features of the website include:

  • A “Spa Menu” to list treatments and services.
  • High-quality images reflect each service offering.
  • Personalized gift vouchers can be purchased directly from the website.
  • A multi-page booking form provides customers with all the information they need to make a booking.

#5. La Belle Studio

Built Using Squarespace 

The Squarespace-built La Belle Studio website is a great example of incorporating the branding and house style of the spa into the online presence.

The pink and blue color scheme mirrors the decor of the spa, while the floral emblems and backgrounds used across the website reflect the floral theme of the location. 

The website features an embedded Instagram feed, helping to provide the brand with social proof, while customer reviews can be found on the homepage and on their own dedicated page.

An on-site blog features content on beauty tips and service information, helping to position the La Belle Studio team as experts in their field. 

Key features of the website include:

  • Photographs of the spa, services, and team help to promote trust in the business.
  • An “Our Team” page features photographs and bios of every member of the spa team.
  • Moving image galleries throughout the website help to keep the user engaged and interested.
  • Returning customers are able to rebook previous treatments through the booking page.

#6. Rescue Spa

Built Using WordPress (with Zenoti)

Rescue Spa is a modern website that utilizes white space to keep the site feeling fresh and minimalistic. 

All of the photography used across the website is original, while reviews are used as stand-out quotes at various points throughout the homepage, helping to inspire trust.

The spa’s contact information is all available in the footer along with a newsletter sign-up form. A pop-up when you land on the website also encourages visitors to sign up for the spa’s email marketing list. 

The website features a chatbot in the footer that visitors can use to receive advice on what treatment they should book. 

Key features of the website include:

  • A simple black and white color scheme keeps the attention on the website content.
  • A static menu features all of the key pages and makes navigation easy.
  • Embedded YouTube videos keep content engaging and informative. 
  • A virtual consultation option improves the overall user experience.

#7. Ama the Salon

Built Using Cargo

Visiting the Ama the Salon website is almost like visiting the salon itself thanks to the extensive photography of the spa that features across the website.

The Ama branding is strong throughout the site and the static header featuring the spa logo stays at the top of the page as users scroll through the content.

A burger menu ensures navigation is easy while keeping the focus on the imagery and content. 

The website booking form is extensive and features not only each treatment available but key information customers need to know before they visit the spa.

Contact details and social media icons are placed in the website footer to help boost customer relations and provide key information to users easily. 

Key features of the website include:

  • Press icons in the footer showcase the extensive press coverage the salon has received.
  • A grid-style design allows the website to showcase written content and photographs to users.
  • A white, green, and orange color scheme mirrors the Ama branding found at the spa. 

#8. Bamford Wellness

Built Using Contentful

The Bamford Wellness website uses neutral colors and a simple layout to create a sense of calm that mirrors the vibe of the in-person location. 

A booking icon stays static at the top of the page as users scroll down, making booking an appointment simple no matter where users are within the site.

A Google map is embedded in the footer of the website to allow users to easily find the spa, while contact details are clearly displayed on the contact page.

The website includes imagery of real people undertaking some of the spa’s classes and treatments, something that helps to encourage users to make a booking. 

Key features of the website include:

  • Real images of the spa and treatments in action help to build trust.
  • Clear CTAs at the end of each content section make navigation and the user journey clear.
  • Treatment pages include all of the information visitors will need including price and timings. 

#9. 501 Salon

Built Using Squarespace

501 Salon is a Squarespace website for the Kentucky-based beauty spa. 

The brick-and-mortar spa is decorated in earthy, neutral tones and this same color scheme is used throughout the website too. 

A “meet the team” page features staff photos and bios allowing customers to get to know the team before they arrive. 

A clever feature is the use of two staff photos, one with and one without a face mask, allowing customers to recognize team members in a post-pandemic world.

The services page is kept simple and lists each service and price, allowing users to easily find the information they’re looking for. 

Key features of the website include:

  • An embedded Instagram account showcases the personality and fun side of the brand and team members.
  • Social media icons in the footer allow users to easily find the spa on other platforms and provide valuable social proof.
  • Each page includes at least one photo of the spa, allowing users to get acquainted with the brand and location before visiting. 

#10. Elements Spa

Built Using WordPress

The Elements Spa website is a WordPress site that focuses on showcasing engaging and informative content to users.

The website features a large amount of text that is broken down into digestible sections to help ensure the user experience of the website is up to standard. 

Unique images of the spa, classes, and treatments give users an idea of what to expect from the spa, while the neutral color scheme and branding mirror the colors of the photography used. 

The Elements Spa website footer is a hub of key information including opening times, location, and contact details. 

Key features of the website include:

  • The color scheme used reflects the natural and waterside location of the Elements spa.
  • The website has a whole page dedicated to pre-visit information such as safety procedures and COVID-19 guidelines. 
  • A static navigation menu ensures users can always find their way around the site. 

#11. Spavia Day Spa

Built Using LiveEdit

Spavia Day Spa uses a grid layout to help make navigation for users simple. 

The website uses a combination of unique and stock imagery, all of which match the spa’s neutral color scheme. 

The header menu features a bold font, helping the navigation bar to stand out to users as they scroll down the page. 

There is also an “Our Story” section dedicated to the ethos, owners, and background of the spa, ensuring visitors have all the information they need to make an informed decision when booking a treatment. 

Key features of the website include:

  • A static button in the header that allows users to find a Spavia spa near them that is always visible. 
  • An ecommerce shop features as part of the homepage where users can purchase products used in the spa’s treatments. 
  • Sliding customer reviews are showcased at the bottom of the homepage to help build trust and encourage new clients. 

#12. Blooming Moon Spa

Built Using Squarespace

The Blooming Moon Spa’s website is the perfect online hub for the boutique spa. 

When users first land on the website they are met with a pop-up that offers a discount on a specific service if booked within a certain timeframe – a clever tactic that helps to encourage bookings from the moment users arrive. 

Each content section features a unique call to action ranging from “make a booking” to “follow us on Instagram”, ensuring users are clear on what their next steps should be. 

The website footer also includes a newsletter sign-up that encourages users to join the spa’s email list in order to access special offers and experiences. 

Key features of the website include:

  • A neutral color scheme mirrors the interiors of the spa.
  • “Book now” is the first element of the site’s navigation bar, emphasizing its importance.
  • An online shop gives users the chance to buy products used at the spa, homeware inspired by the spa, and gift cards for use at the spa, creating a great omnichannel experience. 

#13. Madison Spa Resort

Built Using WordPress

While many of the examples featured in this article have opted for a neutral calming color scheme, the Madison Spa Resort has done the opposite. 

A vibrant, multi-colored theme instantly catches the eye and engages users with the website’s content. 

The website structures its content so that users can move from section to section easily and read just the information they are interested in. 

A double navigation system keeps users engaged and further encourages users to find the sections of the website that benefit them. 

Modern and high-quality photographs also help to position the spa as clean, calming, and professional. 

Key features of the website include:

  • Relevant icons help to split the content up and make large chunks of text more engaging.
  • A dedicated gallery page depicts every aspect of the spa from hotel rooms to treatment packages. 
  • Users are encouraged to follow the spa on other channels such as Instagram and Facebook at various points throughout the site.

#14. Pavlova

Built Using Squarespace

Pavlova is a spa that offers an array of services including hairdressing and bridal makeovers. 

Thanks to its vast offering, the Squarespace-built Pavlova website includes an extensive amount of content and information. 

The header image of the homepage is a photograph of the interior of the spa, instantly giving users the chance to see what the spa is like. This imagery helps to present the spa as clean and calming. 

A nice addition to the homepage is a static box along the very top that informs users of the latest salon news, including new services on offer and new team members. 

Social media and email icons in the static header also encourage users to explore the spa on other platforms and to get in touch with any queries. 

Key features of the website include:

  • A black and white color scheme and simple font create a professional and simple vibe, keeping the focus on the services and treatments on offer.
  • A news page showcases new team members and new treatments, helping to build a relationship between the spa and users.
  • The homepage features an interactive map depicting the precise location of the spa.

#15. The Little Owl Spa

Built Using Squarespace

The Little Owl Spa’s website is built using Squarespace and offers an engaging experience for users.

The homepage features very little text and instead utilizes high-quality images that fill the screen. Parallax scrolling helps to make navigating the homepage an engaging and interesting experience.

A small owl icon features throughout the website, in reference to the spa’s name and branding, while the dark color scheme creates feelings of luxury and relaxation. 

The homepage header image simply features three individual CTAs, instantly directing users to a relevant path through the website.

Key features of the website include:

  • Dark images overlaid with contrasting white text and CTA’s create an atmospheric entrance into the website.
  • A gallery page showcases various different areas of the spa and the treatments on offer.
  • A sign-up form allows users to contact the spa directly and begin the process of booking a treatment or package.

Inspiring Spa Websites: Summary

Phew! After making our way through all of those, we could use a trip to the spa to relax!

Hopefully, these 15 spa website examples will have inspired you to develop a website that mirrors your in-person spa experience, creates a sense of calm and serenity, and functions in the right way for your users. 

Spa websites are a way of promoting your services, location, and team but can also be adapted to be a hub in their own right, whether that’s with the addition of an on-site blog or ecommerce store.

So, how can you get started? As you can see from this list, Squarespace is a popular choice for building spa websites – it has some of the best template designs on the market and is nice and easy to use too, especially with its 14-day free trial! The other popular choice is WordPress, which is great if you want total customization control over your spa website. 

If you’re building your website from scratch or just looking for some ideas to tweak your existing site, this article is bursting with inspiration. While you’re here, why not check out our guide to the best free website templates that we think you’ll find useful too?!

Frequently Asked Questions

A website is crucial for your spa business if you want to encourage more people to make a booking. Websites are a great way of building trust and providing social proof to potential clients. You can also use booking software to allow website visitors to book an appointment at your spa directly. 
Every spa website is different and every spa will have different needs for its website but we recommend including key features such as easy navigation, bookable services, customer reviews, and detailed service pages. 
There are various website builders you can use to create a great website for your spa. A particularly popular choice for spa websites is Squarespace, thanks to its stylish designs, feature-rich plans, and easy to use editor. You can read our Squarespace Review here! Some of our other favorites include WordPress, for total creative freedom, and Wix, for beginner-friendly building. 
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