15 Best Wedding Website Examples

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There are so many wedding website examples out there to draw inspiration from, and you want to find the perfect one to reflect your special day. Having a central hub for all your wedding details is essential to keep your guests informed. And once you’ve found your wedding website platform, it’s time to get creative!

Guests want to look at your wedding website and get excited for the big day, but you need to strike a balance between aesthetic and functionality. These 15 wedding website examples are a great source to build on, especially if you don’t have much time or experience in building a wedding website yourself. It couldn’t be any easier, and we have plenty of resources available if you need any extra help.

1 Rush & Danit

Made with Squarespace

Rush and Danit‘s wedding website example is well-designed, unique, and gorgeous to look at. With a principal color running throughout the theme, everything feels connected and it really sets the tone for the style of their wedding.

The Squarespace website includes a handy navigation bar to access additional pages, such as an RSVP form and the registry. A beautiful graphic has been used to display the agenda on the home page, which is very visually pleasing, and there are recommendations on local spots for guests to check out, which is a thoughtful touch.

2 Luc & Casey

Made with Wix

Wix, another great website builders option, powers this website. Choosing to focus on their aesthetic and wedding day vibes, Luc and Casey‘s wedding website example uses blocks to divide the page, alternating between pictures and information. An emphasis has been placed on the ‘who, where, when’ of the wedding so guests can get the topline information quickly, as well as add the special day to their calendars.

The typography and icon use complements the stylish website, keeping the layout contemporary yet functional. At the top of the page, there’s a fixed navigation bar for easy access in case you need to jump to a certain detail.

3 Liz & Chris

Made with Weebly

There’s a perfect balance between text and images with Liz & Chris‘s wedding website example. The homepage opens up with the essential information you’d see on a wedding invite, and displays romantic visuals to complement the paragraphs on how their relationship developed (using cute icons to separate the milestones!).

Guests can easily navigate the website via the drop-down menu, with additional pages available such as the itinerary and registry.

Weebly is also a very affordable website builder, so you can save on those wedding fees!

4 Alison & Dante

Made with Zyro

Stylish and contemporary, Alison & Dante website is ideal for couples that want to keep things sleek yet romantic. By using color blocks of information and images to section off areas, the layout isn’t overwhelmed.

The template comes with an RSVP form and various page ideas such as travel information for guests. Social media icons are also present so you can easily link your contact details there.

5 Philip & Nicole

Made with Wix

Philip and Nicole‘s wedding website example uses a simple yet bold graphic, framed by a border of information to show off the wedding date, couple name, and navigation bar. The accent colors flow through the site, and quirky hand-drawn touches really reflect the couple’s personality. All the key information is broken out into digestible sections.

Since the wedding has been and gone in this case, the couple has updated the website to showcase photos and videos from the day itself. A nice way to capture your wedding forever – and easy for family and friends to check out too!

6 Sofia & Ahmir

Made with Squarespace

Sofia & Ahmir’s website is a stunning wedding website example – it’s minimalist but full of fun pops of color. There are simplistic sections to separate the wedding details, which makes it easy to navigate as you read through the site. You could easily customize this theme to suit the aesthetic and mood of your day!

As well as an RSVP form and visual icons for the registry, there’s a section introducing the bride and groom to the wedding guests, which is a lovely addition.

7 Zoe & Amelia

Made with Wix

The bold layout of Zoe and Amelia‘s wedding website uses the image of the couple to draw inspiration from, showing off their stylish personalities through the design. Using accent colors to connect the different pages, this wedding website example perfectly complements the happy couple.

There’s a navigation bar, complete with the couple’s name and engagement ring logos, to help guests find all the essential info such as the RSVP form and registry.

8 Aubrey & Paul

Made with Squarespace

Less is more in some cases. Aubrey and Paul‘s wedding website uses a simple floral image to draw guests in, but you could easily swap that out for a photo of the happy couple if you prefer a more personal approach. This wedding website example includes registry icons to click through as well as an RSVP form – very easy to navigate for your wedding guests.

It’s simple but elegant – we like how it swaps out all the information you’d have on a paper invite and puts it on a website. The layout in this wedding website example is great if you don’t want to overcomplicate things.

9 Christine & Johnny

Made with GoDaddy

As a wedding website example, Christine & Johnny’s is both sleek and elegant. The couple perfectly pairs their beautiful engagement photos with their website by using an accent color to connect everything together. The homepage focuses on the key details, but there’s a navigation tab to direct guests to all the additional information such as the registry and dress code.

It keeps things contemporary by adding in social media contact information. There’s also a page to highlight the wedding party which is a nice touch, allowing guests to get to know their nearest and dearest.

You can use GoDaddy to create a similar design.

10 Julia & Sam

Made with Squarespace

This wedding website example keeps it clean, simple, and minimalist. All the essential details are available to see on the main page, with the couple inviting guests to celebrate the big day with them. There’s also an easy navigation bar at the top for further information.

Whereas some couples prefer to have their registry page show business logos only, Julia and Sam have opted to show images of the requested items instead. This wedding website example also comes equipped with an RSVP form, and a page showcasing the couple’s engagement photos.

11 Mica & Math

Made with Zyro

Mica & Math’s website is minimalist and timeless – the perfect wedding website example to take inspiration from if you’re after a classic look. Everything is simple and easy to access, drawing all the focus into the images of the couple and their relationship story.

There’s a navigation bar for additional information, allowing guests to quickly find the RSVP page and places to stay for the wedding day.

12 Andrew & Delphine

Made with Squarespace

Whilst Andrew and Delphine‘s wedding website makes the most of beautiful engagement photos, the layout has been expertly designed to avoid it becoming cluttered. The important information, including an RSVP link, is available on the home page. For any extra detail, there’s a navigation bar directing guests to the dress code, and even a livestream link to the wedding!

At the bottom of this wedding website example, the couple has stamped their contact information, as well as a hashtag for the big day. This functional layout makes it easy for guests to connect with the couple.

13 Lee & Tom

Made with Wix

If you’re looking for something bold, then this Lee & Tom‘s website is the wedding website example to draw inspiration from. The striking and colorful graphic captures the attention of any visitor immediately, but the website remains uncluttered and easy to navigate.

Functionality is key – still, it’s fun to show off some personality too. All the content sits on one page, but the navigation bar allows you to jump to whatever section you need, whether that’s the RSVP form or registry.

14 Sarah & Dave

Made with Zyro

This wedding website example is very romantic, welcoming guests to the site with its warm tones and airy aesthetic. The key information and RSVP button are immediately present for guests to access.

 Sarah & Dave‘s website includes a navigation bar, with a handy page of action points for attendees (including the RSVP form and registry). The ‘Info’ page in the template is not only informative but also showcases a beautiful collage of the couple in the images.

15 Brooke & Stephen

Made with Wix

Keeping things elegant and romantic, Brooke and Stephen‘s wedding website marries contemporary elements (there’s music playing!) with classic features. All the information sits on one page, but there’s a directory to click through if needed.

As with all of these inspiring wedding website examples, there’s a registry section and an FAQ page to help answer any potential questions!

Summary: 15 Best Wedding Website Examples

There are so many wedding website examples to draw inspiration from, and tons of resources to help you build your own. Sleek, stylish, and functional, these 15 examples will provide your guests with easy access to all the key information on your big day. Take all the elements you like and combine them into your perfect wedding website.

If you feel like you’re ready to start building your own wedding website, it’s time to choose a wedding website template and start building. If you need a bit more guidance, take a look at some of the best wedding website templates these builders have to offer.

Remember, your wedding day shouldn’t be a stressful occasion and neither should building your wedding website!

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