The 5 Best Wedding Website Builders of 2024

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Amongst all the hectic planning of the big day, consider creating a wedding website with a website builder. Not only are they perfect for helping with the planning, communicating information, and ensuring the event runs smoothly, but they are a digital keepsake of your wedding (something to show future generations).

Overall, if you want the best-looking wedding website – and want the actual event to go off without a hitch – we recommend Squarespace. It has beautiful templates and RSVP forms so you can keep track of all the long-distance cousins and plus-ones.

The 5 Best Wedding Website Builders

  1. Squarespace For designing a stunning wedding website
  2. Wix For creating a free wedding website
  3. The Knot For planning the wedding
  4. Appy Couple For an app-based wedding website
  5. Joy For building a wedding website quickly

What To Look For in a Wedding Website

For a wedding website, you are going to need a few specific features to really get the most out of it.

Not every website builder comes with them all, so we have hand-picked the ones that do – the best wedding-specific website builders – so you can relax and let them help you plan for the big day.

Essential features you need for a wedding website are:

  • Wedding templates – Building off a wedding template is a lot easier than doing it from scratch. Plus, we guarantee you will be impressed with the quality of these providers’ templates.
  • Gift registries – An online gift registry is the easiest way for your guests to know what you’d like, as well as set a sensible budget.
  • RSVP manager – See who’s coming with whom and keep track of changing plans, as well as send follow-up emails.
  • Images and video hosting – Show off your engagement photos, as well as let your guests and photographers post pictures and videos from the day as a keepsake that can be enjoyed years after.
  • Social media integration – Make sure everyone from friends to exes knows how happy you are by integrating social media feeds onto your site.
  • Venue directions – Give clear directions or a link to the venue’s website. Wix and Squarespace can even show a satellite map.
  • Password-protected areas – Make sure only invitees can access your wedding website to prevent any unwanted guests

Building Wedding Websites: Free

You can use the following wedding website builders for free, so we’ll start with them. However, Wix’s free plan comes with some limitations, which you can get rid of by upgrading to the paid plan.

Wix – For Creating a Free Wedding Website

a selection of wedding templates by Wix
After signing up, I had a look at the wedding templates. Wix has over 800 templates available, with over 25 wedding templates available for free. Source: Website Builder Expert

Wix Pros

  • Good template designs
  • Super easy drag-and-drop editor
  • Best overall features

Wix Cons

  • Ads on the free plan
  • No custom domain on free plan
  • Can’t switch template once the site is live
Wedding-related apps in Wix's app market
I browsed Wix's excellent app market and found helpful wedding apps, such as a gift registry app and countdown timer. Source: Website Builder Expert

If you want to build a wedding website for free, Wix is our number one choice. While The Knot and Joy also lets you create for free, you won’t get nearly the same amount of design customization or features as Wix.

For your wedding website, you’ll get:

  • Social media integration to your preferred platforms
  • Customizable RSVP forms with Wix Events
  • Google Maps widget to help guests find your venue
  • Gift registry apps from the App Marketplace
  • Password-protected members areas
Wix's RSVP management page for a wedding event
I appreciated Wix's overview for the RSVP form. I can clearly see how many people have responded and tweak details. Source: Website Builder Expert

It’s the features that really put Wix ahead of the competition – although it’s not specialized for weddings, its RSVP form management and gift registry apps might trick you that it is! You will have to go and add them to your website yourself, which is a little annoying, but you can really pick and choose which features you need, making it a much more personalized building experience.

Gallery element options in Wix's website editor
I could then tweak the template to my liking, adding new elements like galleries and social feeds. Source: Website Builder Expert

Wix has +25 wedding template examples, giving you a good variety to choose from – however, you can’t change your template once your site is live. However, unlike The Knot and Joy, Wix actually lets you edit your templates and gives you creative freedom to design them to your liking. It also has great gallery and video options for photographers, plus posting integrations with Instagram, Meta, Vimeo, DeviantArt, and more.

Connect with Instagram button on Wix's editor
Connecting your wedding website with socials is a great way to share epic photos from your big day, and I could easily upload images from my preferred social platforms. Source: Website Builder Expert

The biggest downside to Wix is its limited free plan. You will have to contend with a top banner ad on your site, as well as a domain name. This can certainly confuse your guests, plus it might ruin your wedding website’s design.

The solution to this problem is to upgrade your site to Wix’s paid plans. Wix pricing begins at $16 per month with the Light plan when billed annually, which has all the features and extras you could need for a wedding site. If you don’t want to keep the website for an entire year, the monthly plan is $24 per month.

Additionally, Wix is offering 10% off at checkout for all new customers if you use their code TAKE10.

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The Knot – For Planning the Wedding

a wedding page for brendon and sarah on the knot
The Knot provided me with a dashboard where I could get into contact with venues and vendors, perfect for actually planning your wedding. Source: Website Builder Expert

The Knot Pros

  • User-friendly with great onboarding
  • Built-in gift registry
  • Doubles as an online wedding planner

The Knot Cons

  • Restrictive editor
  • No apps or extras
  • Pay for custom domain
a selection of wedding-themed templates on the knot
The Knot has over 300 wedding templates with color variations. Unfortunately, I could not edit these colors in the editor. Source: Website Builder Expert

The Knot is an all-in-one wedding planner and website builder. Not only can you choose your venue, vendors, attire, and rings from the site, but you can also design and send off custom invitations – printed on the paper of your choice. The Knot is designed for and around weddings, with 380 wedding templates to choose from.

a wedding invitation design editor
As well as my template, I could edit my physical wedding invitations which matched my wedding theme. Source: Website Builder Expert

As well as templates, The Knot brings all the most essential wedding features too. From an RSVP manager to the registry, The Knot answers all the most pressing ‘how to create a wedding website?’ questions. Also, did we mention that it’s free to use? We really like how you can customize the registry based on your interests, plus distinguish between physical and digital-only gifts.

a gift registry to pick items from
I gave my interests as cooking, baking, and interior design – to which The Knot provided these great choices of gifts. Source: Website Builder Expert

While The Knot’s features are good and its templates certainly look the part, it lacks personalization in nearly every area. The text on your site is locked to pre-designed areas, and you can’t even look at your site’s design in the editor as you build it – you have to click ‘Preview’.

There’s also the issue of having no free custom domain. If you don’t want to be stuck with a domain, you’ll have to pay an annual subscription of $20 for one.

a dashboard for planning your wedding
This is The Knot’s website editor. As you can see, you cannot even check your design as you build. Source: Website Builder Expert

Joy – For Building a Website Quickly

editing a wedding template
I could choose from a number of templates in Joy, but many seemed to be just variations of a particular design. Source: Website Builder Expert

Joy Pros

  • 601 wedding templates
  • Simple and beginner-friendly
  • Handy tools cover wedding essentials

Joy Cons

  • Very limited layout options
  • Lack of creative freedom
  • Difficult to use your own personal website address
a screenshot of different wedding plan steps
Like The Knot, Joy only gives you limited editing tools for your site. But at least I get to see my site as I edit it. Source: Website Builder Expert

Joy is also a wedding website specialist – and a free one at that. Do not expect much customization, as although you can tweak your template’s colors and text size, the structure will remain largely the same. Additionally, Joy’s 601 templates are all split-screen, meaning half-scrolling and half-fixed images. If you don’t like that, you may want another builder!

a gold and cream wedding invitation
Joy’s wedding invite designer is also less complex than The Knot, giving you few options for any real customization. Source: Website Builder Expert

Although Wix certainly trumps Joy in how much you can edit your wedding website, many of our own testers have found themselves bewildered by the amount of options Wix offers. If you need a wedding website and invites out in a hurry, then Joy’s easy-to-use and beginner-friendly editor could be a lifesaver. Simply make your choices, change your names/add photos and you can have it in guest inboxes in under five minutes.

an RSVP list detailing who's coming with whom
Joy’s RSVP manager is so clearly laid out – I was able to see so clearly who was coming with whom. Source: Website Builder Expert

Additionally, Joy is not bereft of features either. Its RSVP manager is the best we’ve seen, clearly labeling out who has and hasn’t replied – and even offering a plus-one manager! There’s also a gift registry, event countdown, and logistical features, letting you give links to transportation, hotels, and AirBnB spots in and around the venue.

an online gift registry for a wedding
Like The Knot, Joy provides a customized gift registry based on your own personal preferences. Source: Website Builder Expert.

You can use the following wedding website builders for free, so we’ll start with them. However, Wix’s free plan comes with some limitations, which you can get rid of by upgrading to the paid plan.

Building Wedding Websites: Paid

These builders do not have a free plan; meaning you will have to pay a monthly subscription in order to use them for your wedding website.

Squarespace – For Designing a Stunning Wedding Website

Selection of wedding templates by squarespace
I could filter Squarespace's template library by "Wedding" to see tailored templates. Source: Website Builder Expert

Squarespace Pros

  • Best-looking templates
  • Easy-to-use editor
  • Best for presenting photos and video

Squarespace Cons

  • No free plan
  • No autosave when editing
  • No wedding-specific RSVP
Squarespace's website editor with a text box selected
Once in the editor, Squarespace made it easy for me to tweak elements and write new copy. Source: Website Builder Expert

Squarespace lets you create the most stunning wedding website, making it our recommended choice. Because let’s be honest: a wedding is a spectacle, and your wedding website should be no exception.

Despite having only eight wedding templates, one look is clear to see that Squarespace favors quality over quantity. Each of these templates is impeccably designed, and unlike The Knot and Joy, you can fully customize your site’s color scheme and structure thanks to the Squarespace Fluid engine, its state-of-the-art editor.

Sidebar menu showing color palette for Squarespace test website
I really liked how I could edit my website's color palette to fit my wedding's color theme. Source: Website Builder Expert

The Squarespace Fluid engine is perfect for professionals and beginners alike. Simply drag and drop the features you want onto your site and Squarespace formats them perfectly into your site. This means you can add photo galleries and videos after the wedding without messing up the structure. And unlike Wix, our testers weren’t overwhelmed by Squarespace at all.

Squarespace design library showing donation elements
For my test wedding website, I could add unique elements for honeymoon donations or add large image galleries for guests to view photos. Source: Website Builder Expert

Squarespace also doesn’t skimp on the features, though it does have less accessible features than Wix. For instance, it doesn’t have wedding-specific RSVP tools. Instead, you have to modify contact forms into RSVP, but you can manage them all the same from the dashboard. The same is true for the gift registry, as you have to integrate a Zola plugin from the app store to add it to your site.

Squarespace RSVP form in wedding website template
The wedding website template I selected already had an RSVP form built-in - all I had to do was edit it to fit my event. Source: Website Builder Expert

Squarespace’s pricing has four plans to choose from, but the cheapest option – Personal – costs $23 per month (or $16 per month when billed annually) and is the best fit for wedding websites. That’s because it offers all of the necessary features and templates, without the extra trappings that a larger website demands. And like Wix, you can get 10% off at checkout if you use our code WBE10.

Plus, every Squarespace plan includes a 14-day free trial period, so you can make sure it’s the right builder for you before committing.

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Appy Couple – For an App-Based Wedding Website

appy couple homepage
Appy Couple is great for convenience. Source: Website Builder Expert

Appy Couple Pros

  • Organize entire wedding from one place
  • Comes with a personalized wedding app for guests
  • Can plan your wedding on the go

Appy Couple Cons

  • Upfront payment with no free plan or trial
  • Longer set-up time than other builders
  • Features tied to app
Appy Couple google app store page
The Appy Couple app is available on both IOS and Android and gives your wedding a unique factor, especially for the guests. Source: Website Builder Expert

If you are wanting to give your wedding guests a unique experience, then Appy Couple may be the wedding website builder for you! Split between a website and a downloadable app, Appy Couple lets you build your website and plan your wedding on the go. This means managing RSVP lists, sorting out the gift registry, and even designing the invites – all can be done from your phone instead of a desktop, making it much more accessible for the average modern wedding planner.

a menu advertising various features
Appy Couple has all the wedding website features I needed, plus extra ones like digital toasts and uploading photos during the wedding. Source: Website Builder Expert

What really sets it apart from other wedding websites is that your guests can take advantage of the app too. You can design and send out a personalized wedding app that guests can download, giving them unique features to use, such as tracking the venue, uploading photos and videos to a wedding forum, signing a digital guestbook, and even sending digital toasts. The best part about the app is that it gives guests a unique wedding experience, one that they can always look back on (should they keep the app that is).

wedding templates for both desktop and mobile
Appy Couple comes with 500 wedding templates to choose from, in a number of great, sophisticated styles. Source: Website Builder Expert

Appy Couple also does nicely with wedding template designs. Each of the 500 designs comes with invite layouts and mobile formatting, so you can tick off what your guests will be utilizing too. There are also partnerships with famous bridal designers and franchises, from Katie Fischer, Tendr, and Say Yes To The Dress.

a ad detailing appy couple's digital wedding package
The major flaw of Appy Couple is its pricing. There is no free plan or even free trial to use it. Source: Website Builder Expert

What holds Appy Couple back is its non-negotiable price tag. Unlike Squarespace, there is no free trial to test out its features. If you want to use Appy Couple, you have to pay $12 per month or $99 per year. This is a shame, as it means you will have to keep paying in order to keep the website up as a digital keepsake.

Additionally, while the app is certainly a unique gimmick, many of Appy Couple’s most important features like email correspondence and RSVP management are tied to it, making it inescapable for those who prefer to work from a desktop.

How We Test

To create this article, we reviewed over a dozen potential candidates to make sure we only had the most relevant to weddings and wedding planners. While we have our rigorous research methodology on all the major players in the website-building world, we decided to look further afield and look into wedding-specific platforms to see how they fared.

Once we had finished testing and researching, we set about qualifying what features would be of the utmost importance for building a wedding website. Easy-to-use editor, aesthetically pleasing wedding templates, RSVP manager, gift registry, password protection, and photo and video uploading were qualities we deemed the most vital.

Best Wedding Website Builders: Summary

Building a wedding website should be as stress-free as possible. The best choice for your wedding website ultimately comes down to what your top priority is, whether that’s high-quality features or easy template design.

But, if you’re really stuck, you can’t go wrong with Squarespaceour top wedding website builder. It’s a top performer in wedding-related features and ease of use, and it caters to all design skills, from website beginners to experienced designers.


Squarespace, without a doubt! It has the best designs of any website builder on the market – if you have large, high quality wedding photos to show off, this is your best choice. Its templates are very visual and attractive, while you can add image galleries and even videos!
Yes! You can password protect your wedding website, so that only the guests you choose can gain access. Most website builders will allow you to do this in just a few clicks, and you can change this setting at a later date if you change your mind.
Yes! A wedding website is a great keepsake, because you can keep adding to it with photos, videos, and comments both before and after the actual day. Whether you choose a free or a paid plan, you’ll be able to revisit your site whenever you like – just note that free trial websites will expire if you don’t choose a plan before the trial period ends.
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