10 Types of Hotel Newsletter to Elevate Your Guest Experience

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Engaging with guests through relevant, valuable email marketing helps deepen relationships while driving repeat visits and boosting word of mouth.

But with inboxes inundated with uninspired offers, how can hotels stand out? Here, we explore 10 distinctive newsletter types that your hotel can use to elevate guest experiences before, during, and after visits.

1. VIP Guest Experience Newsletter

Delivering an exceptional experience to your top and most loyal guests should be a priority, and a customized VIP newsletter is a great way to make valued guests feel welcomed and catered for.

The main purpose of the VIP newsletter is to provide a warm, personalized welcome specifically for your most frequent or high-spending visitors. This shows you deeply appreciate their business and are dedicated to anticipating their needs—it establishes open communication for a refined, signature experience.

Kick off your VIP newsletter with a friendly note directly from the general manager or hotel owner. This firsthand message should express excitement for the guest’s stay and give a proper introduction if they haven’t yet met in person. VIP access will make them feel special, like an old friend.

You can entice return visits by highlighting special amenities reserved only for your top-tier guests. For example, you might offer early check-in or late checkout, complimentary WiFi and breakfast, room upgrades, or exclusive access to a VIP lounge serving premium wine and hors d’oeuvres.

Whatever you offer, the goal is to go above and beyond. Assigning a dedicated hotel concierge for VIP members is a good way to do this. You can use the newsletter to introduce them by name, list their direct contact information, and invite the guest to reach out with any special requests to make their stay exceptional. Offer to book dinners, spa treatments, recreation, and more per the guest’s unique preferences.

Good to know: The VIP newsletter opens up two-way dialogue so you can tailor a five-star experience that keeps your best guests coming back again and again.

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2. Seasonal Getaway Packages Newsletter

Capitalize on seasonal festivities and changing attractions to entice both new and returning guests with targeted getaway packages. For holidays like Valentine’s Day or New Year’s Eve, create special bundled deals that include seasonal gifts, decor, and menu items, along with discounted room rates.

Promote your packages in a monthly newsletter that keeps guests in the know about upcoming seasonal events in your area, from local music festivals to apple orchards, winery harvests, and ski weekends. If possible, offer VIP access to these events as an added perk.

Additionally, work closely with your hotel restaurant chef to provide a quarterly newsletter preview of menu specials crafted around seasonal ingredients and themes, giving subscribers early access to holiday meal deals.

Keeping your seasonal getaway packages top-of-mind all year long can spark interest in impulsive local weekend trips or prompt guests’ future travel planning around beloved annual traditions.

Good to know: Tailor packages to suit different age groups and interests, ensuring a wide appeal and catering to the diverse needs of your guests.

3. Loyalty Club Insider Deals Newsletter

Advertisement from Seasons for a luxury room at a 35% discount with the tagline 'The Experience of a Lifetime' and a 'Book Now' button.
An example of a personalized email from Kimpton hotel

Spotlight your hotel’s commitment to making valued guests feel special with a members-only newsletter featuring exclusive perks. Send loyal guests a friendly monthly reminder of how much you appreciate their ongoing stays with sneak peeks at special deals to give them the incentive to book directly and frequently on your hotel’s website.

Top Tip! Don’t know how to build a booking system on your website? Take a look at our guide on how to build a hotel booking website with Wix to get you started!

Share special rates and multi-night packages available only to members of your loyalty program. For example, you might offer: “Loyalty members enjoy 15% off our best available rate this summer!” or “Book 2 nights, get the 3rd night free as a ‘thank you’ to our VIPs!”

If you want to drive bookings from loyal guests, give them first dibs by announcing upcoming room sales and packages a few days before going public. This will give guests an incentive to become members and adds a sense of exclusivity that’s sure to get them booking their next break with you in no time.

Whatever the approach, you want to keep loyal guests engaged. Another way to do this involves new methods for earning points, keeping them informed about policies or reminders of overlooked perks. Say, “Don’t forget—as a member, you enjoy complimentary self-parking and late checkout!”

The insider info makes loyal guests feel valued and gives them advance notice to receive the best rates and exclusive perks they care about most.

4. Exclusive Event Hosting Newsletter

Promotional email from Shangri-La Hotel Vancouver offering a special Mother's Day Brunch and a CHI & Tea package with reservation details and contact information.
Newsletter from the Shangri-La advertising food and drink options for Mother’s Day

Hotels aren’t just for overnight stays and a newsletter can showcase a hotel venue and staff that help orchestrate weddings, corporate events, galas, and more.

Set the tone with photos of previous prestigious events the hotel has successfully hosted – conventions in ballrooms decorated impressively, nonprofits in banquet halls, and gorgeous weddings help show off what’s possible in your event space.

Give behind-the-scenes looks at event planners, chefs, and technical staff going above and beyond to execute flawless occasions. Not only does this provide a more immersive look at your team, but it also helps potential guests get an understanding of what they can expect.

Create a sense of urgency and consider announcing last-minute deals on coveted venues or packages to boost sales inquiries. The goal stays super simple – advertise the versatile spaces and experiences at your hotel to match and elevate any vision for a special event so it turns into an incredible reality for clients.

5. Local Flavor and Culture Newsletter

Promotional material for South Place Hotel featuring London attractions and a curated itinerary for a weekend city break including a stay at the hotel and a West End show.
South Place Hotel advertising a cultural experience in London

Immerse guests in your community’s singular culture and cuisine through an “insider’s guide” newsletter filled with area attractions beyond typical tourist traps. Curate a monthly list of can’t-miss local gems. We’re talking hole-in-the-wall eateries serving regional specialities, indie boutiques, striking street art or architecture, live music venues showcasing hometown talent, and more.

Develop partnerships with neighboring businesses to treat your guests to exclusive offers. This can be things like 15% off tickets at the independent cinema or complimentary wine tastings at the family-owned vineyard.

Highlight unique cultural festivals happening nearby, from annual parades celebrating heritage to outdoor markets featuring local makers. With customized recommendations, you can equip travelers with all the information they need to embrace authentic local adventures that complement a phenomenal hotel stay. Soon, they’ll be hooked on weaving these one-of-a-kind experiences into every return visit.

Top tip: Encourage guest participation in creating content, such as photo contests or travel blogs, to further personalize and share their authentic local experiences. You could create a hashtag as part of your hotel social media marketing and invite guests to use it when sharing pictures online, giving you a wealth of user-generated content (UGC) to use on your own social accounts.

6. Staff Spotlight and Hotel Updates Newsletter

Build familiarity between your exemplary staff and guests through upbeat employee features. Create behind-the-scenes interviews with those who provide standout stays, like the housekeeper who puffed the pillows exactly how a guest asked or the cook who recreates family recipes from their homeland.

Share recent updates like the new lobby mural painted by a local artist or solar panels installed onsite to reduce environmental impact. Or perhaps you want to promote a specific location or brand if you have more than one hotel type.

Hyatt Regency promotional email with the headline 'Where Will Your Membership Take You Next?' and an image of a couple in an infinity pool overlooking a forest.
Hyatt releases spotlights on specific property types, like its Regency sub-brand.

These firsthand looks at the people and places reinventing hospitality give guests an insight into the care and values that set your property apart.

7. Culinary Journey Newsletter

Tasty food and drink often become the highlight of fun hotel stays. Show off your chefs’ and bartenders’ local dishes in your newsletters to stimulate the tastebuds . You’ll remind previous visitors about their experience while showcasing what new guests can expect.

You can give behind-the-scenes looks at how menus are created based on seasonal ingredients;. list new vegetarian options or cool cocktail combinations people will want to try on vacation; and offer invitations to special tasting events around themes showcasing products like craft beers. You can also offer special meals for birthdays that guests can order in advance to celebrate at the venue.

The goal remains simple – flaunt awesome cuisine and bar offerings through newsletter previews and special offers so guests get excited to dine at the hotel during their stays.

Top tip: Incorporate guest reviews and testimonials in your newsletter, highlighting their culinary experiences to build trust and entice potential visitors. Not sure how to get these testimonials? Check out our handy guide on how to ask your customers for reviews for the inside scoop!

8. Guest Testimonials and Experience Showcase Newsletter

Build trust with potential new visitors through sharing real guest experiences. Do this by showcasing positive testimonials and reviews, giving a platform to those moments of joy and satisfaction experienced by your hotel visitors.

Additionally, encourage all guests to share their unique experiences. Be it a story of a special event, a memorable encounter, or just the peace and quiet they found during their stay, each narrative is a valuable piece of your hotel’s story.

Equally important is addressing customer feedback and responding to reviews, even negative ones. View this as an opportunity not just to improve but also to express gratitude for the invaluable insights provided by guests. Make the newsletter your commitment to transparency, celebrating the good, and learning from the challenges, all through the authentic voices of those who have stayed with you.

9. Wellness Retreat Updates Newsletter

Transform your property into a sanctuary for self-care through a newsletter filled with wellness wisdom. Feature foundational tips from visiting practitioners – like a guide to mindful stretching or a nutritionist’s seasonal smoothie recipes.

Show off new facilities like salt therapy rooms or expanded fitness center hours, which are perfect for travelers seeking to continue healthy regimens on the road. And offer exclusive promotions only for newsletter subscribers, such as discounted spa treatments or complimentary fitness classes, with the aim of enticing bookings from wellness-focused travelers.

Share the latest additions to your wellness menu, whether that’s new mindfulness hiking trails or aerial yoga workshops. Promote total body revitalization through holistic healing arts that nourish inside and out. This will attract visitors who are eager to prioritize relaxation and personal growth amidst your oasis of spiritual rejuvenation, which is catered perfectly to refreshing the body, mind, and soul.

10. Future Unveilings and Surprises Newsletter

Promotional image announcing Dream Hotels joining the World of Hyatt with vibrant visuals of a nightclub scene and plush seating area.
Hyatt newsletter advertising a new brand joining.

Build visitor anticipation through newsletter sneak peeks that provide a look into ongoing enhancements that aim to elevate your hotel’s offering. For example, if your hotel has just been renovated, provide exclusive insider glimpses of the refreshed suites.

Tease new spaces and features, whether it’s the rooftop that’s ideal for intimate wedding ceremonies under the stars or announcements of an award-winning Chef’s speciality pop-up restaurant.

Offer vibrancy through limited-time culinary festivals or glimpses of new boutique spa treatment expansions influenced by traditional therapies from around the world. Use creative teasers about new special features to encourage guests to come back and relax in style.

All of this will work to help your subscribers feel special and will promote a sense of loyalty, as well as excitement at the prospect of coming back to your hotel to experience its new look and feel!

Summary: Elevating the Guest Experience With a Hotel Newsletter

Email newsletters are an excellent way of building relationships with guests before they’ve stayed with you, or after they’ve left. Whether you’re highlighting insider events or offering VIP guests special perks, a well-curated newsletter is a valuable tool in your arsenal that’s key to securing those bookings.

Using the inspiring examples we’ve listed above, you can now create a hotel newsletter that aims to entice both new and all guests to hit that “Book Now” button.

FAQ for Different Types of Hotel Newsletters

Newsletters build closer guest relationships and nurture loyalty by highlighting insider offers and events matching specific interests. They maintain a connection, even after their stay has ended, and make sure your hotel stays at the forefront of their mind for all the right reasons.
Email hotel newsletters have a wealth of functions. You can use them to offer exclusive, enjoyable content teaching readers about your hotel’s unique signature while also elevating stays through relevant topics that readers appreciate. Additionally, they’re a great way to promote new and upcoming events, as well as tease bargain room rates and special offers.
First, outline what you want the newsletter to achieve, and then plan out the relevant sections so you can be sure you’re covering everything. After you’ve done that, it’s time to write some content. Share exclusive yet conversational insider details tailored to guest preferences, and update subscribers about new developments uniquely elevating your hotel experiences to incentivize repeat visits. Make sure you keep it snappy and engaging – and make regular use of calls-to-action (CTAs) directing readers back to your hotel’s website.
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