10 Best TikTok Ideas for Businesses

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Is your business on TikTok?

If not, you might be missing out on a huge opportunity to reach your customers in a place where their attention is already focused. Whether or not you’ve already built a website for your business, TikTok is a worthwhile channel for reaching new audiences, engaging customers – you can even sell on TikTok if you want to!

In this guide, we provide insight into how entrepreneurs and small business owners can leverage TikTok to their benefit. Below you’ll find 10 top TikTok ideas for businesses, showing you how to create high-quality, super-engaging content for your brand’s TikTok page.

What Is TikTok?

The likelihood is, you’ve heard of TikTok. In fact, with over 1 billion active users, there’s a fair chance that you already use the app. The social media platform has exploded in popularity in recent years, fuelled partly by pandemic lockdowns and the easy-to-access entertainment aspects of the platform.

However, if you aren’t familiar with TikTok, it isn’t difficult to understand. TikTok is a social media platform (much like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter) that focuses on delivering short-form video content.

The seamless scrolling functionality of the app makes it quick and easy to digest content.

Why Promote My Business on TikTok?

It isn’t hard to see why platforms like TikTok can be a great option for businesses. Just like other social media platforms, TikTok commands the attention of a vast number of users that brands can tap into. When businesses develop a social media strategy, and create and post highly relevant content on the platform, it can help them engage existing and potential customers.

While TikTok content tends to be more “DIY” in its approach it can also allow brands with huge marketing budgets to really drive engagement and inject some more personality into their campaigns.

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10 TikTok Ideas For Businesses

1: Introduce The Business

When you first sign your business up for a TikTok account it can be tricky to know what to post. The most obvious remedy for this is to simply introduce your business.

For example, you may make a TikTok which introduces your audience to various aspects of your business such as:

  • The products or services you offer
  • Your company values
  • Your team members
  • Your work environment

Although content like this can seem very simple, it will help you add a human element to your business. So, rather than using stock video and text, try using real people and real-life video content from around your business – giving viewers a realistic insight into what your business is all about.

Chicken Shop video tour from TikTok
Chicken Shop UK (@chickenshopuk) did a great "Meet the Team" video introducing the staff in a fun way that showed a little of their personalities.

2: Day In The Life

Day in the life videos are very popular on TikTok. Many influencers use this video format to provide a detailed insight into the life they lead and what they do on a day-to-day basis. But brands can also benefit from this video marketing strategy.

Creating day in the life videos for team members can offer your audience deeper insight into the people behind your business. Not only are these videos engaging, but they can also be good recruitment tools for the future.

For example, you could create a day in the life video for the founder of the business – following their morning routine, journey to the office, daily tasks and responsibilities, and how they like to kick back and relax in the evening.

TikTok video still of an office with smiling people and dogs
Founder and CEO of TALA and SHREDDY, Grace Beverley (@gracebeverley) made a "Day In the Life" video taking viewers through her work day.

3: Tease New Products 

If you’re about to launch a new product or service, then using TikTok to drum up some excitement around the product can be a great idea. How you do this will depend on the product you’re launching.

For example, you could tease closeups of the product without doing a full reveal, make a video explaining the reasons you’re launching the new product, or outline the process taken in order to get from concept to launch.

Shadow of a hand holding a shower foam bottle and the words "Coming Soon"
German personal care brand Bilou (@mybilou_global) gets creative in teasing a new product, using artistic imagery to build excitement.

4: Demonstrate Products 

Demonstrating your products on TikTok can be a great idea in two scenarios:

  1. Your product is complex to use (or perceived as complex to use)
  2. Your product creates unbelievable results

In the first scenario, creating a demonstration video can be a good way to bust the myth that your product is too difficult to use. Showing viewers how easy it is will help develop a sense of familiarity, making potentially daunting products a lot less scary.

In the second scenario, you can prove claims about your products which may seem over-exaggerated.

Although these two scenarios are arguably the best ones for using demonstration videos, in reality, these types of videos can be used by any brand purely for entertainment and interest purposes.

Product demonstration on TikTok cleaning car mat
Ryde-N-Shine (@ryde_n_shine) gets hands on with its products in this demonstration video.

5: Have Fun 

It’s important for businesses to remember what TikTok is really all about – having fun. This is the primary reason many people use the app: to take them away from their day-to-day life and offer them some light-hearted entertainment.

So, as a business, when you create fun content you’re offering your audience what they want to see. You can do this in any way that you think is appropriate for your brand.

Although you should be careful about not offending your customers, TikTok can offer you an opportunity to be a little more creative and provocative than other social platforms.

Language learning app Duolingo’s TikTok is a great example of a brand having fun.

Person dressed in green Duo owl costume with face filter responds to negative comment on TikTok
Duolingo (@duolingo) takes a lighthearted approach to negative comments by getting its mascot involved!

6: Highlight Customer Success

It may come as no surprise that social media is a great place to offer potential customers social proof that you’re a great business to buy from.

This can be done in many ways, but here are a few ideas to try:

  • Create a video slideshow of recently written reviews
  • Ask your customers to create video reviews on your products or services
  • Develop video case studies of the results your customers saw when working with you
Hand holds up hair syrup bottle with a customer quote overlaid on top
Customer reviews are a great tool to use on TikTok, just like Hair Syrup (@hairsyrup) does here!

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7: Tell Your Brand Story 

If your brand has a great story to tell, TikTok can be the perfect medium for telling it.

For example, if your business was started in order to fix a specific problem that the founders had or identified, you could tell your audience all about the journey they took to find the solution.

You could also take this approach on an individual product level, telling the story of how the idea for the product came to be and how it finally ended up being a physical product they could buy.

Lucy Parker smiles and waves at camera with text "Hey my names Lucy and here's my brand story" overlaid
Lucy Parker, founder of L.Drobe (@ldrobe) uses this TikTok video to tell her brand story and connect with viewers.

8: Partner With Creators  

Working with creators (often referred to as influencers) is a great way for businesses to reach new people and leverage the trust and respect that the creator has established with their audience.

There are several different approaches you can take, such as:

  • Asking a creator to review your product
  • Asking a creator to create highly engaging content that features your product
  • Inviting creators to events (such as product launches)

Getting the most out of working with creators can be a complex task. However, following these rules will help put your business in the best position possible:

  1. Find creators that speak to your target audience
  2. Give creators the freedom to create great content around our brand
  3. Focus on long-term relationships with creators
Girl in fitness gear browses sportswear in new Gymshark store
Make sure you partner with brands or influencers that suit your brand - for example, @gainsbybrains showing a new Gymshark store is a natural fit!

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9: Behind The Scenes 

We’ve already explained how TikTok is an excellent place to showcase the personality of your brand. Creating behind the scenes videos is a smart way to do this.

For example, you could create behind the scenes content for:

  • Your manufacturing process
  • A photo shoot
  • Your office
  • An event you’re running
Model sits surrounded by pink balloons during photoshoot
Customers love to see behind the scenes, and this is a great example from Laneige (@laneige _us) showing the filming of an ad.

10: Tips and Tricks 

When it comes to creating killer social media content, you either need to: entertain or educate.

…or if you want to really drive engagement, do both!

Creating educational content can be an especially smart move for businesses that want to position themselves as industry leaders and develop trust among their audience.

You may decide to create content that teaches your audience to get more out of your products, or you may simply tap into your industry expertise and create helpful videos related to your niche.

Man pours prewash cleaning liquid into a bottle for the camera
Make the most of your expertise to share tips with your audience, like this video from @expertcarcare showing how to clean your car with their products.

TikTok Content Ideas For Business: Summary

TikTok can be a powerful marketing platform for businesses. Those that take the time to create compelling content can increase the engagement their brand receives from potential customers. As a reminder, here are the 10 best TikTok ideas for businesses we shared:

  1. Introduce the business
  2. Day-in-the-life
  3. Tease new products
  4. Demonstrate products
  5. Have fun
  6. Highlight customer success
  7. Tell your brand story
  8. Partner with creators
  9. Behind the scenes
  10. Tips and tricks

Use the tips we’ve highlighted in this guide as content inspiration for your own business TikTok videos.


There are lots of great video ideas for businesses on TikTok. For example, you may create introduction videos, how-to’s, funny videos, day in the life videos or even partner with popular creators and influencers to generate branded content.
TikTok has over 1 billion active monthly users. This means that it offers businesses a huge opportunity to engage their target audience in a space where their attention is already focused. When businesses use TikTok effectively, they can also highlight the personality of their brand and increase brand value.
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