GoDaddy Unveils New Web Design Service for SMBs: Tailored Web Design

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GoDaddy Web Design Service package information
With its new "Essential Web Design Service" GoDaddy plans to help SMBs that don’t have a digital presence get online with a website.
  • Even easier websites: GoDaddy has launched a new, affordable website builder service specifically for SMBs.
  • Tailor made: Four pages, a sign-up form, and 500 copywritten words make up the service.

In a bid to give small-to-medium-sized businesses an easy way into website creation, website builder GoDaddy has announced a new, affordable web design package, consisting of three Web Design Service plans. The service aims to simplify website creation after third-party research revealed that 27% of small businesses still don’t have a website.

The Essentials

Known as The GoDaddy Essential Website Design Service, GoDaddy hopes to encourage more SMBs to the table by giving them the chance to create web pages that integrate effortlessly between desktop and mobile platforms – all of which have an emphasis on SEO.

The service includes four web pages, a sign-up form or Contact Us form for lead capture, as well as 500 copywritten words provided by a GoDaddy expert. Even better, GoDaddy will offer a one-time revision cycle, allowing businesses to share feedback before greenlighting the final design. Anyone using GoDaddy’s new service pays a one-time fee of $499.99 for the design service, plus hosting.

Search Engine Optimization

Making sure your website is optimized for SEO will be a priority for all businesses. Thankfully, the service features SEO optimization so SMBs can reach more customers and appear in search engines for the right keywords.

Having an already optimized SEO website will be a big help for business owners who perhaps don’t have the resources to employ an SEO team that can make sure their website is ready for the likes of Google and Bing.

It’s All About That First Impression

Speaking about the benefits of the service, GoDaddy Product Marketing Manager Michelle Slifcak Villa said:

“We know first impressions matter, and by blending affordability, attractive design, and expertise, our customers can now seamlessly unlock their branding potential, making a strategic investment in their future success.”

Being Digital First

GoDaddy seemingly recognizes the need for businesses to be online first and is putting measures in place to help SMBs who might not be digitally savvy thrive online. This service is just one of the features created by GoDaddy that also includes the integration of Google’s Business Messages into its services.

For many businesses, there’s no choice but to focus on digital. And with GoDaddy’s new service, it just became that much easier to build a website and thrive online.

Getting Started

First, you’ll need to purchase GoDaddy’s Essential Website Design Service. Then, look out for your welcome email which will prompt you to book in your consultation call with your GoDaddy specialist.

In your call, your specialist may ask for your business goals, discuss brand vision and information, ask if you already have existing content you want to use, and so on. After this call, GoDaddy can begin to build your website. You’ll have one scheduled revision call to provide feedback during the process.

GoDaddy says that your website should be ready in around 30 days, on average.

Note – It’s worth mentioning here that GoDaddy’s new Essential Website Design Service is a separate package from its Website Design Services. You may also see it described as its “Starter Design Service” on GoDaddy’s website.

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