What Can You Expect From Google’s New GA4 Features

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Google announced a suite of new features to Google Analytics 4 (GA4) at the end of June. This brings improvements to the analytics tool that first launched in 2020, but what can you expect with these new features?

After sunsetting Universal Analytics at the start of July, the update to GA4 is a much-needed step in the right direction. However, some SEO experts and users still argue that Google Analytics 4 is too complicated.

What Are the New GA4 Features?

In addition to its primary data and tracking tools, Google shared five new features for GA4 on June 26, 2024:

  • AI-generated insights – GA4 will use AI to deliver reports on patterns and explain data trends in simplified language
  • Import third-party ad data – gain visibility over ad data from platforms like Pinterest, Reddit, and Snap
  • Cross-channel reporting and budgeting – over the coming months, users will be able to monitor performance and track budget across a variety of channels
  • Chrome Privacy Sandbox support – Google is set to remove third-party cookies later this year
  • Campaign Manager 360 – GA4 will work to sync data across accounts

Have These Updates Improved GA4’s User Experience?

The new GA4 features aim to improve visibility and optimize workflows so you can make data-driven decisions. That said, people are still seeking extra help because it’s so complicated to use. Searches for the keyword “GA4 guide” are trending up by +436% since last year, signifying the tool’s complexity.

The subreddit “r/GoogleAnalytics” has seen a flood of posts recently as well, with users asking for help setting up GA4, wondering why it’s so difficult to use, and complaining about the complex UI. While these new features are helpful, Google doesn’t seem to be tackling the larger issue.

GA4 brings some fantastic new features like event-based tracking and AI-driven insights, but I’ve noticed that many people are struggling with the transition due to its complexity. It’s become a lot more useful for analysts, but unfortunately, it’s also less accessible for others in the business. As a result, many are now relying on generated reports for their insights instead of doing routine checks themselves. Hopefully, people will either get the hang of it with some training, or Google will make it a bit more user-friendly.

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