Hostinger Unveils AI Tools to Effortlessly Create Blogs and Graphics

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Hostinger’s new AI content creation tools offers a range of features, from blog creation to imagery.
  • AI-Powered Content Creation: Hostinger introduces an AI blog writer for easy generation of tailored posts up to 2,000 words.
  • Comprehensive AI Tools: Beyond writing, Hostinger’s new AI capabilities include image generation and text-to-voice features.

Content creation just got considerably easier thanks to newly launched artificial intelligence capabilities from website builder Hostinger. Most notably, you can now leverage Hostinger‘s built-in AI blog writer to auto-generate entire posts of up to 2,000 words tailored to your brand and audience.

Hemingway in Seconds

If you’ve ever struggled with finding the right words to say, Hostinger’s new AI blog-writer could be just what the doctor ordered. The world already knows about Chat GPT and its ability to create content, but the language learning model has often struggled with longer-form content—not to mention it all sounds a bit, well, robotic.

Hostinger could bridge that gap with its intuitive blog builder that asks users to set their desired word count and tone parameters, including formal, casual, or academic styles. From there, the AI takes over and crafts unique on-brand blogs ready for final review and tweaks. Expect polished, grammar-checked articles in seconds versus the hours typically invested drafting manual content.

Early reviews have praised the AI blogs for their cohesiveness, accuracy, and human-like writing. The considerable length flexibility also allows you to create everything from quick social media posts to in-depth guides exploring complex topics. It’s a potential game-changer for effortlessly producing regular, fresh content that engages visitors.

More Than Words

But the smart support doesn’t end there. Hostinger also introduced an AI image generator to create royalty-free graphics complementing written material. All you need to do is describe the visual style and subject matter needed, with the AI delivering professional on-demand images at the click of a button.

Paired with the blog writer, merchants have all the tools required to tackle their content backlogs and take their education-based marketing to new heights. Expect significant time savings for words and images.

Don’t Write It; Say It

For owners still shaping their website vision, Hostinger now provides helpful voice-to-text capabilities, too. Users can verbally share their needs, preferences, and content ideas, with the builder translating speech into the required inputs to construct an aligned site.

This feature will be particularly helpful for anyone who wants to quickly describe what they want. And with the rise of voice searches, it’s good to see Hostinger keeping up with trends and providing a voice-to-text feature.

Summary: AI-Powered Content Creation

With these major AI additions joining existing automation features, Hostinger continues pushing boundaries for no-code simplicity. That’s not to say that you should leave content entirely to AI, but there’s no doubt that it can help save time with some aspects, whether it’s a rough first draft of a blog post or a quick social media post. Any entrepreneurs struggling with aspects of online presence development now have the ultimate assistant ready to pave their path forward.

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